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@PrettyGoodPancake I think using CSS would be the best way as it's a pain to add SVG for every section. Rule of thumb: if it's pretty easy to do in CSS don't use SVG
@PrettyGoodPancake perf on mobile is fine. Transform is well supported across the board
@PrettyGoodPancake Good work :)
12:38 AM
3 hours later…
4:03 AM
who's here?
3 hours later…
7:07 AM
Happy 420!!
junkie ^
7:51 AM
4:20 bitches!!!!
Damnit @crypticツ beat me too it :(
@KeyboardWarrior What's up with 4:20?
@SecondRikudo you seriously don't know 420 O.o
!!google 420
@KeyboardWarrior You iz in mindjail
@KeyboardWarrior Guess I'm one of today's lucky 10,000
@rlemon still???
7:53 AM
!!google 420
420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is a code-term that refers to the consumption of cannabis and by extension, as a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture or simply cannabis itself. Observances based on the number 420 include smoking cannabis around the time 4:20 p.m (16:20) on any given day, as well as smoking and celebrating cannabis on the date April 20 (4/20 in U.S. form). == Origins == A group of people in San Rafael, California, calling themselves the Waldos because "their chosen hang-out spot was a wall outside the school", used the term in connection with a fall 1971...
Oh, I'm not a junkie, so I wouldn't know
@SecondRikudo xD
@DarkAshelin I miss you <3
Lettuce and wine?
Meworning @DarkAshelin o/
7:59 AM
@PeeHaa Hey Nazi Hitler Potato!!!
The potato is back. All hail the potato :D
Hi $(this).mike
@KeyboardWarrior :)
8:08 AM
still struggling with "automation" @SecondRikudo just found another freaking bug
@DarkAshelin you still haven't told me why you needed my address, and I have yet to receive male genitals by mail.
@PeeHaa levi didn't trust my code xD suddenly code on php.net must be absolutely perfect xD blame him!
@Worf Why would anyone trust your code? :o
stfu and check if there are errors github.com/php/web-php/pull/68/files
it can't be worse than it was before
is it cannabis day??
8:14 AM
@Worf wrap your code in a self invoking function
@Worf if PHP_NET was already defined by an earlier module, you just screwed them over.
i tried to start a namespace because file was already polluted with global shit
@SecondRikudo nope, i checked there wasn't one
@Worf Today.
@Worf :(
And if PHP_NET will be defined in the future by a later module, they might screw you over
Wrap in a self invoking closure to make sure your functions remain yours.
Something like this
8:16 AM
I wanted to link an easy tutorial to Ajax for a newbie, but I cant find any:/ all Ajax tutorials I find on google are just really crappy. Does anyone know a good one?
!!mdn using xmlhttprequest
(function($) {
    function scrollElementIntoView() { ... }
@PeeHaa Are you a genie???
@Worf ^
This way your function remains private.
That's how you do namespacing ^
8:18 AM
@SecondRikudo the whole point of the namespace is making everything pointing at the same functions
@DarkAshelin Yeah
maybe you didn't see the rest of the file @SecondRikudo
@Worf If you want to expose it to the outside world
i am trying to do that
that file is already polluted with global shit
settle down kiddies
8:19 AM
var PHP_NET = PHP_NET || {};
PHP_NET.mymodule = (function($) {
    function scrollElementIntoView() { ... }
    return { scrollElementIntoView: scrollElementIntoView };
@DarkAshelin the best tut: gist.github.com/Zirak/3086939
no he's just showing off @KeyboardWarrior saying pointless things :D
This way if PHP_NET was already defined, it won't be defined again
@SecondRikudo Are you mod yet?
And the internals of your modules don't even rely on the global linked you've put up.
@PeeHaa Not just yet.
8:20 AM
@SecondRikudo var PHP_NET = PHP_NET || {}; is like require_once() one is supposed to know if something is already required. if he doesn't hes writing crap code. imho
@Worf But you're not the only one running that code
And you have no guarantees about the order in which things run.
@PeeHaa Don't you have an island to invade somewhere?
go awai! :P
Someone may include a JS file before you run that defines PHP_NET
As well as after you.
I will go away. /me needs coffee
i agree that var PHP_NET = PHP_NET || {}; is no harm and i can add it
will do in the next commit
8:23 AM
@mikedidthis ty
next weekend will fix more of that file
The module thing is also harmless for you.
@PeeHaa I need like 2 double espresso's
It gives you more control over what you expose, things from the outside scope will still be available, it's just that things from the inside are under your direct control.
What I posted above is the best practice for when you don't have a proper module system
@SecondRikudo again you probably didn't notice how bad is that .js file already
even if what i added is not the most sophisticated code, it's a step forward anyway
8:25 AM
@Worf your approach disgusts me.
@SecondRikudo no need to show your manliness anyway i know you are good
but you are saying things i already know
@SecondRikudo hahahahahahahaha
"I can add 2 lines of code and make this good code awesome, but nah, it's good enough as it is"
@StephanMuller o/
8:26 AM
> will do in the next commit
Seriously, if it were to require a huge refactor of the entire file, meh, I get it.
@Worf That's for the || thing
You let me understand that you don't want to do the closure thing :P
scrollElementIntoView is supposed to be used by other modules
it is a "module" itself
Its 420!!! Stahp
var PHP_NET = PHP_NET || {};
PHP_NET.mymodule = (function($) {
    function scrollElementIntoView() { ... }
    return { scrollElementIntoView: scrollElementIntoView };

Hence the point of the return ^ :)
8:28 AM
there's no $(document).ready
you are being pointless @SecondRikudo
get a drink ok
@Worf "There is no spoon"
@SecondRikudo "The cake is a lie!"
@Worf from what I read into your file, your module is the scrollElementIntoView functionality. The $(document).ready() is part of that.
Alright, meeting and bbl :)
no. not necessarily i want to enable that on all pages
at current stage i can't know that
so it's separated
posted on April 20, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by Rafael Lopes */

8:36 AM
PHP_NET is a scary name for a variable
I'd be afraid to call it, for fear of accidentally ajaxing some server to punch in the missile warhead launch codes
9:00 AM
I don't think Martijn Pieters would make a good mod.
i don't think @SecondRikudo would make a good mod either :D he's such a kid sometimes
He doesn't let his internet points go to his head though ;)
Are the results in? No.
Could anyone please give me some feedback on this design? i.imgur.com/5HKHUuA.jpg
just a mock up at the moment but would like to ask for some input before writing it up
9:11 AM
@jskidd3 If your objective is to draw attention, then it is effective imho
I wouldn't clutter it with unnecessary information, so I think it is fine as is
Sure, thanks. The app on the left is interactive and designed to introduce non-technical bus operators to newer technologies
That's great I appreciate that
Part of the brief was simple and bold so that's super :)
I think one of the biggest mistakes you can make is put too many things on it. The user is less likely going to see the right thing the more you add to it
priority is key, and you nailed it :)
Cheers Neil
so the idea is that bus drivers will use it?
I didn't even think bus drivers really needed to know anything other than getting to the next station on time
It's actually for passengers, we make mobile apps for bus companies that track the buses, then users can download the app for free and track buses to the stop
9:16 AM
Indeed :D
For the record, that main heading/paragraph underneath it will actually say something like that in production to avoid confusion
Rather than a vague introduction like it is at the moment :P
Will it only apply to a specific bus route or city?
if so, then that might be worth mentioning
@Neil Yes the content of the site will be much more detailed than it is in the moment in other pages, but these products are targeted at small private bus companise, most of whom already know about the products before visiting the site
Our site is aimed at the businesses themselves rather than passengers (it's up to the bus companies to inform their passengers that they've bought an app from us)
Sorry I have to dash, but nice speaking to you :-)
9:36 AM
Q: "Service Unavailable" error when you browse a SharePoint website

Er vikas"Service Unavailable" error when you browse a SharePoint website .

Lol pls nuke
posted on April 20, 2015 by heathermahan

The DevTools Timeline panel has always been the best first stop on the path to performance optimization. This centralized overview of your app’s activity helps you analyze where time is spent on loading, scripting, rendering, and painting. Recently, we’ve upgraded the Timeline with more instrumentation so that you can see a more in-depth view of your app’s performance. We’ve added the follow

10:23 AM
@Worf He's using capslock, so he must be onto something
@Sippy Why not?
@Sippy feggit
10:41 AM
@SecondRikudo Don't like his attitude.
@KeyboardWarrior faku
@Sippy Not sure what you mean by that.
@SecondRikudo The way he responds to people, myself included once or twice, not friendly.
is there a way to see who flags messages?
He seems to downtalk to people rather than explain.
@easwee Nope.
10:42 AM
A lot like Bartek does.
> U Y NO
10:43 AM
posted on April 20, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

@Sippy lol newb
@easwee i am.
no harm
If you were watching that struggle I apologise.
@Worf also, what's up with callbackCalled jQuery calls the callback more than once?
10:43 AM
I did - else I wouldn't write that hehe
I once edited a message 6 times
@SecondRikudo $('a, b') -> calls twice
10:44 AM
@Worf Why do you need both?
because previous code used both
@SecondRikudo Remote charges are what CS:GO lacks.
Can't you $(document).animate({scrollTop?
and i don't know why it needed both
@Worf Sounds excessive for no good reason.
10:45 AM
probably for poopstrap
Y U NO $(document).animate({scrollTop?
@Neil U Y NO*
Have you tried to see if it works for just ones?
@Neil Y U NO GASAI?!
(cc @KeyboardWarrior ^)
i can't waste days on php.net @SecondRikudo
i did my best for the time i had
@Worf You sicken me.
(Batman voice ^)
10:46 AM
Hey guys, do any of you know if I can scale a div without stretching its background (with property cover) : example jsfiddle.net/81yct6cr
next weekend i will look into it more
eat a dick noob @SecondRikudo
!!tell 22794940 eadnsfw
10:46 AM
eat a duck
@PrettyGoodPancake You can't.
@SecondRikudo Alrighty then
Transform works on an element after it's been rendered. If you don't want the background to scale, the background cannot be part of the element under transform: scale.
I thought so, but since I should animate an element width based on the user drag, I was wondering if it could be achieved using a transform property, since width animate is pretty shitty performance-wise
10:49 AM
android should work without google apps too :/
I'll try with a will-change property to see if it's a bit better
@PrettyGoodPancake What do you want to do with the background during the animation?
It's not "really" the background but the container : On drag, the container will resize (depending on the drag delta) and the background will fit the newly sized container. Add to that that there will be a lot going on during this drag (opacity, display etc) and I find myself with a low performance animation.
@PrettyGoodPancake "fit"?
I hope you understand, it's not the container that will resize.
The entire element, children and everything, will scale.
That includes text and everything.
Yep, that's why I finally animated the width instead of scale
also I didn't care much about the content scaling since everything except the background disappear during the drag
10:59 AM
@PrettyGoodPancake What do you want to happen with the background?
It should remain the same size and center itself?
It should fit as best as possible but maintain proportions?
As for the "fit" part, sorry I'm not a native speaker, and I might have use the wrong word. It should fit as best as possible but maintain proportions, like a cover would do
browsing other websites for coding solutions always makes me mad
why does he have to edit each message??? retard mod
@easwee And then people get mad at mods here saying they don't want to remove questions/answers when OP asks
My animation works "fine", I'm just worried about performance here, since it's - as you may have guessed - for mobile
@PrettyGoodPancake Sadly, you can't eat your cake and have it too. If you want background-size: cover to work, you'll have to animate width and height.
11:03 AM
@SecondRikudo yeah
Yep, that's what I did anyway. Just wanted to know if there was any workaround :) Now I'll have to look into will-change to improve current performances
What you could try with some JavaScript magic is after the drag ends, calculate the new proportions, remove the scale() and add width and height
ok cyanogen mod 12 is pretty much unstable
Then the background will look relatively crappy during the animation, but then after it's done, the background should snap back and look good.
Calculating the new proportions is relatively simple (height * scaleY, width * scaleX)
11:05 AM
@Kitler Heil Kitler!
yeah, thought about it, but the whole point of this is having the background look good during the animation
@PrettyGoodPancake In that case, it's not possible with transform.
Yep, well that's unfortunate, but it will work anyway, just not as smoothly as intended
posted on April 20, 2015 by snoofle

While Ian was working at Initech, one of the major projects he undertook was an integration with a third-party vendor. They had recently gotten set up with this product that became known internally as the Third Circle of Hell (3CoH), and wanted to export some data from it over to the vendor's website. Sales agents needed some information during cold calls, and 3CoH promised to provide the data

Hi all. Anyone who can help me with this issue? Flexbox.
11:20 AM
it's not flexbox it's foundation
Don't understand the problem...
display: -webkit-box;
display: -webkit-flex;
display: -ms-flexbox;
display: flex;

-webkit-box-flex: 1;
-webkit-flex: 1;
-ms-flex: 1;
flex: 1;

-webkit-box-align: end;
-webkit-align-items: flex-end;
-ms-flex-align: end;
align-items: flex-end;
this is why one should use only latest spec :D
@Klingon it seems that browser compatibility is a really important in his case.
sorry @CristianMatthiasAmbæk id look into it but no time atm
anyone know any good questions to ask on SO?
I'm trying to complete my badge collection :P
11:38 AM
wouldn't we ask them if we knew of a good question?
And here was my "failed" attempt at asking a good question
A: How to embed svg in html?

Persijn                                                Methods as an image using the <img> tag: <img src="mySVG.svg" alt="" /> as a background-image in CSS: .el { background-image: url('mySVG.svg'); } as an object using the <object> tag: <object type="image/svg+xml" data="mySVG.svg"> <...

it has a positive score, how has it failed?
just keep an eye on the svg tag questions, mark some duplicate of this one, ??? , profit
@StephanMuller probably new css3 features lack of several basic questions. you could try one of them
Well rather mine is a dub of stackoverflow.com/questions/4476526/…?
like i bet flexbox isn't covered at all
11:40 AM
@Worf not getting into that mess just yet
but yeah I'll find some niches
flexbox is a mess only if you want to use the 3 specs at the same time :P
i really like the idea of flex box but there are simply to many different implementations of the spec out flex-box. so getting it to work in all the browsers that "should support it" is a pain in the ass.
so i gave temporarily my tablet to my neighbor because he had his pc broken. in just some hours he managed to install android 5 thinking to make me a favor, which i was avoiding to do on purpose -__-
@Persijn one should support only the 2011 msie spec and current one
@Worf Your fault :D
the old one is just too old
it is required to support firefox older than 19, android 2.x and similar ones
it's not required
11:50 AM
so worf:
display: flex;
display: -webkit-flex;
and display: -ms-flexbox
-webkit-flex doesn't exist
and it's the oldest syntax, so it should only be
display: flex;
and display: -ms-flexbox
ah nope, it does exist, but it's still not necessary
old versions of chrome die almost instantaneously
as opposed to msie it updates itself automatically :P
bought the first USB key in my life
what part of the world do you live in?
@Persijn the part where they throw USB keys at you for free
this is the first one I pay for
2T storage then?
12:02 PM
10T weight resistant, fireproof, 200m underwater pressure resistance :D
Happy diving with your computer USB key
needed a gadget
op op op gadget USB!
go go gadget USB?
12:27 PM
I only watched italian inspector gadget
they say op op op insted of go
hello guys
@Persijn hello
@Worf Thats to bad for me, that you dont have time :) But im hoping someone can help me out a bit, at some point before i read half the web to solve it myself. If someone has some key info at the top of their head that can fix it.
12:53 PM
@Swap-IOS-Android Hi how are you doing?
1:14 PM
@easwee roflmao how odd
Hey @Sippy how are you doing today?
@Persijn Shit
1:29 PM
guys anyone with svg experience?
I have a psd file which has several layers, and each layer needs to be converted into a seperate svg ..
I don't have adobe illustrator ..
is there any way?
Why don't people ever use google
I don't get it
That site you are pointing at needs adobe illustartor
trust me, I am scratching my head from morning!
Damn it you're right.
so, any idea .. how to do that?
is there a smart way to reuse js files on the client and server?
is it crude and completely awful to simply include the file from the public folder on the server-side?
1:36 PM
The answer from rapid googling is PSD files aren't an open source filetype therefore you need Adobe software to read em
asaik, you should use the js file at the end of the body, so that you will allow the dom to load @neil
@VamsiPavanMahesh That didn't answer my question :)
@VamsiPavanMahesh "Since the October 2014 update of Photoshop CC, Photoshop can natively export SVG!!! This is awesome. Just select the layers you want to export, open the “File > Extract Assets” window. It lets you select layers and define in which format you want to export them one by one. You have the choice between JPEG, PNG and SVG! Update your Photoshop CC, try the new “Extract Assets” UI and let me know what you think. The Photoshop team is actively working on it."
no clue dude .. still a newbie in front-end
1:38 PM
@Neil To achieve wat m8
They get cached on the client anyway don't they?
@Persijn: Thanks man, I have 2012 version
anyway, this would solve my problem
@VamsiPavanMahesh The is a hack but: required version to make it work is 14.2 creativedroplets.com/generate-svg-with-photoshop-cc-beta
HI, Anyone knows if it possible to make google map marker to be a custom link? fo example <a id="marker1" href="http://google.com" title="marker1" />. I want to use marker to trigger modal windows on the page.
@Sippy Suppose you've defined a function you want to use on the server and the front-end
how would you go about it? You'd likely want to reuse the same file, not have two copies
assuming of course that we're using nodejs
@Neil ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
1:44 PM
@per: what do you think, with my university wifi I will be able to download, illustrator in 4.5 hours.. or should I download photoshop newer version, which would again take the same amount of time?
No, I am simply working on wordpress website and trying to trigger modal window with map marker by adding custom id to marker
@VamsiPavanMahesh You can download a 30-day trial of Illustrator from Adobe's website that can do what you need
@Neil seen this?
@VamsiPavanMahesh i see your problem, but you cant you tell in detail what your doing?
Because photoshop is a REALLY bad tool for making SVG art/sprites ?
1:53 PM
@Sippy Good thing I'm using requirejs then :)
That could work
posted on April 20, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by MonsieurLeMarquis */

@Feeds a Community gif ftw :-)
@Feeds i dont get it...
@Persijn big surprise that you weren't expecting and ends up being a big distraction/stress
by "blowing in the open space" it means "appearing at the office" basically
All these comics sites have a terrible grasp on the English language
except Xkcd
2:08 PM
"client blowing in the open space..." means an whole other thing in my book
blowing up would be an other thing because that could be associated with rage or explosion but would get the message across.
should be barging in
gotta love the onion :P
2:13 PM
@Kitler they are great
I'm waiting for them to do an article called "12 reasons to feel good about all of the things that make you a terrible person"
poking fun at all of those ridiculous "10 reasons why doing/being X is a good thing"
@TylerH "It remains to be seen if the wheel will catch on in the business world, where people use computers for actual work and not just dicking around"
Lost it
I would like to ignore Jitendra's questions. — meder Jul 13 '10 at 18:15
2:29 PM
@TylerH Oldie but goldie
@TylerH "It's all here. Everything you need is just a few hundred click away"
@SecondRikudo sadly not much different from reality
Is this how I have to submit Safari bugs? developer.apple.com/bug-reporting
Or do I put it on the webkit forums?
Who is Jitendra?
Jitendra Vyas?
@Sippy yeah
@TylerH Hah
2:37 PM
@ZachSaucier probably safe to do some voodoo magic, too
There's no telling when you get through to Apple developers
so webkit forums then?
@TylerH the person who asked most css questions :P
that guy started posting when I joined SO
@ZachSaucier They don't really update Safari for features
of their 30+ releases in the past two years, all but two have been pure security fixes. One of the other two just gave it a new logo and APNG support
kk, so status:not-worth for the bug report then
Hell, they're on version 8.0.5 now but the last version they released that works on Windows was in May 2012.
@StephanMuller going through old questions lately?
@StephanMuller thats not a bad question?
it's too broad with barely any effort at all by OP
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