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6:10 AM
6:32 AM
the fb like button plugin changed its style, not the code, still ~60kb of shit lol
8:32 AM
!!youtube bangles manic
!!youtube boomtown monday
8:35 AM
!!youtube stormy monday
@Wes Is it possible to crop an image using display:table.?
i mean which way do you want to crop the image?
8:57 AM
can any one help me on HTML ?
<div id="content" contenteditable="true" style="font-family: Helvetica">This is out Rich Text Editing View <div><br></div><div><img src="file:///var/mobile/Applications/A07FE7F9-347D-4DEA-9799-38F612161477/Documents/photo1.png"></div></div></html>
how can i set placeholder of this ?
you can't on contenteditable
@Wes ok thank you :)
@Wes lul. Sorry I haven't slept, so I am making no sense.
9:03 AM
'haven't slept. still waking up.'
sense. this makes none.
@Purify kinda fitting then :D
the question was legit since display:table-cell doesn't support overflow:hidden
you can fix that using table-layout:fixed or wrapping the content with an element with overflow:hidden
you can also use css clip:; for cropping an image
9:06 AM
but it's different
since when was @Wes the CSS guru?
@Purify like, for ever.
9:20 AM
basically I want to center the images. I may just use background image instead
erm, where's display table? where are the imgs? xD /coffee
are you going to do a horizontal accordion?
@Wes no, photoset. I removed the display table. I removed the images as they reloaded on each key press :D
actually margin-left:-150px; it's wrong since image also has borders, but anyway, just making a point
9:32 AM
@Wes yeah. It was a half arsed idea I had a 3am this morning.
I have to draw these 'cells' and I wanted to get away from using javascript to center images, as I need to recalculate it on window.resize
slaps @mikedidthis wrist
slaps @mikedidthis face
feels so wanted
I had to get in on the fun >.<
for all the wrong reasons @mikedidthis
what are you doing awake @crypticツ O_o
9:35 AM
@Purify correct.
@Purify listening to music, defending the PHP room from help vampires and writing my compile script for Nginx.
@Purify she woke up just to slap me
you wish you were that special.
only if you consider "special" being slapped in the face
@Wes depends what you are into
9:43 AM
yeah i have that too, the proof you have no life xD
@Wes we can be sad together, its ok.
!!afk crying...
@mikedidthis Apricots are people too!
user image
9:51 AM
holy fuck
this website wins life
@Purify O M G!!
where is the Nginx cheatsheet =o(
morning all
@Purify Do you use a mac?
if so this app is very good for keeping all your documentation in one place kapeli.com/dash
@Will nope
10:01 AM
Ah fair enough :P
don't like OSX.
10:19 AM
@mikedidthis You taste just like raisin.
@CapricaSix thank you sweetie.
@mikedidthis We would like to hire you. Please carefully follow the directions in the pic here- http://t.co/w6CkfZjarg
@mikedidthis sfw?
el oh el
at least she's commited
appears to be changing the image with every tweet she spams
10:44 AM
@mikedidthis That site works well. I like my little app for it though :P
Urm... OK.
i wonder why narrow fonts are so rare
i know just a few of them, yanone, pt sans narrow, archivo, open sans narrow
of which only yanone is cool enough to be used for headings
10:58 AM
i'm talking of free fonts obv
hello ! when i use this: @media screen and (max-width: 320px) in which screens it applies? those with >= 320 px? or to those with <= 320 px?
0 to 320
11:37 AM
does anyone know an emulator to test my site to diferrent size of screens?
eg laptop, cellphones
sory if my question is silly, but how it works?
i bookmark it
i found it
@mikedidthis did you pass out yet?
12:01 PM
@Purify no, still crying
if i write this:
@media screen and (max-width: 320px){ ....}
and then
@media screen and (max-width: 480px){ ....}

for a screen width of 300 px which one will apply? the 1st or the 2nd one?
the first one
I'd recommend using
I can understand how that would be confusing.
/* Large desktop */
@media (min-width: 1200px) { ... }

/* Portrait tablet to landscape and desktop */
@media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px) { ... }

/* Landscape phone to portrait tablet */
@media (max-width: 767px) { ... }

/* Landscape phones and down */
@media (max-width: 480px) { ... }
and then maybe one at 320px - although this is a template. realistically these should be built around the style.
12:06 PM
@mikedidthis obviously new :p
pick either min-width or max-width not both.
!!google mobile first media queries
pff mobile first
!! google desktop first media queries
either way will do
but keep the flow going at least in one direction.
thx guys
there's nothing wrong with using min and max at same time, except msie8
i am newbie to this..
with msie8 it's easier to do only with min-width
12:10 PM
@Wes has spoken.
get off my back @mikedidthis
with msie 8 it's easier to drink a cup of bleach!
@Purify ok ok rite i shut up
So.. do all of you have a Degree in any sort of IT for working with Webdesign ?
I do.
You dont have to have one though
i haz bsc web design
12:15 PM
I didn't even finish college.
Brb. Gonna ask a second question :p just skying
degree and phd in fancazzism
@Wes nothing wrong with them no, but they can be confusing.
!!urban fancazzista
@Wes fancazzista A fancazzista is a specialist in the art of doing nothing. Fancazzista comes from the Italian root word "cazzo" meaning dick and the common italian expression "Non fare un cazzo" which means doing nothing. The literal word for word translation then would be "Not doing dick"
12:16 PM
honours in being a jackass.
@mikedidthis university was more useful to me for the connections
@Purify true
in fact i started working with people met at the university
I didn't but I got the job I have now through a university posting
I have a bunch of high mem images, need to serve them differently.
jQuery option seems the best
12:33 PM
Alright! Thanks for the backup guys. Just my much much older half brother telling me I need to get a "IT Sales certificate, or else no one is going to hire me without any paper credentials" ... I am pretty sure he has no clue about web freelancing though. I had a couple of people I did some small things for without taking any classes
My eyes hurt from all the Eye rolling from that skype call ^^
12:45 PM
IT sales certificate?
for freelance deving?
ikr ? He has no clue.. but he is German.. And very keen on correct paperwork :p Something I lost when I migrated to Denmark 10 years ago ^^
I thought you were german
from your nicing name.
Oliver nice-ing
are you nice-ing?
Or beauty / pretty. I like that more :p Yeah I am, I guess. I identify as Danish at this point. If anything
beauty / pretty is more
so just nice for you.
Yeah I guess. My narcissism will have to deal with it
12:51 PM
I installed LiveReload yesterday. What a great thing!
hardly works with sublime
? Works for me ? Unless you can't deal with having 2 windows side by side :p
naw I mean
it sometimes takes like
5 minutes to update
@Purify +1 I couldn't get it too work either.
12:57 PM
and sometimes it updates straight away
really temperamental.
Idk. I think I only had it bug up once. Perhaps you need an unregistered version of windows 8 to make it work
^ that works really really really well.
Nice :) I check it out. I would like to get into FF.. but ugh... their JS engine is so much worse than Chrome
i avoid FF like the plague
I dunno, I just find FF + Firebug nice
Chrome has some issues with paint.
12:59 PM
Yeah, like drawing the page.
I just overall dislike Google more and more.. But they do have a fast browser.
^reason why I'm moving to Opera asap
Canvas? Or do you just mean when the page renders differently than in FF ?
when they sort their shit out
1:00 PM
Lol.. Opera New... Stealing the V8 xD
only reason i'm on chrome is because of webkit
You mean Opera that now uses Blink?
I may go and grab IE11 but I have to buy Windows 8. And I was planning on going Ubuntu
And blink which is webkit?
and webkit which is chrome.
1:01 PM
IE11 is available for Windows 7
So Opera is essentially Chrome?
with their skin/feature set ontop
IE11 JS engine is a beast then? I did not try it yet
@Purify so your arguement makes... no sense.
The render is the same.
yes it does lawl
I dislike google so I move from their browser to another
makes perfect sense
1:02 PM
@Purify use Chromium.
naw opera has speed dial
and offline mode
and opera turbo
and a few other neat things
When one of u / both have time. ping me and tell me in a few words what is good about -webkit- because I always see it as stupid and they should just "directly implement it" but I may just be ignorant
@OliverSchöning essentially, it implements new standards faster than anyone else.
tbh, I don't give a damn what browser you use. I just like winding Purify up.
@mikedidthis such a troll
1:04 PM
@Purify I wish, I lack the capacity to troll.
capacity intitiated
Off topic: If you seen any nice blogs, show me.
I need to work on a new theme this week, but I am unsure of what to do. I just know its called Tom.
Tom and Jerry theme!
and sell approx 0
1:11 PM
Zombie [nsfw-ish]: imgur.com/gallery/Vq9Hf77
@mikedidthis I am not sure how I feel about that one
Let me use my superpowers to see if Google translate was right
Yeah.. I think so.. Wow.. Swedish aint easy to read man
My ex-gf was swedish
i'm aware how difficult it is
1:27 PM
@Purify blonde?
i was going to:
she had a hot blonde friend tho
I placed my hand. But I did not read what was going on.
1:28 PM
my hands not the size of a child
myke bra
hottest people on the planet
1:32 PM
later quit for a couple of hours getting ready for a client
1:47 PM
What am I doing wrong here:
-_- eish
posted on November 11, 2013 by Christian Holst

    Product findability is key to any e-commerce business — after all, if customers can’t find a product, they can’t buy it. Therefore, at Baymard Institute, we invested eight months conducting a large-scale usability research study on the product-finding experience. We set out to explore how users navigate, find and select products on e-commerce websites, using the h

@OliverSchöning mind blown
2:18 PM
cry I don't think I am gonna get my Canvas to run at 60 fps on this machine
2:39 PM
Hi @mikedidthis
urm.. hi
can u help me?
my div is correct:
<a href=""><div id="service3Button" class="servicesButtons centerAlign-horizontally centerAlign-vertically ie6ExpandingBoxProblemSolver">اطلاعات بیشتر</div></a>
what's your problem?
but when I add a tag to it, it appers in incorrect form:
so, u say that I must set some styles for a tag?
so, can I do it without set styles for a tag
2:45 PM
what he said
just cut my website load time by 1second
oh yeahhh
I know that;
and how to design
but I want to do that without add some styles to a tag
@mikedidthis -> I use this instead of that:
#mikespenis{width:37px;height: 15px;}
@Purify your mom loves girth, what can I say.
2:50 PM
not so much into length though apparently
@mikedidthis -> I know that
anyway, tnx
I should add some styles to a tag
I haven't 100 Lines of Codes
Your code is so bloated, even Greenpeace are manning the harpoons
after completing test
I will clean my codes
@media only screen and (min-width: 769px) {
I only work on this part for now
when I complete my codes for this part
I will apply changes to other @media-s and I'll clean my codes
@mikedidthis learn how CSS, I am agree with all :P
good morning
@CarrieKendall Sup.
2:59 PM
@mikedidthis meanie meanie
24 messages moved to Trash can
@MRS1367 no sorry, I can't help.
@Purify done.
3:20 PM
Wes has removed Purify from the list of this room's owners.
posted on November 11, 2013 by Chris Coyier

The following is a guest post by Rob Dodson (@rob_dodson). Rob and I were going back and forth in CodePen support getting Polymer (a web components polyfill, kinda) working on a demo of his. We did get it working, and things kind of evolved into this article. Take it away Rob. Recently I was working with a client to train their internal teams on how to build web applications. During this pro

a couple of days ago there was a discussion about using bad words in chat, try to do our best being professional
me included of course
i mean mentioning gentlemen's private parts
3:25 PM
I mean who was the comment directed at? me?
nope, purify actually but that's not the point
i have used bad words many times, better stop doing it
urm... ok.
that wasn't a lecture, i'm just saying
people entering reading about gentlemens vegetables isn't professional at all xD
3:31 PM
No I know you wasn't.
i remember clearly that i have tuned font size to get the best antialias possible on windows
but chrome keeps changing and every time the bad antialias appears
@Wes live with it.
but still the rendering sucks, why don't they just fix it?
I mean, its a good test that way
you are seeing what your users are seeing.
3:33 PM
yeah but i can't live checking if fonts still render nice
i mean they just change bits but they don't resolve the problem
and they obligate me to change the font size every time
in fact canary still have antialias issues, but in a different way
Just finished a project at work
3:42 PM
also, @mikedidthis do you remember the svg font hack?
url('fonts/font-name.svg#gotham-bold') format('svg'),
used to resolve the problem, but they changed chrome to always download the woff instead of the svg one -__-
@Will LOL
@Wes it was a nasty hack
@Will good job :D
Thanks man. Having a coffee with the feet up now ;)
3:48 PM
@Will I don't blame you. I have one video left and I will be doing the same :D
@mikedidthis yeah, seen already... i wonder what maldonado will do now
@Wes is it odd that I see things and think of internet friends?
@mikedidthis aha like what? that i might be interested reading that news? xD
@Wes I saw that on the BBC site, thought of you.
I saw ^ that and thought about @rlemon who ordered pizza at the weekend.
@mikedidthis rlemon is afk: cleaning his keyboard after last night, might take a weekend
3:52 PM
Maybe I need to get out more
@mikedidthis lol
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