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12:31 AM
@Makyen I understand your different take on that specific sentence. I am not a stranger to being polite and using that structure (JK). I just don't see it that way here. It could be that my view is affected by the low-qulaity of the question or the fact that I've read that comment first, etc.
The take-away is something I cannot argue with. I actually wanna go further and say that words, even in technical world, **are** not delivering the whole intent of the author, etc. We are all trying to convey/receive as much and as close to the "intent" as possible. Some of us are better, some are worse. But at the end of the day, we gotta communicate, assert our intentions, and take a guess at what we've heard/read. If you mean we should consider the possiblity of being wrong, I am with you on that.
Gotta leave the office. Thanks for the constructive discussion ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ
@M-- Yep, that's basically what I meant. :-)
@M-- np. Thank you too. :-) Have a good evening.
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2 hours later…
@nyconing Thanks for editing your message.
@nyconing However, I'm not sure why you posted it. Is there something you're wanting us to do, or did you have a question?
@Makyen Obviously not an answer... btw please ignore it because I just found the flag can actually report a 'not answering answer' 🤔
5:00 AM
@nyconing np. Yep, it was Not An Answer (NAA). Such should be flagged, as you've determined (I'm glad you found the flag. :-) ). We prefer that people don't report those into the room, unless there's some reason you are unable to flag yourself (e.g. you're out of flags for the day; someone chose to "Edit" in the review queue, which kicks the post out of the review queue). If you can't flag it yourself, then you're welcome to post a request asking for someone to flag it.
The reason we ask people not to report them here is because more than one person flagging the post as NAA (or Very Low Quality, VLQ) does almost nothing (each additional flag makes it just slightly harder for the post to get out of the review queue without being appropriately handled). Thus, there's not much we can effectively do in response to the report. [Note: users with > 20k rep could delete-vote, if the answer's score < 0, but we have a del-pls request for that.]
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7:50 AM
@mickmackusa "has no value to stay on site" is pretty much the reason for all del-pls. Please provide a more specific reason, such as your "already exetensively covered" after
8:16 AM
@Kyll that is verbatim from the FAQ page -- is the FAQ wrong?
@mickmackusa I'd argue so... meh. I'll add it as a meeting topic =p
@mickmackusa Posted. Thank you for the heads up
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10:38 AM
What do folks think is the best flag for this: stackoverflow.com/a/60392575/10871073 (It clearly needs some sort of flag - NAA?)
@AdrianMole unregistered user, utter nonsense. I went Abusive
Possibly R/A or VLQ?
I'll concur - It's 'abusing' the SO site.
11:01 AM
The author of this has posted it and three other virtually identical 'answers' (link to same git) in the past 25 minutes. Does this become spam at some point?
@AdrianMole I would say it's spam. Normally it would be NAA but this looks like spam
We can cut him some slack and just flag all as NAA
I left a remark on one of the posts (flagged all as NAA). The affiliation is clear, though.
It's not really promoting anything of his.
11:26 AM
@J.Steen I noticed. But I'm still not sure what I should have done :)
@Scratte It looked like a "thanks me too" kind of answer, so NAA.
@J.Steen Thanks :) I get confused about this. As I understand it, the people handling the flags don't even see the question, let alone other answers.
12:22 PM
@Scratte Anyone can see other answers. 10kers can also see deleted stuff. When handling flags you should take the context into consideration.
@Dharman Thanks. I always do read the context. I read several Posts on meta about the NAA flag and how not everyone looks at context when handling the flags. somewhat older post in a comment: '"not an answer" flags should be obvious without requiring additional context, so anything that isn't clear when reading the answer by itself should most likely be placed in a custom flag'
@Scratte Whether or not something is NAA you can almost always decide from just the answer and no surrounding context
@NickA Yes, I agree. I had a corner case though. That's how this thing came about :) Unfortunately I deleted the message here, and I can't even see the answer anymore.
Yes I saw the message but the answer was deleted within a split second so didn't get the chance to see it ^^"
12:38 PM
@NickA Keep the link then. You can see it when you reach 10K ;) Share it with me when the time comes.
1:18 PM
@NathanOliver o/
Not sure if that's the right close reason tbh, maybe TB is better
2:44 PM
@Machavity That whole Q/A looks like spam to me (Smokey flagged the self-answer).
@AdrianMole Re: your latest comment on the post, that's what spam flags are for, not close votes, me and mach have the excuse we CV'd before we knew xd
I also raised a spam flag, BTW. Should I do so on the answer as well, or will that be 'automatic'?
Doesn't matter now, I guess.
Spamming the Q out nukes any answers
I'd only flag the answer as well if they're sock puppeting
2:52 PM
Fair enough - maybe I was looking to be too brutal and load two spam-flags on the poster.
Nah. Both were spam, I just don't bother when it's a self-answer situation
3:10 PM
Just making sure I'm pingable here
Well hi anyway o/
@rene We're closing questions. Is that OK?
3:13 PM
@Machavity wait, what? I thought this was Yahoo! Answers.
Comment chains get out of hand so easily...
@Cerbrus yeah, I was in the middle of a meeting when I left a quick response only to find it went on after I didn't pay attention
Not needed IMO
Yea, I just really don't like the self-righteousness of it...
Claiming that you're offended, the passive aggressive approach.
I guess my Dutch habits show here.
Not saying that is a good excuse
3:17 PM
Sure, that first comment was maybe a little blunt...
But the passive-aggressive reply to that
I've nowhere read anything passive agressive but I'm kind of immune if not tone deaf to that.
"Are you genuinely complaining about somebody being polite to you?"
"What? Someone's being nice to you and you complain about it?"
I complain when I see fit.
Nobody has ever accused rene of being sharp
And then he goes out of his way to claim you're offended, and argues that you shouldn't be
Like, dude...
At that point, I can't resist a good bad internet discussion xD
3:26 PM
is this a dupe? stackoverflow.com/questions/60128628/… see the answer
@Cerbrus that showed, yes.
I have to read his comments in a Clam voice
Apparently how to pronounce GIF is a problem peanut butter is trying to solve
@Machavity it's pronounced "gif"
3:37 PM
@M-- I think you put your trademark capitalization on the code here. I undid the edit and fixed it for you, though.
AKA how the person who invented the file format, and the company he invented it for, declared it to be pronounced
@S.S.Anne we end up doing the same edit twice at the same time. thanks anyway
Python also has very specific formatting rules. I think you screwed those up.
@TylerH Except just because he invented it doesn't mean he gets to choose how it's pronounced
@TylerH Maybe
3:38 PM
It's clearly pronounced "gif"
mmm, peanut butter
@S.S.Anne see revision 3 of the post
@M-- That's the one that screwed up the formatting. The spaces are required for the code to be a function.
right. not sure what went down there. probably I edited back to back a revision is missing. but now it's fine. good job
@M-- That self answer was deleted and marked as dupe fyi
derp, not self answer, answer pointing at another answer from same person on another post
4:23 PM
@S.S.Anne Really? Why?
It says I have tried: concat, GROUP_CONCAT but can not get the result. but it doesn't show what was tried.
@NickA actually that's exactly what it means
when you create something you get to name it
that's the rule
You get to name it, you don't get to choose how people speak
@NickA Sure, people can choose to speak wrong
4:32 PM
Indeed... like pronouncing it jiff
No, like gif
Guh if (my biology teacher just told us)
Next time you create a new file format, you can choose how it's pronounced. Meanwhile, you can pronounce it jif, or you can be wrong :-)
It's Jif for peanut butter
But Jif is now called Cif, isn't it?
4:34 PM
@AdrianMole according to the image in that Ars Technica article, it's pronounced ?if
hehe, i'll pronounce it how I like ;p, but individuals don't decide pronunciation, society does
If saying gif is wrong, I don't want to be right.
if(g) image_format(); else if(j) peanut_butter(!!!1);
Speaking of peanut butter, I hope he was looking at crunchy peanut butter when he "decided" that, and not the smooth rubbish ;p
@NickA Not with names. If someone spells their name A-A and says "it's pronounced Adasha" you call them "Adasha" not "A, hyphen, A"
@NickA there's peanut butter, which is smooth, and then there's half-made peanut butter, which still has crunchy peanut bits in it. I don't know why anyone would pay money for a half-made product; if I wanted peanuts I would buy peanuts.
4:39 PM
@TylerH Nahhh, I will continue how to pronounce Joaquin however I like ~~or am capable of~~ xd
I like chunky and smooth. Chunky has more texture but smooth has more flavor.
There was once a cleaning product called "Jif" but there at least 4 different ways to pronounce the opening "J" in common European languages: English "John," French "Jean," German "Jan" and Spanish "Juan". So they now call it "Cif" - not sure if that's pronounced "Kif" or "Sif" though.
say it like you'd say jirl, jraphical, jiggle, jigabyte, jimmick..
@AdrianMole But Cif is a cleaning brand
@NickA That's my name in Spanish class. It's pronounced "Wa Keen" (sort of like walking).
4:40 PM
@S.S.Anne Is it Wa... or is it Hwa?
It doesn't really matter if the person can understand it.
But you'd be annoyed if I said Joe-A-Keen xd
or joe-a-quin or joe-a-queen
Joe can be a queen if he wants to...
@S.S.Anne Thanks btw, genuinely didn't know how to pronounce it
or maybe p/np (or pnp)
4:45 PM
@NickA To be fair I pronounced Joaquin Phoenix' first name for the longest time as "Joe-quinn"
Then I heard it pronounced at the Oscars or something and I was like "who tf is "wha-keen phoenix""
@TylerH Yeah, I've still only seen it written before, never heard it
Is there an advantage to having the system delete one's answer instead of deleting it by oneself?
@Scratte it depends on why the system deletes it
@TylerH Like the post that was rolled back to a previous version by @NickA
Heh ... names and globalisation. Interesting topic =} ... based on the spelling of my first name I often get called un-d-ridge :D
4:47 PM
First, you're limited to 3 self-deletions per day, second if you self-delete too many things, it triggers a flag for moderators to check out your activity, and third (I think), it can prevent you from providing additional answers until you improve your existing deleted content and get some undeleted
@tink I am now interested in your first name
Heh ... Andrej =D
My problem is less how people pronounce my name, more how they spell it... for whatever reasons a lot of people spell it Nich or Nic
@TylerH But if the system deletes my answers, I'd expect a quicker automatic flag for moderator attention, so how could it be an advantage?
4:50 PM
That's just odd, @NickA
@tink Clearly Ond-ray
nike or nike-E? (not your name)
Nike-E (or more like Neye-key)
@Scratte Why would the moderators need to be alerted that the system deleted your answer?
But the Greek god's name is just Nike.
4:51 PM
@NickA feel that pain, I get Tray a lot, and by birth I'm actually spelt Trei - to which many a person would pronounce as tree! Trey at least helps get the sound right :)
If it's because the question got deleted, well, that's normal. If it's because 20k voters deleted it, that's normal too. If it's because it was flagged as spam or abusive, you're likely going to be incurring -100 penalties and will stop quickly or the system will destroy your account
@S.S.Anne Yeah... well Primark is apparently Pree-mark, and I don't believe that either
@S.S.Anne no no, it's Νίκη
@S.S.Anne That's my prefered pronunciation
4:53 PM
@TylerH Maybe it's Nixon...
Heh. Cheers, but I'm OK with the "Un" part (if you're a native English speaker). "On" or "Ann" makes it even worse to listen to for me ;)
Nixon? Sounds crooked :-)
The worst is people pronouncing Capri-Sun as "kpree-sun"
@TylerH I meant, the system doesn't just delete stuff. So it's either flagged or something else? If I get the same amount of answers deleted from the system, as I could have deleted by myself, wouldn't that attract attention?
@tink I might just call you Andrew :-P
4:53 PM
The anglicized version
cap ree sun? That's not right.
@NickA that's how the company pronounces it
@S.S.Anne It's definitely cap ree sun
k'pree sun
4:54 PM
nope, not doing it
it's wrong
ca pre-sun.
@TylerH I think you already answered me. I just couldn't figure out why someone would edit their own post into a NAA..
It's Italian
@Scratte It's called vandalism.
4:55 PM
@tink English people talking about a swiss drink named after an italian island... what could go wrong?
(UK: /ˈkæpri/, US: /kəˈpriː/) xd that explains a lot
Does everyone pronounce jelly bean as "gel e bee n"?
as oppposed to?
the bee and the n are 2 syllables?
i don't know.
@NickA no
See youtu.be/aq25UOQpiWg?t=35 for Caprisun official pronunciation
4:57 PM
they even have a slight pause between kpree and sun
May I point interested parties to forvo.com
@TylerH "Official", guarantee that advert was made by Kraft
it's been a very useful resource of mine for years
Italian: [ˈkaːpri]
4:58 PM
@S.S.Anne Ok. I think I'd leave a note on the top saying "This answer of mine is so wrong, that I've deleted it for everyone above 10K to see :)"
@Scratte a lot of people ask for help on SO about stuff they're not supposed to share or even allowed to share, or they feel embarrassed and don't want to get found out by peers or something, and so they delete their post, not understanding how SO or its license work
@TylerH Good point. Don't share secrets on the internet :)
@NickA I mean it's compilation of commercials advertising caprisun
foe toe sin tuh sis
5:01 PM
definitely not "the sis"
thee zis
@TylerH Here you go, official adverts in the UK ^^" youtu.be/v5mj4g3yTy8?t=14
and is the th voiced or not...? English faux-netics is limiting :P
I like the "faux" a lot here ;)
Is it OK here to ask to downvote a post that prevents deletion by Roomba? (The post in question: link. The reason for it to go: this question was asked here a countless number of times).
@NickA yeah, but that's British and therefore wrong
5:09 PM
@Georgy roomba isn't triggered on questions with an accepted answer. Downvoting won't make a difference in that regard
@Georgy Looks like it's already been taken care of (although as mentioned above it won't matter)
Just post a in two days.
@TylerH just cause you stole our language grumble grumble
@Georgy A couple things: 1 - roomba won't cleanup accepted answers as Zoe said. 2 - you can't ask people to downvote things here
@NickA nah, we improved it :-) Removed all those unnecessary vowels
put Rs at the end of words just like we say 'em
theater, etc.
@NickA just cause you stole half a dozen languages grumble grumble
Ah, right... Thanks everyone. I misunderstood the tooltip from the Roomba Forecaster.
5:12 PM
@TylerH don't forget you strip out u's and a's as well
> Removed all those unnecessary vowels
In fact you remove an i as well, and replace ph with f too.... You really butchered our language
my toe sis
as Zoe said, it wasn't really yours to begin with
England is the melting pot that melted and overflowed into the US
Where's the anti-star button .-.
5:19 PM
well, step one, you bribe a RO...
preferably with brownies
And geez it's not England, it was the British empire xd
I'm sorry, I don't speak British :-P
Ye' ole English
5:24 PM
I don't speak England.
I r being english general in kollage
sorry, I don't speak London
@nathin kool why u be is SO
cries in British
have some tea makes American-style tea
5:25 PM
It's fine, we can take solace in having tea!
@TylerH is that milk in first? xD
nah, boil water and then pour it into a cup and then put a tea bag in and leave it sitting there the entire time you're drinking your tea
You... You put the water in before the tea bag? Sacrilege!
@S.S.Anne caus this is where the programmars are found
Oh no ...
5:27 PM
bu bu u no programmr u engish
this is possibly the worst betrayal since the independence
Leaving the tea bag in the whole time I can get behind though, strong tea is best tea
Isn't American-style tea just coffee?
I had some black tea once. It was worse than black coffee.
black tea is great!
5:28 PM
@NathanOliver We've evolved since the 1700s. We drink tea again.
@treyBake I mean black black. You couldn't see through it.
Black tea is great, better sweet though
@S.S.Anne oh yeah, that's gross xD
the trick is, get loose tea and infuse
@NathanOliver No. American style coffee is just tea.
Does it still count as tea when you make a hot toddy?
Americans do love their coffee, though. They pay six dollars for it every day. That's like 6 hamburgers.
5:31 PM
Just wait til the British discover sweet tea
We call it Iced Tea :)
Or iced tea, or sun tea,
@treyBake that's not the same thing
sun tea is good. My step mom used to make it all the time
@NathanOliver Same. She even taught my dad and his side of the family.
5:32 PM
My step mom made you sun tea? ;)
@TylerH really? "Sweet tea is a popular style of iced tea commonly consumed in countries such as the United States, Malaysia, and Indonesia." (Taken from ddg first search result - may be wrong) o.O
My mom used to make me sun tea.
@treyBake we have iced tea in the US as well
but it's not the same as sweet tea
idk then haha I thought Sweet tea is just a type of iced tea, rather than being it;s own thing
sweet tea is typically iced, but it is always loaded with sugar
even sugared iced tea is not as sweet as sweet tea
5:33 PM
sweet tea is sweet and iced tea is iced.
oh that's gross, sugar and tea is a no-no for me
@TylerH I just said I like black tea as sweet tea...
a proper sweet tea should feel like it's going to put you in a coma from all the sugar
what's funny is when someone from the south is up north and asks for sweet tea and they bring out iced tea and some sugar packets
like, no honey, that's not how it works
I think sweet tea is just brown sugar in liquid form.
ew, you would not want to use brown sugar
that'd be weird
5:37 PM
The first I had sweet tea was in sinai desert...
6:37 PM
Any spotted any mods hanging around recently? :p
No. I thought I saw a puppy around, but they ninja'd away
yeah yeah, I know... just forgotten who's on at what times these days (although they're definitely not all around at the same times they use to be...) and wanted to ask a favour that's not worthy of a flag
Is there a rule that it's not allowed to ping a mod already in the room?
Yes, pinging mods is only allowed in cases where they’re already discussing a particular subject
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica Ok. Does that apply for everything or mod related things?
6:45 PM
I think everything, but I’m not positive
@JonClements o/ heyo - haven't seen any mods the past few days. Cody is the most active one here in chat, now, surprisingly
@Scratte we dont ping mods to ask them to do mod things. If you want to ping just to have a conversation, or as part of a conversation, that's fine. Some mods will let you ping them for moderation stuff, but you need their approval first.
Bhargav is still on leave/hiatus (along with Boltclock's long-running one), and Madara stepped down now.
So there's not much in the way of chat-friendly mods around. Sam pops by occasionally be he's mostly in other rooms.
strangely - I'm aware of all that - haven't been that much away :)
6:48 PM
yeah... normally see Sam about and Rob in the Python room now and then... but just haven't seen some in days, and poor old Cody is definitely trying to fill in the gap Madara and I left... don't envy him at all
@NathanOliver. Ok. Thanks :) Makes sense. They probably would collapse by pinging if that was allowed. For the conversation part, I'd reckon they'd get annoyed :)
if someone pings them too much they can just suspend the user for 10 years
@Zoe I saw you feedbacking in Charcoal. You back or just lurking?
@AndrasDeak What's too much? Not that I'd try it. I'm just curious. 10 years?!?..
6:53 PM
I imagine that whatever counts as "collapse by pinging"
But yeah, don't ping mods out of the blue... there's certain people that some would never mind being pinged from, and kinda hoping I'm still recent enough in memory someone wouldn't mind that for something :p
@AndrasDeak lol! Good one :) Thanks.
@Machavity I'm back assuming SE keeps up with their promises. Looks good so far though, so I'm probably staying
@Zoe don't tempt fate!
It either happens, or it doesn't. Fate has nothing to do with it
6:58 PM
The ninja puppy returned ...
Ninja puppy? Where?
And the fox too!
still not a fox :')
Since Madara isn't around anymore, someone has to keep it going ;)
7:01 PM
Hey, room Q: is there a way I can find out if I raised a req here already, rather than accidentally raising a dup? I don't want to make multiple requests to the room on the same post.
Nice to see you here, @Zoe
@halfer You can search for the URL here and in the graveyard
That's why we have the graveyard so there is a spot where all the past request are located
@NathanOliver Ooh, search widget - I had not spotted that! Thanks
@NathanOliver pls bin my last cv-pls, OP has updated question
7:21 PM
Didn't we decided to put the strike on hold? It's been a while since I've seen this many unhandled cv-pls requests
I'm just a slacker ;-)
Last week of a long contract, so focussing on that. Maybe next week I will do extra...
Perhaps nobody pinged the mods to tell them that the strike's off! :)
Can we do re-open requests for posts on Meta SO?
@AdrianMole Nope. We don't moderate Meta. Tis a silly place
What? No silly requests even?
Oct 5 '16 at 19:54, by Machavity
We don't moderate Meta because it is beyond our comprehension. Kyll tried once and he dresses funny ever since
7:28 PM
gonna have to make an effort to pop in here more when online just for the humour :)
... now where's the pink elephant... we're long overdue for a game of catch the squirrel :p
hides in scooby snacks drawer
Maybe they're being retouched. Out of fear of faded pink to Cotton candy (#ffbcd9)
8:05 PM
@halfer You can search for just the question/answer ID, which you can get from the "share" link/popup. Search will find the ID within any URL used to link to the post. If you use the complete URL, then it will miss messages which use a different form of the URL (e.g. if the title changes and you're searching for the full-form URL).
@JonClements you got a haircut!
PS @Zoe it is good to see you here as well
it's nice to see y'all again too ^^
@Zoe Welcome back. It's good to see you on SE. I hope things with SO continue in a direction which allows you to feel that participating on SE is the right choice for you.
@Zoe Didn't see the avatar. Hi from a birb =)
8:15 PM
me too :) Leaving last time was hard enough .-.
hiya birb ^^
don't eat the birb Zoe
But it's so tempting
someone please
8:34 PM
@TylerH really? :p
@BhargavRao I mean, if you're not here, you must be on hiatus to me :-P
But yup, I've reduced my chat and meta activity...
I don’t have any major objections to the occasional ping, but if you expect a response, well, joke’s on you....
8:49 PM
@BhargavRao much to our dismay
but since you and Cody are here... can probably be synonymized to :-P
I also hadn’t noticed the strike was off. Was it all Teresa’s blog post that changed everyone’s mind?
I’ve been out of it lately. Crazy busy at work, with no sign of slowing down in sight, so temper your expectations for me :-)
@CodyGray The meta post was a big part of it. They asked for a couple weeks so we decided to let them have it. If we don't see anything after next week I feel like the strike will be back on. It helps the there is now data that shows how much meta actually means.
@TylerH Why do those tags exist at all?
@NathanOliver Who asked?
I don't understand the question. Who asked what?
Teresa's post on Meta seems to have got folks' attention, certainly! And many of us are (I guess) giving the benefit of the doubt (for now).
8:55 PM
There's cautious optimism to be sure
@NathanOliver “They asked for a couple weeks…” Who is “they”?
@CodyGray Yaakov more directly. both here and in the Discord chat Mith runs
@Cody: Grammar Check! Who is they??
Okay. That’s what I was asking, if it was a specific employee that asked to put the strike on hold. Someone like Yaakov or a CM or whatever. I can’t read all chat transcripts, so it’s possible I missed something.
8:58 PM
OK - Pronouns aren't always what they seem - I forgot.
@AdrianMole Normally, you’d be right and the verb should be “are”. But not in this case, where I had quoted the “they”.
np - matters not a jot.
@NathanOliver Yup, I saw the data. A big “duh”, right there.
@AdrianMole It’s also not a pronoun. Maybe shouldn’t get into a grammar debate with me? :-p
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