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6:04 AM
It would have been faster to type this into a calculator... — John Dvorak 8 secs ago
@JohnDvorak That works better if you actually reply to the message with a link to what you want to del-pls. :)
does a reply to a comment onebox suffice?
Either way, thanks for the reminder.
@JohnDvorak I don't believe so, but you could have replied to the cv-pls just above that. But, let's test the comment thing.
Nope. Replying to the oneboxed comment doesn't work for the tag.
Is it because it doesn't see the link in there, or because there's no cv-pls tag?
@JohnDvorak It should be because it doesn't see a link to a question or answer, which is all del-pls affects. I wasn't remembering if I had it prune the comment link back to the base question/answer, but it looks like I chose caution.
6:42 AM
Would you close this as Needs Focus, or as a duplicate of this earlier closed question?
@DavidBuck I think they should probably both Roomba. And although one is most definitely a duplicate of another, I'm not sure Roomba will take the duplicates.
7:18 AM
@DavidBuck Yes. RyanM mentioned it in this room. If I'm reading the Roomba help correctly, the duplicate will not Roomba in 10 days. It will only Roomba in 30 days if it's downvoted, and the 365 day Roomba will not happen due to multiple comments.
@Scratte So better to just close
@DavidBuck Not sure what the policy is because it really is a duplicate, but I'd just leave the comment there and close it as Needs Focus.. (but I can't. Congratulations on your recent close voting privileges btw :)
I would also expect Roomba is check the other question, to see if it's a duplicate target. But the help didn't mention it. In case it does, those two Questions will just stay here way too long.
@Scratte Not a duplicate in the "the answer's over there!" sense, though. I just did. Thanks. Took some time out from reviewing to focus on answering...
@DavidBuck Heh.. yes, that's always a funny thing. When the duplicate target doesn't have any answers the response to "Does ... answer your question" is always: NO! :)
Oh well.. since it was just upvoted, it will never Roomba :D
8:29 AM
@Adriaan You don't need to comment on spam...
If the elephant had privileges the comment would end-up in MS which can help reviewers there if they for some reason need to re-evaluate that post or posts from that account.
@rene I was referring to a comment left on the main site (to the actual spam answer itself), which you cannot see because I deleted it after destroying the spammer's account.
@CodyGray Oh, yeah .. that is ... sub optimal.
@rene Right. I have a userscript to reduce the number of button-clicks required to destroy an account, but I still have to manually delete the comments. :-)
@CodyGray apologies. I like to do it to point out to non-SD users that they should flag and not (custom-) close as I often see happening.
8:43 AM
@Adriaan You see custom close-votes on answers? :-p
@CodyGray valid point
Elephants have good eyes ...
@rene is that so? I thought we had big ears, thick skin and long memory. Never heard about me eyes
It's the opposite. Elephants have terrible eyesight. rene was surely being sarcastic. Flowers are known experts on comparative animal anatomy.
that will do ;)
8:51 AM
Isn't the elephant an astronomer? Seems a sub-optimal career choice...
Today's astronomers are just glorified camera operators / philosophers. As in, some randos with really big toys plugged into their computers.
@CodyGray geophysicist. Yes, I work on the planet Mars, but nothing to do with optical measurements
There are as many cosmologies as there are cosmologists. All we know collectively is that the existing data doesn't fit the existing models, and everyone has a different idea of why that is the case.
Working on Mars is awesome but the daily commute is killing ...
8:56 AM
I have a couple of favorites, and I don't know if they're all compatible with each other.
@JohnDvorak I think that's when the fun really starts
@rene my uni gets buckets of money from the government every year and the boss doesn't even want to pay for a single field trip
Including one or few where most of the keystone properties of the universe are purely emergent / accidental.
Yaakov needs some help in relation to a glitch with the follow feature. Please keep an eye out, leave a dev console open when you use that feature.
it looks like a complete non sequitur
9:08 AM
@sideshowbarker Not a total non-sequitur. Check the tags on the question. It looks like this is a question asked in an academic setting, and this person is trying to give a "hint" without giving it away.
ah OK
/me looks again
yeah I just have zero domain knowledge about this, so the connection didn’t jump out to me
There was another identical answer to a duplicate question.
The question is phrased very generally. The only context hint is in the tags. It's about a specific microcontroller.
9:12 AM
@rene People actually use the "follow" feature? Oh, maybe that's why he needs help: to find people who do...
@sideshowbarker Anyway, handled. :-)
The follow feature is a bit.. lacking, in my opinion. I would have liked to use it to be notified when an answer is deleted. Or especially when it's undeleted.
I would have preferred a feature where I could receive fewer notifications.
At the current rate, I need a full-time assistant to go through my pings and read my inbox.
Why anyone would want to opt-in to more boggles my mind.
That would also have been very nice. Pick your follow choices kind of thing :) Sometimes I want to know if there's any comment on any Answer on a Question. But the feature will want me to follow all answers in this case.
But mostly.. I want to know if I have a helpful NAA flag where the Answer is still there. It's a bit of a drag to go though the flag page to look for helpful where the font in small and not in a pink box. The fact that the status of a flag isn't in a separate column is not helping that at all either.
Why would you want to know that?
The flag feature is meant to be fire-and-forget. It asks someone else to take a look at it, and handle it as they see fit....
a while back I created a spreadsheet tracking what notifications are generated by following a post docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/…
9:28 AM
@CodyGray A flag is marked as helpful when the post is deleted. Users self-delete and un-delete their own answers sometimes. I want to know when that happens, since I feel responsible for the fate of the post when I've handled the review. I never fire and forget.
@SamuelLiew I remember that. It gives a nice overview :)
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10:30 AM
11:13 AM
@CodyGray I don't understand how it's a duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/62010502/…. I've left a comment under my question.
Need some reopen votes
@ArdentCoder You'll have to back that opinion better than that. The way I see it, the first duplicate question addresses the concern of the OP.
As in, "how does C allow you to do this?", and these answers (1, 2) say it's an obsolent feature.
@E_net4isunsafe My question was highlighted in bullets. The paragraph before it mentions the reason why I wrote this question which you're repeating again. None of them actually said how that was used in their so called Ancient C, and was it ever possible to use them in any non-standard way.
If you read Jonathan's answer, you'll know how my question is different from those flagged ones.
@ArdentCoder One should not expect a non-standard solution to a question about standard C.
@ArdentCoder And that one could have been posted in the dupe all the same, it seems to be just more tailored to your phrasing.
11:29 AM
@E_net4isunsafe Then tell me a tag so that I could edit it with non-standard C as well. But mainly, the dupes focus on "diff bw two styles", and the other one was just answered with "UB" which is right according to the Standard (I don't know, the answers said so). But then the "diff bw" answers said they were historical and was used. Since these two seemed to be in stark contrast, I made a specific question on "what exactly happens to those arguments"
11:39 AM
@SamuelLiew What happens when an answer gets accepted?
@AmitJoshi Your tag needs repairing
@AmitJoshi you need to put tag: between the opening bracket and the cv-pls]
@ArdentCoder Thanks for bringing the duplicate query here. I don't have enough C experience to answer this, apologies. I would say that the mod who closed it unilaterally is probably a subject-matter expert, so I would generally trust his judgement. Are you wanting it to reopen in order to get more answers? It looks like you have two good ones already.
11:59 AM
@halfer corrected ^
@tripleee Yes thanks for noting. I know the format. I just missed it. corrected now ^
12:10 PM
@halfer I don't want to get into the details of my interaction with "that mod" in the past. And yes, I'm only wanting it to reopen just cuz I'm curious to know if there's at least a non-standard way to access those arguments and mainly if those arguments can prove to be useful in any case cuz the current answer said that nothing can be done with them in my code. Btw there's not much problem if it doesn't get reopened, but I was triggered when I saw who closed my question.
@NathanOliver Evening, what's your say about that question?
@ArdentCoder let me warn you that I'm not too happy about the suggestive wording in that message. Just tone it down a bit. Or at least don't turn it up.
Right now I'm going to leave that Q as is. You're asking a few different questions and the dupes answer at least two of the questions. If you have a single specific question you want to ask, and the dupes don't answer that question, then we can revisit that. You do have to be careful with this though as you can't invalidate the answer you already have.
@NathanOliver I'm not criticizing any of the existing answers, they are helpful.
12:19 PM
I'm not saying you are, I'm just not reopening as is.
@NathanOliver If you mean "few different questions" exist in that paragraph, notice that I said "I don't understand why C allows this" and not "Can you tell me why C allows this?" Same thing goes for that entire paragraph, my specific questions were inside those bullets.
@ArdentCoder I agree with Nathan that the Q can't really be modified now, unless you can think of a way that would give it more focus without invalidating the existing answers. I think a new (more) focussed question would be OK if you believe that the existing answers do not give you what you are after.
@halfer You are right, but I thought that mentioning "unspecified arguments of unspecified type" was enough to provide the necessary focus.
@ArdentCoder I wish I could answer that, not a C person unfortunately :=)
I would probably say that if you are happy with your existing answers, just leave it be - you have got a good reception to the Q, so it would be unlikely to be deleted, and you have enough rep that the closure won't hurt your question asking status.
@ArdentCoder I know, and you are asking several different questions, when you should only be asking a single question. You ask, So I just want to know the reason behind "unspecified arguments of unspecified type and the dupes answer that. You also ask, What can be done with those arguments? and that is also answered. You also ask about Is it possible to access those arguments within the function? and that is answered as well. Not sure what more you need.
12:29 PM
@@halfer I know that, but you are unaware of something in the past
@NathanOliver Yes, it's fine if I don't get new answers. But "closing the question" based on personal reasons is not good.
What personal reasons? Those dupes answer your question.
@NathanOliver Which dupe answered printf("This is what happened to those arguments:\n");?
Moreover, I had mentioned in the question that I already read all related posts to it on SO.
@E_net4isunsafe not sure why this needs closing, it's a 7-year-old question with some decent answers, best left alone IMO.
@ArdentCoder "I had mentioned in the question that I already read all related posts to it on SO" - this disclaimer often does not help, since (a) we sometimes find obvious and unquestionable duplicates even when people put in this boilerplate, and (b) it is not possible to check all 20M questions. Question authors can miss one, or see one and not understand that it really is the answer they need. Ultimately, curators want question authors to be open to duplicate suggestions.
@ArdentCoder Alright, looks like this actually might answer your related questions.
12:41 PM
@ArdentCoder please stop making this about users.
@Lankymart It was edited, which bumps it to greater visibility. As such, it is more reasonable to close it than to leave it alone and leave a false impression that such questions are OK.
@halfer Yes, I had already made a post about it on meta SE.
@NathanOliver Again, it deviates from the original intent of my post and gets into things like variadic arguments. Still no printf("This is what happened to those arguments:\n");. Btw, that question is more close to than what the mod had flagged.
@rene I'm just being honest.
@E_net4isunsafe I think if people are going to get a false impression it will happen regardless of whether an old question resurfaces, that's no reason to close a question with some quite high voted answers.
@ArdentCoder that might be, that doesn't mean you're free to express it like you did here in this room. We have rules, stick to them.
@rene Ok, thanks for letting me know that.
12:49 PM
Did you actually read the answer? It tells you how to access the parameters *Somewhere, perhaps in another translation unit (source file), there has to be a definition of the function, perhaps:

void foo(x, y)
long x;
double *y;
/* ... */
This means that any call to foo that doesn't pass two arguments of type long and double* is invalid, and has undefined behavior.**
@Lankymart But we're not deleting the question, just leaving a sign that it is not suitable for the site and should not receive more answers.
@NathanOliver I didn't understand what you said, but I didn't see any undefined behavior in my code. How is /* ... */ an answer?
I give up.
@NathanOliver Ok, still you people didn't prove the mod's dupes. Nathan tried to make me understand by taking to a different question (better than that mod's dupes), halfer was kind enough to let me know of some things, and rene told me to stop this. Fine, I'll leave the room.
FWIW I understood it only when I read the dupes.
1:09 PM
Is this a programming question?
@E_net4isunsafe I don't see any programming related stuff in that
@E_net4isunsafe big NO . VTC.
Hmm, not sure how I overlooked that last time.
2:02 PM
@Georgy Do note that we do not allow user targeting. If you want to go through there post that's your business but please do not bring the room into that. Targeting losses objectivity and we try our hardest to maintain that.
I've binned to second request because of that.
@NathanOliver That doesn't apply to self-duplicate questions, so it shouldn't apply to self-duplicate answer either
What is a self duplicated question?
a duplicate of an earlier question by the same user
if a user asks the same question twice, the older one now qualifies as a broken window and should be closed on its own grounds, and the newer one as a duplicate
Okay, that's not whats going on here. The OP has provided 2 different answers on two different questions. They are just repeats of already existing answers though, so not needed. We don't allow that kind of targeting.
we still allow it if it's accidental, don't we.
2:12 PM
An accident is okay. Then there still is RO discretion
It doesn't look like an accident to me. Looks like a user trying to gain some rep by answering easy to answer questions.
This is part of the reason we have the rule though, as me saying that makes me kind of lose my objectivity as my opinion of the user is now colored.
Or do you mean the request was an accident?
The latter.
Yes, there are exceptions for accidents but if an RO notices right way there's nothing wrong with cleaning it up and letting them know.
Suggestion, if a requestee doesn't notice that two requests come after (sp?) the same user they aren't biased and if they do, they can recuse themself. Would that be sufficient?
I don't like it. Lets just not target users.
2:19 PM
I don't want drama when I don't notice my last two requests were for the same asker but a RO does. Crawling the user page is a different matter indeed, but that's ... kind of inevitable when searching for duplicate answers so I'd be willing to allow that in that case, too.
Although... should this room be handling duplicate answers at all, or let them to mods?
If you find it via a search, then say that. No drama, we'll take you at your word. Here this is not the case. There is no search that would have included those two answer besides checking out the user and targeting the,
@NathanOliver I'm aware of that. I discovered that it's the same user only after I posted the del-pls request. I was thinking to delete the second one but figured that two posts are not a big deal.
@JohnDvorak True duplicate answers (the user leaves the exact same answer on multiple posts) are auto flagged and we do not need to get involved. A user just "duplicating" existing answers on the other hand should have those down voted and/or deleted.
@Georgy OK, now I am curious. How do you look for duplicate answers? Eidetic memory and ... fulltext grepping the browser history somehow?
@NathanOliver I'll back off on that. They were posted 7 minuted apart so they would show up in a new answer search or just if you were looking at posts with new stuff.
2:24 PM
@NathanOliver I have more than a thousand of questions in favorites. I often check the new contributions. In this case, I just didn't notice that those two were from the same user.
@NathanOliver I thought those were same-user cross-question dupes, not same-question dupes of older answers
@Georgy O_O
Oh. Favorites. Not bookmarks. The SO feature naming scheme is confusing.
@JohnDvorak No, an exact copy past answer is auto flagged. It has to be exact though. A single character different will stop the flag so then we need to either custom mod flag or just bring it to the room.
Should the room be handling these cases?
@JohnDvorak Bookmarks! Sorry, I confuse them as well...
Hold on... bookmarks are those that only you see and are dumped into your inbox, while favorites are those that merely increment a public number nobody cares about and get added to some list that nobody ever checks out, right?
2:28 PM
@JohnDvorak For me that is a gray area. I guess it depends on how they were found. If it's just a user going around posting the same answer all over the place and you see it happening, then I'm inclined to allow it. If it is something you found from looking through the users posts, then that is not allowed.
@JohnDvorak Bookmarks is what favorites are now called. Following is when you get inbox notifications
That ... actually makes sense. Which is really surprising on this network.
Yeah. I like that it's not called favorites as I use it for my dupe target list. Having it as bookmarks makes the name more true for my use case.
2:48 PM
@DavidBuck I don't think they're really looking for the best way to do it, just any.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica I take it plain old delv will suffice?
Looks like a diamond just nuked it
@JohnDvorak I considered that it's written as opinion based, is probably a request for off-side resources and, if not, needs focus.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica I don't suppose I get my close vote back?
I have a diamond???
It had two delvotes already so I took the liberty to do it in without the rep penalty.
(Not that they had any rep to begin with, but that's irrelephant).
@JohnDvorak is irrelephant the crossover between me and @NathanOliver?
@JohnDvorak not yet ...
I'm not exactly striving for it either... and my meta visibility has been lacking as of since forever ago.
3:39 PM
If there are any moderators here, is it valid to invite OP on a call via zoom and provide answers? stackoverflow.com/questions/62025685/…
@Sajeetharan You could instead invite the user to char so that there is a record on the site of what transpired and it might prove useful to other that find it and read it.
@Sajeetharan flag the comments as no longer needed
This also lets the moderators be able to get involved in case something bad happens.
It's not me some users are doing it just wanted to check , i always use the chat though.
Oh wait, it not you but someone else.
3:42 PM
thanks @rene
Listen to rene. I'm to irrational right now I guess.
I'm going to go find myself. If I get back before I arrive please keep me here.
Will do ;)
@Sajeetharan I don't think it is disallowed, but where I see people (question authors or answer authors) discussing it, I generally think they have missed the point of helping in public. I expect when it happens, the likelihood of a public summary is very low.
I sometimes moderately try to discourage it, as I think it is a vector for vampirism.
Also, no language tag
4:36 PM
As I've not long had access to the reopen queue, I'm using skip a lot whilst trying to get a good feeling for what should/shouldn't be reopened but I'd like to ask about this. Not my tech area, but this doesn't look off-topic/too vague to me. Any thoughts?
@DavidBuck It is.
I don't understand it either, if that means something.
I don't think it should be deleted though, there is some value in it. Just leave it closed
@Dharman Fair enough. It looked as if its been useful to quite a few people, and several of the questions linked to in the answer are open and even vaguer than this one.
Crossed 3K
How to use this room, any tips?
4:48 PM
@ArdentCoder Read our FAQ at socvr.org.
@ArdentCoder Read FAQ, then read FAQ again (this time without skipping boring parts). Review requests posted here and use your own judgement whether the question needs to be closed as soon as possible or not. Listen to the room owners.
@Dharman Lol, this is the first time I didn't get downvoted after having an argument
No one should downvote you for having argument with them. Also, having arguments is not recommended.
@Dharman Yes, but it happened with me since May13
Cuz I went to Meta SO, I think I should stick to these rooms where people are more sensible.
@ArdentCoder I don't know. I am not your stalker. :D
I just checked your page and it looks like you had some good contributions recently. I would not be worried too much about few downvotes.
As long as you are convinced that you are trying to help programming community get better at what we do, then you should be happy.
4:54 PM
@Dharman Thanks for being nice :)
Pass it on
@Dharman Lol, I'm not always like that, for eg: stackoverflow.com/questions/61973377/…
C'mon guys, give us some heat, jk
M-- went from C++ to Z and now it's decrementing back to A
4:59 PM
@Dharman good one, @Machavity's pun was a good one too
Dec 31 '19 at 4:19, by Machavity
@M-- So M is moving from R to C? :P
You have a grace period of 2 minutes, after that it is set in stone. You can ask a room owner to move some messages to trash can
@Dharman But it still shows (removed)
Only a mod can delete chat over 2 mins. Nobody can edit over 2 mins. Room owners can only move to other rooms
And can anyone read it, btw who is the room owner?
5:01 PM
Whoever's name is italics is a room owner
10kers can delete chat messages of any age, but you need six of them
for the record, I wasn't offended :D
You mean if I trash @Machavity, he can throw me out of this room?
yeah... that too
@M-- Lol, cuz I'm in a good mood: for the first time my profile has so many greens in a row :P
5:03 PM
I can kick you, yes. That sends a notice to any mods.
@Machavity So there is no voting and direct kicking? What can the mods do?
IIRC only repeated kicks notify moderators
Mods can ban you from chat
for up to 9999 hours and longer
5:04 PM
@Machavity Why would they ban me, what have I done?
A kick merely removes you and prevents you from returning for a few mins
@ArdentCoder I never said they will ban you. And I have no reason to kick you at present
It's getting scary... going back to work
Well thanks everyone, have a nice time
@ArdentCoder \o
@halfer Null character?
Btw it's '\0'
5:14 PM
I think it's leet speak for Hello
Lol, yeah nice to meet you Halfer. When are you planning to become full?
@ArdentCoder :=) Never!
@halfer I'm surprised I didn't get kicked for saying that
@Dharman Not as posh as that. Merely an emoticon :=]
lol! I never made that connection to fuller :D
5:18 PM
@ArdentCoder There is very little kicking needing in this room, I've been here for yonks, not sure I've seen it. We have a nice little bunch of curators here
Oh yeah, that's cool
@Scratte Another one: Is the glass half filled or half empty?
@ArdentCoder I don't get it. Isn't that the normal saying? Note: I'm not a native english speaker.
@Scratte It's normal, but think like a programmer
The glass is twice as big as it needs to be B)
@ArdentCoder That can happen with doubles in that moment when only half of the float has the accurate value :)
@Scratte Lol, isn't there a room for memes?
5:23 PM
@ArdentCoder Yes. It's the Ministry.. where all the joking goes on. Very slowly :D
Does anyone think this is on-topic? stackoverflow.com/questions/62007561/… It seems rather vague, but has attracted a good answer.
@Scratte Wow, there really is
@halfer I don't think so, btw the answerer is not very used to this site. He might have answered it like I used to do in my early days
Should I vote to close it?
@halfer I think you missed an "er" in your edit. In "..whether er the.."
It is vague, but I am not going to vote. I am not an SME and it is not immediately off-topic to me.
@halfer If I see an android question, it is often about a recyclerview. It might have value. Seems on-topic. Maybe a tad broad.
5:28 PM
@rene You are good at tones right? Perhaps you could rephrase the question so it's immediately on-topic?
@ArdentCoder don't try me too much.
@rene I don't know the meaning of that phrase. Do you mean you are tired to edit it now?
@JohnDvorak yes
@JohnDvorak No
5:34 PM
I'm glad I asked :D
@ArdentCoder Just checking but do you understand what was meant by "OB"?
@Nkosi ig, ob?
I guess, opinion based?
They were asking if we found the linked post to be "primarily Opinion Based"
@ArdentCoder ok cool was just checking. all good carry on. :P
@Nkosi I'm waiting for rene to reply
5:38 PM
lol. all the best to you on that front.
@ArdentCoder okay. That was the limit. You can either try to participate here like we all do or leave with your jokes.
@Scratte Good spot, fixed
@ArdentCoder Not yet - if a link is asked about but it does not come with a close-please tag, then it's a discussion rather than a close request. But thanks for offering :=)
@ArdentCoder please take your experiments somewhere else.
@rene Thanks, I think I will leave this one be then.
Bad questions can still seed helpful answers :=).
5:46 PM
It sure can.
@halfer I see, thanks.
@rene May I know the reason for being kicked the second time?
I didn't have the feeling my message was clear and understood.
So I gave you some extra time to get your act together
@rene If I reply to that, you will kick me again.
I sure will.
Btw how can I kick someone in this room? Where is that button?
I'm able to see mainly "send" and "upload"
5:55 PM
You have to be a room owner.
@ArdentCoder I have asked you earlier today in this room to tone it down. That still holds. if you think this room is a joke and everything goes here then you are mistaken. If I or any other RO makes a friendly request we assume it is followed up. If not we don't hesitate to use the chat moderation tools at our disposal.
If you want me to look up where my kick button is I'm happy to oblige
@NathanOliver Thanks
@rene Let me tell you that English is my third language, and I don't know how to speak in your tone. If Nathan could understand my question, and if it was something in bad tone then Machavity answered in a joking manner and I don't have any problem with that. In this way, even I could say I feel your tone to be bad?
@Machavity Please do
6:11 PM
@ArdentCoder It appears you want to keep pushing folks here. Would you refrain from messaging Rene today? I think it would help to cool it a bit.
@halfer I will follow your order because I like your tone
(FWIW, mods sometimes make this request on the main site, and I try to follow such requests even if I think I am right about something. Knowing to walk away from a convo on the internet is a good skill to have!)
@halfer You keep impressing me even though you are criticizing me, I think I should learn about tones from you.
I'm looking at sql question that I do not feel is answerable. But I can't find a good reason to close it with. Any thoughts?
@Scratte TB or move to DBA would be my choices. I went with TB
6:18 PM
too broad for sure
without a host of specific details pertaining to the db content, associated procs that could run, attached applications with CRUD rights, etc. we can't even begin to answer it
You guys are too quick.. it's still in my review :D
@NathanOliver You know SQL also? Am I allowed to give opinions on subjects I don't know here?
This review can not be completed because SOCVR beat you to it. Better luck next time
@ArdentCoder The thing about opinions is that everyone is entitled to them. Doesn't mean you necessarily have to share yours, though.
@ArdentCoder Yes, I know SQL. You can always give an opinion, but I generally refrain if it needs subject matter expertise and I don't know that particular subject.
6:22 PM
@NathanOliver I didn't want to press "No actions needed". Not sure if it's left the queue as soon as it's closed though. I'd assume perhaps it does. Maybe Skip would have been better than leaving a comment just to enable the "I'm done" button.
@NathanOliver Cool, that's nice
@Scratte For those cases where the room handles before the review is done, I just use skip
Also note F5ing the page will show a new queue item
@NathanOliver That would probably have been best for me to do. It was answered though :(
@TylerH Is that refresh? So if it leaves he queue, it's never really "been" in the queue?
6:25 PM
@Scratte As long as the answer doesn't get accepted, the roomba will get it. If it does, then you can always request a del-pls if you feel strongly enough about it.
@Scratte F5 is refresh yes
And no, once an item is put in the queue, it's been there. An item that leaves the queue due to external reasons will show up in the queue history is "invalidated"
If you look at the queue item from the post timeline for example
@rene I think this is just a trick to get people to start using the feature...
@NathanOliver Thanks :) I don't.. we have Dharman :)
@TylerH Yes. But I've used the same review item for testing a lot and it seems to be able to keep loading. Also after it's been reviewed by someone else. If I understand you correctly, it won't if it's been "invalidated"?
@Scratte that could be a caching issue, if you mean it keeps loading and showing options for you to review
I have encountered an issue once where I was able to load a review item and see action items, but it had already been completed
as soon as I clicked one it gave an error message saying it had already been acted upon
same thing can happen if you leave an item open for a while and then come back to that tab
@TylerH I don't think it's a caching thing. I used it for more than 12 hours.
If I go to the review now, I'll tell me that I reviewed it 9 mins ago.
Ahh.. it kept loading, but after someone else reviewed it, it stopped showing me options :)
I was reading your guide and I saw "Do not request action on posts or edits where you are involved or where you have a conflict of interest." Sorry for this morning @NathanOliver
@eyllanesc How about this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/61586972/…. Nobody is answering, should I delete it?
6:49 PM
@ArdentCoder Why do you think you should remove it? I see that it is a valid question.
@eyllanesc It was just a doubt, thanks for clarifying :)
@ArdentCoder I think you will find that this room is not a good place to ask for answer to posted question :) But there are rooms where one can ask technical questions, though I'm not sure there is one for your particular one.
@Scratte Yeah, I know; I had already removed it. And no worries :P
@ArdentCoder Oh.. right, sorry. I don't either, it seems :)
@?!? Lol, no problem. Your bio is nice :)
7:05 PM
@ArdentCoder My bio?.. You know that the ?!? isn't my username, right? I don't get pinged when you use that :)
@Scratte Jk, take that as a captcha lol now I know that you're a human
@Makyen Please delete my request as the OP has already improved his question
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null /on request /cc @Makyen
I'm looking at a Question that I think has been reopened by mistake. Am I right to assume that this is only for meta?
@Scratte Was it "us" that reopened it?
7:17 PM
@NathanOliver No.. "we" didn't close it either. It was reopened by queue
Then I don't see why you can't bring it to the room. Really the only reason I can see you bringing it to meta is if was obvious it should be closed and you want the reviewers looked into. But that normally doesn't go to well.
@Scratte Just curious, how are you able to do close votes without 3K?
@ArdentCoder I'm not :) I just like the discussions here. Sometimes I will ask the room to close a post, but I do it rarely because I can't help with votes.
@Scratte That's nice of you :)
@NathanOliver I was going to flag that as "rude", that was too quick lol
@NathanOliver I wouldn't want to bring it to meta anyway. The thing is that it looks answerable, but when I looked more into it, I find it to lack some details. I only just noticed it was reopened. But I think that it will be one of those requests that will linger for days.
7:24 PM
@SmokeDetector Yeah, it got edited
@ArdentCoder Seems in need of details IMHO - what exactly are they trying to do with third-party libraries? Why are they having problems at all?
Are questions asking why something works the way it does that can only be answered by the original author considered off-topic? (assuming, as is the case for both, that the original author has not showed up to answer)
Yeah, I'm glad that my first service was useful lol
@RyanM I think they are trying to write their own type checker. And when trying to use it on code that uses a library, they don't know what to do. Meaning they are the original author :)
@Scratte I got that part, but I feel like more details are needed to even begin to formulate an answer. Do they have the source code? Object files? Just method signatures? Is the language statically or dynamically typed? If it's dynamic and there are type annotations, are they on every method, some methods, or no methods?
@Scratte Notice they said "define this question as general", it's conclusive of lacking details and clarity.
7:33 PM
@RyanM Yes. That is all very unclear :)
@ArdentCoder If you have not done so as yet, you could check out the tools made available to help with the request for closing of posts
oh whoops, actually they did say it was dynamic. The rest still applies though.
@Nkosi Thanks, that's a long page lol. What more am I expected to do than just sharing a link of such posts here?
(I commented on the post)
@ArdentCoder socvr.org/… is probably the most relevant thing to read
(but the whole tour/FAQ are good)
7:42 PM
On the cryptography question above, "unfortunately i have to do it with php" made me giggle.
I think it is a sneaky attempt to start a flame war.
@halfer My favorite (less sneaky) attempt was a question ending with "Like nearly everything else in Android, this is absolutely horrific."
@RyanM Not sure if there is one. Did you mod flag for plagiarism (if they did not cite)?
oh, just kidding, it's actually undisclosed affiliation spam
every single post from that user links there: metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/spammers/206679
Oops, I flagged it for being low quality
(hopefully this isn't user targeting? just attempting to moderate the single piece of content)
I'm mod-flagging with an explanation and the mods can decide how to handle
7:57 PM
As long as you don't bring a request into the room, your free to go through a users posts and do what you want. We just ask you leave us out of that
@NathanOliver I couldn't see any other posts of that user, so I wasn't sure of spam.
in this case I just happened to look at the blacklist reason on MS, which I know is a bit borderline on that front and I don't want to cross the line. Thanks for the clarity.
When I saw "Windows has started to automatically encrypt any new files created on my system" my first reaction was "oh no, ransomware!"
That can happen when clicking all those links in posts reported by smokey..
8:16 PM
Good night everybody
8:44 PM
^could a RO please bin my last request, I've retracted my close vote, thanks
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