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12:01 AM
curly larry moe are doctors green means avail red not or vice versa is that it?
you need a doctors table for a left join
ideally the doctors are by id, not name, like Larry in the bookings table
so there is a timeSlots table, a doctors table, and a bookings table. And a left join or two involved
yes exactly that, so i will create a timeSlots table containing columns date and time of appointment and a doctors table containing doctor_id and doctor name?
and change your password if that was exposed, and delete anything that had actual patient info if that wasnt dummy data
if for every time slot you have say 17 doctors, and you always want a row for each doctor, a cross join may be used. Just put the demo data together, and I will bang it out for you
12:18 AM
great i will get them over to you asap, thank you :)
no problem
12:52 AM
the 2 tables, timeSlots and doctors.
1:17 AM
guys i have

<script type="text/javascript">

function disable() {

setTimeout(enable, 3000);

function enable() {


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Q: Java Enum always evaluates to the first value

vamsiampoluI use an enum to evaluate tomcat resources to obtain a pooled Connection from a DataSource. I find that regardless of the option that I use, my enum always evaluates to the first value: public enum Database { DB1("java:comp/env/jdbc/db1"), TEST("java:comp/env/jdbc/test"), DB2("java:...

12:01 PM
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5:30 PM
hello sir, are you there?
yes sir
can talk about this problem in a other way?
I am trying to get my head into it. Give me a second. Any info you can provide about row 22 would be useful
I guess, the 'tbl_attendance' contain two type(format) ID, one is 22548, 78562, 7589 like so one and other type(format) is FMM001, SSTS001 and so one. And the mix type data are not match with the 'tbl_assigned' table, cause these ID's are not in there
yes, you need to make your variable a TEXT
because you ran out of space with the concat and the AS gets truncated as an A
look at the 2nd to last row here: pastie.org/10611572
5:37 PM
yes, that why I need to put the where clause to short it
either join with 'tbl_instructor_info'
either way I tried it with codeignitor, it was going to finish but a little thing stack me to get it done
look at this answer here in Appendix C stackoverflow.com/a/34015333/1816093
DECLARE txtInClause text;
that is an answer I wrote up, and the in clause is HUGE
so it would appear that if you concat into a TEXT variable, then at the end just do a concat to a @sql with that TEXT variable in it somehow as a chunk, it will work
either way, don't bother running the EXECUTE until the string it dumps out in debugging like this looks perfect and not truncated
ok let me try it
4 hours later…
9:29 PM
guys why is this not working

<head> <script type="text/javascript">
var x = document.getElementsByClassName('edit');
function disable() {
setTimeout(enable, 5000);
function enable() {
<body> <input type="submit" class="edit" value="edit" onclick="disable()" /> </body>

but byid it works?
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