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12:00 AM
@Rob: Yes, I understood that from the screen screaming at me. I had no idea is wasn't allowed to post an answer as a link to an answer. But surely, I will not make that mistake again.
@Scratte Hmm? What do you mean “dared”? Asking questions is a normal part of using Stack Overflow.
@CodyGray I linked to this message
@CodyGray We need something to close here.
@Das_Geek Links to the transcript must be broken on mobile.
@Scratte Well, so long as you're learning how you're expected to review, then I don't think you've got much to worry about :)
12:01 AM
Ah, shame. I'll quote it to you:

> I have a question about reviewing. I pass some tests, and failed some others. How worried should I be that some of my reviews might have been wrong?
@CodyGray: I don't feel prepared enough to ask a question. I might have missed something and get told off. So I'll wait until I'm, more comfortable.
Ah, it's broken because there's no anchor in the link @CodyGray. It'll be highlighted somewhere, but it won't jump to it automatically
Oh, did I not copy over enough?
@Rob Yup, I see that.
\o/ not a single cv-pls on screen in SOCVR
12:02 AM
I need an anchor. Or a life jacket.
@Scratte What type of preparedness do you need? You should obviously do some research first before asking, but it isn’t some special event to be reserved only until you’re ready. This isn’t some kind of zen philosophy.
@Scratte I know the feeling! Fortunately, people are usually pretty helpful when they explain what's missing. You just have to give the impression that you've tried to answer the question yourself and not used SO as a replacement for a quick Google search.
@AndrasDeak Thanks ^__^
Well, that's me done for the day. See y'all on the morrow
@Das_Geek: Thanks. I'm going to go over them :)
@CodyGray: Well.. I want to be able to present my issue so everyone can perfectly understand it. That's sometimes more difficult than the actual coding problem.
Aiming for perfection does indeed make things difficult to achieve.
Best effort is all that we ask.
12:15 AM
@Das_Geek: Looks like I'm the first and only one on most of my reviewed items so far.
The funny thing is that I wanted to review some questions because when I try to edit them, it won't let me, because I usually just want to put code into codeblocks.
Do you mean that you are told that edits need to change more than 6 characters?
Yes. And I don't want to rephrase anything
Is this overly broad?
12:32 AM
I've already failed a review test, so my opinion may not be accurate. I just think it's missing an algorithm tag.
12:43 AM
@Scratte Yeah, the OP just edited too. I think it's ok now - I could be wrong though.
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4:10 AM
stackoverflow.com/… seems to have questions to a format which is distinct from , should there be a separate tag or should perhaps be scrapped in favor of two separate tags, say, vcard and variant-call-format?
has 178 questions, 13 of them are also tagged
4:21 AM
actually stackoverflow.com/… only 8 of those are questions
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10:09 AM
10:27 AM
Hello. I'm sort of new. I have a question about the review queue.
Yesterday when I pressed the icon on the upper right, there was 3 options. Today, it just says: There are no review queues available to you. Why is that?
@Scratte Because you have a limited number of reviews per UTC day. You need to wait until the next day, so you can review more.
@Dharman. Oh. I thought there was a limit per queue, not a total. When I stopped yesterday, I hadn't gone though the 20 limit on at least two of them.
@Scratte The limit is per queue. Maybe other queues are empty.
One more question. I reviewed this one stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/25210857 It only mentions what my review, not other peoples review, unlike this one: stackoverflow.com/review/triage/25211964
@Scratte first posts probably only needs one reviewer.
10:39 AM
@rene Ohh.. Thank you :) What if I do it wrong?
We hope it gets rectified by users that encounter that post naturally
I just came across this message. I couldn't reach the url without messing with the addressbar: Your review on triage/25210440 wasn't helpful. Please review the history of the post and consider which action would achieve that outcome more quickly. Come back in 4 days to continue reviewing.
@Scratte That question is off-topic, because it is not about programming. You should have chosen "Unsalvageable" instead of "Looks OK".
@honk: Yes, I see that. It's hard to learn without making a mistake.
True. But it's a good idea to get familiar with some articles in the help center to better understand what's on-topic and off-topic.
10:49 AM
@honk: But I didn't get any messages about it. It just gave me an empty review "pop-up", so I went to investigate. If I hadn't done what, how would I have ever known that I made a mistake on this?
@Scratte Unfortunately, the onus is on your side to check your review history from time to time. If you don't, then a review ban might make you aware of this ;)
@honk: My review history? Do you mean the "review" tab in my Activity?
@Scratte If you go to the link you posted above, you can see, that the "review" tab in the upper right corner is selected. Just click on the "history" tab next to it.
@honk ahh.. that's the one I can't reach unless I mess with the address bar.
@honk If the pop-up on the icon wasn't empty, there would be a link to it in there too, along with the queues.
So, I suppose that's the only mistake I made? No other post is mentioned in stackoverflow.com/review <-- the hard to reach link.
@Scratte you keep an eye on stackoverflow.com/review/triage/history and you might like my user script: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/248338/… to show where you deviate from other reviewers.
11:04 AM
@Scratte If you didn't fail any audits before, it might be, that you got manually banned by a moderator.
yeah, I expect Samuel did a manual review ban there
@rene the answer you link to looks different. There seems to be colors with indications on that for every review. Mine doesn't have that.
@Scratte did you install the userscript?
Not yet, sorry :)
It can't do its magic if you don't click the install link ;)
11:17 AM
I did now.. but it's not showing. I see that it probably will not, as I'm using Opera
have you reloaded the page?
@AndrasDeak: Yes :) Of course :)
I'd guard that nut carefully, there's spearrels around these parts
@Scratte I've also never tested it while being review banned so it might fail due to that.
@rene Yeah.. don't mess up your reviews just to test it :)
11:30 AM
@rene surely we can find a mod or two who'll gladly review ban to test it
@rene it's not an extension. Where is the script hiding?
...how did you install it?
Yes, I found it. It's there in the developer view
I used the link, clicked install
Actually it says: Install this script
So do you have a userscript manager? Greasemonkey/tampermonkey/...
Turns out I didn't find it. No, I don't.. I'll find out what I need to do.
11:43 AM
our (not SOCVR our, but python our) userscript page says no extension is needed for Opera...
11:57 AM
@rene Good news: It works even with a review-ban
Great! Shows my awesomeness or luck, you pick.
@rene it's a very nice script. However, I doubt you can change user accesses, so that part is just luck :)
Meh ;)
@rene Most of the lines at empty. I'm guessing that's a pending review. Will they remain pending, or will they change as the posts are handled by other reviewers?
@Scratte they don't change if you don't refresh the page. But yeah. If the review is still going you don'rt have much data to conclude what the outcome is.
The page is heavy on the IP limit anyway
So don't go like crazy on refreshing over and over. That will get you IP banned.
12:05 PM
@rene I must come off as somewhat stupid :D
@rene: But then again.. I had no idea where was an IP limit
@rene: Since I share outgoing IP with about 400 other flat, I suppose I can really make a mess there
@Scratte Your IP address is stored and if you request to many pages in a short period your IP will be blacklisted for 2 minutes.
The script tries to throttle within those limits
@rene 2 minutes is so much better than the review ban on 4 days. I can live with 2 minutes. It takes longer to make coffee.
Back to the review ban. I have 3 red ! on my history. Do you know how many it takes to get the ban? (Or rather, how many is allowed to not getting a ban.)
@Scratte it is pretty annoying if you're no longer able to reach any server within the SE network for that period. Specially because trying does slide the 2 minute window. And I have some userscripts that refresh a page every 10 seconds.
@Scratte No, I don't but again your current ban was hand picked by a mod so that only took one mishap.
@rene Ok. Someone doesn't like me :D I'll read the help/on-topic again.
@rene Thank you btw. I appreciate any help to improve :)
12:27 PM
What does a match (=) in first-posts and late-answers mean? I understand that there's no calculation of consensus on those.
1:47 PM
2:14 PM
2:32 PM
posted on January 29, 2020

We’ll be performing some server maintenance on our Stack Exchange Data Explorer server starting at 2:00 PM UTC (9:00 am US/Eastern) on Wednesday, February 5, 2020. The service outage could be up to 12 hours.  For more details, see our post on Meta Stack Exchange.

3:09 PM
Would you agree that the link on the top of this answer, even though the answer is sensible, makes the answer a little bit SPAMMY stackoverflow.com/a/59969218/2310830
As the link appears to be totally irrelevant to the answer
@RiggsFolly that's super weird o.O the link is irrelevant - but opensuse is a linux distro, and the link is to official pages:S
Yeah, it's very weird, but it's also to a legit site about how to install an open-source program. Maybe just edit the post?
maybe just an edit with a comment?
Could be they meant to paste another link there, and accidentally had that in their clipboard instead? Their other content is legit, too. I'd say definitely just edit or comment.
Ok, just poped a comment on the answer :)
3:19 PM
@RiggsFolly Best to just to edit it out; it's quite possible OP simply had a case of clipboard mixup and pasted the wrong link without noticing
as DG mentioned ^
"DG", never heard that one before
Not even a "D_G" ;_;
4:09 PM
1 hour later…
6:04 PM
what do you have against red flags...?
If this were a random user posting junk, it can and would be red-flagged out. But this is a new user trying to bump. They need the rules explained, not a -100 penalty
well 1 is the minimum anyway ;) But fair enough
you could tell them to tag their question with if you're feeling altruistic
Hi again.
I have an additional question to rene's script on review history.
Might wanna ping him then
6:15 PM
I think other people can answer it too :)
I asked it just before 14:11, so it's about 20 lines up
@Machavity Right above this one
If you can't answer it, I'll just wait and ask tomorrow.
... did SE roll off the featured questions feature? I er... don't seem to see the featured questions on the sidebar (anymore)
@FélixGagnon-Grenier just an accident. Or caching. Or sunspot activity. Or swamp gas.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Gone for me too
6:30 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I hope not, but I suspect they did
Looks like it only affects SO. probably related to the mod [featured] change (everything else uses the old "hot meta" AFAIK)
Wait, it's on the front page again
they know we're on to them
6:55 PM
phew indeed :P
I was wondering if our brave moderators had overwritten the featured tag removal one too many times
This was just a warning shot :P
I recently raised a flag saying I have seen many downvotes on [user's] posts, where seemed unnecessary. It is understandable to see downvotes on good quality posts, once in a while, due to differences in "taste" but this looks like a coordinated effort targeting a top user of the tag. It may not be obvious by monitoring the account(s) for short period of time, so please escalate this to SE employees (in case they have better tools) to investigate for targeted voting.
It got simply rejected " declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it."
I am spending hours monitoring/moderating questions of that tag. (obviously it's )
I have seen 5 downvotes within a short period of time on this specific user's posts. I have seen upvotes on the other answers with lower quality, sometimes wrong answers, while their answer gets downvotes.
I mentioned that this is a coordinated effort, not just one user. I said it gets many downvotes to again emphasize on the fact that looking at one account won't show it.
And at the end, that user posts lots of answers which may dilute the suspicious behaviors.
7:10 PM
@M-- what makes you believe that they did not consider carefully what you said? Is it really impossible that it's really not coordinated effort?
Now, my question: should I raise another flag? or send an email directly to SE?
@M-- I don't believe I've ever seen re-raising a flag being a good strategy
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I cannot say for sure they did not consider it carefully. But I am having hard time to believe that.
It's not something that I picked up yesterday
yes, I understand that :)
I noticed the behavior more than a year ago
7:14 PM
so, what could make you believe that it's not a coordinated effort? Would a list of the ip addresses of all different account's voting being different achieve that?
I once in a while become the victim of this dispute when they close the posts which another "party" answered as a dupe, even when it's not a dupe
@FélixGagnon-Grenier well it's not just downvoting. I have seen their username appearing as close voters, etc.
users that take to heart the moderation of their followed tags will appear often in close votes, that does not mean anything per se
especially if there are only a few users that moderate a tag, the same names are almost certainly going to appear a lot
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Not closing questions that you happened to answer first. Closing the ones that you missed. Again, I noticed the behaviour a year ago. I am not raising allegations lightly.
I am not demanding seeing IPs. But this matter, wasn't about one question. It was about a series of events, so needed closely watching at least for a week.
My flag got rejected in like 15 hours
p.s. If I wanted to connect someone to a "cabal" merely based on number of times they closed a question in , at least in the past year, I would be in front of the line.
@M-- Back to my question, assuming that I am not wearing a tinfoil hat, thinking about conspiracy theories: If re-raising a flag is not an option, does sending an email do any good? Or I should just learn to live with this? p.s. I eventually will learn and am willing to change my opinion. But I want to at least feel my concern has been considered.
Mods don't see actual votes. They have a tool to see voting patterns and take action on what the tool says, but that's it.
@Machavity Exactly! That was part of my flag: "It may not be obvious by monitoring the account(s) for a short period of time, so please escalate this to SE employees (in case they have better tools) to investigate targeted voting."
7:29 PM
@M-- Moderators take flags reporting potential voting fraud very seriously, and we diligently investigate each of them. If such a flag gets declined, it is because we found no evidence whatsoever to substantiate an allegation of voting fraud. As such, it is not productive to re-raise the identical flag, unless new evidence comes to light that you want us to consider.
You do, of course, have the option of escalating your concerns to Stack Overflow employees by using the /contact page. This bypasses the moderator team altogether, and is your route for "escalation". Employees have access to the entire vote database, including individual votes from specific users, which means they have more tools to investigate. However, it is almost never necessary to investigate voting fraud at this level of granularity.
If moderators cannot see any evidence of inappropriate voting patterns using the tools that we have available to us (and they're pretty good), then there's really no need for anything to be done.
The fact that you personally cannot imagine why an answer should be downvoted (or upvoted) is not a cause for concern, and doesn't suggest fraud. Users are allowed to vote for any reason they see fit, as long as they're not committing fraud or launching some sort of coordinated effort. If they were doing either of the latter, the moderator tools would almost certainly have allowed us to find evidence of that.
Occasionally, we all have to tolerate what seem like indiscretions when it comes to voting. That's just a downside of the democratic process surrounding voting on this site.
Regarding the specific scenario that you describe, it is pretty unlikely. You are assuming that there is some coordinated network of users who are downvoting another user's posts. There cannot be any repeat downvoters in this coordinated network, or we'd see these patterns. So, the network would have to be pretty large. That's quite unlikely for a downvote network, considering that a non-trivial amount of reputation is required to earn downvote privileges.
The privileges required to downvote mean it's not going to just be a sockpuppet network of throwaway accounts. The more likely explanation, of course, is that a number of different users monitoring that tag found the answers from the user in question to be unclear or not useful.
Which is...exactly how the voting system is meant to be used.
Now that's a wall. You're gonna give Makyen a run for their money
Yes, we both tend to do that.
Now, if only we can figure out how to get Mexico to pay for them...
We could rename the chat Wall Street
@CodyGray lol :-)
7:42 PM
@CodyGray See my previous message on the subject
@Makyen Did you get pinged when I wrote your name without the '@'? Not sure if the system cares
Even if the voting is fairly obvious I wouldn't expect a CM to spend time on it
Annnd this month's doomed side project is!!!! writing an astrophysics simulation model in Rust!
I'd chip in, but I'm a bit rusty
@Machavity Certainly not currently considering the lack of available CMs...
@Das_Geek He would not have been pinged without an @. He may have his own script running that pings him by firing off an event listener, or he may have been lurking, or he may have come back right on time
7:45 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Just spray some WD-40 on it; speed it right up
@Das_Geek No, I did not get pinged. I was reading the backlog of chat that has accumulated since I was last active, and happened to be watching posts here as they came in.
Ah, okay. Thanks to both of you @TylerH @Makyen
@Machavity That's also a fair point. The loss of Shog9 was particularly traumatic, as he was the one with the deep expertise to investigate tricky voting ring cases. However, that's really not something that a flagger should concern themselves with. In other words, you shouldn't not raise a flag about suspected voting fraud because you're afraid there aren't enough CMs or whatever.
@TylerH Knowing Makyen, I wouldn't be surprised if there were more than a dozen scripts running just for this page.
I think he has about that many userscripts for SOCVR, yeah
7:48 PM
brb just makyen some scripts
@Das_Geek You are correct. I have 17 running on this page. :-)
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I'm always reminded of this image when side projects are mentioned
@Makyen Ayyy, gold star for me
@FélixGagnon-Grenier heh
@CodyGray Thanks for the detailed response. As I said, I am willing to change my mind and you answer definitely blocked some of my bad thoughts to cross the border :| I can link these voting patterns to the fact that [user of interest] post answers to many question and they are not that concerned with the quality of the question (I help everyone, no matter what) which would frustrate some people who care about moderating a lot (I, myself voted to close bunch of questions they answered).
Because the majority of their answers are helpful, I don't see any ground for downvoting. Although as you said, in a "democracy", people vote differently. But I have to say that I do see a "reputation war" and it's not pretty.
7:56 PM
@Das_Geek Although, now that I double checked, there are two of those that shouldn't be running on chat pages, but are because of less than optimal use of match, include and exclude statements. Those two scripts aren't causing any harm, but won't actually do anything on chat.
@M-- Yes, there are users who see fit to downvote answers posted to what they consider to be extremely low-quality questions. While the semi-official stance on this (and my personal opinion) is that such voting is counter-productive (see Brad Larson's answers on Meta discussing this behavior), it is not considered fraudulent voting and not something that moderators can or will invalidate.
In particular, we have no way to discern whether someone is actually voting because they think the question was low-quality and should not have been answered, or because they think the answer itself is of low quality.
We don't want to go around policing thoughts or trying to read people's minds. And we don't have the tools to do so even if we wanted to try.
... hey I just realized we haven't heard from Brad in a loong time (I think?). Is he still around?
last seen 3 days ago
Yeah, he's still around. But he recently took a new job, which has been very demanding of his time, so he hasn't been grinding away in the flag queue as much lately.
@CodyGray Indeed, working on Swift for TensorFlow is surely very demanding of one's time and mental faculties.
9:00 PM
@halfer Whaaaaaaaahhht?
@M-- lots of software vendors do that
"ask for help support on Stack Overflow with our tag"
@TylerH this one wasn't saying ask for help, it was asking for bugs to be reported here. I had not seen the latter before.
The universal service desk
community powered freebie ;D
@tink they pay us with reps and badges!!! We should be loyal and obedient
9:16 PM
I charge 100 rep per minute for my services. No offers yet
@M-- Heh, this is a common thing on SO
9:34 PM
@M-- darn .. I need to work harder, I'm not getting any ;}
Do we have a resident vagrant and git guru hanging out here atm?
Should I answer this question or is it not recommended to answer such questions. I mean no effort homework question. stackoverflow.com/questions/30152664/…
@Dharman I think you got your answer lol
ohh ok
Cody is in the room
Yeah, things can be somewhat...ephemeral during such times
Then if the question is closed it be deleted as well, because it had only negative value. It attracts traffic, but has only one extremely bad answer.
9:47 PM
@Dharman Did it have an answer? I didn't see one
Yeah, the question got deleted before I typed my reply here.
I will find a better question to answer then...
Cody should change his profile pic to something more reflective of his speed
9:53 PM
FYI this answer had a score of 3, but anonymous feedback of 231 / -172
@Dharman And you guys say I'm too fast.
To be clear, it isn't that I have a problem with answering low-effort homework questions. I think the entire debate about whether or not something is homework is unproductive and needs to be stamped out. Low-effort is a downvote reason, not a factor in deciding whether or not to answer.
The reason I closed that question was because it did not contain enough information to answer it ("I am getting an error, but it's a seekrit which one it is."). I deleted it because it was asked way back in 2015, and therefore wasn't likely to get updated with the required information.
Don't think anyone was wondering about your reasoning, just enjoying the show
10:11 PM
Are questions about CRT generally on-topic here? I am going through the most hated posts and I found this: stackoverflow.com/questions/33265663/… It doesn't look to me like it is programming related as such. It seems like it is just normal users having problems executing some software. For me this is a little bit of grey area.
Ok, maybe in general this tag is useful, but what I meant is not the tag itself, but this type of questions.
@Dharman Yeah, that's a not-good question. "Hey I'm getting an error message that tells me to reinstall something. How do I get rid of it?" It also seems more "general computing" to me, but I may be wrong
The only thing that gives me pause is its number of views
It seems like it is general computing, but one could have this problem when developing for Windows, right?
@Dharman I'm not sure. The accepted solution is to install an update, which is described by "This update allows Windows desktop applications that depend on the Windows 10 Universal CRT release to run on earlier Windows operating systems." This seems like less of a development problem and more of a "I can't run this program pls help" problem
Following the trail of questions, I came across this weird graphical anomaly. It seems to have the old and new duplicate notifiers at the top of the question, with the new-blue one being empty
10:27 PM
@Das_Geek it's by design
I raised it at the time and Yaakov said they can't change it so they will leave it like this.
If you see the old one missing then raise a mod-flag
@Dharman Ah, thanks. Figured someone had seen this before. Can you link to your Meta question about it? I couldn't find it on your profile
@Dharman tyvm
Don't see why they just can't just search every single question on SO to get those URLs. What's the worst that could happen: more people get duplicate Suffrage badges? </sarcasm>
10:38 PM
The problem is, the auto-inserted "possible duplicate" banner was never protected from editing.
Oh yeah there's definitely issues
Thanks for fixing it @CodyGray, as well as the extra MSO link. I'll mod flag the ones I see in the future (or just ping you ;P)
@CodyGray Are there many flags in the mod-queue. Is it still backed up? I feel like lately the situation has improved a lot.
@Dharman Only 36 flags in the mod queue at the moment.
It fluctuates a lot. Depends on if someone had 2-3 hours to go through and clear a bunch.
Often, it'll be at ~400, but that isn't from weeks worth of buildup or anything. That's just from a couple of days of not being fully cleared.
A histogram showing time spent per mod flag would be an interesting one to see.
I don't know if that information is actually tracked by the system.
However, it isn't hard to say from experience what it would look like.
10:52 PM
Do your mod queue reviews not show up for your own perusal on your profile's Activity page?
Most flags take under a minute to handle. Then, "other" flags vary wildly, with plagiarism and certain other flags taking approximately forever.
There's a separate moderator actions history page, but it isn't paginated, so only the most recent actions are displayed there. And it doesn't track how long we spent on each flag, only the most recent flags we've handled and other things we've done.
Yeah, I was thinking a negative exponential or Poissonian. Poisson distributions can have the weird tails, iirc.
The system has no way of tracking other than "other", so that would just be a weird, confusing jumble of everything. Which...is exactly what it is.
Comment flags take probably less than 5 seconds. NAA and VLQ flags take between 5 seconds and 30 seconds.
Different mods spend different amounts of time on different things. I sniff around more with NAA and VLQ flags, so it takes me a bit longer.
Gotcha, that kinda makes sense. Regular reviews don't have time spent either, just time stamps of completion. Assuming unbroken focus on the queue (a big if, I'm sure), you can get a general idea of time spent per item
Yeah, I would figure time spent would vary wildly and no reasonable conclusions could be drawn, even if we assumed we could somehow control for different mod's styles
I just appreciate a good graph
I found a bad tag which seems to both refer to:

1. An old library for running on PowerPC processors
2. An old Python library for natural language processing

Do I nominate for burning or something?
10:57 PM
The technical term is burnination
Right, so I need to make a Meta post?
Even though it's a very tiny tag?
With 4 questions? No, just edit.
Unless you’re unsure of what is appropriate.
Oh I didn't see the size
That Meta post still applies :-)
10:59 PM
Err, no it doesn’t. I thought you linked to that MSO one
Oh drat. I thought I did, too
Please see the fuzzy flower's post @Seanny123
All but one of those are the PPC emulation layer
Thank you rene.
So I’d just retag the Python question
11:01 PM
Yeah, I'll edit the one non-PPC question and the propose a tag wiki edit.
@Dharman Yes, that question is general computing. That the question has a lot of views doesn't matter wrt. closing it. While a programmer might have a similar problem if they didn't appropriately package their program for distribution, the question is specifically asking about opening a Microsoft Office file, which is definitely general computing. OTOH, the number of views does matter for deleting. So, yes, it should be closed, but not deleted.
Well, I honestly tried to make a legit tag wiki, but I understand if it gets rejected.
I was actually looking for questions about Rosetta, the computational biology tool.
11:49 PM
@Seanny123 I think your tag wiki was a good start. I approved it, and then made some edits of my own. The biggest thing to watch out for with tag wikis is plagiarism. You don't want to be copying content from Wikipedia or elsewhere.
Tag wiki excerpts are especially challenging, because they need to meet two potentially contradictory goals: (1) be short, and (2) describe how the tag is to be used on Stack Overflow.
A lot of times, the mistake people will make with excerpts is just simply defining what the tag refers to. That isn't really sufficient; a good tag wiki excerpt is relevant to the context of this site, and explains what questions should have that tag.
In the particular case of Rosetta, and other narrowly-scoped tools, there is a lot of natural overlap between the definition and the usage guidance.
But when it isn't clear, it's more important that the tag wiki excerpt explain how the tag should be used for questions on this site, rather than explaining what the product/item is.

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