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12:01 AM
@Yam stats
I'm currently watching 382 posts.
12:29 AM
@QPaysTaxes I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Have fun!
I think that's a good edit, as long as the code is correct
@Sam I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
12:48 AM
@SotiriosDelimanolis What's the rush to delete? Obviously, it should be removed, but it will be roomba'ed.
1:35 AM
@Makyen With young questions like this, I like to be proactive and delete them straight up. I don't like having to favorite the question and check later whether the OP accepted an answer or not.
In the Reopen review queue

Was closed as unclear and has now been edited to clarify it. But it's a 'gimme the code' question which should be closed as off-topic (no minimal example, no code effort). Should I leave closed or reopen
@kdopen I edited it a bit more and voted to reopen. Only debugging questions require code. How-to questions can be too broad, unclear, or off-topic for any of the other reasons, but not including code is not a reason to close a non-debugging style question. The question looks clear, on-topic, and narrowly scoped to me.
@TinyGiant thanks. I was thinking to reopen as the original objection had been cleared.
1:53 AM
@kdopen The reopen queue is not asking "did the question change such that the stated close reason no longer applies?" It is: "should the question be open?" If you think the question should be open, then vote to reopen. If the question should be closed (for any applicable close reason) then "leave closed". The one possible caveat to this is if the question is a duplicate. Then, if it is a good dup, it might be reasonable to reopen it so it can be dup-closed to the appropriate dup-target.
@Makyen I agree with that interpretation.
2:15 AM
The magic of midday EU / morning US. :(
1 hour later…
3:47 AM
2 hours later…
5:21 AM
1 hour later…
6:47 AM
FireAlarm is picking up some great off topic questions, I recommend users here click on the links. @Tunaki do we put in cl-vt requests on firealarm posts? I would think that was doubling up on noise. Can I suggest you encourage regulars to close vote on them? As we do our cl-pls requests? Sorry if I'm doubling up. I've been offline for a day
7:50 AM
@YvetteColomb I'll talk with the other RO with it.
Hiya o/
Hiya \o
Again, what was the solution to save the imported comments with SE autocomments script? It gets forgotten every time I restart the browser : (
http / https
Notice the Friberg™-style smiley convention ---^
@Tunaki huh?
7:59 AM
The worst : (
@kayess I've noticed that the autocomments are not loaded when the current page is loaded with https
Perhaps because I imported them while I was using the page with http
@Tunaki I see
8:14 AM
8:37 AM
@kayess : )
@PetterFriberg : )
: (
I started using the space to avoid skype and whatsapp to put the darn smile figure... I like to old ascii simile better
It look awesome with the star though: *<: )
Crap hat, that is, where is @hatman when you need him?
9:03 AM
Oooh @FireAlarm is in the house. Nice work @NobodyNada
@NobodyNada, FRs 1. Make the description point to the Stack Apps post and not the GH repo. 2. If FA reboots, don't post a message here, post it only in Sobotics.
Agreed ^
Anyone using BDD along with TDD here while developing?
I really like the BDD way however it seems unlikely to me to apply it for unit test but rather to integration tests like SpecFlow, the Given When Then sytax is nice for business ppl who doesn't have a clue about things outside the Ubitiqous Language or DSL
I have used HDD
I developed my programs and stored them on HDD.
Ninja makes fun of teh poor ------^
9:15 AM
Nopes, The poor use HDD, The rich use SSD. : D
@BhargavRao rofl : D
I remember SDD's, Single Disk Drive had the size of my desk and been able to store 10MB of data
@kayess BDD?
BDD = Database in French :D
I guess this isn't what you mean
Behaviour Driven Development
Yeah frogs misinterpret all teh things
: (
I actually have made a compilation of the styles here:
Standard           : :-), :-D
Noseless           : :) , :D
Kyll Style         : =) , =D
Petter-Gunr Style  : : ), : D
Paulster Style     : :o), :oD
Joncle Style       :    , :d   , :p
9:19 AM
Seth-style: ô.ô
It would be awesome to post a FR to meta, that you could upload your own smiley conversation tables and let the chat engine do the hard work
@Tunaki Ah, Yes, Need to add that.
This question already has 1 reopen vote, I just don't get people on this site sometimes...
9:23 AM
Hiya @Firey
@FireAlarm do you know @hatman?
such an ignorant bot, no wows given.
yes, it is being done
@FireAlarm privileges
9:33 AM
@BhargavRao You do not have any privileges.
Pff, why do you even try ;)
hiya @rene \o
9:53 AM
Morning all
10:44 AM
11:02 AM
I suppose no-one here has enough points in to reject this suggested synonym stackoverflow.com/tags/surefire/synonyms?
I want to propose the synonym in the opposite direction, making the master...
@Lankymart that is not opinion based. It is an usage issue with a tool I hope is not used regularly by programmers but those that have to can use some support. That answer from VonC is sound.
@Tunaki Ask on meta, If it reaches 20 votes, I'll take care of it.
20 is a lot for poor me maven :( will try to find someone I think has the points :)
@Tunaki 20 votes on meta, You got 160 when you asked for syntax highlighting
Lol true
11:07 AM
Also PSA:, If any of you find a synonym-request on meta that has been ignored for long, ping me. I'll see if I can help.
@rene "Can I write a code to fetch the files directly by giving the path of the file from the repository using vba? And then parse it?" what are they asking for a Yes or No answer? I've never know a problem I couldn't solve with programming, what's the point of it?
@BhargavRao m2e - m2eclipse has been ignored for long... bumped it a couple of days ago actually
@Tunaki link-pls
@Lankymart sure, I read something different in it. No problem
11:10 AM
@rene fair enough...everyone is entitled to their opinion.... ;)
that's sort of an agreement of disagreement
Na, I'm just being an a*se sorry @rene
@rene what does KennyBot do?
@Lankymart getting killed daily by them
@Lankymart it responds to commands and events like star and unstar of messages. That is about it. It was more an javascript, websocket, async exercise then anything else
@Lankymart its code is here, needs to run in a browser.
11:22 AM
@rene nice. thx.
12:04 PM
^ 3 different languages tagged, and no clue what kind of algorithms he's talking about.
oy @YvetteColomb not sure if you are still looking after the lingering projects from the past but you might want to leave a comment here ...
lingering projects from the future would be weird
12:21 PM
I guess that is true, yes
@Tunaki I guess they only did number down vote favorite
@FireAlarm help
12:37 PM
@NathanOliver I'm FireAlarm-Swift, a bot which detects questions that need closing. My command list is available here.
12:51 PM
@Lankymart could even be POB tbh
Hi Sam
A lot of lurkers today...
@Clo stop bot
@Sam I'm shutting down...
Shutting down. (Sam's Backup Server)
@Closey no don't go!!! - "Don't leave me this way"
1:05 PM
It's alright, she's just going to the dentist. She'll be back in ~15 mins.
@Sam :) - Just a scale and polish then? ;)
Indeed ;)
1:24 PM
Sup? Can someone please see what happened to this question? I am curious to find out if it got heavily downvoted or the user removed it.
It's at -4 and the OP deleted it
@NathanOliver Thanks. I thought so.
1:40 PM
@Sam SOCVR: Now with bot dental benefits
Hello everyone! (Sam's Backup Server)
Hiya love o/
2:03 PM
@YvetteColomb and @Sam FYI I mentioned you here, I did not link to your account since I was not sure if you would agree, feel free to edit the part about UniSlack meta.stackoverflow.com/a/343395/5292302
2:15 PM
@PetterFriberg Ok, thanks. I'll check it out. :)
It would be great if you could register bots with a room like you can feeds, and then members in a room could opt out (or in) for bots they want/don't want to see
@Petter Made a couple of changes. The project technically doesn't rely on ML; other than that, everything was fine. :)
lol, perfect : ) NLP anyway can be seen as machine learning ; )
@PetterFriberg nice SOBotics plug on meta
2:26 PM
@fire opt-in c
@AshishAhuja Unrecognized reason "c"; allowed reasons are tags, usernames, and misleading links.
@fire opt-in tags [c]
@AshishAhuja You will now be notified of reports tagged [tag:[c]].
@fire opt-in tags c
@AshishAhuja You will now be notified of reports tagged [tag:[c]] or .
2:27 PM
looks like the commands have changed since the time I was not there.
@JAL I should have done it with mine. Messed it up.
all good
@JAL Thanks, actually I mostly wanted to rant some about the cv queue... still preparing my meta, Tuna did not approve it yet : ), to much rant
@PetterFriberg ha I totally understand, it will get there
@ryanyuyu Thanks for edit, check this "because it further dilutes what reviewers exist. ", what I wanted to state is if even more question in queue reviews/vote get scattered even more on different question...
2:35 PM
Ok I'll make that a bit more apparent
Your the best, thanks
While we're here, I don't quite understand this:
> Furthermore, the duplicate hammers do not have anything that encourage them to close vote, often they only put them self in a bad situation, with people complaining and down-voting their question."
There is no direct benefit for them personally, if they close as dupe they often get complains and even revenge downvotes.
Hence why would a hammer spend time to dupe??...
I think I can make that just a bit clearer
it's a rant... ok, but it also to tell him that it easier to find a question to close then to actually find someone that close it : )
2:40 PM
- rename SOCVFinder bot to The Replicant
@TylerH it also searches for cv count etc...
how does that factor into it?
It just looks for duplicates
@TylerH not duplicant
@ryanyuyu thanks again I like it
@ryanyuyu website blocked but I picked Replicant because blade runner
plus Duplicant sounds a bit lame
2:45 PM
Ah, just MTG. You're not missing much.
Is that a newer card?
I stopped playing before they came out with equipment
nope. Original mirrodin.
Hmm, maybe my memory is just failing
It has been something like 13 years since I played
I don't even remember if I still have my decks
I still have a bunch of cards. Mine are mostly 7th edition and earlier.
FYI, the two questions brought on Meta about deletion here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/343312/… were undeleted (cc @Sot)
This is very tiring
2:55 PM
Woot. I just did my first union statement in PL/SQL today. learned that it does not like order by clauses in the individual queries.
@NathanOliver congrats
Really?? - stackoverflow.com/questions/42088815/… who here believes SO is a Q&A forum?
@NathanOliver Oh naw, you're doing PL/SQL.... May god have mercy on your soul.
@Lankymart I obviously need educating... O.o
2:57 PM
@Tunaki I already sold it to be able to understand the C++ standard so it's okay ;)
@Lankymart Not first time people think it's a forum, here ya go: Stack Overflow doesn't work like a discussion forum, it is a Q&A site where every post is either a question or an answer to a question.
@PetterFriberg they know it isn't, but choose to fight against it...that fight against it I don't understand.
@Lankymart Next time just link them to meta and let it go.
Flagged a moderator comment as too chatty, for science!
watches kayess disappear into the ether.
3:03 PM
3:14 PM
@NathanOliver I prefer spelling aether or even æther.
@kayess you didn't flag the meta link Bhargav posted? It's gone... O.o
@Lankymart nope, but the other, marked helpful.
@kayess guess whoever reviewed the flag didn't think @BhargavRao link was useful.
Meh, comment flags keep getting removed
3:27 PM
@Lankymart maybe it was reviewed by @NinjaRao
@BhargavRao I'm not bitting... stackoverflow.com/questions/42088815/…
@Tunaki Plagiarized from MSDN.
@Tunaki Tiring it is, I'm not getting involved further with those.
You could edit it with proper references, I suppose.
3:39 PM
(owo)! It's gained sentience!
@kayess Mods don't review flags on their own posts.
is it fine to unobfuscate the url shortener?
it points to tutorialspoint's online java compiler
I have no problems with edits that get rid of the short url and change it to the real url.
url shortners were so cool once
3:53 PM
I thought they were cool when they first came out. Then the trolls got a hold of them and it went down hill really fast
@StephenLeppik Let's leave tags being burninated on questions so that when we search for them we can still find them easily.
Only remove 'em from questions that are worth keeping (open) during this stage
I remember this one URL shortener was actually not, it instead created a link that looked super shady
but it worked fine, but it was like unsafeurl(dot)buy-cat-nip-on-thecheap
4:12 PM
Hi all o/
Hiya Baum
@BaummitAugen Not so sure about that. Looks reasonably scoped to me. It's like asking is there a dynamic array available in standard c++.
@Tunaki or @SotiriosDelimanolis thoughts on this Java question? stackoverflow.com/questions/6250070/… Not sure if it's a dupe or too broad or OK
@NathanOliver Hm ok. Can you bin my request?
@NathanOliver There are no C++ in that question?
@Tunaki I know there is no C++ there. I was just using an example.
4:23 PM
@BaummitAugen Sure
Silly me
@TylerH Highly unclear
@Tunaki Okay
:35577681 wait, posted 33 seconds ago but closed 6 minutes ago?
4:24 PM
@TylerH The server doesn't block answers for like 4 hours
that can't be accurate. I have tried to answer a question before and it rejected it because it was closed like 5 seconds previous...
its a 10k question either way
@TylerH You can hack the JS and do it anyways
does smokey have 10k rep?
or did that just sneak in
Lots of people abuse that
4:26 PM
@TylerH That's client side. If the block isn't loaded for some reason (bad internet connection) the server still allows the answer.
Stack Overflow needs to fork out the money so it has resources to provide true real-time updating for every view
@Compass no
@Compass it was deleted shortly after Smokey detected it
@Compass I deleted it after the report.
Smokey is a time traveler.
4:26 PM
Smokey only has 299 rep
My client side is too pro
It never fails
Same here
Chuck Norris doesn't get PEBCAK errors. PEBCAKs get Chuck Norris errors.
Maybe we should get 2g phones and tether the internet to our computer.
4:31 PM
why 2g
slower internet then 3g or 4g
but why do you want slower ones
oh to induce a failure
Faster internet means your always in sync with the server. Slower internet/unstable internet means you have more of a chance sneaking through.
im not a ruby on rails question, but that reads like a code request =w=
4:35 PM
@TylerH Nice.
I'm also not a ruby on rails expert. owo
@NathanOliver if only my home connection were that zippy
@TylerH I do about 125Mb/s down at home but the upload is only like 25Mb/s.
I remember 56K modems.
Losing in starcraft because someone called you sucked D:
I remember rage disconnecting in starcraft 1 to make it count as a draw
usually when people cannon rushed or some incredi-noob tactic
but that was after dailup
4:38 PM
@Compass Those were the day. Start a DL at 10PM, go to bed and hope when you woke up it didn't time out or someone called.
Just pull the ethernet cable out from the wall
boom, draw
I remember seeing a few years back the most novel invention ever.
When I get gigabit down I will have to rub it in gunr's face
To protect your computer from external hackers!
since he gets like 30 meg down
4:40 PM
You plug the router's ethernet cable into it, and you plug it into your ethernet port
And then you stick it to your tower.
@JAL He'll hate that which means it must be done
I do have Gigabit up and down atm, but that's rarely useful because everything else on the internet is way slower.
Don't want a hacker to get in? Switch the device to off! XD
It was literally a device that disabled the ethernet connection for $20.
This question looks good but unfortunately is POB ("Which implementation is better?"). Can we save it somehow?
4:59 PM
@tunaki Do you want to handle this? Maybe with this, or this
or this
5:46 PM
@SotiriosDelimanolis I found another one
hi @Hover
5:57 PM
Hello @πάνταῥεῖ!
6:21 PM
@Nathan A C++ matter to you stackoverflow.com/questions/27464867/… Seems I found a perfect dupe but I know nothing about this weird language you use. Can you check? :)
You think this is a dupe of that question?
Idk, OP and another user seems to think so.
What do you think?
I don't get why they think the current target it wrong. It answers the question with the first quote from the standard. Your target only tells the OP sizeof(char) == sizeof(signed char) == sizeof(unsigned char) but does not say what that size should be
PSA - Another ~45 questions are in the CVQ.
6:28 PM
I get his point that C and C++ are not the same but in this case they are exactly the same and C's behavior was directly imported into C++.
FireAlarm seems to be stsarting a lot.
They may be working on it.
Sup? Don't go all Lounge<C++> on me.
6:32 PM
I'm coming of age soon. Keep that mini Mjolnir ready.
@RawN flag everything
A trial of more than 160 people found that “chocolate-based medicine had a significant improvement in symptoms within two days,” Morice said, when compared to other cough remedies. What’s more, the mouth feel of chocolate also coats and soothes the throat. “I’m sure it has…some sort of inhibitory effect on the nerve endings themselves,” he said, suggesting sucking on a piece of chocolate can beat a cough drop.
HERE WE GO chugs bottle of chocolate
@RawN What's going on there? I didn't attend for a long time
6:35 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Me neither.
It looks like that room spilled over and guess who gets to do the clean-up?
@RawN Well, they kept on discussing everything else (like haskell and stuff) than c++
@πάνταῥεῖ Exactly. I lost all interest in that group.
@rene Yep, you. Now get to it will ya slacker
@πάνταῥεῖ Every now and then I visit the C++ Questions and Answers chat group.
6:38 PM
Much much better one.
@RawN Seems The Lounge decayed as it deserved it. Though there were some serious and interesting people you could meet.
@πάνταῥεῖ Decayed it has. My experience with it was not a pleasant one to say the least.
@RawN Before even attending I had my doubts about completely undefined behavior appearing there :-D
@πάνταῥεῖ My thoughts exactly. Learned the hard way. Oh well, at least my skin got thicker.
@RawN Though user's like @sehe or @LRIO appearing there from time to time are in good faith and shape.
6:45 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Is that spam?
@Tunaki no
@πάνταῥεῖ that is not spam. Might be a bad answer but not spam
@πάνταῥεῖ Looks like you used a wrong feedback then. k is for spam
@Tunaki Just silly mind loops it seems
6:46 PM
yeah, no harm done. We get alerts for those kinds of cases.
@Tunaki Oops yes, sorry. Hit the wrong key, silly me
@πάνταῥεῖ I fnow :p
The fey is dikkicult to type
@Tunaki Kricfin' yeah
I'm not sure if I've gone full cat, but what is a "JSON-encoded XML string?"
sounds like something from heck
6:53 PM
@Compass You see when A boy javascript coder and and a girl xml parser really love each other they get together and..
and it makes chocolate?
I know that story, it's true.
Tried to help answer this person's question about turning XML into JSON and was told it might not be XML, it might be TXT, and the end result should be a JSON-encoded XML String, but not a String encoded in JSON.
Now, I'm back to catnip (owo)
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