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12:11 AM
@Ron To the best of my knowledge, @username only works in comments and chat. Here is the main post I've seen on it's use in comments.
12:40 AM
Got me one of those "upvote my question and I'll accept your answer", err.. no.
@Fred-ii- While would, and have in the past, also respond negatively to such a request, if you're talking about your most recent answer and the comments that still exist there (answer and question), I don't really read what they said that way.
1:13 AM
@Makyen believe me, it is and I've seen this same behaviour before and not just once or twice. This isn't the first time that happened to me neither. They first ask to upvote their question, answers (not just my own) get posted and then nothing. It's not the rep, it's the principle and to keep Stack the success that it is. Many leave questions unaccepted and more people keep posting more answers after, in turn kind of wasting their time doing so and not providing anything better.
3 hours later…
4:09 AM
I nominated a duplicate for this one but it's not a very good one, do you have better alternatives or other opinions? stackoverflow.com/questions/45596111/…
1 hour later…
5:28 AM
@EJoshuaS yeah.. will have to start linking that..
5:43 AM
anyone got a link to some useful auto comments too lazy to write my own found my own gist.github.com/yvettec/e8c1fb032bec023f816c
@YvetteColomb Do you mean other than the SOCVR auto review comments?
@Makyen lol I really should have known they were there
6:09 AM
@YvetteColomb it would have been more fun if we linked you to your own gist. makes mental note
@VadimKotov there are about 40 closed questions in that tag .. You could wait or request them to be deleted.. Or raise your concern in Meta
6:29 AM
@suraj No, the question is not a request for off-site resources. It very clearly is asking how they could do it in their code, not for other implementations. The fact that every answer is suggesting a library doesn't mean that's what the question was asking for. The fact that the OP said they were able to get it to work with one of the suggestions clearly indicates that they were satisfied, but it's not clear if they used the library or looked at the implementation to see how it was done.
@Makyen ok.. I guess its one that falls in a grey area..But it does look like it could invite more link only answers or spam
@rene Which flag that answer on same Q should be marked?
@TetsuyaYamamoto I've flagged NAA
7:01 AM
I dont know how to flag this one .. stackoverflow.com/questions/45622945/… Too board?
@DragandDrop yeah, or no mcve
@AshwiniChaudhary if possible, can you write the code for me. Am totally lost and my boss is gonna kill me — Flimon Shferaw 2 mins ago
@AshwiniChaudhary charge him a part of the paycheck
7:22 AM
@AshwiniChaudhary, admin filters please! My kid is hungry, admin filters please... Us war us sick, admin filters please ..
I think StackOverflow should add simple dropdown list where you would choose the difficulty level of the question you are asking, and thus have an option to filter questions by difficulty.
What do you think?
@suraj Sorry, I did not quite understand what did you talk about
@suraj @DragandDrop :-D
@VadimKotov it was about . You wanted to get it burninated (I think)
@suraj there is a request on meta already:
Q: Why is there a tag called [scrummaster] on Stack Overflow?

TheGeorgeousSomeone just asked a question on implementing the gitflow workflow in a scrum team with the tag scrummaster. Does the tag even warrant being on Stack Overflow? The tag has 44 questions (all of them are closed) that are more or less related to managing programmers rather than solving issues with ...

why are some of my flags are marked helpful, but the question is not on hold? Not enough close votes yet?
7:35 AM
@Ika Difficulty would be highly subjective, and as such would not be a good fit for the Stack Overflow format at its core. This has been discussed on several meta-sites already, you should find one of the posts and read up on it. =)
Ok, thanks
@VadimKotov Which question(s) you expected? Sometimes close voters are busy to reviewing other posts or providing answers, give us a few moments.
@TetsuyaYamamoto I mean my flag was defined as helpful, but nothing happened with the question. I'm not familiar with that stuff, sorry for stupid questions
7:43 AM
@TetsuyaYamamoto what is happening behind the curtains?
@VadimKotov You mean flags on question you cv-pls'ed here? I think they are marked helpful only if someone voted the same you did, or if the question is closed
Also, go get rep =p
250 rep will go quick with a few well-placed answers. =D
^ already attracted one bad answer.
@Kyll thanks for the info :)
Morn \o
Is this opinion-based or too broad or just not closeable? stackoverflow.com/questions/45629756/…
7:56 AM
@J.Steen Sounds fine. Could use a bit of code to demonstrate the issue, I'm commenting. I'd say keep it open.
@Kyll My worry was that the asker was asking for the reason that was just commented, in which case it'd be opinion-based. But I'm very happy to leave it open, since it's a fun question.
8:26 AM
@rene hehe that would've been really funny :D u know I have a juvenile sense of humour
@kayess sello sy sear siend
@Kyll I shall now be known as the anti-plop
@suraj lousy comment on that one
@J.Steen well that poor soul is totally lost
@rene super enjoying the rooms auto comments lives off the back of others hard work
8:33 AM
@YvetteColomb And it's still not an MCVE, cause it's a huge codedump...
@SmokeDetector Their earlier "answer" isn't an answer either, it's just an update on still-not-working code.
some erratically placed answers on here: stackoverflow.com/questions/45630073/…
@rene ikr! O>O
@JackParkinson yep we're all over it in here chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/11540/charcoal-hq
^ give me code
@YvetteColomb That code is clearly not working. They're trying to assign a variable to a number, not a number to a variable. They just don't know how to write code which is scary when it's that low-level.
8:42 AM
@J.Steen tbh I didn't read it, I just looked at what the OP said. Do you mean in that answer?
oh I'm confused, I have no idea which post you're referring to
@YvetteColomb Yep, in that answer.
@J.Steen I think it's a new question posted as an answer - maybe you should comment under it - to give the poor person an idea :/
@YvetteColomb Also, something you might not have realised - when you use the [edit] shortcut to tell users to edit their question, it points to the CURRENT POST. So if you do it in an answer, it'll post to editing that answer, not the original question. =)
just a quick question: is this belongs to SO? [Metal Gear on NES: Are the rules for opening doors in the game an algorithm?](https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8535286/metal-gear-on-nes-are-the-rules-for-opening-doors-in-the-game-an-algorithm)
If not, please recommend a place for such questions
9:08 AM
@VadimKotov I don't think the source code for Metal Gear was ever published. Unless someone drops by who was in the dev team, any answer will just be random guessing
@BDL so, does this question belong to SO?
@BDL it is not my question, just FYI
looking for off site ressource? As the only way to have to sourcecode. Opinion based as we can only guess
@VadimKotov Asking about algorithms used in games is (in my opinion) fine. But this specific question is (again in my opinion) not answerable.
@VadimKotov I would close for primary opinion based
@BDL thanks
10:09 AM
@Makyen Appreciate it.
1 hour later…
11:20 AM
What do we flag this as? I just downvoted for lack of research, but it's also off topic. Blatantly off topic? That seems extreme - any advisement welcome: stackoverflow.com/questions/45632965/…
@JackParkinson I am guessing Off topic - not a programming question but a UX base question.
11:37 AM
@NathanOliver morning
^ Offtopic career advice
11:57 AM
@YvetteColomb Good luck with that =D
@YvetteColomb What about uncle-plop?
I commented 'what is ADC_GAIN?' response from OP: '#define ADC_GAIN NRF_SAADC_GAIN1'. Well, that's cleared that one up, then.. :(
@MartinJames learn to ask a better question, you noob ....
12:27 PM
hey folks, how should I ask community for creating a new synonym? I've flagged a request that is suggesting a synonym, but my flag was declined. What is the proper way?
Q: Sell off the [product] and [products]

JamesENLI just came across the product (1,247) tag, and my lord, is this a tag worthy of burning in a pit of eternal fire. In most cases it is used as a meta-tag to describe where the problem is occurring, which is immaterial in the context of the question. It adds no special information to a question ...

as per my vtc earlier they've edited and added only a URL with no code "in" the question. I originally voted as "not working" so that applies, IMHO. It could also apply as "unclear". I've kept my vote intact.
@Machavity and too broad
I will very rarely click on any links on SO
@JackParkinson Yeah, I don't click on any links to Meta. They're crazy over there
12:47 PM
@Nkosi huh?
@YvetteColomb We should call you Polpitna?
@YvetteColomb a play on aunt. here we would call our aunts "aunt-ee" as apposed to the pronounciation "aunt-eye". never mind the joke is lost. lol
@Nkosi ah - yeh - I see and the joke is ruined lol
@Machavity intaloop it's when you're in a loop of ints
@YvetteColomb intaloop: it's what's for dinner
12:52 PM
Today is apparently International Joke Failure day. I'm giving up on the humor bit
@Machavity Welcome. Join the club.
nah it's me - I'm like a pan fried pizza - extra thick
@YvetteColomb and hopefully with no mushrooms haha!
lol - when I was younger I was saucy (pun city)
1:01 PM
Currently listening to: ambient sound of thunderstorm live mix, IRL
I love puns - they're one of my favourite things sings ala Julie Andrews
@JohnDvorak hm ok
I have to fly - good bye \o
@YvetteColomb O_O
@YvetteColomb up there in the Alps, huh? nice weather up there, so I hear.
I got a "low quality" flag declined that I flagged an "Try this" answer as being of low quality. IMHO, "Try this" and then code with no explanation at all is just that; low quality, no matter what meta post(s) exist.
1:07 PM
@Fred-ii- LQ != VLQ. LQ == Down vote
The flag says "very low quality", as in no use whatsoever.
So I missed a "V" lol
there should be an added flag option for "Try this" answers, really. Maybe like "Poor quality"
@Fred-ii- Try this
@rene haha!
@rene the one video I'm glad isn't available in my country. <3
1:10 PM
@JohnDvorak XD
Hiya gunr
wow I see how it is
1:23 PM
@TylerH Yeah, it's International PHP Failure day.
@MartinJames isn't that every day?
1:41 PM
@TylerH I didn't claim today was exclusive:)
@TylerH o/
Hey guys I have a room poll for you about improving the question page
A poll for the SE team to ignore? :P
1:48 PM
What would you think about putting an intermediate step between the "ask a question" button and the page where you type your actual question? E.g. jsfiddle.net/4wkvcfbe/embedded (click on the 'Result' text). Depending on which button you click, it would lead to a pre-filled Ask Question page, in the nature of this MSE proposal: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/278444/…
And if you click the last one, it would go to a page saying "thanks for your interest, but your question is probably not on-topic at Stack Overflow. One of our other sites might be a better fit!"
I like the idea behind this
(the actual text on the buttons is just a 30 sec attempt to fill buttons with text... actual buttons would be better fits for questions we want to see)
The style needs a bit of tweaking, too. Same width should do.
Yeah the visual aspect is just rough draft demo form to get the UX across
second row isn't even centered :-P
And of course, they need to lead to actual wizards :-D
1:53 PM
Just figured I'd do a small straw poll before I put more than 10 mins of work/thought into it
@TylerH if this turns into a wizard do know that UX people hate those ...
Yeah, but if it helps turn away those who can't be bothered to write an MVCE people write better questions...
@MartinJames Yay, it appears I'm immune :-p
@rene UX people hate those when the goal is to maximize user engagement
The point here is to throttle low quality user engagement
even if just unofficially
I'd like an option for power-users to avoid having to go through the wizard, though.
Sure, it could be disabled once you have any privilege or milestone. 500 rep, or have earned the curious badge, or the nice question badge, etc.
I'd prefer a "I know what I'm doing. Let me in!" button to be available at all times.
@rene plus, the benefit of this 'wizard' is that the button that looks most like the 'next' button will take them to a dead end where they can't ask the question
@JohnDvorak see my response to rene - give users an escape rope and they will use it every time
problem is you don't want the people the wizard is designed for to use the escape rope
2:02 PM
Sounds like a D&D RPG.
Now that's the kind of gamification I'd like
New business model idea: Keep SO's system, but allow negative reputation and require rebuy to go back to 1
@JohnDvorak Shameless relevant plug meta.stackoverflow.com/a/300714/2756409 cc @MartinJames
Ryan should have closed that one :-(
Which one?
Kuba's cv-pls
the off-site resource request that he commented under
> Don't ever try anything like this. It is really stupid. Aaand, here we go! ~~ Hydraulic Press Channel, 2017
To their defense, the resulting explosion looks awesome
2:21 PM
That one was great, yeah
@TylerH hehe and It blown up real good! - Classic
Who knew it would be so satisfying to watch a hydraulic press, eh?
2:40 PM
@Henders luckily, at least the guy who owns it
@Fred-ii- Typo (see answer)
@Machavity Yeah, I figured as much.
-_- guy sends an email to the rest of our team saying he added a DB account name and P/W there. I go to look and I can't see it, so I tell him that and ask him to add me to the resource as a viewer or w/e. So he says "I couldn't see your normal account, only your elevated account, so I didn't add you"
why tf did you email me then? add my daggum elevated account
resisting making a snappy comment on that android question
2:50 PM
> gunr says to call a meeting to resolve this problem
I'm going with unclear - offsite image
@Machavity as it should. It died.
How do you right some code you didn't write?
The right right is write, right?
3:07 PM
Is this POB?
@Bugs yes
3:20 PM
"and cron job!"
Our work barbecue has died down a bit so all the dev guys have gone back into the office - how sad are we? :D
Another NATO but is this close worthy? And if so what would it be? Too broad?
@JackParkinson It's raining here, chances of a BBQ are always low. I'd be making the most of it!
@JackParkinson our company bbq is about to start
and then everyone goes home afterwards
It's out in our garage, I can still see it through the window (raining right now!) so can pop out whenever I like really.
And in fact have been popping out to grab crisps and stuff all afternoon
Work hours officially ended when the barbecue started but we decided to head back in for a while to clear some tickets before the weekend :)
clear some tickets before the weekend == chat on SO some more
@NathanOliver u know it
2 hours later…
6:29 PM
For those with some time this talk showed up on hacker news and I thought it was very interesting.
its about 20 min.
from devcon
1 hour later…
8:12 PM
Hello all. How was your day?
I think we've finally found closure
where was it hiding
@halfer VM?
Not yet?
8:18 PM
Heh, sorry. Keep trying :)
Actually I did manage to get it to run better though. I found, by accident, that my CPU frequency auto-switching was set to power-save mode.
"cpufreq-set" on the host to the rescue, it is much faster now.
You can set min and max frequencies with that command.
And also change the frequency change strategy (performance, power-save, etc)
Unusually I am being productive on a project, so I want to get code written before I distract myself, and the creativity falls apart like a house of cards :-)
8:38 PM
Is calling someone a 3rd grader not "rude or abusive" (in the comments)?
@Justin May have been 3 yr old, but I can't remember. Can't view it because not 10k, but the language was something like, "You must be a 2nd or 3rd grader, because it's obvious to 4th graders". When flagging as "rude or abusive", you can look at the guidelines, and it says "violates our Be Nice policy", which when I looked at that, it seems that this comment would violate it
@Justin it is rude, yes
I'm out, don't make a mess of this room while I'm sleeping
8:59 PM
@rene Huh, wonder why my flag was declined. If the Q was deleted before the flag got handled, would that explain why the flag was declined?
That was one big pizza. Can hardly breathe.
9:32 PM
/me makes a mess of this room while @rene is snoozing
(and cackles)
1 hour later…
10:39 PM
Something uneasy about this one. Not sure what to make of it.

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