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3:01 PM
@TylerH safari for windows was discontinued back then
@Kitler Yeah I know -_-
stupid apple
why? I don't see IE on anything beyond windows
I wonder if a tech company startup that was called Orange would be found infringing on Apple's trade dress
@TylerH There was a mobile phone provider in the UK called Orange for a long time
They're called EE now, they probably still hold that trademark though
@Kitler I hate when major browser companies don't support major OSes, but I hate when major browser companies stop supporting major OSes more :-)
@Sippy sorry, meant to say more but got distracted responding to Patsy. I mean basically an anti-apple company
one that molds itself as the opposite of Apple's approach to everything
but not overtly antagonistic
3:04 PM
If they gave Apple a cause for concern monetarily then I suspect they'd probably play games with the law
Else they likely wouldn't care
I'm fairly sure if they cared that much they would've nuked that video The Onion made
False representation and all that shite
@per: Sorry for the late reply, I am trying to participate in a Top Coder competition .. where they gave design in PSD format
@Sippy nah that's legal
@Vamsi If the shapes don't have to many vectors you can easily make remake them with programming?
But, they should be of the same size right?
Tell me what your suppose to do? and why a coding competition uses images?
3:16 PM
it's a prototype event ..
they will give design
we need to make it into a prototype
Can some one look at this? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29750067/svg-drawing-animation-progress-with-window-on-load
i think its a close vote
@VamsiPavanMahesh wich one is it?
fast blue arrow one
and which makes me question, any one of you participate in Top coder assembly competition
not that i know of on this site. Usually we here are all working and hanging out on stack overflow (SO) there are some of us that are freelancers here i think. But they have solitary projects etc.
3:23 PM
yeah, that would require more effort .. the persons who are already having jobs cannot put time in those I guess
okay so what i can see from the requirements on this project they allow SVG or large images with some compression.
You want to only go for the SVG right?
yes, svg ..
but using big images would again result in pixalation right
I mean they gave only those PSD files, we need to extract svg from them
or big images ...
Then there is no simple solution you would have to use a newer version of Photoshop or some how find a way to convert your Photoshop layers/images to svg
hmm yeah, thanks for the help anyways
@VamsiPavanMahesh im getting home from work in 15 min and i'll be home at 18:30 ish (CETS) and i think i have a new version of photoshop so i can convert the images
3:38 PM
mind giving your email id?
you've gotta be kidding me
not only did this woman use an inline style
she used !important on the inline style
@VamsiPavanMahesh cant you send me the images an other way?
is there any possibility, that you can create a fake mail (yahoo ) :p ?
3:42 PM
hey will
super concept
Does anyone know if its possible to focus an anchor "a" element on tab press? say i'm navigating inputs and when the last one is reached and the user presses tab, i want to select the anchor that triggers the next "step" in the form? i couldn't find anything on google
@VamsiPavanMahesh here is a fake email: joker_joker2015@outlook.com
ima going home now, see you in 30 :P
3:50 PM
@r3wt You can use JavaScript to detect when key code 9 is pressed
That's the key code for the tab key
Best place to ask is the JavaScript chatroom, really. Though, have a JSFiddle example or something handy when you ask
Yeah, i know that man. i just thought there might be an html way.
@per see you!
I don't think you can detect which key is pressed via HTML or CSS
hmm, @TylerH so a possible solution would be to use the last-child select to detect when the last input is focused and tab is pressed, then i can just programmatically open the next tab
3:55 PM
@easwee continue this discussion in JS room?
nope - I'm fine here
haha, ok douchey mcshit(as in shitstain)
javascript room is too crowded
just giving you a hard time
posted on April 20, 2015 by kbironneau

/* by mElt */

4:08 PM
jsfiddle.net/rgs6vLub/5 Is there a way to localize my * { } CSS so that it only works for the accordion element? It is overriding my navmenu bar and messing up links in my web app
@chronotrigga .accordion, .accordion * {}
why are you making your own accordion anyway?
there are a lot better ones already made that are open source
Thank you very much for this
good question, no answer haha.
Who's up for some css animations?
jsfiddle.net/66sptnr1 << need to make it exit from the right
exit from right?
you mean exit to right?
Currently looking for a better solution than document.activeElement
4:17 PM
as in the green overlay comes in from the left, fills the entire thing and then start leaving from the right
I gotcha
@Kitler s/from/leaving to/toward the right
I tried animating the width + margin to give it that effect, and in reality i m using the svgs as bg images, but the tick at the bottom moves with it so that's bad
you're right, that does look funny
lol yeah :P
that's what i got so far
need to simulate the width being animated from the right corner instead of the left one while keeping the image fixed x.x
4:26 PM
@r3wt jsfiddle.net/TylerH/m1x4t3gq/1 can't seem to have any luck with document.activeElement, but something along these lines? Anyway, I'm off to lunch
!!afk lunch
@Kitler That's a use case for clip-path
hmm lemme read up, never used it
can do an SVG clip path to get it working in all but IE
it's what my Codrops article is on partially :P
ah that's not an option
kk, then you're boned AFAIK
use a gif
4:28 PM
got an idea though, since it's a bg image i can animate the container's left while animating the bg position in the opposite way
might work
because it supports clip-path, just not animating it
may be able to get IE support
sauce to article
not up yet :P
ah :P
essentially, Kitler, you use <svg style="display:none"><def><clipPath id="someID"><yourShape> in the HTML and clip-path:url(#someID) in the CSS
then can just make a rectangle inside of whatever element you put the clip-path on and animate that (using scaleX or translateX)
4:34 PM
got it working with css lemme show you
ah crap won't work in the fiddle, need the svgs to be a bg image
so basically i m animating the bg position and translating the element in opposite directions
can use the same background-img:url(#someID) to make it a bg image
@VamsiPavanMahesh ima back:D
(y) :)
I have pinged you in that email!
@Vamsi i i sent you a reply
seen it .. on my way ..
4:52 PM
got it i'll see if can convert i
ok, try to just convert the arrow into svg
lol you guys familiar with venmo ?
haven't used it
Was checking them out and their live feed keeps getting stuff like that :P
@VamsiPavanMahesh..... dude you should have shown me the image before i needed to convert it XD
4:58 PM
I'll give the image then ..
@VamsiPavanMahesh nononon XD
The file is an mockup
a sketch
yes, they asked to take svgs from them only
wait wait what? they want you to use the elements in the image you gave me?
5:00 PM
yes, exactly .. we need to convert them into svg
and then use it in html
Thats makes no sence ..... i can make a fiddle in like 10 -20 min that has all these elements in a webpage. Wel give me 2 sec i find this really strange...
5:23 PM
okay this is taking a while, but i dont think i'll give up
haha ok. Mean while I'll try to get hands on a adobe illustartor
@Kitler upload the bg images to imgur :-P
imgur dsn't let you upload svgs
oh you need the bg image to be an svg
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
CopyPaste Fail
5:44 PM
btw sriracha is the most over rated hot sauce i v ever had
no idea why the oatmeal raves about it
i v had indian spices that make it look like it's tobasco :P
5:56 PM
any idea why JSFiddle is saying myTarget.addEventListener("focus", orders, false); is not a function
what is myTarget
also sauce
It didn't throw the error when I used lastItem instead of myTarget
6:09 PM
@per there?
@Vamsi sorry man its getting to late i cant fix it unfortunattly
ok cool ..
no problem
So, using Firefox's CSS modificator (Dev), I can easily target & change the "LINE-HEIGHT" of a certain element; however, using my uploaded .CSS, I can't change the height 1 bit ... ||| How could this be, please? Any suggestion?
||| Solved: my CMS added an extra "p" element inside the element-to-be-targetted ... =D Something which happens a lot.
6:34 PM
i have a theory. it can't be a case that phpstorm reminds poopstorm
!!urban poop storm
@Worf poop storm When everything around you, particularly in a workplace enviroment, seems to blow up out of control. Usually people are flying around to get things done.
you mean shit storm
@Worf where do you think they got the inspiration for the name?
@TylerH same thing
it can't be a case
they did it on purpose
@rlemon I v been reading the singularity is near, great book thanks for sending it :D
6:50 PM
a fascinating question, but off-topic for Stack Overflow
jsfiddle.net/rgs6vLub/13 Can anyone give me insight on the changing the inside header element font color to white after clicking my accordion element?
my eyes
@TylerH not so sure it's off topic
it is
7:01 PM
he is asking about statistics math but also how to implement that
@Worf it has no code, it's about an algorithm that already works, it is primarily opinion-based
all are Off-Topic
and that's too broad for so
@chronotrigga .accordion dt .on { color: white; }
this implicates that .on is child of the dt, which it's not
the correct rule would be dt.on
math is usually not opinion based
(without the space in between)
7:01 PM
anyway meh
.accordion dt.on { color: white; } with no spaces?
@Worf that's just like, your opinion, man!
@chronotrigga correct
because the .on is on the dt itself, not a child of it
Lol poor guy: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29754669/looking-for-a-cross-browser-html5-datalist-control?noredirect=1

5 views on his question, every single one cast a close vote
@StephanMuller ouch
@Worf you haven't seen much high level math then :-P
ah gotcha it worked, thanks! however when I hover it's still black
7:05 PM
I tried to remove by .accordion dt:hover but it didn't work :(
@chronotrigga that's because dt.on is more specific than dt:hover so it always gets applied. Make the hover rule equally specific
thank you for your help, understood exactly
gd I can't work on this site anymore until this woman releases the master file so I can remove all the !important inline styles
lol .net
that's really cool
7:20 PM
whoah, cv queue is down to 7.6k currently
@ZachSaucier yep, the vote aging really makes a difference
only daily, though, it seems
@Kitler omg I want one
100$ though
I don't really write in pen that often
same here
but would be a great gift for my dad
he said he doesn't know if he'll continue making them after the kickstarter campaign... I'd say open source the CAD designs
once the project is over
so anybody can do it themselves with their own block of grade 5 titanium
7:30 PM
@TylerH what's that?
but yeah I was also surprised at the low number
Q: Age close votes after 14 days, regardless of views, allowing recasting

Shog9I've been putting this off for a long time... Close vote aging - the deactivation of votes that haven't resulted in a question being closed - is a critical part of the vote-to-close system, but has something of a troubled history: all too often, it has been more annoying than useful, capricious...

Close Votes now expire after 14 days
So that means a lot of 1-CV questions in the queue are removed automatically
oh was it the vote cap that kept it so high? never realized
previously they never expired
I see
7:39 PM
Sorry, I linked the wrong one
yeah got me confused, although that one is also interesting
I disagree with this "feature"
7:54 PM
I am confused by this feature. Some one dumb it down?
@mikedidthis Previously, if you close-voted a question, that question would be added to the CV queue until it is closed. Now, if the question is not closed within 14 days of your CV, then your CV will expire
which means if your CV was the only one on the question, then the question will no longer have any CV action pending on it, so it will be removed from the CV queue
However, you can repeatedly CV the same question if your CV keeps expiring
kinda seems like bad questions will be harder to close?
Well, all questions are harder to close now because you have to close them quickly
previously a question could have garnered 5 CVs over the course of months
thanks for the explanation.
The StackExchange team's logic is that, if the question isn't closed after a couple weeks, it's probably not a bad question
which is terrible logic
8:00 PM
innocent until proven guilty
I object to the feature on the grounds that 1. that's bad logic 2. I don't think my CV opinion should expire. If it is CV-worthy now, it will be CV-worthy in 5 months (edits notwithstanding)
mostly #2
8:23 PM
You're twisting their words though
> if the question isn't closed after a couple weeks, it's probably not a bad question
Where do they say that? Isn't it just your interpretation of the rule that you are condemning?
it was the takeaway from my extended conversation in the comments, and in the SO Close Vote Reviewers chatroom with Shog
I don't recall anymore exactly what words they said, it's been a month or so
I'm never sure, is it considered it worth it cv'ing an old question with upvotes and an accepted answer if the question is actually quite bad?
also a jquery answer, makes me sad
@StephanMuller yes
@StephanMuller nuked from orbit
8:41 PM
8:56 PM
Good eavning all. I currently have a flexbox issue im trying to iron out http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29733831/foundation-5-sticky-footer-working-example-but-has-bugs-to-iron-out
If anyone has time and suggestions to fix, im all ears. Updated the post 15 mins ago
arstechnica.com/business/2015/04/… Google pls, come to my town
9:25 PM
@rlemon heh
@rlemon curious why you pinged Patsy
he's always saying 'mah nigah'
looks like he's done that before
if anyone ever tackles this
A: Keyboard not working in boot menu

easweeI had this same problem today, when I was trying to boot from a USB stick and couldn't move around in Boot Menu. It used to work fine with my old keyboard which was connected to a PS/2 port, but for a year now I've been using a new keyboard over USB, which won't work by default. I'll guess you a...

haven't posted on superuser for a long time and that answer was there alone for 2 years hehe
9:37 PM
@rlemon lol
@rlemon mah nigah :D
hangouts soon? I got normal people internet now
@Kitler People's Internet of China
9:57 PM
how can i install rvm on windows
you don't
You install ubuntu or get a mac
rvm on windows is horrible
ruby in general on windows is horrible
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