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<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).scroll(function() {
if ($(this).scrollTop() == 10) {
} else {

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/wiki SonaQuoby
/wiki SonarQube
/wiki SonarQube
SonarQube (formerly Sonar) is an open source platform for continuous inspection of code quality. == Features == Supports languages: Java, C/C++, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Flex, Groovy, JavaScript, Python, PL/SQL, COBOL, etc. (note that some of them are commercial) Can also be used in Android development. Offers reports on duplicated code, coding standards, unit tests, code coverage, code complexity, potential bugs, comments and design and architecture. Records metrics history and provides evolution graphs ("time machine") and differential views. Provides fully automated analyses: integrates with Maven...
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`app.set('view engine', 'ejs');

app.get('/', function(request, response) {
response.render('index.ejs', { title: "Damn" });
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                        width: 200
                        width: 200
                        other: {
                            imgId: 1
                        other: {
                            imgId: 3
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width: 200
width: 200
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@Room @AwalGarg is now a Microsoft Student Partner
he has pledged his allegiance to microsoft.
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@Nick They like things that fold up, fit in your mouth, and taste like fish?
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6:58 PM
hey drew
hey I gotta share a link will take a few
much js parallax pop zazz
alright what do you think of This Answer of mine. The concept, not for voting purposes at all. I might just delete it because peeps eyes glaze over and too complicated. In fact, I am sure I will delete it
7:01 PM
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point being technically speaking, performance-wise, people need this a lot, and generating long lists of random numbers oughta be pre-computed
ok give me a sec
no rush, a day or two, whenever
yeah i may need
how do i get back into this room in the future
not familiar with the chat abilities on SOF
url top of page
i mean url of this page
7:04 PM
ok sure thats what I thought
I bookmarked it :)
I see where you were going with it...
however bear in mind that the person you are answering (the gen POP) are have basic skills with mysql...as in they are run of the mill devs...if they knew what you or I know they wouldnt really be on the site to begin with probably
7:18 PM
I knew that 3 years ago when I join this thingie !
I am not even talking about these people, but rather to a DBA programmer performance guy like you
not trying to market that answer at all. It doesn't belong on SO
ok well then I have to re-read it
I was reading it as just a flat answer to the oblivious Dev who posed the question
I only mention it cuz you were talking about performance on the other thread
7:20 PM
I will need more time then...I will get back to you soon I hope
I am upvoting some of the really good answers on the links you provided though lol
well if you upvote any of my stuff, space it out or it is serial upvoting, and know that I never ask anyone to upvote my junk out right. Only hope it help some guy out there
and any reference to my stuff is solely for the purpose of what do you think, rather than some wily request for a vote
especially that random number one. That thing gets deleted, though I think it is awesome
Ohh yeah I know about the serial upvoting and downvoting
I upvote if I like the post and think I learn something from it..
Which when it comes to PHP since I am at best a Novice, I am always learning something
Note, this is not suggesting for a minute to use MyISAM. I use that only to get my ids, min,max, and count to line up. So ignore the engine, please.
really liked how you prefaced the answer to this stackoverflow.com/questions/33665994/…
7:33 PM
yeah because otherwise N.B. and I go at it for 1 hour and I start the answer (-1)
wait, so who is for MyISAM and who is against?
and who is N.B.?
all that matters is that I am trying to illustrate something, and I choose MyISAM simply to get my ducks lined up. Otherwise I would not be using MyISAM. It is a simple use case, and not indicative of championing MyISAM
so it is not important
I see
but some people find one thing to focus on and lose site of what the whole thing is about and make hay out of nothing and turn it into a crap storm
7:38 PM
I was/am project lead on converting from MyISAM to Innodb in our environments/applications..wrote a whole python script, etc...
we went from over 150K MyISAM tables
but now that you ask ... try that with INNODB and see how you like the numbers that come out
and now we are only left with about 3K
and then try to explain that to the clueless programmers why there are gaps
Yeah..I dont have too
I have dealt with the clue less already
just trying to make them understand the concept of converting the storage engine
so I know where you are coming from
its a pain...They look at me like I am from another planet
INNODB is awesome. But god forbid if a newbie gets their panties in a bunch because of an innodb gap, they practically crap themselves
7:40 PM
or they give me the nod "sure I understand"
and then the next day or two later SAME CONVO AGAIN
lol yeah have you looked at or done anything at all with TOKUDB
no but I will give it a peek
it uses Fractal Trees instead of B-Tree
just book marked it to my Followup folder, thx
it is supposed to be way better cause the Node of each tree is 4MB instead of 16K
and always for HOT online Schema changes because of the way the nodes in the tree operate
yeah I have not done any benchmarking on it yet but I am looking forward to maybe soon
focusing on WebscalSQL currently
a download and patch engine devops thing, or is it out of the gates
7:43 PM
for which one Toku or webscalesql?
I guess either. I have to go download the engine(s) and patch mysql ?
the beauty of virtual machines on AWS EC2. I can destroy em, then wave bye bye, and it cost 20 cents
ughhh...we moved way away from AWS
so I am not sure about Toku
Ohh wow
I have only been a DBA for a 2 years with a bit over 2 years of being a DBD before that
I only took my first programming/computer class 5 years ago
so I dont see any offers from amazon in my near future lol
7:49 PM
that is a repository link for the webscalesql rpm that a company that "helps" support it made
you can download it there
it is a branch of mysql
not a fork
but you still have to install the package
ohh we use puppet
I mean the unix team does in our office
I do not really touch it other than going to unix to tell em something is awry with puppet
thank god for automation tools. A nightmare 5 10 years ago
I guess I missed that :)
but yes I can only imagine
well it is less of a nightmare today, but still one
7:52 PM
well I will check those things out for sure.
I have had a steep learning curve but I am coming around the bend
I am still a Jr
but when I talk to people they think I have been doing this for years
if you are, it won't be for long. Maybe they are just calling you that so you believe it and work harder :P
Yeah I dont officially have that title
but the people I work with all have been doing this for years
well as long as the people you work with are chill and know more than you, what better world is there
That is why I am still where I am :)
7:55 PM
I have found that being the smartest guy is really not a good thing
it is not
n being the sole DBA
is even worse
cause then when S!@# hits the fan...Its all on you
built-in job security is a curse
but some never hurt
just a little
not fun when the cell phone rings
7:57 PM
but I don't need to tell you that
Yes...I think we both know all about that
8:23 PM
1 hour later…
9:30 PM
@BK435 I dont know why I do this anymore stackoverflow.com/a/34097432
I need to get my head examined
9:47 PM
what did you do?
I guess it is what I did. Allowed myself to answer a question.
Is that not what you are supposed to do?
I know you are not getting paid, but we do it because we like what we do...I hope
Q: MySql server is failing to start

Andy ManI was reinstalling backup image on Raspberry Pi and I noticed that MySql server isn't running. I've looked in /var/log/syslog and I bumped into this: Dec 4 20:06:00 node mysqld_safe: Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql Dec 4 20:06:00 node mysqld: 151204 20:06:00 [Warning...

what you think? looks like a memory issue to me
@ShotgunNinja by not sucking ass
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10:06 PM
I voted to close that a while back, re-directing it to you smart dba types
10:23 PM
I am not that smart...at least I dont think so...but people keep telling me otherwise :)
10:42 PM
Hi Drew, i thought ill respond to your message here for my post http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34082206/php-mysql-availability-table.
this is a link to a picture of my schema and data, i want to print out the three doctors names in each cell (colour coded) of this availability table that is in the post. Red if unavailable at that time slot and green if available. here is a picture of what it should be to make it more clearer(bottom table, top table is just a select all of my booking table): https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Screen+Shot+2015-12-02+at+17.27.33.png
ok Tuks will take a look
can you put it on pastie.org
or email it to me at the very top of this page is my email addr
11:09 PM
ok I tweaked it, what are you expecting as output? As in a text table to show me? refer to pastie.org/10609636 for code changes that dont explode
11:43 PM
yeah as a text table, i am expecting the output to print the three doctors names in each cell at all times colour coded, red if unavailable in that slot, green if available. I did the unavailable by selecting the doctor from booking table where the date requested is "xxx", i am unsure how to print the other 2 doctors and how to change the colour of the text. hope that makes sense :/
I am off reviewing stuff in a queue. If you can show a visual. I literally read 300 questions a day. If the ducks are lined up, I am more likely to jump in and help
thats cool, not sure if thats ok for a visual?

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