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12:10 AM
does this answer the question?
@Yatin Nope, the question is unclear.
@Yatin No idea. Maybe, but what is the question asking exactly?
ok thanks :)
@Dharman seems almost borderline spam since it contains a link with undisclosed affiliation
@Nick Yeah, I just checked their history and they are a little bit of a spammer. Can you flag please?
12:24 AM
@Dharman I thought that it stood for "Pretty Horrible Programming" :)
@Dharman they've made a lot of good answers too. I've put my standard warning comment on it.
12:49 AM
@Dharman @Makyen If I have answered that question does my request become invalid? Should I remove my answer?
I feel like there would be more value in deleting that existing answer than in my answer. Ah well.
1:13 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels trying to decide if that's spam, it's definitely very poor quality
@RyanM I was thinking the exact same thing
I saw it on SD and I'm honestly not sure if it's spam or just really bad confusion
@HovercraftFullOfEels Yeah, I may go with spam on that one. Either way, it definitely needs to go.
1:37 AM
How to flag an answer in another language? VLQ?
@Nick hmmm ... eclipse is a programming tool, though, so I'm on the fence about that b)
@Yatin We've gotten conflicting advice between VLQ/NAA. Both are likely safe.
Ok... thanks
@tink I see your point. But it is non-reproducible (OP was just looking for the wrong file). I don't have an issue with it being closed.
2:01 AM
A diamond handled my custom flag in 53 seconds... great service :) I wonder if it was one of our new diamonds.
2:20 AM
Funny comment of the day :D > Vote up because one day you were my boss and I'm still learning from you
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3:37 AM
@Nick =) ... me neither. I just wasn't sure what reason to pick.
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5:37 AM
Hmm, I need to collect content for the book Makyen: The Monologues also from Meta now ....
6:22 AM
@rene lol :)
7:06 AM
@JohnDvorak isn't this one of these "please show me the canonical location" questions which should specifically be allowed?
7:17 AM
@tripleee It does look like they want the official documentation.
@JeanneDark it does ask about computer representation, not really mathematics
It's maths in CS terminology
8:11 AM
ooh, a screen rip
Is this question asking for off-site resources?
@Yatin Yes, it's asking for a REST generator to generate a controller, service etc. for nest.js
@Nick thanks I haven't worked with rest so I just wanted to confirm :)
@Yatin don't forget to use the reply arrow at the end of a message to reply to it, otherwise you ping all the Nicks...
You can also choose not to close these questions if they are not generating spam see meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/385479/…
as I see the above question it's does really fall into "as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam"
8:23 AM
hiya @Pett
yo when since you are not a moderator?
Well it's already got 5 different answers
it seems instead fairly useful... but yeah you make the chooice
I'd say that's kinda POB
not really Nick, it's a resource request for a specific tool while developing software...
@Nick POB?
8:26 AM
"it's a resource request for a specific tool while developing software..." - So is asking for a library to plot line charts in javascript
@kayess Hi friend long time no see... I will never become one.. who would ever have courage to vote for me :D
Well Nick, read the meta.. I'm just saying use your best judgement... consider the answer that our great Shog9 wrote.
@PetterFriberg lol who... rest of the room i'm quite sure
ahh, not mod... I wanted to write RO lol
I'm not as active anymore, so I'm not a good choice...
How comes you are not around as ofter as we used to ?
(me neither that active though)
I lost a lot of energy and motivation during the whole Shog business etc
@Nick you can check out this question for example.. stackoverflow.com/questions/388242/…
8:31 AM
Everyone knows that's a well known exception
great yeah that's the idea, do exceptions when it has no real sense closing it...
Is this NAA? I do see a partial answer there... Was thinking of editing out the last line...
8:50 AM
no, no, exception in the sense that it is off-topic, but if we close it, Loungers start raging outside their den, and we don't want that to happen - and in return they promise to keep it spam-free with their own force
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10:11 AM
Funny how both On and Off starts with an O.
10:57 AM
Please have a look at this answer. It very well looks like an answer but I do not think it is when I read it completely. It is more like commentary on other post. Is does not propose anything; it just mentions the problem.
@AmitJoshi The question is pretty vague: "Could someone please point me in the right direction?" Making the problem explicit could be considered an answer. I'm not sure, but I wouldn't flag it as NAA.
11:16 AM
@Lankymart As to your comment there: posting error messages (or having in-code comments or variable names) in another language than English isn't disallowed here. It's merely discouraged because of the understandability, but we don't force anyone to reinstall their IDE in English.
Point in this case is that the OP probably doesn't even have the error message in English, unless it's a common enough error that chucking it through a translator makes enough sense to get the official English message
11:33 AM
@Adriaan I think there's a meta post about that in the maze..
@Scratte yea, IIRC the gist was: remove non-English inline code comments, leave variables if they're clear enough (usually when an MCVE is minimal they are), and for the most common errors, there's an error code (like in this case), which you can search for online to get the exact translated message if warranted; often the mere error code number would do
@Adriaan Not sure why one should remove comments. They may be useful even if not in English.. but here is one: Do non-English words increase the probability of receiving downvotes?
@Scratte yea, basically, as long as the language at hand accepts the variable name, we should to. Maybe with an exception for more arcane languages that allow Cyrillic (e.g. Russian) or Chinese characters
@Adriaan The way I see it is that variable, class or method names are just strings. One could have called them "aaaa", "bbbb", "cccc". That would be English :D So whatever they are called makes no difference :)
@Adriaan They shouldn't be posting errors as images anyway, the fact it's non-English is just another reason.
11:43 AM
@Scratte Usually; although in my own codes I make the attempt to write understandable variable names. I might use ii as a loop index for a three-line loop, but as soon as that becomes a 20 line loop, I'd use row_idx or something
@Lankymart oh, I completely agree on the former. I just mentioned the latter, because your comment comes off as quite strongly suggesting that any non-English content on the site is inadmissible, which it is not, as far as I know, for the case of error messages and other code-related txt (variables, comments etc as mentioned above)
@Lankymart I do not agree with you. You've told them two things. One is correct, the other is not. They're probably more likely to give up their post since they're being asked to find the corresponding English error message, which they may not be able to.
@Lankymart Well your comment does explicitly say they should be in English: "All errors should be clear and provided in English. "
I pretty sure question on SO are supposed to be written in English.
The text of the Question, yes, not the code nor the errors.
@Lankymart They are. But we don't force anyone to reinstall their IDE in English to be able to provide English error messages. The meta-link Scratte sent up there has a good answer by Robert Harvey about that.
11:47 AM
The errors are paramount, how is anyone supposed to understand the error if it isn't? It's the same reason questions should be written in English.
@Lankymart That is your personal opinion then. It's not the rules set out by meta or Stack. There's a difference.
@Lankymart in this case it's rather easy IMO, there's a clear error identifier in that message. This suggests to me that it's a standard message which one could easily Google the translation for (which you can indeed suggest the OP should do for clarity)
If the OP wants to post an error they are encountering on an English language site it is their responsibility to translate that or use a site more suited to them.
@Lankymart Not according to meta, no. Variables, error and such does not have to be translated. It's only encouraged.
I've read this before, the question has to provided in English and pretty sure the errors are too for the same reason.
11:50 AM
@Lankymart I'd like to see a reference for that.
Same here.
@Lankymart meta.stackoverflow.com/a/266564/5211833 Scratte already posted it earlier. Harvey was a mod at the time of writing
Again, code is code, not error messages.
11:54 AM
@Lankymart yea, I see your point about the errors. That might be a thing indeed. Usually I don't really care, as most errors in my tag () are clear enough even in another language
@Lankymart doesn't work for many languages though; the post which started this discussion is in German. If the entire post is written in English with an error message in Spanish, I might suggest es.SO, but if the English is very good, I'd just suggest translating the error message, if I deem it necessary
Think there is definitely a mix-up here between what is "code" and what is "errors". To be honest, if the user-provided code that was illegible as all the variables etc are in another language I would still have an issue with that. Same as I would if every variable was a variation of aaaaa.
I work with French clients who have servers that exclusively use the french language that I have to work on, if I get an error on them there's a 0% chance I can translate the error into English, and also a 0% chance I can write a question in french for an fr.SO (if one existed)
@Adriaan agreed I just couldn't find a good enough target question on meta.
What to do with this answer? The answer itself is NAA (me too question), but then they report a solution to their problem in a comment to their answer. (I don't know much about woocommerce)
@JeanneDark IMO, merging the comment into the answer and slightly altering the language/grammar should do.
11:59 AM
@JeanneDark Nor do I, I commented to try get them to fix it themselves
@Nick there's always going to edge cases, but the site is an English language site and questions are expected to be clear and written in English, including the errors.
@Nick ghe, how do you deal with those errors? Do you speak French?
where I interpret error to be part of "Variables and the like can be written in any language. A code snippet containing non-English variables that can easily be followed does not require flagging or editing."
@Adriaan I smack myself around the head with a baguette until a frog tells me what it means
12:04 PM
@Lankymart Yes, it suggest that one may translate them. I do not see that posts that do not have them translated should be closed due to that. I do see some users saying non-English errors are a reason why they downvote a post.
@Nick I didn't know Kermit was a programmer...
I don't mean to alarm you... but he's not French either
@Scratte errors are NOT part of the code, stop lobbing the two together. You obviously feel strongly about this, like I already said there's no good canonical answer I can find so why not ask it.
@Lankymart I do not have a good track record on meta.. good reason, no?
It's unfortunate Cody isn't resident anymore. I'm sure if it was so, there's be a resolution by now :)
12:10 PM
@Scratte I disagree with that duping, since the duped target does not, at this point, address how to deal with errors specifically. Of course it would be the place to add that too, once a consensus is reached.
I miss Cody, too
@Adriaan I disagree too.. a lot.
I found another one, that very confusing: How do we handle console output in non-English languages?. Note: The error in Question is "FEHLER: Syntaxfehler bei »FOR« LINE 1: ...dren WHERE children.categoryid = c1.category_fk ) FOR $2 I..."
To where the Answer says "Leave it alone. The fact that the error identifier is in a different language is irrelevant if the rest of the error is in English." but then goes on to say that "If the entire error message were in a non-English language, then.."
@Scratte I kind of agree here; if the error is understandable, such as here, there's no pressing need to translate. However, if all you get is six lines of pure Spanish, then there is a need to translate
But then the post we have been discussing is fine too, no? There's an error code that's easy to look up. and "Typenkonflikt" isn't far away from Type Conflict :)
12:19 PM
@Scratte I wouldn't call it "fine", but rather "barely above the 'no need for translation' threshold"
@JeanneDark I once had the impression that Cody was resident to ensure things were OK in here. I suppose we could start making huge messes and hope to get Cody back :D
No doubt about it, he knew we were trouble
12:42 PM
FYI: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/402216/… (cc @Lankymart @Adriaan @Scratte)
@Nick Awesome! You've even transcribed the error message :D
How can this 1 rep user comment?
@Yatin You can comment on your own posts with any rep
oh ok
Ninja'd @JeanneDark ;)
I closed this c++ question as a dupe. OP says they want a modern answer (i.e. c++17 onward), which is not in the dupe. Should it be reopened, or should a modern answer be added to the dupe (maybe ask the OP to put a bounty on it or something?).
"a modern answer be added to the dupe" - This IMO
Note that ^^ was said without actually looking at the question, but just from the description of the problem (a new question wanting a modern answer to an old question)
@Nick Sure, I understand. I'll wait to see how the OP edits the question. In this case, it might actually not be a dupe depending on that.
1:11 PM
Just making sure it was clear :)
Looks like we need to get @RobertColumbia to change their name to Nick too: "Closed 13 secs ago by Nick, Nick, Robert Columbia."
Oh no
Don't turn me into a meme
Is "I hope python2 will die soon!" ok? stackoverflow.com/a/62831944/1839439
I wouldn't say it was R/A or anything, I'd just edit it out
1:25 PM
I can get behind the version agnostic statement ....
I hope <insert programming language of your choice> will die soon!
all of them. Then I can get into gardening
What's wrong with it? Is it the use of "die"? Would "I hope ... will become obsolete soon" be ok?
Well, you're already deep in the garden, just the i, n and g to go
Any language but Ruby (to program in), Javascript (to compile into for web) and x86 ISA (to implement Ruby and Javascript in) can die and it would be no loss
1:27 PM
@Dharman It will only help if people uninstall it from their system and update their links...
@cigien yeah, die and the exclamation mark make it tip over a bit to unprofessional.
It seems like unrelated comment.
@rene you mean, not safe for work emails? :P
@Nick It's already too late.
@Dharman I think answer is saying that the workaround would not be necessary if python2 dies. So it seems relevant.
1:32 PM
Ok, I was not sure if it was relevant to the post
@Zoe I was trying to find the "Zoe is a fox" meme, but no luck
That's the one ^^
@TylerH If you think of the different services exposed as part of Azure as one cohesive API, is this question the same as asking 'which function do I call to do this?'. And isn't such a question on-topic?
@code11 I do not think of them like that. As at least one answer shows, you can achieve OP's goal with multiple
so it's a recommendation question
@Dharman dump
@Dharman Sounds likely
Ok, I fixed it
Got my language gold badge. The soft-drinks are on me.
Happy hour!
@Ron So, you're the new gold standard ? ;) Congrats.
2:53 PM
@Ron Congrats!
could use a hard drink about nwo though
@TylerH Take a soft drink - such as an orange juice - and put it in the freezer. Leave for ~1 hour. Open freezer and, voila: a hard drink.
@AdrianMole zing
3:14 PM
@Nick You've made the hot meta posts :D
I did so 2 hours ago
Oh.. being ninja'd two hours ago is not going to make me famous ;)
4:20 PM
Q: Burninate [elixir-framework]

glennsl[elixir-framework] is a vague and pointless tag. There are currently 145 questions with this tag. Its excerpt is: Frameworks for Elixir like Dynamo and Phoenix, that leverage the power of the Erlang VM to build high performance and concurrent web applications. Elixir is a programming language (...

^Please, help me stop that comment thread from becoming even more heated
I don't think there's any benefit of piling on flags...
Unfriendly or Unkind flags accumulate, don't they?
I think not?
Harassment, Bigotry, or Abuse flags definitely do, and I'm pretty sure that Unfriendly or Unkind flags do too
4:52 PM
I do know that rude flags can trigger autodeletion if there's a keyword in the comment
The comment in question probably isn't outright abuse, but it's definitely condescending and rude
All comment flags can lead to the deletion of a comment. See the FAQ: "If a comment is flagged by a sufficient number of users, it will be automatically deleted."
It seems to me that search on SO currently doesn't work
5:36 PM
@JeanneDark Same here; wonder if it's related to yesterday's issues
@RyanM Seems to work from time to time though, but is far from stable
5:50 PM
I got 68 upvotes today. Pity, they are useless
@Dharman One more point toward Epic/Legendary :)
...which, in fairness, is not exactly useful...
But even then Badges on Meta are useless.
@Dharman We do not allow requests on posts that are being discussed on Meta, per Rule 15 socvr.org/faq#GEfM-no-requests-youre-involved
@Dharman ehhhh seems broad but not so bad as to warrant deletion; the answers contain useful advice
6:01 PM
@TylerH Sure, can you remove my message to avoid confusion, please?
@Dharman done
6:13 PM
@Dharman I like badgers badges.
@Dharman it's useful to get tag badges at least, because then you can dupehammer Meta questions
@TylerH It was a question, though, so no tag points for Dharman
@RyanM what a waste! T_T
This is just NAA, I guess - not worth a red flag?
@AdrianMole Too risky
6:23 PM
Not sure what happened there?
I would roll back as you've just invalidated my answer...
Can't rollback - but I just did it manually.
Yeah, looks like an attempt to...comment? Reply? No idea.
@AdrianMole I VLQ'd
seems like gibberish to me
I would like to edit this answer, but I have no idea what it says. Can anyone help? stackoverflow.com/a/62787913/1839439
6:32 PM
@Dharman No idea what the last line says. Pretty sure it could go in that's what you were thinking. Question is POB
@DavidBuck It looks like this could have been migrated.
"counters" = vote totals, I think
What does "can it be used after the dense layer rather than after LSTM layers" mean?
It's referring to the layer ordering within the neural net...assuming that flatten is a layer type, which it sounds like it is from the other answer
@Dharman I think that's a rhetorical question.
6:37 PM
LSTM is a silly term
I suspect that answer is actually a question
but it's hard to follow
The first bit of the second paragraph reads like a statement, unless that's what the last part is questioning.
"I would like to learn from..." leans toward it being a question
It's not going to NAA away, though.
Any thoughts what to do with this one? It's obviously going to be very helpful to the OP, but it's also NAA. stackoverflow.com/a/64447438/7508700
@DavidBuck I tried to salvage it.
6:48 PM
@Dharman Better than nothing, but "Looks like it has to do with their SKU mapping" isn't really an answer.
It's a shame that actual, helpful reps from the products concerned can't comment when they have useful info to impart that isn't actually an answer.
@DavidBuck Why can't they comment (other than needing >=50 rep)?
@Makyen I meant because they don't have 50 rep. Obviously they can go and earn 50 rep like everyone else, but I've come across a few people from Microsoft and others who don't have the rep so resort to posting potentially useful to the OP but still NAA answers.
If only they had their own rich support ecosystem within their applications and also as separate Q&A forums where they could assist users...
7:02 PM
@TylerH Indeed. I didn't mean those like Uber that direct people over here and we're forever closing tickets only they can handle, but those where they do have that support infrastructure, but people still post over here, then they take the time to try to help. It was just a stray thought. Not looking to change the world...
8:11 PM
If I forget to keep a chatroom alive on chat.stackexchange, how to I unfreeze it?
@Scratte a moderator is required
8:36 PM
@TylerH Yes, but how does one ask a moderator on chat.stackexchange? :)
@Scratte Raise a flag. You can raise a custom flag ("flag for moderator") on a chat message from the popup that opens when you click on the down-arrow indicator (trying to indicate there's a popup available) to the left of each message when you hover over the message.
9:10 PM
@mickmackusa Please note that room rules don't permit targeting specific users like that - I suggest editing that part out of your question.
9:30 PM
@Makyen That doesn't seem to be possible from a message in a frozen room.
@Scratte Then use a message from a room that's not frozen.
@Makyen Ok. That will not confuse them? :)
@Scratte Explaining what you want (and linking to it) is what the custom text is for.
OK. Thanks :)
Does anyone know if it's possible to merge two chatrooms?
@Scratte I've never heard about it being done
9:41 PM
@Scratte There's no official way to do so. However, ROs can move all (or most) messages from one room into another room. Note that you can only move a maximum of 2048 messages per move API call.
Ahh.. Thank you both. I'm afraid I'm not a Room Owner in either room..
And since they are both frozen, I do not think it's the best use of a moderator's time.
@Scratte A moderator is quite unlikely to do that, unless it's a small number of messages. Without userscripts, doing so for any substantial number of messages would be ... quite a pain in the rear.
@Makyen It's not a lot of messages and it's really just my OCD teasing me.. :)
I can count 29 messages in total.
10:00 PM
@Dharman The usually used close reason for non English language questions is "needs details or clarity". No reasons to apply a custom close reason. Though if it's done like Jon Skeet did with the link to the correct language specific site it's OK IMO.
@πάνταῥεῖ It can either be custom close reason or needs details. Both are ok
@Dharman Heh.. but you wrote "Custom: " <-- and that's it :)
Yeah, for the 10th time I am sorry, but the userscript does not pick it up
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica I was not targeting a single user with my question to the room. I was providing an example of 3 different users that commented a solution instead of posting an answer. The only reason that I mentioned Wiktor is because he is the only person of the 3 that I've seen in this room and I felt it was decent to ping him so that I wasn't talking behind his back.
@Dharman Oh. Sorry. I'm forgetful. Now that you mention it, I do remember you complaining of it before. I, myself, tend to type them out.
10:04 PM
But why are you talking about users at all? If they are breaking the rules or contributing in a negative way to the site then flag and ask moderators to talk to them. There's no point in discussing other users
@mickmackusa I do it too. If I think there's a risk the post will get closed, I'll answer it in a comment. And I've been doing it more and more since I'm at a point now where I do not trust that any Question will stay open.
Would it be helpful to have a specific comment flag that says "this comment is providing a solution and not seeking clarification"? Then as the number of these flags are accrued by a given user, moderators will be able to say: "You have had 59 of your comments flagged as providing a solution. Please post solutions as answers as per site design"
@mickmackusa I am exposing that behavior all the time, when I CV for typos for example. It's problematic and contradictorily to answer such questions if you CV at the same time. Answers (especially upvoted ones) may hinder the process of deleting the question (which we clearly don't want to have here).
I also do not trust that they will stay un-deleted, if they are closed. The 206K viewed duplicate that was deleted as a meta effect made me rethink the entire answer in the Answer box thing.
@mickmackusa But what is the point? Chances are the post is closed and deleted anyway, no?
@πάνταῥεῖ I can agree with that. If you think a question should be closed, then express why you think the question should be closed WITH your resolving comment. e.g. "This question is Off-topic Typo -- you are missing the & before the $."
10:09 PM
@mickmackusa I often even append a VTC as typo to my comment.
@mickmackusa Moderators on SO have way too much work as it is to be bothered by small stuff like this. Don't take it the wrong way, but I really don't think this is an issue worth discussing over and you can spend your time in more productive ways. If you see a useful solution posted in a comment then just add an answer of your own with a proper explanation.
Here is the page again: stackoverflow.com/q/63781485/2943403 Notice how the question is on-topic and answered. It has 2 answers, but it should have 5 answers posted. The Stack Overflow Q&A metrics are getting skewed.
@mickmackusa I do not agree. the 3 comments posted as is would likely get downvoted for something like not providing enough explanation.
These users do not post code-only answers when they post.
@mickmackusa ..and maybe that explain why they posted comments instead. Like I do. I do not want to spend an hour writing an Answer when I can do it in 2 minutes in a comment.
10:13 PM
I don't understand that logic. That again flies in the face of Stack Overflow's very clear and simple Q & A page design.
This also encourages new users (who don't understand how this site works) to mimic this behavior -- because high rep users are doing it.
I tell users to not post Answers and to wait until the can comment all the time. Then I flag the Answer NAA :D
My point is, it is not only bad in an individual case-by-case sense, it is bad role modeling that perpetuates bad posting behaviors.
Personally, I would prefer more users choosing comments over answers... but then again I mostly deal with trash
do we have any specific case of this happening? The young ones are unlikely to refuse cheap rep in the name of site quality.
I haven't edited this one in years, but it mostly represents my current thinking: meta.stackexchange.com/a/296481/352329
10:17 PM
@mickmackusa Ahh.. I'm not sure that is correct. High reputation users do not post a lot of "I got this issue too. Any update?". And yet, I see a lot of those Answers. So the role model behavior is probably not what's going on. Reputation is what users want, so they are inclined to use the Answer box already.
There is also the matter of question clarity. With regex, too often askers do not fully represent the variability of their input data in the question. I often people dropping unexplained regex patterns. This is very different from asking for clarification such as: "Does this regex pattern work for all of your input data? [regex101demolink] If not, please edit your question to show what else needs to be considered"
Should this be a comment or an answer? stackoverflow.com/a/64453997/1839439
@Scratte I am not at all talking about "I got this issue too" comments. I am purely speaking on comments that directly answer the question and have no capacity to be downvoted if they are incorrect/suboptimal/ill-advised.
@mickmackusa Yes, but not explaining how things work is not a comment isolated problem. Just search for "Try this" and you'll get more code only Answer than you will ever have delete votes to cover.
I find myself much more often telling people to use comments than answer, rather than the other way around.
10:21 PM
@Dharman Duplicate :)
@Dharman I'd say that if the question is answered by another page on Stack Overflow, then the question should be closed as a duplicate instead of answering it.
@mickmackusa Funny thing though. I have seen some of my comment-answers being posted in the Answer box by someone else :) I usually delete my comment when I notice this. It solves several issues, no? :)
I'm have a deeper reasoning, both questions are asking about Azure roles :)
So, are you complaining that you found something useful in a comment? That's not a bad thing. That's not something worth fighting against. Fight with stuff that should be a comment but is an answer. Things that should neither be a comment nor an answer. Let's remove the bad stuff, and if you find something useful in comments you can always add it as an answer.
^^ Exactly that. Totally agree.
10:29 PM
@Dharman The problems with answering a question as a comment (in addition to the fact that the UI (placeholder text) says not to) are (to name a few) that there is reduced formatting options, insufficient text to provide a large amount of detail/explanation, and voting numbers only go up -- so bad suggestions cannot possibly be downvoted.
I flag those comments as not longer needed, there's an answer that can be downvoted below :)
Flag as no longer needed
@mickmackusa Sometimes there is no Answer. And a comment is better than nothing. If a user posts a useless comment, there is almost always someone else replying to it saying it's wrong.
But I don't want to lose good advice either. I am sure there will be cases where the comment offers good advice which I am incapable of providing a good explanation of the advice. The advice is the poster's advice -- I prefer to leave them in control and accountable for releasing it. I am not looking to kill content, I want it to be posted in correct place on the page.
When I go searching for stuff on Stack Overflow I have always found as much good information in comments as in Answers. And critique of Answers in comments too. Flag all those a No Longer Needed, and the internet is not a better place, if you ask me.
10:33 PM
The problem with old questions with lots of comments is that the UI collapses the comments by default and shows the most upvoted comments only. Then the comments that says "^this suggestion is wrong" is buried and researchers may not see it.
@mickmackusa I understand what you want to have happen. I think it will help if you understand that it takes a lot longer for some of us to post an Answer than a comment. So the choice is not between the comment and the Answer, it's between the comment and nothing.
@Scratte The fact that answers posted as comments under the question is leading to better outcomes for you will not be damaged if the same people post their resolving advice as answers.
If you don't have the time to post a complete answer, then why are you reading questions? Why not go to the Review Queues if you KNOW that you don't have enough time to type out a complete answer?
I flag a lot of comments and I flag comments that do not add any clarity to the post. If a potential solution was posted as a comment then this adds some clarity. If I know how to use it in my answer, I can write a proper answer, and if I can't write an answer then that means there is no answer, there is just a comment clarifying the issue. I can't force users to write answers and I do not want to do that.
@mickmackusa I am one of the "same people". I can't remember when I last posted an Answer. I lost interest in posting Answers.. so yes, if I took the time and did it, maybe it would be better. But I don't.
@mickmackusa Reviewing takes even longer. I read the posts.. I don't skim them.
People look for interesting questions to answer. After some time you get bored with answering the same question over and over again. You post a solution as a comment, downvote and move on.
10:38 PM
Another reason not to post a solution as a comment (and I mentioned this in my meta answer posted upstream) is that the OP will read the comment in the first 120 seconds, deem it working, then abandon the page. Then other people doing the right thing will post answers that never get dignified. So this potentially "hurts" multiple people.
I got a gold badge on meta again. Can I exchange it for reputation?
If you are finding the same question over and over, you need to closing the duplicates over and over.
@Scratte If you know you don't have the time/energy to do the "right thing" on this site, then choose to take a break.
I do not accept lack of time/energy to be a sufficient excuse for violating site design.
@mickmackusa That's not really the message being told again and again and over and again. The message is that posts are not for the author but for anyone else that has the same issue. They will evaluate the post, no? The author can only vote as many times an anyone else, so they are only one user that may find a post helpful.
@Scratte but there is only one person who can award the green tick and deem the page sufficiently resolved.
@mickmackusa So what? Why does the green tick matter? Sometimes it's even on the wrong Answer.
10:42 PM
If we are trying to help many instead of just one, then don't try to speak directly to the OP as comment under the question. Post your advice as an answer to the question -- where researchers are trained to read/look for resolving advice.
@mickmackusa Ok. So you'd rather I didn't post a comment that may be useful to someone? :)
@Scratte Don't I know it. But that should be a deterrent for grooming users to understand that ideally all questions should progress to a system-recognized resolution (green tick / closure / deletion).
@mickmackusa I'm trained to look at comments on posts that I have found in a search when I'm looking for Answers. I may be doing it wrong, but I read all the comments as well as the posts themselves.
@Scratte If you are offering resolving advice, post an answer. If you are giving some kind of vague hint that doesn't fully resolve the question, offer it as a comment. Not an overly complex algorithm.
@mickmackusa That is not at all what the help center says. I does not in any way pressure users to check the gray mark. It's only if they wish to do so. Not having an accepted Answer on a post does not mean it should be closed nor deleted.
10:45 PM
@Scratte That is because too many people have violated the site design for too long and there is a messy mixture of signal-to-noise sprayed all over the page.
I remember a post about acceptance ratio, that was removed due to too many useless ticks, that worsened the site. So I do not think that no tick means it's against design nor usefulness
@Scratte Like it or not, there are three end points for any question: Green tick (resolved), Closed (question not suitable), Deleted (not worthy of keeping). Anything in between is Unresolved/Abandoned. This status suggests to researchers that there might not be a suitable answer on the page, despite potentially receiving answers. I know this is not a support ticketing system, but there is nothing wrong with seeing things to completion.
Giving people the sense that they should always see their questions progressed to completion, means that volunteers that devote time and energy into posting answers will have the best chance of being dignified and rewarded for their efforts.
@mickmackusa I do not agree that the green tick is necessary at all. If you ask me, it should be removed all together. If a post is suppose to be for everyone, what the author liked the most is irrelevant.
@mickmackusa According to the blog, closing is the preamble of deletion, not an end in itself
Okay, then I'd be okay with that. But we have ventured too far from my original point regarding the simple task of NOT posting answers as comments.
10:51 PM
@mickmackusa From this I just read: I like the green tick. I do it for the green tick.
Let's not be coy; users that are here for the gamification are motivated by the green tick.
@mickmackusa Right.. except.. I'm not. I don't care who gets the green tick if I post an Answer. I just hope that if I get the green tick that I don't also get a vote.
So.. I try to make my Answers a little less.. appealing.
I am only motived by PHP gold-badge and good information.
@Dharman your hammer can't arrive fast enough.
I have twice as much helpful flags than reputation. I have cast more votes than I have reputation points. Soon I will also have cast more close votes and edited more posts than I have reputation points
10:55 PM
Again, I don't want to remove valuable content. I just want content to be written where it is expected. If I flag a resolving comment, I don't want the outcome to be comment-removal. I want the OP to be triggered to write an answer. If this happens too often, I want a moderator to warn the user. If there was such a thing as a comment ban, I'd opt for that.
@mickmackusa Have you considered the consequences? Rest assured that you cannot force users to bend to your will. You may very well just make them stop contributing instead.
And flagging the comment is likely to just removing it. Not converting it into an Answer.. so if that's what you want to happen, flag away.
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