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12:50 PM
1:28 PM
@TinyGiant You need 20k and the post needs to be -3 for a delete vote within 48 hours of closure
1:41 PM
Also thanks for trying Solano. @gunr2171 these rules exist because of silly responses like yours :p — Justin 1 min ago
ha ha ha ha
2:11 PM
thanks for the comment rene
you're welcome
2:28 PM
Why the hate on this question It's fine
I mean, the guy's a noob and not an english speaker
that's quite the code dump
@gunr2171 Yeah but look how short my answer is
true, I'm not explaining the hate
I just don't know
(side note: Explaining the Hate sounds like a great band name)
2:50 PM
Q: Why SO is so disgusting?

Your Common SensePHP 5.6, MySQL, SSL and self-signed certificates Why these people always ready to answer 1000000th stupid question on silly syntax error but close, due to formal reason, a really useful post they can't even understand? Why these people tell the OP to add an answer and at the same time take away...

I know...
^^^ Trainwreck alert
I voted to close, it got reopened: meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/299377/revisions
@durron597 He couldn't resist the urge..
His suspension ended in june I believe
Best comment there:
My answer to all: Have a snickers — ciaran82 25 mins ago
2:53 PM
You're not you when you're hungry
@rene I missed all the drama last year, why did he get suspended?
because of to many of that kind of meta posts and similar comments on questions and answers
Users got fed up with his criticism and the mods had to handle to many flags raised on his posts/comments
Fact #1: "Your Common Sense" was formerly known as Col. Shrapnel. Fact #2: Search Meta for "Col. Shrapnel" and you'll see. — mmyers May 7 '12 at 13:43
so I found this
and this
3:10 PM
> However, let's say we have a silver / gold badge, and the gold version is named 'deduplicator (participated in marking 500 duplicate questions)', I could unlock some privileges for the people who earned it, maybe access to Thor's hammer? It's something I've been thinking about lately, and I'm open to thoughts.
@Deduplicator I wish I had a badge named after me
3:37 PM
@Deduplicator To clarify - I shy away from public INSTANCE fields. public static final fields are ok.
3:53 PM
Q: Let's substitute [substitute] with [substitution]

durron597tl;dr please synonym substitute -> substitution substitution - 587 questions, has a (crappy) wiki substitute - 151 questions, no wiki There's also string-substitution, which has 66 questions and a wiki, but I imagine it would be inappropriate for some of those first questions. The tag is ...

What do people think about and synonym?
What direction?
I don't know. has twice as many questions.
I'm on the fence about it, that's why I'm looking for feedback before I propose
I have enough upvotes in to propose that direction the normal way (but not )
that's not a good reason, though.
4:11 PM
@durron597 Well, they are used for the same thing, though not exactly. And I'm not sure any theoretical difference is actually in any way represented in tagging of posts. Pre-supposing that there is any such difference, and it's not just a vague unsubstantiated feeling...
@Deduplicator Well, in Java for example (i'm just playing devil's advocate) there's a Character object and a char primitive
Is that enough to have different tags? meh
Actually, I'm pretty sure synonymizing them wouldn't make anything worse, and might make things better. (Regarding java, I vote no. Especially as there's so much more variety in char and character aside from that, Java or no Java)
@Deduplicator what direction would you do the synonymization?
I would prefer char as the master. Which coincidentally restricts character to one of multiple meanings, the first and smallest one of: Codeunit, Codepoint, Grapheme. And if those differences are critical to the tagging, one should tag with the specifc one (the latter two have little-used tags already).
@Deduplicator Bleh. I can propose it in the other direction with current votes
4:26 PM
and answered another meta-rant.. man I'm getting good at this...
Anyone ever notice that non-english speakers very often say "How to fix this?" instead of "How do I fix this?"
How to fix that?
@durron597 Yes. Because I'm a non-English speaker and I usually say "How to fix this?" because I didn't know before this minute that it was wrong...
@JonClements questions about keyboard layouts shouldn't be ?
4:32 PM
@durron597 Yeah... it's not only non-English speakers who say that
@ProgramFOX "How to fix this?" doesn't have a subject... doesn't have a noun. Who is doing the fixing?
If you want to phrase it without a subject (passive voice) "How would this be fixed?" is grammatically correct
True that. I probably used it because I saw it a lot used on the internet... this tells again that adapting English from the internet doesn't always work, despite the fact that I learned most English from participating on communities.
I used to teach American teenagers proper grammar for a couple years :-P
of course txtspk is becoming quite different from English at this point :)
It was for standardized testing for university
4:35 PM
I hate txtspk. When I come across the transcript of a chat room, one of my reasons for not joining is because all users use txtspk. I hate it that much...
Your English is very good. I can tell that you're not a native speaker now but I didn't notice before I was paying attention
@durron597 Ahh... was wondering why the ping came from - so many tabs open!
Thanks! :)
It should be "... because I saw it used a lot" and "because all the users use"
I see. The latter case is different from Dutch, that's probably where I went wrong there.
4:39 PM
Anyway - not keyboard layouts as such, but definitely not phone numbers/addresses...
Someone picked the wrong user:
"My theory is based on the observation that the higher the reputation the less helpful and more pedantic the person." I guess that must mean I've never helped anyone. I do close a lot of bad questions, but that doesn't mean I don't help out on good questions. And yes, you need to put some effort into writing a good question, and you should do research before asking. (SO isn't a substitute for trying to do your work yourself.) — Jon Skeet 1 min ago
@ProgramFOX Honestly, I see much worse grammar from born and raised Americans. I wouldn't worry about it.
Might be worth having a look to see how many of the 99 if re-tagged - what's left over...
I only mentioned it as a point of interest.
If it is good enough so everyone understands me, it's fine for me :P
4:45 PM
@JonClements You've swung me from "convinced" to "on the fence" I feel like something should be done but I don't know what...
well - imho opinion - I don't think a syn. is appropriate - it needs to be gone through manually
just having a look at the other request
@JonClements substitute / substitution?
yeah... just looking at that now
Trying to think of any legit case that is not
and at least it'll auto-complete as expected
One is a type of teacher, and the other is a ninja move
@JonClements I can't, but then I couldn't for either.
4:57 PM
might just be me... but kind of looks like it should be the main tag
@JonClements Interesting. Why?
not sure really... people generally would want to substitute something - not necessarily think of it as "doing a substitution"
Wonder how it is for compile and compilation
So going with that - it's substitute->substitution ...
While I've got your attention, what do you think about the debate?
I haven't posted it yet because I'm much less convinced both about whether to do it and which one should be master
we were talking about it just before I pinged you
Haven't noticed it yet... I bet the blocker is that char for the C/C++/similar languages brigade is just generally going to be a plain old datatype (possibly signed 8bits) while character is generic for a char/unicode/wide etc... abstraction?
@JonClements Yeah. When I first noticed they weren't synonymed I was like "of course they should be!" but then I started to doubt it.
5:03 PM
@JonClements: Which level would you like; codeunit (encoding please?), codepoint, or grapheme? Or "unspecified", no idea what that means and don't care either?
I'll have a look in a bit if I get time... just trying to finish have a look at the other one
@JonClements Ok thanks
@Deduplicator I don't care personally. It's not what I want - as long as it's useful, has a purpose and is as close to what the community wants... I'm not bothered
@JonClements We could let it sit in a meta post for awhile, have there be discussion
5:06 PM
I'd actually expect that to gather some voices fairly quickly as a meta post ;)
@JonClements Sure. My point was more that most seem to be in the oblivious camp, which assumes they are all the same. And if they aren't, I think codeunit==character is predominant...
in GMTs, 41 secs ago, by Frank
i think the international tag shouldn't exist if it just pertains to a particular source of data (addresses, as the comment suggests)

internationalization, on the other hand, is actually a thing programmers sometimes have to do, i guess
Q: Synonymize [char] and [character]?

durron597Not your typical synonym-request, as I'm genuinely conflicted about this one. character has 3,723 questions char has 6,156 questions @JonClements in chat: I bet the blocker is that char for the C/C++/similar languages brigade is just generally going to be a plain old datatype (possibly si...

Now - is actually playing a real role
@JonClements Yeah, that's why I didn't include it in the tl;dr
One possibility I thought of was to retag the ones that are appropriate to and then burn the rest of the tags
I think it's borderline meta tag
5:22 PM
But then list-sub array-sub etc... etc...
Look who is talking @gunr2171
a substitution is the same thing on whatever
Let me make some notes and scribble down my thoughts as to how this may work. Some operations are a beep to reverse if incorrect
@rene :D
well, it's true, we are both I guess
@JonClements true
5:30 PM
@gunr2171 well played, sir, well played — Braiam 2 mins ago
Some people on meta are too damn close-happy, especially for migrated posts: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/299341 As an aside, the linked post (stackoverflow.com/q/15894912) needs to be re-closed.
I wonder whether a way for moderators to mark a migration as accepted, whatever happens, would be a good idea. Especially, or at least, for meta...
@Deduplicator we should be able to vote to reopen that.
Reversing the rejected migration that way would also work.
Why is there no edit history on the linked post?
5:45 PM
@gunr2171 No, on the main site post
Q: Show link to revision history when there are revisions but no edits

ThinkingStiffIn the latest Recent Changes FAQ I saw this: 2013-02-18: The revision history of a question that was closed as a duplicate is now showing the chosen originals as part of the "Closed as duplicate" notice. That sounds cool, so I went to go see what it looks like and realized that questions wi...

the official answer is "install a user script"? seriously?
> For most casual readers, that's all just noise - they're interested in the current state of the question, maybe how the text has evolved over time, but not all the administrative minutia.
meh, I don't care either way
I have the userscript, I'm ok
@durron597 haha - thanks... my fingers are so use to typing df for DataFrame :)
@JonClements I considered teasing you in a comment but then I couldn't think of anything funny ;)
Except for "too long; didn't fix" but wasn't funny enough imo
Maybe something like "Did you mean to substitute do a letter substitution?" :p
@JonClements lol
6:13 PM
"Kitler" is such a cool name - if you squint at the capital K - it's almost... :p
heil me i mean hi
I'll be here for the event, but won't be able to chat that much
guess why....
Meeting! yeah!
6:20 PM
We can have some fun. I'll post a word and you have to use that naturally in your meeting. Let's try Mickey Mouse ...
that might be a bit difficult
You aren't trying...at all....
@JonClements Why is nearly everything with plural synonyms synonymed to the singular version except for ?
6:24 PM
I assume we are still on for the event?
@rene Yeah though I haven't added any questions to the queue today
@close refresh tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
Remember that tag needs a lot of burnination not just closure
6:24 PM
Wow... the tag that's unwilling to give up the fight so easily :p
@rene Tag data has been refreshed.
1,345 questions tagged x.x
@JonClements don't underestimate the powers of this room ....
@JonClements Source code is down to less than 900 open questions from like 1300
are you closing all of them or untagging?
6:25 PM
@rene oh... I know better than to do that :p
@Kitler Both.
Doesn't it qualify for burning?
We finally finished deleting questions yesterday so I've moved on to questions today
done those already
@rene I know I was just explaining (thanks btw)
6:27 PM
Oh, sorry
I will be joining in the event today
@gunr2171 next word: bailout
@easwee great!
@Closey starting
@rene Don't get lost in the queue!
@Closey start event
7,935 need review
1,477 reviews today
2,698,045 reviews all-time
The tags to work on are: , , .
6:30 PM
we do first!
@Closey starting
@gunr2171 By the power of the Vote! Review!
I'm out of reviewtasks for
only 3 for me
same, 3 items
on to too broad /opionin based now
6:34 PM
The questions are getting better. Harder to find ones to close. Feel free to go to
There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[source-code]"
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "too broad, primarily opinion-based; [database]"
passed javascript audit
which was really at -12, I'm happy I got that
> You voted to close this question 22 hours ago
yeah, I know
6:46 PM
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 5 hours to continue reviewing.
@easwee I don't seem to have the start of your review session on record. I might have not been running when you started, or some error happened.
oh bot works
1 audit total - passed
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "unclear what you're asking, too broad, primarily opinion-based; [database]"
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 5 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
6:50 PM
@rene Your last completed review session ended 11 seconds ago and lasted 20 minutes. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 30 seconds.
20 minutes on the dot
@durron597 The last one has an answer needing a downvote for roomba: stackoverflow.com/a/29518379
@Deduplicator Yeah I wasn't sure about doing that. Meh. It's done now
passed java audit
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 4 hours to continue reviewing.
@gunr2171 Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
7:00 PM
@Closey last session stats
@gunr2171 Your last completed review session ended 6 seconds ago and lasted 28 minutes and 52 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 43 seconds.
Whoa. maybe needs a disambiguation effort?
@gunr2171 you should have waited 68 seconds...
I'm out...
I already burninated it, but man was one of the worst tags I've ever seen
those 11 questions could not have been more different from each other
A: Code for sorting using map reduce in c or java

Thorbjørn Ravn AndersenSearch StackOverflow for "hadoop"

7:17 PM
so tempted to flag that
but I'm flag banned :\
@KevinBrown Just downvote it
@KevinBrown No seriously, please downvote it so it gets roombaed.
7:56 PM
@KevinBrown flag banned?
@gunr2171 Got 4 flags rejected yesterday on spam seeds (which went on to be removed)
@KevinBrown On those stupid easydatafeed ones?
@durron597 Yup
@KevinBrown Those aren't "spam"
they "attempt to answer the question"
btw, I totally agree with you... I'm just referring to "how it works"
"spam" and "attempt to answer the question" aren't mutually exclusive
7:59 PM

user2391785On a MAC how do I GREP? I have a large TXT file (200MB). The sample data is below. I want to run a GREP with a regex and be able to get ONLY the following data values in my terminal response: ex: 00424730350000190100130JEAN DANIELE & I want everything up to 82700 Once I have this information, I c...

does flag banning have a timeout?
Yeah, I've got [up to] a week
well at least it's not permanent
@KevinBrown Just make an MSO post about it.
That's the issue I see with spam seeds. You're flagging a post as spam when the post itself is not spam, but might lead to spam.
8:02 PM
Yeah, I tend to avoid flagging them for that reason
Q: How to read a document and find html / meta data Java

Dan SavageI can read .doc and .docx files into java using apache poi, but the problem is they come into java in a .txt format. I'm trying to break down the document by the titles and headers and the only way these are distinguished is by their bold font. The rest of the text I would ust be reading in as b...

It seems we made the same comment at the same time @Cyrus
That GREP post still needs a lot of editing (too lazy to do it now)
@gunr2171 Yes, I was impressed by Cyrus' complete edit... ;)
That question needed too much work for me to be willing to bother.
^ hence the lazyness
8:13 PM
If it's beyond a certain threshold, -1 and VTC: unclear.
Even if I think I could edit it with enough effort.
Despite this, which is truth:
> If you care about a question, taking a few minutes to make it read as though it was written by an educated adult instead of drawn on a wall in crayon can make a huge difference in its future prospects.
I voted as "why doesn't it work", but agree
@gunr2171 At least you gave exemplary guidance...
with an auto-comment
Honestly, I kinda like the answer that Shog gave better than the other question's answer
8:26 PM
@TinyGiant BOOM
@gunr2171 sure thing. Just give me a few minutes :) — Christos 2 mins ago
too late...
I would vote, but i haz no votez left
We need a little note at the bottom of answers that have been flagged VLQ
`This post has been flagged as Very Low Quality, please keep that in mind when voting. If you think you you can improve this answer, please suggest an edit.`
multilined messages are not formatted
> This post has been flagged as Very Low Quality, please keep that in mind when voting. If you think you you can improve this answer, please suggest an edit.
8:34 PM
yes, that one
Or make users who vote up VLQ posts lose rep for voting that way if the post gets deleted
@gunr2171 Pretty soon you'll be able to review tag wiki edits, so you can get your suggested edit gold badge!!.... er.
I don't think tag suggested edits happen that frequently
bah, the accept was moved
They happen more often than I thought they would
But you'll see more spam edits (in general) than tag edits (including spam ones)
ah, ok
8:55 PM
and I'm out as well.
Q: Allow tag wiki to be referenced in duplicate close vote

Chris BakerSeveral tags, namely PHP and javascript, have extensive tag wiki entries, complete with FAQ answers and links to relevant documentation. If a user asks a question that has been addressed many, many times, we can choose to close it and link some other question as the duplicate. Sometimes, however...


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