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5:54 AM
Q: Is that fair behavior?

AcheThis question is about a user interface scenario using multi-touch gestures on iOS. The question provides screen recordings of the behaviors, the full code setup that produces these behavior, and a description of the problem. The question was closed "because it needs debugging details." I edited ...

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8:12 AM
Q: Review audit tasks betray themselves by a different look

helveteI am quite regularly reviewing late answers. Lately (I don't remember exactly for how long, maybe two months?) audit tasks betray themselves. The Q/A container is always behind an overlay of some kind. Also there is some z-index issue when flagging such task. This means the audit tasks are reco...

> no one believes just voting without commenting is rational
Bad takes coming. I should've known
2 hours later…
9:48 AM
Q: How many bad questions one might ask until loosing privilege?

Mr. IrrelevantHow many bad questions are you allowed until your question privilege is lost? Is there any indication how many you have left?

Q: How do I dispute the closing of a question that was closed many years ago?

Chechy LevasI was in need of an answer to a question, I found someone already asked my question, and it was answered. Declare variable with a dot at the begining in R The question and answer have received many upvotes, and I have found it useful. I cannot understand why it was closed. I would like to suggest...

10:34 AM
Q: Why have up to 45.000 new daily users signed up to Stack Overflow over the past two weeks?

Dennis LeeftinkWhile exploring some SEDE queries, a recent peak of user signups stood out: If this query is correct, this is far above baseline sign-up activity observed over the past years. Moreover, last week saw a huge spike in last access date activity: To me, this seems way over baseline. What is going o...

@AbdulAzizBarkat Question migrated after ~7 hours so feeds didn't report it
10:47 AM
@E_net4 Well, I certainly can't see how you'd express "voting without commenting" as a ratio. So, no - it's not rational.
@VLAZ It's imaginary: 1 downvote / 0 comments is undefined in the set of real numbers
And of course there had to be yet another mod intervention in a Meta Q because of people complaining about downvotes. :') Add that to the pile.
Do we have "ex-mod coming back to equate downvotes with assault" on our bingo card?
11:18 AM
Q: Why a library of quality answers is supposed to look like an old graveyard with crumbling monuments covered with rubble?

Your Common SenseOnce upon a time there was a downright incorrect question, where the title asked for one thing and question body for another. Expectedly, answers mostly favored question from the title. Pitifully, most of them being incorrect. When I stumbled upon this question, I decided to improve the most upvo...

That one ain't ending well.
12:18 PM
Q: We are moving the API behind our CDN

SpencerGLater today or tomorrow, we will be moving the API behind our Content Delivery Network(CDN). In an effort to better align all our applications, we are moving this and, in the future, other public domains behind the CDN. Ultimately, this helps us simplify our overall configuration and gives us the...

12:48 PM
1:42 PM
Q: How do you log out of Stack Overflow? I need to reset my password

Layla TerrierHow do you change your password? Can't find a link anywhere there must be somewhere go log out.

2 hours later…
3:21 PM
@AnnouncementsonMSE please don't break my stuff, please don't break my stuff...
@NewPosts wel I'm not sure that should have been deleted...
3:42 PM
Q: How do people get so much reputation on SO?

TruderI have 88 rep on stackoverflow rn. Whenever I see other users, they have like 2k, 10k, or 20k rep. (rep means reputation just saying). Like I've answered lots of questions, and I feel pretty proud of myself. But, compared to these users, I have so little reputation. So, is 88 rep a good amount of...

I think this should be closed, since staging ground is not on hold anymore, meaning 'changes to the system have rendered it obsolete.'
@CPlus staging ground is still on hold technically
And will be until the unannounced (likely still undecided) date that they actually turn it back on again
4:21 PM
@Zoeisonstrike don't be afraid of a few tens of thousands of tag rewrites >:-)
@TylerH I tried, computer said no. Deleted my comments and writing an answer, because I made some mistakes and found more problems
> I tried, computer said no
Love those days
Q: How to report a bad page load (out of memory due to embeded image)

K JI can not edit a page for review nor access as a user, since as far as I can tell, it has a tall image that induces a browser "out of memory" condition and simply offers "refresh". Whilst I appreciate it may be a limit in my under performing browser, I also tried Chrome again without success! Th...

@NewPosts Maybe you should download some more RAM
2 hours later…
6:41 PM
that image is absurdly large (40 megapixels or so). But it's kinda embarrassing not to have enough RAM to open it in 2024
like, it's hard to imagine a browser taking up more than say 8 bytes per pixel to store it (already double what it actually requires in uncompressed full colour).
Not sure if it's representative of RAM use, but it's only 341kB in both transfer and unpacked size
The tab takes 46MB of RAM for me
Which includes browser and plugin overhead
(but that's just the picture, not the full page with SO)
Has to be a real potato for that to be a problem
6:57 PM
Maybe they're trying to open it on Voyager 1
@KarlKnechtel Large in size, I agree. Unneeded. But as Zoe said, it's 340kb. It's not that large in terms of data. For comparison - yes, it's the single biggest item on that page, but the cookie law JS which is the second biggest resource, is 107kb. The whole page is 3 MB for me, so the image is close to 10% of the total size.
7:42 PM
I'm assuming here that an uncompressed bitmap would have to exist somewhere in memory at some point; but.
even so that is mere megs of ram
i wonder if this pc can open it
if this pc can open it just fine, what potato are they running on
7:59 PM
Not true @Kevin. Simply by putting a for loop inside a for loop i managed to make it quicker already. — Zimbabwe Elephant Mar 16, 2016 at 19:27
Don't worry, if you think you're missing context - it's actually even more confusing with the context.
1 hour later…
9:17 PM
@VLAZ Encoded size of an image is generally irrelevant to memory required to display it, as it needs to be decoded to display it. You can't send a JPG to the GPU to display.
you need roughly 2-4 (usually 3-4, depending on if there's an alpha channel) bytes per pixel for the decoded image (assuming non-HDR; I'm unfamiliar with encoding for HDR images)
1 hour later…
10:42 PM
Q: Is it possible to log into StackOverflow using a Passkey?

James McMahonCurious if there is support for Passkeys for StackOverflow / StackExchange. If not, is it on a roadmap?


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