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@Undo Rejecturd
has two approvals, so unless someone with 5k comes along and rejects them (or a 20ker reject and edit) it will be approved
@Braiam And we will roll it back.
First one's rejected anyhow
12:11 AM
Both rejected
What do you guys think about this? It doesn't say when to use the tag or not.
seems like a useless tag if thats what its for
@TinyGiant It's crap, possibly copied crap.
Not comfortable enough to reject as plagiarism just based on that
But this guy burned through all his assume-good-intentions a long time ago
apparantly both 4.5 and 2 were the 'second major' versions
There's absolutely no effort at all in these wiki edits..
This edit is just as useless.
12:13 AM
> 4.5 a second major version does not make. You copied this from stackoverflow.com/tags/asp.net-mvc-2/info and changed a few numbers.
@BenRhys-Lewis Please stop making suggested changes to tag wiki's using plagiarized content. Stop by at chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/41570/so-close-vote-reviewers if you'd like to discuss the recent reviews — Rob 2 mins ago
12:46 AM
@Undo unless you have 20k rollback is not an option (and you can't edit it to leave it empty either)
Please do us all a favor and delete this question. And visit the Help Center. — Drew yesterday
He didn't take my suggestion. And don't waste a cv on it either. But it is funny (his question)
@Rob I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
There are a bunch of 4-cv questions in the queue for code-review if someone wants to go through and deliver the final coup de grace
1:09 AM
@Braiam so you need to be voting to close stuff now! :-)
1:19 AM
@Drew Which API calls are you using to capture all the incoming closevotes? I can't seem to find a method which returns recent votes/flags?
You don't need recent as much as just to need to know where all the questions are at the moment, state-wise. There isn't such an API call afaik for that which you mention. Also, I believe we have read that Sam / ProgramFox / Gunner / Tiny (whoever else I missed), all the bot writers use combinations of API and non-API. Idk but I thought once I read Sam saying he doesn't use the API. Technically you don't need it at all. Just a socket.
So if you can see it on your screen in any capacity, then go automate how you get it.
The extent to which one thinks outside the box on the whole thing is the trick
I know the data is available since it's shown in the tools tab, just was wondering if I was missing something in the API docs
Especially since it returns rendered html rather than a json object.. it's not as nice to work with
But as you said, it's still doable :)
@gunr2171 I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
1:30 AM
Once I achieved 10k tools I knew within 1 hour that I was going to rewrite the whole 10k tools in c# and get it the way I wanted it. Because 10k tools does nothing for me
That's my exact thought process too
If you are a power programmer, and I know you are, it is a major disappointment.
Do you have your app source hosted somewhere?
I'd be interested in possibly reusing the scraping part
I want to give it out and SasS it.
Because no one is going to be able to figure out the middleware and back-end
Fair enough
1:33 AM
I mean they can, but I don't want to turn into a Help Desk for god sake
I'm mainly interested in writing what would essentially be a semi-liveish version of data.stackoverflow
Rather than using week-old data
Yeah that is what I have.
does someone want to help me test closey v2 (and has cv review items left)
Well if possible I'd be nice to take a peek at how you're polling all the data (I promise not to use you as a help desk ;))
I have a full complement of cv review votes still
1:37 AM
but I have no idea how to use this closely thing
@Rob you asking me or did I jump into a conversation?
@JarrodRoberson "closey" is the name of our bot
@Closey help
This is a chat bot for the SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room, developed by gunr2171 and the other members of the SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room. For more information see the github page. Reply with commands to see a list of commands.
Asking Drew
ok gunr add Jarrod to closey then if you want
@Closey commands
1:38 AM
Below is a list of commands for the Close Vote Chat Bot

    alive - A simple ping command to test if the bot is running.
    commands - Shows this list.
    help - Prints info about this software.
    running commands - Displays a list of all commands that the chat bot is currently running.
    status - Tests if the chatbot is alive and shows simple info about it.

    audit stats - Shows stats about your recorded audits.
    completed tags [min <#>] - Shows the latest tags that have been completed by multiple people.
if you want to help, head over to the testing room
I'll go
when I click that link it just brings me back here
ha ditto
1:39 AM
damn it, I made one "bad" review in months and I got review banned apparently
for another hour
expires in 1 hour
: (
1:43 AM
@JarrodRoberson A 1 hour ban? Is that something new?
Spelling mistake du jour: untill, 6.8k.
@Drew I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@JAL I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
...and they're off! Approaching the first turn, it's Drew by a nose!
this is terrifying. Reminds me how much I hate the Q
go back, we messed up!
(aka closey crashed)
The referee is waving the riders back to the start - that's a false start everyone!
1:51 AM
2:04 AM
Drew, my cat is looking at your avatar and purring. I don't know if that's good for you or not.
@Rob so I don't house the questions or the answers per se as it relates to stuff in this room. Sure I have a questions table. But after high level capture of one, I could care less what its title is for instance. I only care about its closeVote state (and then all the other columns for tracking such things as my vote, have I seen it, the counts, and specialty filtering and batch columns)
@Rob I don't use the CV queue at all and could care less whether a particular question is in or is not in the queue. Sure, it is nice for others to review and move the cv count up in the queue. But that is incidental
@Rob then I go out, batch up some, and try to motivate people to take a look and close them if so deserving
Fairly similar
So like today, I had a particularly small batch of iffy ones. We need people to lean on so I shoot for whoever. I pull out my C# index card and see who is in the room that I have written on it. Whereas is different. We can close 50 to 90 in one day with 3 of us.
2:20 AM
Drew, you're such a pro.
Then the second people stumble in the room, like @MohammedAoufZOUAG @AlexanderStepaniuk and the gent from Mexico boom we have 3 more guys that take another 10 to 30 a day
And outside of hammers naturally no one talks to Aaron Jarrod Tuna you get the picture
So where one guy sees a newcomer stumbling into this room and think "I wonder what his complaint is going to be" ... I scan em and see how we can use em
I wish I had enough rep to help out.. I've learned quite a bit about how the site works just sitting back and reading.
Maybe someday...
You're still able to send cv-pls requests to the room if you find questions in dire need of closing
I market like a fiend especially to people right under their answer or in a room like this
Good to know. I spend most of my time in the triage queue.
2:30 AM
People love compliments. "Hey nice answer, I've been looking at your stuff" ... oh btw ....
So if you find someone with 3k ... and people get burnt out answering all the time, send em our way
Sounds like you guys are lacking enough people to dole out close votes.
@ᴉʞuǝ Also, we are lacking in close votes.
@TinyGiant Sad really, you guys put so much effort into keeping this place clean, you would figure that they would give you more.
Eventually they'll figure out how to do that.
We just need to conspire to get an SOCVR regular elected
Then we'll have unlimited close votes
2:37 AM
Couldn't they just adjust the cv limit? Obviously it would be a little more complicated than that, but, with the amount of traffic and vlq coming in you would hope that this would be more of an issue...
@Rob, they would get my vote.
@Rob josilber used to be a regular.
@ᴉʞuǝ There are a lot of ideas flying around, but you don't just want to give every user with 3k rep 100 close votes.
true that
@TinyGiant I completely agree.
Any meta posts you can link to that I can check out and get behind?
2:39 AM
Probably half of the close votes I see (outside of this room) are completely wrong.
Should this be closed? It literally says, "feel free to suggest external libraries as well."
@TinyGiant when should we focus on the ?
@MsYvette Nah, we should focus on instead.
pft hahahaha
2:42 AM
Kind of a waste of time otherwise :P
true true
I'm going through the tag again. There's over 40 posts with CVs
and please feel free to censure me, if I've thrown good posts in the queue
Nice, I'll throw some in before time runs out tomorrow. I don't like spending a whole day without votes.
2:44 AM
there's no rush, we have a week? until votes start to age
Well, 4 days from the last close vote if the question has more than 100 views, 14 days from the last close vote otherwise.
ah ok well we have 3 days on the ones with 1 vote
I voted yesterday
or should we make that 2 days, so they don't become 4 day old votes
2:46 AM
wtf, flags in chat.
@Drew I'm going through the as you know.. so I'll only need to use maybe 10 votes tops on that today, then you'll have me back, but I also need to keep an eye on that queue over the next week.
for aging
Someone was spamming, they have now been deleted and all messages as well.
2:48 AM
in here?
Nah, elsewhere.
ah k
how did you know that?
10k+ users have get to review chat flags
back in a bit
2:53 AM
In what queue?
I think they keep the queue for chat flags empty for non-mods except for outstanding flags and the outstanding ones you get to say if they're legit or not, or unsure.
This is based on my own experience.
I see more flags later in the day when there's fewer regulars, so I think the notifications go to higher rep users first.
And I think I've been seeing more as my rep goes up.
back when The Tavern was cozy:
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Aug 5 '15 at 18:11, by Doorknob
Yeah, Shog can read our minds. You didn't know?
do you miss those times @rene?
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/284183/burnination-requests/… @rene are you calling all questions off-topic? :-P
@Braiam there's still a Tavern?
I thought it had been nuked into oblivion long ago
@Rob There's a separate chat queue of flags that 10k users see inside chat
they get pinged when there is one
@TinyGiant You learn to ignore those...
3:08 AM
@Mogsdad I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@TylerH you still get some witty conversations with Shog... so it's surviving
3:22 AM
Ugh. Reviewing C is annoying. One user's comments, in particular, get under my skin. He needs to Let It Go.
@clo starting
@Tushar Watch out for audits!
Mogsdad passed a audit!
@Mogsdad Is his name Elsa
Something like that.
3:26 AM
I suppose I could review triage stuff...
@AaronHall Painful, if you're out of close votes!
I try to have some perspective. I mostly worry about reviews where I keep bad code out of production.
btw there are still ~80 questions in the queue if anyone's doing work there now
I'll change - it'll be good for my blood pressure.
Mogsdad passed a audit!
3:33 AM
Hey, what makes the bot follow you?
you have to be tracked
oh that clears it up.
inject a tracking chip into your skin and it should detect you in a couple of hours once it passes into your bloodstream
I can't remember the process to get added to the track page but I bet it's on his github page
can't remember where that is, either
@TylerH I'm at 10k - don't see this queue though
@Nordehinu help
3:36 AM
This is a chat bot for the SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room, developed by gunr2171 and the other members of the SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room. For more information see the github page. Reply with commands to see a list of commands.
In The Matrix
@Rob it only shows up when there's a flurry of activity
otherwise you typically only see flags in the room you're in
Ah, fair enough
@Mogsdad You've reviewed 40 posts today (2 of which were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 29 minutes, averaging to a review every 44 seconds.
@Closey next 5 tags
3:39 AM
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@TylerH The next 5 tags are: 36, 27, 27, 26, 25
ok now has 52 post all with CVs
@Closey starting
@TylerH Make a dent!
@AaronHall Room owners can add you to the stalking list. None here at the moment, but Tiny will be back. Just ping him asking to be added to Norde's user list.
Q: How To Play Audio According time on database without looping every second?

dirgayeahHello Master , I will make simple bell application for school . in this application have a time input to database , alarm and the timer. so in this case i want alarm play when the time match with time now according "the the time i was input to database". I want this play normally according...

> Hello master
3:45 AM
Hit a glitch - I was able to put two delete votes on one question.
@Mogsdad Which question?
Glitch explained. Darn. I wasted a close vote.
hides from ROs...
@Mogsdad Learning new stuff everyday
Interesting that CasperOne closed that, since the Meta question is his! Funny coincidence.
3:56 AM
There's no such thing as coincidence. There is the Force.
Passed C++ audit
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[audio]"
@BhargavRao I think, that is added just to be deleted by other mod to see if the name appears twice
How did it got 19 votes
4:01 AM
@Tushar Yeah, Marc deleted it to test. Will (Wont on MSE) undeleted it.
4:16 AM
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[bluetooth]"
4:29 AM
@Closey end session
@Tushar I have forcefully ended your last session. To see more details use the command last session stats. In addition, the number of review items is most likely not set, use the command last session edit count <new count> to fix that.
@Closey last session stats
@Tushar Your last completed review session ended 14 seconds ago and lasted 1 hour and 4 minutes. However, the number of reviewed items has not been set. Use the command last session edit count <new count> to set the new value.
@AaronHall @BhargavRao the python file up here out to be something you look at for cv consideration
@TimCastelijns @KevinGuan ^^^^
Will have a look at it certainly.
4:31 AM
Same user has many similar suggestions. Some rejected, many approved (ARGH), and a handful pending. Quick copy & paste into Google finds original sources. Reject 'em all.
@Rob pinged him in a comment earlier, maybe it warrants a flag now.
@BenRhys-Lewis Please stop making suggested changes to tag wiki's using plagiarized content. Stop by at chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/41570/so-close-vote-reviewers if you'd like to discuss the recent reviews — Rob 4 hours ago
And just now:
@BenRhys-Lewis Please stop making suggested changes to tag wiki's using plagiarized content. Stop by at chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/41570/so-close-vote-reviewers if you'd like to discuss the recent reviews. Further plagiarized edits will result in flags. This is not acceptable behavior and it needs to stop. — Tiny Giant 48 secs ago
4:37 AM
Ah he started again?
I think this is why he's not too inclined to stop
@Rob earning points by edits, you're right
The last at least 8 tag wiki edits he has done are plagiarized content.
I think we are attacking the wrong side... lets flag for review bans
as long as they get approved, people will continue doing it
prob is that it is specialized and what is it, Suggested Edit, I just skip those I have no clue
4:43 AM
Screw it, flagged him.
On the bright side, I'm approaching "Research Assistant" by cleaning up his mess...
people are forced into review of that and completely clueless
We really need to move tag wiki and excerpt edits into their own queue. Require 5k rep to review them, and have a special content search that searches the web for that content right in the queue.
I wonder if it would be possible to limit review of wikis somehow. Maybe to people with x approved wiki edits? Over time, it should normalize at some reasonable quality, you'd hope.
I agree
4:45 AM
agreed write it up ! or has it been
Especially since a tag wiki appears to represent SO, while answers only represent the answerer
With specific instructions on how to review those edits, and links to all relevant meta posts on reviewing edits of tag wikis and excerpts.
@Drew Not that I know of, I've suggested it in here multiple times.
and as such plagiarism (in my mind) is more serious for the wikis than for answers
And needs special attention
and 1k rep to do an Edit
Im extreme I admit it
4:46 AM
Well honestly there's little reason for someone to need to edit a tag wiki if they barely participate on SO anyway
2k rep to edit tag wikis and excerpts.
@Braiam That answer is completely unrelated to what you asked
Did they even read the post? oO
4:48 AM
whatever it is about (the thing Braiam wrote), it sounds good to me. +1
just me or the last spam flag obscures the post with a message "this post cannot be viewed" or similar?
Tags are only deletable by mods, right?
@TinyGiant but they still have to be reviewed at 2k
right by humans that are completely clueless
before: (blank) ..... now: (something) .... ACCEPT
4:52 AM
@Rob huh? depends of what you are talking about
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 19 hours to continue reviewing.
@TylerH Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
anyone can edit X tag from all posts effectively removing it
only CM's can do that programmatically without the need of a revision
Ah, I mistakenly though he was also creating these useless tags like linq-orderby, but it appears he just added the wiki
mods can at most merge tags
there are a bunch of users keen in adding a wiki to one-off tags, preventing the system from ever remove them
4:56 AM
@TylerH Ofc
if someone does the next cv on this one I will do the last. It was the only one in the batch of ones about to erode cv that did due to age stackoverflow.com/questions/34920680
give the guys a view of erosion
It's like going to the dentist. A lot less painful the sooner you go

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