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Heh. Fairy nuff ... should "they" come here and complain about my assertion I'll be happy to publicly apologise ;)
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@Chipster Sorry, what was the question there? Don't have the time to study the transcript in detail. When in doubt, it's fine to just raise a mod flag. That's what they're for.
@sideshowbarker @Machavity That wasn't moderator deletion, so much as it was domain expert curation. The moderator who deleted the answers felt strongly that they were not answering the question that were asked, based on his own expertise in the subject. I don't know if that's true or not, really, because I'm not an expert, but I don't have an issue with the deletion in theory. He did, of course, predict some backlash, given the scores of the deleted posts. :-)
@E_net4thedisappointedFerris The first flag to be raised on that answer was yours. It was handled by a moderator within 11 minutes of being flagged. I'd say that's pretty good.
@CodyGray Thanks — I see. As a domain expert on CORS, I’m not sure I agree the question merited that treatment. But I guess I don’t feel as strongly about it as they do, so I’m not going to object to the decision. But IMHO that kind of intervention should rightly only happen very rarely, and rightly be done only in very special egregious cases. That question to me at least doesn’t seem like such a case.
@sideshowbarker You think all of those answers were relevant to the question? The moderator who deleted them felt that it had just become a dumping ground of vaguely CORS-related posts, rather than actual answers to the specific question that was asked.
If you feel that content is being lost by that deletion, perhaps it should be salvaged by asking a new question for which those would be actual answers?
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2:37 AM
@CodyGray I think what’s most relevant is whether actual end users found those answers useful or not. In general, unilaterally deleting answers that users have found useful does not seem to me to add value to the site.
@CodyGray Clearly we already have a lot of other cases of Q&As with answers that aren’t actual answers to the specific question that was asked. I mean, often that’s because the person who asked the question didn’t describe the actual problem well, but the people who wrote the answers understood the actual problem and wrote their answers accordingly.
@CodyGray As I mentioned at chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/48431377#48431377, if somebody were to edit the question to add even just a few more words like “How do I fix this so that my frontend code can access the response?”, all those answers would then clearly be answers to the question. I don’t think it would be out of line for somebody to actually edit the question now and add something that.
One of the answers there recommends setting up a proxy (including a public proxy) just to get around CORS? Ouch.
3:00 AM
@CodyGray See this one.
@Rob IMHO most all the answers there are not very good answers. That’s why I’ve actually downvoted several of them, and that’s also why when I’m dupe-closing CORS questions, I pretty much never link to that question. But that still doesn’t mean I would delete all those answers if I could.
@Rob But all that said, I respect the discretion of moderators in the decisions made about trying to remove bad content from the site. In general, I’m glad it happens, even if I don’t agree with the judgement call in this particular case.
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@Chipster Questions that are asked in languages other than English should be closed (not translated). If you think they should be deleted after closure, well, that seems like a valid "del-ps" request for this room.
5:42 AM
cc @Dharman
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Wow @BhargavRao is on fire! Cleaned out all of a plagiarizer's answers in ten minutes flat :)
7:48 AM
@RobbyCornelissen Yeah, don't get him started ...
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@jps this was edited, should the cv-pls be retracted?
1:22 PM
@tripleee: yes please, it's was reopened after OP added MVCE
RO ^ ping
RO ^ pong
RO ^ pang
1:34 PM
RO ^ plop
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@halfer that's kind of sad. more people, especially developers, should stop using any kind of notebooks, so we can move forward faster. notebooks are almost completely time wasters for almost everyone today, i would argue based on my anecdotal experience.
are they not just smaller laptops? o.O
@cregox what do you mean by notebook?
Clearly the composition notebooks. Developers should stop trying to run their code on paper smh. We need to, as a community, commit ourselves to running code on whiteboards only.
is it just me or is wikipedia down atm?
just you from what I can see :S
2:42 PM
Fine here
it's a tad sluggish tho
Time to donate another $3 to get it back to good speeds
@Adriaan already tried it but it said it was up
but it's been wrong before
I have to assume at this point our security team has done something dumb with intermediate security certificates again
Yeah, it worked so we changed it.
2:53 PM
SEI's motto these days
voted to delete
Yeah, Fiddler says DNS lookup failed for wikipedia.org. I really dislike my security team sometimes
@rene Aha! You were Mordac all along!
@cregox If you are referring to ultrabooks, then no, not sad at all - i7 processor, 16G of RAM, HD 13" screen, all in an 11" form factor. I love it. Dell XPS 13, Linux installed by default.
3:02 PM
... and when it inevitably bricks, you can use it as a makeshift knife
@halfer We requested high-end laptops and specifically requested a numpad, and specifically did not want touchscreens
what did we get? touchscreens w/ no numpad -_-
also no ethernet port which is damn frustrating
@Das_Geek Mordac is nothing compared to the BOFH to which I'm modeled ....
@TylerH I can beat that - for my current on-site client, I requested a MBP, and got a Win10 machine :-(
@halfer sounds like an upgrade
3:04 PM
@TylerH You can often use a USB to Ethernet dongle.
@halfer yeah, but we only have one USB port on this thing and need to use it for other things. We do have an ethernet port on the associated thunderbolt dock, though
but the dock has its own problems...
USB splitter
@TylerH Giggle - there is a strong preference for Macs in our office. I think there is an assumption that Docker just works better on it, and that the UX/speed is better
@halfer Everything is better on Macs, I have a strong conviction :)
3:09 PM
@Vega Even better: buy a Mac, wipe OS X, and install Mint :)
@Vega except webdev^^
@halfer Macs and Docker?! double yikes :-)
@halfer true, or better yet: buy a pc with same specs as a Mac for a fraction of the price and install Mint :D
@Vega mhm, I think my fries will taste (mostly) the same on either a platter or a mac, and I am fairly certain that it'd get more messy on the mac, lacking the upstanding edge
@halfer I didn't say MacOS is better, just Macs;)
@treyBake Hmm... Are you sure? ;)
3:18 PM
@Vega 100% the only thing macs have going for them is the screen - which probably does cost a pretty penny tbf
(might be worth noting UK here, where the iPhone alone is a grand..)
@treyBake I think it's a grand in the US too
@TylerH oof ... more than 200 to me seems like a waste on a phone. But I guess I'm not on it enough to ever justify spending more than that :S
@treyBake I could see $400 for a modern smart phone, but I agree that it gets exorbitant. Especially when they are literally designed to fail after ~2 years and you can't easily replace the battery on most
Not to mention they are stupidly large
Best phone I've had was only 4.3" diagonally and was an HTC, so it had the amazing Sense UI
@TylerH exorbitant, new word, great word :)
These days I have to use two hands to reach everywhere on the screen. So frustrating.
3:28 PM
My latest phone is a J5 and it works like a charm
and it is now 3 years old
so I'm sure it will start failing soon
@treyBake To be fair, that is my policy. I admire the build quality of Macs, but I suspect that any guarantee of the hardware would be unreasonably invalidated by removing OS X. Meanwhile Dell is supporting Linux, which I want to reward. So, I am happy for an employer or a client to supply me with Macs, but I buy PCs.
I heard yesterday that if you by the new mac pro, you only get a one year warranty with it. There is no way in heck I'm dropping 6K+ dollars for a one year warranty.
3:38 PM
Urgh, yeah
@halfer a good policy indeed :) until I saw your comment, they (can) come preloaded with Linux, which, is awesome! :)
Even their "Enterprise" support only goes out to 3 years
@NathanOliver that might even be against national law in the Netherlands. iirc one needs to give at least 2 or 3 years warranty on electronic products
OTOH, when I had an iPod 80GB about 15 years ago, its warranty was indeed 1 year. A lot has changed since then in consumer protection though
Could be. They like to do a lot of shady stuff. The markup they are getting on the Pro is sick. 100% markup on the processor. Even more for the ram. SSD's are okayish but 6 grand for at best a 1 grand VC is just a rip off. Not even loan sharks see those kind of returns.
That seems a little silly. You should not be required to offer a warranty for a product. The risk should be "people will buy someone else's product" rather than "the government will shut you down/fine you"
On the other hand, they should provide customer software and hardware support regardless of whether you have a warranty or have registered your product.
3:45 PM
@TylerH European states in general are a lot less libertarian and business oriented with their government than the US is
@TylerH Depends on whether there is a genuinely free market for each product type, I guess
@halfer Yes and for stuff like basic/critical needs, it's a different story
What does one do where there is a de facto monopoly/duopoly, etc?
for ex: an electric power company or something obviously is not the same as someone who sells computers
I for one support mandatory warranties. If you sell me something, it should at least be covered for some reasonable amount of time.
3:48 PM
I heard that in Germany, products have to have spares available for 7 years. I am not sure if it became law, or whether it was mooted - but it sounds good to me. The free market does not presently seem to have any solutions to "throw away" consumer culture (and may in fact actively support it).
I don't mind when people offer warranties, or when I have to pay a little bit for a replacement part or something. What I really don't like is when I don't have a warranty and they refuse to provide any kind of support even for money at that time. Like, support your damn product
great companies will often just eat the cost of repairs because they actually make a good product
@halfer in the Netherlands they are working on (or have already implemented, perhaps?) a law to force smartphone producers to A) give product updates for at least several years, and B) do that regularly. Apparently phones from certain brands older than a year already receive very little to no update
a lot of outdoors companies will just fix your stuff if you send it in or send you a new one, for free. Or a 'lifetime' warranty is just included
@halfer a truly free market would be quite horrible
even in the US where we have a lightly-regulated free market it's been shown to be horrible
@TylerH That's how it should be, unfortunately there is a lot of bad actors out there that will just do the minimum to no get sued.
folks are not entirely wrong when the say capitalism is evil/has failed. So long as money is valued over people, we won't have nice things
3:52 PM
@TylerH Well, indeed - I am not a willing capitalist. Nevertheless I critique the current systems based on the promises that are made of them.
why pray tell is docs.microsoft.com flagging there
@TylerH has been doing since forever iirc; android docs also get frequently caught
@TylerH Me think the platform-feature-support at the end is the issue
The regex sees microsoft.com*support and thinks it could be spam is my guess
I just feel like microsoft.com ought to be whitelisted
at least docs.microsoft.com
3:58 PM
Anything with "microsoft" and "support" in the URL is flagged. At present, that's the best Charcoal can do
@TylerH It is whitelisted. The whitelist is a relatively new addition iirc, and currently only excludes some domain checks from being run.
@Machavity You mean to tell me there are limitations to regex? Preposterous! Why, just the other day I was parsing HTML with regex...
Ask your doctor if regex is right for you.
Is regex getting you down? Try minreprex!
4:12 PM
@RobertColumbia Risky, the doctor might be in the pay of evil regex parsing companies.
@Machavity oof
@TylerH I have raised the same concern with Makyen multiple times. I strongly believe that flagging all these “support” links results in predominantly false positives. It seems there is a whitelist, but it is a new feature that hasn’t really been activated yet. And it was pointed out that the regex matching these “support” links doesn’t always result in false positives.
mobile chat strikes again :-)
4:27 PM
No kidding
anyone else find it impossible to type on an iPhone without occasionally hitting “return”?
Yes. I've never been a fan of their keyboards.
Me neither. No keys, just a board.
Yep. It's so 2d
whatever happened to that OLED phone concept that was supposed to physically extrude tiny keys when the keyboard app appeared
I heard they are working on a way to electrify the screen and that is supposed to provide more feedback. Not sure if it went anywhere.
4:30 PM
@TylerH I would give users about two hours before they broke it
@TylerH that's actually quite cool..
Yeah as soon as I read about it back in ?2013? I figured 'this smells like vaporware. Maybe in 50 years'
but I'd be thrilled to be proven wrong
@NathanOliver Meh, I think the vibrate on keypress is enough. No need to use more electricity for that
this actually has semi-persuaded me to go to Blackberry.. I never thought I'd say that
Yeah, I did consider that phone
4:33 PM
dang, 6GB of RAM, nice
and a 3500mAh battery
@TylerH Looks like it didn't pan out. Nothing about it on their website.
@NathanOliver A little vibration when I tap a key (what Apple calls “haptic feedback”) isn’t what I’m looking for....
@CodyGray Just put buckling springs under the screen. Problem solved
When they get mechanical key switches in a phone, I’ll be sold.
@CodyGray Not vibration. It was supposed to make the screen feel sticky so you new you were on a key.
4:35 PM
@CodyGray FWIW haptic feedback is an industry term, not just Apple
Haha, make the screen feel sticky. Oh joy!
lol, sticky screen. gross
I can do that now. Joys of a touch screen. Anything sticky on your fingers gets stuck to it. Forever.
@CodyGray It looks like similarly-minded folks have taken matters into their own hands
Super portable
4:38 PM
@TylerH Sure; didn’t mean it was a trademark. But I’m not aware of other vendors who have this feedback.
@CodyGray Android since day 1 as far as I can remember
@Das_Geek Yeah, I saw a YouTube video of a Model M connected to a smartphone. But unless it’s a zombie apocalypse, where the Model M doubles as a weapon, I don’t think I want to carry that.
Unless cargo pants come back. Then we’re all good.
@CodyGray any vibration when you tap a key on a virtual keyboard is haptic feedback
@CodyGray wait, cargo pants went out of style? brb I need to go pants shopping...
Or just use these pants
@Das_Geek awesome
4:43 PM
@Das_Geek I see women who put their phone in their back pocket, and I wonder how they sit down. I cannot imagine a MacBook in my back pocket.
@CodyGray Apple can, tho. Someday, they will have pocket Macs. Oh, wait...
@Machavity Like the Newton?
And then, maybe they will add a keyboard
@Machavity sad especially considering the surface wasn't even Microsoft's first tablet
4:57 PM
at least the Surface/Pro line is way better than the iPad/Pro line ever will be
It’s funny because it contains judicious use of expletives
Why is it when I come back to this room I have to Google more words? The skill gap between PHP and other languages I guess .. xD
I’ve honestly never used either one. Tablets still occupy a zone of uselessness to me. They’re too large to be a phone (and...aren’t phones anyway, so I still have to carry a phone), and they’re too inferior to be used instead of a proper notebook. Once I have a phone and a laptop, why do I need a tablet?
@treyBake We weren’t even talking about programming. Or was that the joke…?
@CodyGray haha yeah, just a play on the "usual PHP developer" :)
I tried for a while after the iPads came out to convince myself that I needed one, just because I thought they were cool. But I could literally never come up with a reasonable use-case.
I finally heard someone talking about the divide between content creators and content consumers, and it made sense to me. I do consume content on occasion, but I also create it, whether it's typing out words or code or making some other thing. And I just cannot effectively create content on a tablet.
5:07 PM
Wow, I leave for a few hours, and a lot has happened sine I left.
For music, tablets are pretty nifty - dj'ing apps etc. really flourish on them
@treyBake Why better than a laptop? For DJing, you'd have to have a stand for your tablet. And how do you tap precisely on the screen in a darkened club?
@CodyGray Clearly you've never read this beauty
@CodyGray a laptop isn't touchscreen, using a mouse and keyboard for music loses a lot for me, or at least, I can't use it that way
it's mainly the size of the touchscreen that's the real benefit, for production etc. PC/laptop 100% of the way, but for small gigs and whatnot a tablet isn't a bad investment
5:20 PM
@Das_Geek I haven't, but... there's no C++ compiler on the iPad, which makes it utterly useless as a development machine for me.
@treyBake Plenty of laptops are touchscreens. I know, because I have to keep turning off hardware support for that in Device Manager on the laptops I keep getting from work...
I cannot understand how people can use a laptop with a touchscreen.
My finger is far too big to tap on anything in Windows.
@CodyGray Don't worry, it wasn't a serious reply. I think one's tastes would have to be somewhat...special for them to think this is the optimal solution
And then, woe is me when I try to unthinkingly wipe dust or smudges off of the screen.
@CodyGray ah, I'm possibly very far behind in current tech trends haha are touchscreenable lappy's pricey?
No. We picked up a cheap HP laptop at Office Depot a while back that had a touchscreen. It was about $500-600.
Black plastic case, overall pretty cheap feeling, but decent specs (i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD)
@CodyGray that sounds pricey to me xD I'll have a ganders around though, ty :)
5:25 PM
Wow, how much do you expect to pay for a laptop?
@CodyGray hopefully under £500
I don't think I've ever seen a real laptop cheaper than $500. Below that, you're looking at Chromebook territory.
I don't know if any of the Chromebooks have touch screens, but...I think so?
Some do
yeah I know I'm a bit o' a cheapskate when it comes to hardware^ haha
not looked at any chromebooks - might look tonight :)
Hardware is one of the places where I don't think it makes sense to be a cheapskate.
I mean... you can go crazy, and I wouldn't advise that.
5:26 PM
Also, keep in mind that GBP -> USD conversion puts the budget at about $650
But I'd rather have a nice, high-quality machine that I can use for many years, even if I have to pay a bit more for it.
Amen to that
It's not all about price, though. My manager convinced purchasing a while back to buy us Lenovo Yoga 920s. They're damned expensive as far as laptops go (in the $1400+ range). They're nice and silvery and thin, and they look good, but using it is honestly a nightmare as far as I'm concerned. The keyboard is crappy, nothing like a good Thinkpad, and the trackpad is a disaster.
yeah, to be honest, I'm not the most hardware savvy, so these prices seem "extortion" to me without really knowing it's full value - maybe I just have to bite the bullet and make a long-term investment
Trackpad problems are described here in a SU question of mine, no answer so far. Basically, there's a notable delay between the time that I move the cursor to the time that I can physically click the button (not tap-to-click; I hate that).
It afflicted a cheap Dell laptop, so I just figured it was because it was cheap. But after paying $1400-1600 for a Lenovo Yoga, I thought I would at least get a nice trackpad. Nope.
5:29 PM
My solution: plug in a mouse :p but that is pretty sucky, especially for that price tag
I also didn't get any physical ports, which is a new thing that happens to you when you buy a nice laptop.
Yeah, if it was convenient to use a mouse, I'd be using a desktop.
@treyBake I've had the same issues as you, and then I realized that saving a little money was not worth the buyers remorse. Buying something that makes you happy is worth a lot.
@treyBake There happens to be a HardwareRecs.SE :D
I haven't tried the Surface yet. Maybe it is wonderful. I do really like extremely high-resolution displays, so that's a huge selling point of the Surface for me, especially when combined with the fact that it is not a widescreen display (that makes it far more usable for writing code or displaying documents, which are all vertical).
But I've never been disappointed by either a MacBook Pro or a Thinkpad. Even the cheapest of Thinkpads are quite nice. I just bought a pair of Thinkpad E490s machines for the hardware lab. They're somewhat hefty (not too bad, just much thicker and more substantial-feeling than these tiny little notebooks you see these days), but they're wonderful in every other respect. Nice keyboards, working trackpads, all the physical ports you'd need, bright HD displays...
Cost was only something like $700. You can find them cheaper on sale, but you have to be willing to wait.
6:02 PM
@CodyGray There are plenty of real laptops under $500. They just tend to suck, specs-wise. No MVMe hard drive, only 8GB (or even 4GB of RAM), Core i3 (or something else bad) dual core processor clocked at like 2.0GHz, 1366x768 resolution, etc.
6:47 PM
@NathanOliver That's one of those cases where I prefer to close as a dupe. It's probably not actually a typo; more likely, the person thought that was the proper syntax for a multidimensional array. The dupe will give them more clear help. As a bonus, it's easier for a gold badge holder to take care of. Is that you yet?
I've never understood the program by guessing method.
Me neither. I have a colleague who uses it when programming in C. To me, that's like using a heat-seeking missile to locate your lost friends in the desert.
It pretty much guarantees disaster.
On multiple occasions, I have tried to explain UB to him. That didn't go so well.
The absolute worst thing anyone can say about their C code is, "it works!"
Yeah, I'm a gold badge holder but I went with a typo instead. I keep forgettig about that target. I've added it to my favorites.
@CodyGray Not quite: "It works on my machine!"
@NathanOliver I actually used SO's search to find it! Just searched for "multidimensional array" (actually, I first searched for a typo, "multidimensioanl", but there was no autocorrect to help) and picked the first one that explained the syntax.
@Das_Geek If you find someone who is competent enough to add the "on my machine" part, you're almost home.
6:51 PM
Wow. SO search worked for once. I've given up on it.
You just need to explain that their machine is different from the customer's machine.
Fair enough
I filed a bug against one of our pieces of software once, and was told, "Oh, you're using it on an HP laptop. It was only QAed on Dell laptops".
So that was a fun conversation.
6:53 PM
I mean for some things that's a valid argument; maybe it targets a specific piece of hardware that Dell always uses on their machines. But still
Nope. GUI written in Java.
I maintain all of the hardware-specific interfaces....
Oh well there's your problem. Java only works on devices that also can be denoted by four letters. Dell, for instance. HP is only half-compatible at best
HPs only use Javascript, while Dells can use Java. So clearly your argument was invalid
HP => JS and Dell => Java
Oops. What about this Lenovo?
6:57 PM
Well that has six letters, so Python
I see. All this time, I never knew it was so simple to determine compatibility.
OP says: "I was given a function to use, that of which I won't paste on here for copyright reasons but it gives me this image"
@M-- They removed that part.
@M-- "I have a piece of code that won't work but it's a secret so I can't paste it. Here's a picture of a kitten sitting on the error instead"
@Machavity Reminds me of this
7:12 PM
@Machavity The thing is, if they'd actually posted a picture of a kitten sitting on the error, they'd be getting upvotes instead of close votes.
I spent all morning Googling an error message from Windows Update: "we're having trouble restarting to finish the install", and the error code 0x800706ba. I found nothing useful. Where do I apply for a refund?
Oh, apparently they made an errata
@CodyGray not saying I am not sharing the code, doesn't change the fact that they are not sharing the code :D
@CodyGray You can apply for refunds here
7:23 PM
@Machavity What is that I don't even...
@CodyGray Old-school internet joke
@Machavity Oh... I guess I didn't wait long enough.
I left it open in a tab while I was running a build. The good news is, my builds are fast!
They say if you wait long enough you achieve enlightenment
@Das_Geek or death, whichever comes first.
7:29 PM
@CodyGray porque no los dos
@PearlySpencer Please don't close questions as off-topic because you think they'd be a better fit on another site. That's not a valid off-topic close reason. Questions should only be closed if they're actually off-topic for the site on which they're asked.
Also...Stats is an unlocked migration destination, so why in the world didn't the two custom off-topic close voters (you and Nick Cox) just vote to migrate it there?
@CodyGray Migrate only happens if it is the majority vote and they actually vote for the migration reason
@NathanOliver I'm aware. Neither of the close-voters actually picked that reason, though, choosing instead to vote as "off-topic" for a custom reason, amounting to, "it belongs on Stats.SE".
Oh, I read your question wrong.
Yeah, sorry for being unclear; trying to do far too many things at once.
7:39 PM
@CodyGray Speaking of migration, does this question look worthy of one? OP asked on the answer
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica That's not spam.
@Machavity I'm gonna go with no. Whatchu thinkin?
I was just curious. Was on the borderline of where I ask for migration. Already closed and I won't reopen just for that
Yeah, I think that's on the opposite side of the border, the kind we need to build a wall to protect ourselves from. That's a pretty low-quality question, and there are very good odds that there's already a more general question about it on SU.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica That didn't look like a job offer to me. It looked like an extremely low-effort homework dump.
It was centered around an offer of payment for completing work for them though
@CodyGray We had a number of failed migrations in the past. So I suspect the other person who voted wanted to give the chance to the OP (who has been around here for awhile) to migrate it him/herself if appropriate and i went along with it.
@CodyGray I am not sure i follow here. Questions about not programming are off-topic so by definition those who could be a better fit for Stats are indeed off-topic.
8:01 PM
@PearlySpencer I guess my issue is just with the off-topic reason given. It suggested that you were closing it as off-topic because it would be a better fit elsewhere. We really don't want to do that. After reading it, I confirmed that it was, in fact, off-topic for this site, which makes the closure valid. But the reason given was still misleading.
I don't know if that makes sense.
@PearlySpencer the issue Cody is referencing is that "better fit for Stats.SE" is not "by definition off-topic", because you can have statistics questions that are most on-topic on Stats, but that are about programming (say, writing some code in R about statistical models at a broad level)
8:15 PM
@PearlySpencer This Q&A is applicable, with an answer from our dearly departed Shog9 that says exactly what I’m trying to say: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/228626/…
And don’t miss Simon’s comment below it
@CodyGray Will have a look, thank you
Found that Meta answer when I was looking for the blog posts it cites. This is one of those rare days where I feel I’m less articulate than Meta. Blame it on the ISO audit that I’m dealing with this week at work. Those have a way of frying one’s brain.
@CodyGray My condolences
@CodyGray Is your ISO over 9000?
@Machavity It’s actually AS9100, which is like the aerospace version of ISO 9000-something
It’s a bit comical to have two engineers handling some 15 major projects between them, and be asked to produce more documentation and paperwork. Sure, as soon as I get time to breathe, I’ll make documents next. Eh, not the standard’s fault, though.
We have a great auditor, though. If anyone needs a recommendation of an auditor or consultant, I’m happy to hook you up.
8:25 PM
Good to know. Sometimes they are complete idiots
Indeed. Well, “security” is a whole different thing. Like all technical fields, there are far too many charlatans and pretenders who think they’re experts.
New milestone! 10001 rep!
@S.S.Anne Congrats! Where's my downvote button...
@S.S.Anne Milestones are supposed to be nice, round numbers. Like 10240.
@TylerH No!
8:35 PM
Congrats on 10k, though. That is a pretty nice milestone after 3k. Gets you access to some useful tools.
I've been "grinding".
@S.S.Anne Well, that sounds like fun. I wonder if we are perhaps thinking of different meanings for that word.
@S.S.Anne Wasn't your username different before?
I am asking because CW posts don't update e.g. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/388135/…
@S.S.Anne Congrats. Here is some 10K fun for you: 1, 2, 3
Is this a place where I can ask about a question that was closed and I don't understand why?
8:45 PM
@zbee Yep
@S.S.Anne GZ! There are users who claim that it's no longer possible for a new user to gain a lot of reputation, let alone in C. Well, you did it ;)
stackoverflow.com/q/59953117/1843510 I really just don't understand how this could be off-topic. The only on-topic requirement I see for debugging help is that the desired behavior is shared, which it was even originally. I tried to clarify the question but that didn't change anything
What is the purpose of all these mysqli_real_escape_string()? You shouldn't be using this function.
I answered that, not asked it, so I realllllly don't know lol
@NathanOliver Please note that linking questions deleted by Shog9 is no longer regarded as fun. It is now depressing to see his name sans diamond.
@honk What does “GZ” mean?
8:50 PM
@S.S.Anne Congrats! Have some cake
@zbee I agree. I do not see why that question would be off-topic. I’ve reopened it.
@CodyGray I'm sorry for the internet slang! It's a short form of "congratuations". See: internetslang.com/GZ-meaning-definition.asp
How in the universe do you map “GZ” to “congratulations”?
@CodyGray I was wondering if their suggested edit triggered a re-open review task?
"conGratZ", I guess?
8:53 PM
@CodyGray Imagination, I guess ;)
I was also wondering about that, @rene
@rene It did, 12 minutes ago. Didn’t have time to get any reviews.
@CodyGray okay, thanks.
Does editing a closed question always trigger a reopen review?
Interestingly, the question was also enqueued for closure, but got closed outside of the review queues before anyone reviewed it.
8:55 PM
@zbee It was just a little bit unclear. I wouldn't say that it was off-topic, but your edit helped to make it clearer. What I would say is that the problem description should not be "the table is hard to read" and the code should be simplified to focus on the issue, but it looks like OP was just a beginner.
@zbee only for significant edits
@zbee For certain values of “always”: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/256572
@Dharman I can't honestly say I remember typing that, my mind must have wandered, I completely agree with you. I think most of the code is required however, except maybe the first block of variable assignments?
@zbee CSS is not required really
unless you're asking how to do something with CSS :-)
8:59 PM
@TylerH Use JQuery
@Dharman Wow ... also agree, yeah. I guess the author added that when the comments requested it. I'll throw a significantly more focused edit out as well
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