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8:01 PM
@Jonta are we forming our own W3C?
it doesn't make sense though. If longer columns are allowed to span multiple rows, and the row below contains a different grid (e.g. 4 columns instead of 3), then the math will be off for spaning total width allowed for that row
@crypticツ No? Just holding a competition, akin to photo- or drawing competitions. But, like e.g. CSS Zen Garden, I want contestants to use the same HTML.
oooh, that actually sounds fun
@Jonta make a chat message with the details of the event, etc and I'll pin it. If enough people upvote it we'll make it a room event.
@crypticツ Err, it was going to be for a different IT-forum, with a prize relevant to pretty much just one nationality, but if you still want: Sure.
8:13 PM
(I seem to take a lot of things for granted here. Apologies for the bad explanations)
I guess just post the link and will star it
People need a user account on the forum though.
(Free registration)
oh no, that might be considered spamming then, I dunno =oP
^^ - I'd be flattered if a non-English friendly competition got that kind of attention (:
ping @kaᵠ
8:18 PM
yes maam
read above por favor
(My main goal in coming here was to get technical advice. My experience with CSS is rather limited)
@kaᵠ I don't know if we should be promoting another tech site by advocating for such a contest. Now helping contestants like @Jonta with HTML/CSS is what we would do anyways if asked for help. But I was thinking we could run something similar on SO. Where the question is posted with the HTML to use, the rules, and maybe point categories based on accessibility, browser compatibility, use of CSS3, optimization, etc and contestants post their version as an answer. Whoever gets the most...
8:25 PM
reading now
upvotes wins the accept and also a bounty, which others can of course add to.
I'd have to check with the mods if they would protect such a thing, and if it would be allowed, since it is
@crypticツ running that ourselves will probably be a bad idea (on SO at least)
SE system could be good for that, there are OS clones, but... need to test this, think it, users rep-whore here, it's flawed!
code review... might fit :)
check with the mods there then
i think we can help @Jonta why not link to his contest?
@Jonta have a demo ready?
@kaᵠ No. Asking for advice before letting it out the gates.
8:31 PM
@Jonta so.. advice on what more exactly
didn't quite get the question
Which HTML-tags to use. There are things like <abbr>, that may not make sense.
I want to supply the HTML, for the contestants (newbies, hobbyists mainly) to write the CSS for.
not deprecated tags in html5
style a <hr> even
depends @Jonta
On what? Am going to use a Wikipedia-article as a starting point.
@Jonta what are gonna be the restrains ?
they can style the whole page any way you like it, dunno how you're gonna judge that
8:47 PM
Style it any way they want (within norwegian law), 1 week.
@crypticツ flushed dns trice, change didn't got to my ns
@Jonta norwegian law? does that limit website design?
©, cp etc.

"And of course, the 2nd CSS-act of 2010, which forbids the use of a prime number of identifiers"
8:50 PM
9:24 PM
@Xarcell you might consider to switch to wordpress? not but wordpress installed by yourself
evening chaps
9:40 PM
@Wes see you think we can find a way to do this?
it's a nice idea but stackexchange must allow it, no? it can be done in the chat by the way, not with the same visibility of the main SO site, but enough..
@kaᵠ Suggestions then? :)
@Wes we were thinking maybe codereview.SE?
codegolf more?
anyone will be welcomed to participate
what is codegolf?
9:51 PM
but a moderator/admin must be involved i think, somehow
needs to be approved
@crypticツ kinda somewhat somehow a something like umm.. this contest :P
we should label it as a challenge not contest =oP
someone should register
lol @crypticツ
9:58 PM
css-pls ? as in me needs moar design/bettr design ? not enough jQuery
jquery sux
started writing a simple app in jquery+jquery_mobile... fast dev (good for prototyping) then replaced everything with pure js
slow, lots of boilerplate
@kaᵠ I've never heard of this JS O_o
@crypticツ well.. let me tell you then: JS is named after the one who started using it first... Jack Sparrow he invented it back in [long time ago] and now it was bought by NASA and renamed to Jet Sonic or Jump Set or Jumbo Steam something like that, never can be sure
i'm out, that story made me sleepy
10:24 PM
@kaᵠ Is this the tale, of Cpt. Jack Sparrow?
Yes, of course, Captain JS they called him :)
/gone poof
@kaᵠ you must go to hollywood, they'll pay you for this story
i think i'm going to remove both "repeat password" and "repeat email"
if users mispell email they can register themselves again or if they mispell the password, they can reset it with the dedicated tool
10:35 PM
also i could use a cron job to automatically delete accounts never activated and older than 6 months for example
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