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Q: css grid systems and nonconforming elements

JohnMerlinoThere's many grid system frameworks available. The premise is there is the group level (rows) and at the column level (e.g. 2 columns per row, 3 columns per row, 4 columns per row, etc). All the columns are supposed to have uniform width when they appear in the same row. As this particular framew...

1:58 AM
@Wes should we just put a pin called CSS3 Tips: and then put comma or | separated list of links? That way it's not repetitive with the title or the CSS3 wording in the links. For example:
as you wish miss
and just repost it and re-pin as we add to it?
mh dunno
aah brb
we could create a list of links on a remote page and update that
2:02 AM
@Wes I'm actually switching from Wordpress to Blogger. Simply because I like the intergradation of blogger, picasa, drive, and youtube, all for for free. I'm a web designer, graphic designer, web host, and photography. BY switching to blogger, I'm stream-lining my workflow.
@Xarcell better if you don't use wordpress.com btw because you can't customize the template
I was hosting my own sites originally. Then I decided to merge my photography site, web design site, and my web hosting site in order to stream-line my workflow. I'm trying to cut back to save costs, maintenance, and make it easier by just having one blog, rather than 3 to keep up with. I have 9 total sites that I have been managing for three years. It's getting to be too much to handle...
The only site I hosted at blogger was my photography. www.xarphotography.com . It's a old design though, so don't laugh at it. :P The other 8 sites I host myself...
@Wes I can make a github repo with a markdown file and give room owners access?
@crypticツ ok
2:18 AM
Will even allow us to put working examples that people can download then.
ok gimme a few mins
What should we name?
lol, what about "SO-html-gang"
That sounds aggressive =oP
aren't we aggressive? :P
2:22 AM
btw you decide, it's the same for me
"HTML/CSS Examples" repo name, desc "Examples For The Stack Overflow HTML/CSS Chat Room"
is git markdown allowed in desc?
i guess so
you mean in the readme file?
for the repo itself
I should probably make an org, so it's not under my name but the org. The org name can be alphanumeric with dashes, what would work?
i don't know i'm new to git/github
2:31 AM
pick a name alphanumeric with dashes for the organization name.
is chat room one word or two officially?
i think SO-HTML-CSS-chat-room would be perfect, no?
ok so apparantly chatroom can be one word just like bathroom, restroom, etc. so will make it one so will look prettier =oP
@crypticツ tsk, girls (3)
Should we put SO in it? Some people may not know what it stands for, and it looks like it's some web technology like HTML or CSS since upppercase and next to it
HTML-CSS-chatroom ? I can put the SO reference in descrip
2:37 AM
um ok better without it. maybe instead we could add DOM (and in the actual chatroom name as well)
Then we'd have to change the room name as well =oP
don't forget microdata
apparantly we can rename the org if we have to
actually there's nothing much to say about coding microdata, and maybe it's more related to webmaster.stackexchange instead
dom instead is strictly related to html and css
2:41 AM
this is you right? github.com/WesNetmo
Im stuck on this problem and would need some help. I need to implement ajax functionality to my emailvalidation but i have no clue how. Any help is much appreciated
@Sebastian code? link?
Wrong one
Hold on
you want to validate an email with php via ajax? you should do it in javascript on client side, without any xmlhttp request, and after that on form submit, validate it server side
2:53 AM
It doesnt have to be php. If javascript is more suitable than i should use that i guess
I'm not to good with javascript
@Wes github.com/HTML-CSS-chatroom still want to add DOM to it? I can still do it
you will need to validate it with php later, when form is submitted @Sebastian what about using the simple <input type="email"> instead?
Didnt know that was an option. How would what im trying to do in javascript and ajax look?
@crypticツ ok yes (i'm changing the room name also)
room topic changed to HTML/CSS/DOM: ▇▇▇ DON'T ASK TO ASK, JUST ASK ▇▇▇ Support room for newest web technologies (HTML, CSS, DOM) and related ones [css] [css3] [dom] [html] [html5] [microdata]
3:02 AM
lol, we need a nice 420x420 gravatar
I put a retard horse as a test one 0_o
it will surely became the official logo
damnit, adding DOM to it creates scrollbar, should we remove 'chatroom'?
you know... OCD can be cured :P:P:P:P
leave "chat" only instead of "chatroom"
ok let's see if it make it one line
now to find a classy gravatar!
3:18 AM
Im looking at this system:
what if you have one grid that spans two rows?
You have one grid that spans two rows, and you still want other grids to appear in those two rows. How is this grid system accomplishing that with adding the proper top and bottom margin to separate the two rows?
@Wes whoa!!
thats awesome
@JohnMerlino i'm sorry but i don't know how responsive grids scripts work... you could ask in the JS room
@crypticツ very poor quality :( i will do a better one soon
3:26 AM
it looks great @Wes uploaded
it will look even better! lol
@crypticツ now we have to create a repository right?
yeah, we should make one for each example
since each repos may contain multiple files, we want to keep any JS and CSS seperate from the actual code so people can download the repos itself zipped for use.
Each repos can also have a markdown file which can give explanation of the code, and a link to say a demo jsfiddle?
isn't using folders enough? it will be easier to mantain, and we can use txt files as readme
each repo will be in it's own folder, it keeps it all organized that way
if we put it all under one repo we have a single main folder with just sub-folders and no descriptions can be done on them.
3:38 AM
i mean that creating a repo every time is tedious instead of just committing a new folder's content
@DaveRandom need your advice on this. He knows more about Github than I do.
btw you took this chat thing seriously, not as me :P lol but i will help of course
I'm crazy =oP
ok, bbl going to eat and watch movie
3:45 AM
kk have a good time :P
3:57 AM
is there an html eqivalent to jsfiddle or you just use jsfiddle as well?
jsfiddle is ok
4:13 AM
does this question make sense to you guys?
Q: how does grid system compensate for variation in column heights?

JohnMerlinoBelow I am using an extraction from the 12-grid 960px system. <style> body { background: gray; } #container_12 { width: 960px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; background: white; overflow: hidden; } .column_1, .column_2, .column_3, .column_4, .column_5, .column_6, .colu...

@JohnMerlino nowadays css is very limited for these sort of things, any cross browser solution requires javascript
@JohnMerlino have a look at mozilla's flexbox
it's not cross browser, afaik it works only on mozilla & webkit
4:23 AM
you could try with <table role="presentation">
using colspan/rowspan as you wish
or you can use display:table/display:table-row/display:table-cell using nested tables
i would use this last one
So are you saying for the situation that I presented in the question, that you would use tables instead of divs?
yes definitely
4:27 AM
nowadays is the only choice
4:46 AM
I really like the layout of the newegg site
very simple design but yet it still is clean and comprehensive
5:09 AM
@JohnMerlino that newegg.com ?
if you ask me it's a mess! :P
@Wes yeah, its really cluttered, and everything is all over the place
it's also ugly
I'm going to register oldegg.com
have a look at this eprice.it (in italian)
5:28 AM
Hi peeps! :)\
6:52 AM
Is it possible to use a 'startupscreen' for a web-app built in html/js/php/css
you mean displayed during loading?
7:10 AM
And if there is a way to load resources already
like all images that are used in the app
is loading that heavy that you need a startup screen? :P
No but It would be cool if some one ipad add's it to his homescreen
should see a startupscreen.
( only a few sconds)
Like 2 seconds max)
ok wait i'm writing the code
@mikedidthis you look surprised =oP
Its early! :)
and also hey @crypticツ
7:28 AM
cool, on jsfiddle load event doesn't work
Hi guys
hey @user2015854
Well, I'm struggling with a problem since yesterday, maybe you can help me
Cool thanks Wes! :-)
What problem are U struggling with @user2015854
7:33 AM
yw also add -*-transition:
@user2015854 just post the problem, no need to wait :)
But I was thinking about a work around in css/js
Do you think you can parse an image and make the color white transparent ?
@user2015854 I don't think you ever going to get a perfect solution, can you not use an svg?
@mikedidthis nope, no svg, only png...
Altough its a pretty cool exercise
7:37 AM
@user2015854 pngs is fine as well
@user2015854 transparent pngs is the easiest / cleanest way.
Well, I know, but for some reason the resizer I use with my php framework keep on adding white backgrounds to transparent images
And it's a bit late now to change it
@user2015854 I am pretty sure your 'resizer' will have settings for making a 24 bit png.
@user2015854 Personally I think 'fixing' the resizer is a better solution than messing with css3 shapes.
@mikedidthis yeah you must be right
@user2015854 not about being right, its about making life simple. There will always be a tiny 'gap' where the top of the packet meets the body, but smokes have that anyway.
@user2015854 if you really can't get a transparent png, then I would suggest looking at making rectangles, and using a triangle on the puesdo element.
@mikedidthis I thought about triangles, but I'm not a triangle expert yet
@mikedidthis Well, in my resizer bundle (I'm using laravel), I've found this
| Background colour
| Default background colour for when converting a transparent image to a
| non-transparent file type. Default is white (255,255,255).
'background_color' => array(
'r' => 255,
'g' => 255,
'b' => 255,
7:49 AM
@user2015854 you need an 'a'
I am not 100% sure why your using a resizer, as I presume the build is fixed width
@mikedidthis I think it's the solution ! Thanks !
@user2015854 no problems :)
@crypticツ we could create two repos, one for cut paste code, another one for examples
8:04 AM
github.com/HTML-CSS-DOM-chat ok so what should the names be? Downloadable Code Examples and Copy/Pasta Code?
@mikedidthis it just works, I wanna hug you
Copy / Pasta would be perfect for me as i'm italian
spaghetti code =oD
@user2015854 hug away! Its a common mistake I make myself, forgetting to keep things simple :)
@Wes the copy/pasta will be for code snippets rights? Like here is the CSS to say do xyz
8:09 AM
i don't know :( one could be a repo for prototypes, such as basic css form styling, font stacks, css reset... the other could contain generic examples
so what about examples and prototypes ?
@Wes so a repos called Examples and another called Prototypes? Can you write a quick 1-2 line descript for each
the comic is that i wanted to start this room for asking help, not for to give it :P:P:P
@crypticツ Call it All-Teh-Codez
Very quick one, in html markup what order do you put class / id?
I know it doesn't matter, but I am curious
8:12 AM
@Wes it's funny how life works out =oP
@crypticツ me? with my english?
I'll correct any grammar
@DaveRandom We'd need to change the gravatar to a lolz cat
@mikedidthis since i have ocd i always put most common attributes on the left, so id="" it's usually the last one
@mikedidthis I do it in order of specificity. So id -> name -> class
Thanks guys!
8:13 AM
the exact opposite of dave
Yep! Welcome to coding!
@crypticツ "I-Can-Haz-Teh-Codez"
@Wes I put it in alphabetical order...omg I am OCD =o(
@crypticツ I do the same.
8:14 AM
if ($i->canHaz('Teh Codez')) {
    // ...
There is no else. If you can't haz them you have no application
unexpected {
no codez for you @DaveRandom
8:17 AM
@DaveRandom when is the next cv-pls update scheduled?
name="" should be a synonym of id="" actually. There really is no reason to have two unique identifier systems in the DOM. I know you can have multiple forms with children of the same name, but it makes no sense semantically.
proto: A collection of useful reusable HTML/CSS/DOM snippets
examples: A collection of HTML/CSS/DOM examples
this is the best my brain can do after 2 days awake
@crypticツ Release date not scheduled due to excessive work commitments. We have a fairly rigid feature target list, so as soon as that's completed really
@DaveRandom things would be faster if you used jQuery =oP
name is form specific, id is document specific
8:22 AM
@Wes I know, but the JS API screws that up. Create an element on a page with name="test". In JS do test.value = "whatever";. Now create another element with name="test". What's going to happen?
I know it's allowed but it makes no sense.
@DaveRandom until you don't add it to the same form there is no error... or you mean something else?
@crypticツ Actually not really. DOM-driven development is pretty rapid because we are only targeting sane browsers, and recent versions thereof. The big hold up for me at the moment is a unified cross-tab/window messaging API. I know exactly how I want it to work and the basic mechanisms for implementing it in Moz and Chrome but it's taking a long time to make sure it actually works.
also name="" is not even unique within the form, for example you could have two name="test[]" in the same form
It's not helped by the fact that everything needs to be stringified
@Wes Ahh that's a good point.
@DaveRandom Well if you need any testing I can help. My browser is buggy all around.
8:26 AM
@Wes The JS is page-level. You can't execute that in the context of a form. I mean no sane person would ever use the JS "magic" globals that refer to elements by name/id but the fact that they even exist clouds the situation somewhat
you mean using document.forms for example?
@crypticツ Yeh that's something actually - I've figured out how to send logging messages to the correct console in FF. It's actually pretty obvious as well, as soon as I realised I was kicking myself.
or document.formname
these are not part of dom
they aren't part of any specification
8:28 AM
@Wes Well that too, but I mean if you create an element with name="test" there is a member of the window object called test created that refers to that element. I'm not sure if that happens everywhere, but it definitely happens in FF.
Same goes for id="whatever"
that's not standard dom, it's a useless shortcut as are you saying that should never be used
@Wes Absolutely. As usual the real problem is that the spec needs to say "don't do that" as well as "do this"
i don't even remember where these elements shortcuts are placed or to what they refer, i always use them all via HTMLFormElement
document.getElementById() ftw
8:31 AM
huh, there's another web development room I can troll in? Awesome!
We don't like your types around here
My type doesn't care for what you like. :D
@OctavianDamiean credits of the room to @crypticツ
@OctavianDamiean vimeo.com/6052950
Can't watch right now. :(
8:35 AM
@Wes wait what? You made it and then dragged me into it by making me a room owner =oP
@Wes I have a feeling you are planning on bailing and running, lol
So, let's see. I'm going to lurk for a while, see if I get all impressed.
@OctavianDamiean You're not really missing out. It's just a bit weird (it would be, it's David Firth)
@OctavianDamiean Disappointment awaits...
Salad Fingers! =oD
I particularly like the By all means bother the peanuts sign
8:43 AM
I've never eaten peanuts at a bar before, just because I know someone has bothered them =o\
nite nite
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Q: Is it possible to access div content to store in database

shankar.parsanamoni<div id="textBox" contenteditable="true" name="telugu"> I have written above code for div.I need store entered information in database. I am able to access textbox and textarea content.Is it possible to access div area content? I must use div only because some other code is linked with div.Ple...

@shankar.parsanamoni I think there are enough answers on the question imho.
2 hours later…
12:01 PM
hi all. . i need a help..can u?
Don't ask, just post the question :)
I am working on a project where i need to make a editable" td" this td grows as per the data in the database.. I want to make that editable as well i want to update in the database... so i used "editable " tag for that "td" ..now my column is editable but.. after the editing done I want to calll a function so that i could be able to write the query to update that changed value in the database..
@aplesh do you have an example / test case?
<input name="td_reflector" type="hidden" id="xyz">

<td contenteditable="true" oninput="document.getElementById("xyz").value = this.innerHTML"></td>
12:16 PM
@kaᵠ during the day you have a different avatar?
@thanks wes and mike..
i reworked my avatar @Wes the old one was low-res
let me explain the senario
what's that @kaᵠ some sort of microscope thing?
@Wes nope, try again :)
12:19 PM
@Alpesh don't explain, so use a demo / code etc.
@Wes Holy crap, did you just advice someone to add inline JavaScript!?
We can't misunderstand a demo.
slaps @Wes with a pair of stinky, unwashed and old socks
@OctavianDamiean Waiting in the background like predator
@OctavianDamiean that's DHTML :P one line like that can't hurt
12:20 PM
I can feel the pain though.
/me gently slaps @OctavianDamiean with thor's hammer
slaps @Wes with a huge walrus scrotum
@kaᵠ your avatar, some kind of galaxy
There you go.
12:22 PM
@OctavianDamiean turns into Hulk and puches @Wes softly :P
@mikedidthis.. ok..but one thing which i want to know that oninput how any function will be called .. i mean i want to call a function update_database(){my code for update the data on cloud server} when that edits gets complete..
@Wes could be, maybe, but no, 1 more try?
@kaᵠ nebula?
sorry, you're out
anyone else?
fractal? with my nerd colleague's help
12:25 PM
yaaay, but no bonus for you
@alpesh I can't really help you as I need something to play with.
@mikedidthis ..ok by d way thanks..
@alpesh, thanks.
You see? If you slap enough people with mammal genitalia you get to be a room owner.
12:30 PM
@OctavianDamiean good to know, now let's go to LoungeC and slap em all with mammal genitalia :)))
@kaᵠ Mhmm, better not. I'm afraid of the big ape.
@OctavianDamiean let's put some peanuts in a corner for him, and do the dirty with the other ones while he eats?
That Sir, earned you a funny looking smiley.
Look how delighted he is.
12:53 PM
@crypticツ hah! That's just golden! :D
1:19 PM
css transitions, whats an ideal length that seems 'snappy'? 0.2 - 0.3s?
i use about 0.25s/0.3s for pointer transitions
8 hours later…
8:51 PM
Thoughts on this as HTML for a friendly, amateur CSS-competition? pastebin.com/9nhtJrDT
Uhm, uh-huh.
a friendly, amateur CSS-competition? What exactly is that supposed to mean?
9:05 PM
"Friendly" as in "not high stakes prize-wise", "amateur" as in "newbies and others welcome".
@Jonta maybe use jsfiddle.net ?
Reluctant to make yet another account. Autoformatted version: pastebin.com/yif5V7c2
@kaᵠ what is your github account?
@crypticツ you're following me!!!!
@Jonta You don't need an account for jsfiddle.
9:13 PM
@Jonta jsfiddle.net/SfCpy no account
Not for permanent URLs? TIL. Thanks.
My under construction page. :D
@kaᵠ ok, just wanted to make sure that was you =oP
@crypticツ new avatar ?
i don't get how that happens... :) you're the second one to make sure :)
9:15 PM
@kaᵠ no avatar
but Y then?
I just wanted to be sure, just gave you push/pull access to the room's repo account
We figured this would be a nice way to consolidate all the examples and snippets instead of having to pin them all the time. Also will allow any of us to edit/add and allow people to easily download or fork them.
anyone can dw, even without an account
9:22 PM
Can I haz cheeseburger and repo access?
Oh, I should post this here. gist.github.com/mainerror/5446748
It's nothing special but yea.
dw=download, please keep up :P
what is wrong with you guys :P
@OctavianDamiean sure, I'd have to give you pull access
@kaᵠ dw ... download. WAT!?
@kaᵠ I thought it was DL for download
9:28 PM
@OctavianDamiean am I following you on github?
shiw, yeah
@crypticツ I don't think so. github.com/mainerror
Examples/Exam/Exam Please :) nice
@OctavianDamiean done
9:35 PM
@OctavianDamiean and here's you cheeseburger sir.
I see no cheeseburger. Liar!
it's imaginary
it has imaginary cheese, imaginary ham, and a slice of an imaginary pickle
@kaᵠ ham?
and it's imaginary very tasty [yumyum] I imaginary ate one myself
@crypticツ well.. it's a cheeseburger
btw @crypticツ like my new avatar?
9:54 PM
@kaᵠ no, it's missing the all important broom
wait talking about the SO one or github?
nvm, you still don't have a github one
@crypticツ the broom is on strike now...
and i tried to upload it to github but they use gravatar and i don't do gravatar
10:23 PM
bar … …… 

html   css dom css3 css5 css4 html1 html2 html3 html4 html4.1
10:55 PM
my current timezone is AST. i didnt even know that exist. it's australian standard time
10:58 PM
It's actually 7pm
you guys are just in the wrong time zones =oP
it's always morning for mwe
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