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12:44 AM
@NewPosts closeed with three duplicates, all of which are themselves marked duplicate... amazing
1 hour later…
1:56 AM
Q: Why was this question I asked downvoted and closed?

user22200698I asked this: https://stackoverflow.com/q/77019376/22200698 My question is simple and focused, being a yes/no question really: Will Metal API calls through Swift use the really extra slow Objective-C messaging behind the scenes anyway? Yet my question was closed as 'needs more focus.' What questi...

2:09 AM
next : "I don't like something about policy that was explained to me. Why shouldn't I immediately run off and look for examples of that policy not being consistently applied?"
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4:39 AM
Q: How to extract all values of same key name in list of dictionaries in python

Data AnalystHow to extract all values of same key name in list of dictionaries in python? I am getting a JSON response which has a List and this list has list of dictionaries. And some of these dictionaries again has again multiple dictionaries. If you look at the JSON below I want to extract the value of all "

5:09 AM
@NewPosts 8-year old account, 10 undeleted questions with net score of -3, btw.
5:50 AM
Q: Can you please clear my bounty wheer the messaeg ahs too many typos

halloleoFor the question css - How can I set the width of a Bootstrap 4 toast? - Stack Overflow I just issued a bounty. However I made so many typos that the meaning of the bounty message is obstructed. Can you please clear the bounty (because the message cannot be edited), so that I can start again? Tha...

I'm going to assume the title typos are deliberate
6:13 AM
@KarlKnechtel porbably
6:44 AM
Q: Stackoverflow UI renders weird on edge on ipad

Sam ThomasIt loads fine for a second and then after a second it renders like below I have tried switching themes, clearing browser data and it doesn’t help. I tried reinstalling the browser app as a last resort and didn’t work either. SO renders fine on other browsers or on other devices so it doesn’t see...

6:56 AM
Q: Difficulty Posting Questions Due to Previous Inadequate Formatting

MrStrangerI'm encountering difficulty posting questions on Stack Overflow due to past submissions not meeting the standard formatting guidelines. In the past, my questions have been flagged or closed for not meeting the community's standards. I understand the importance of clear and well-structured questio...

7:44 AM
Q: What factors were considered for declining AI flag on Meta?

TheMasterI flagged two of the Meta answers as having AI generated content. Both were declined. Could I have some transparency on why the flags were declined? Flags were raised by me on these two answers: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/421832/ https://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/421850/ >90% AI generated...

8:26 AM
Q: How users of the StackExchange sites can protect themselves from malefactors?

Thomas AndersonI asked a question regarding .NET programming. In a few minutes some malefactors had marked my question as a duplicate and closed it. I then carefully explained in the body of my question why my question was not a duplicate (the other question was totally different and there was no answer to my q...

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1:36 PM
@NewPosts yay
1:56 PM
Q: How can i extract the runtime parameter name from azure devops ? i want to extract the webhook name that triggerd the pipline?

rewaHello i am trying to extract the webhook that trriggerd the pipeline since azure send this info in the runtime parameter in json format i want to retrieve the name [i want to retrieve this from the runtime parameters] [1]: https://i.sstatic.net/3aRps.png i tried to convert the parameter as fo...

2:51 PM
I feel like something is about to be announced
Q: Bountied question has received three views since the fact

J-CakeI hesitantly ask questions on StackOverflow for multiple reasons. In particular that recently, no questions seem to get any attention at all. I am now stuck at a problem which is causing serious delays in productivity and there is very little documentation on the wider internet which is useful to...

@NewPosts So the bounty isn't enough, one had to call for the meta effect.
3:25 PM
@E_net4 And if that is not enough, what then?
3:38 PM
Q: It is extremly rude to close a question as a duplicate without providing a chance for feedback

user1785730Yesterday I've asked this question only to have it closed in mere minutes as a supposed duplicate. I was never asked wether or not the linked question provided the solution I was looking for. It was just flushed down the toilet. To me it felt like a slap in the face to have my question discarded ...

4:07 PM
err, what
why would you use edge on ipad
@KevinB To be edgy
is it possible????
Huh. Did not realize that was an option. Not one I'd ever use...
Q: Bad closing <a> tag earlier on causes last link in post to be not a link anymore

CherryDTI just came across a puzzling issue while editing somebody's old post to update a broken link. Always the last link in the post was not clickable, it wasn't even a link, it was simply text. It turns out the problem was that some earlier HTML link in the post had <a/> instead of </a>. The other li...

4:23 PM
@aynber iPads aren't THAT bad. But your choice whether to use one, I guess. /s
5:14 PM
Q: Cut out that infernal racket! Turn the [volume] down to 0

General GrievanceFor tag volume: Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? It is very ambiguous. In addition to the audio meaning and the geometric meaning cited in the tag excerpt itself, there is also "trading volume" (finance) and "disk volume" (hardware), b...

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7:01 PM
@NewPosts the more I try to make progress here, the less sense OP's original main-space question makes...
2 hours later…
8:32 PM
Q: What am I not understanding about asking this question?

David ThielenI've been using SO for a long time and by and large it has worked fine. But recently I keep getting questions down voted and/or closed. So can I get guidance on a specific one? Here's the question. I think it is laid out well with the use case, the specific goal, and asking how can this be implem...

8:56 PM
Q: Plagiarism or No plagiarism?

Talha TayyabSuppose there is a question Asked 8 years, 10 months ago Some new feature was added in 2023. I answered this question with the new feature on answered Jul 5, 2023 at 10:45. Now, an old user who answered this question 6 years back edit their answer and include my answer without giving any referenc...

2 hours later…
10:50 PM
Q: What close vote is appropriate on a question that arose out of a slight in understanding?

kesarling He-HimI'm talking in relation to my SO post here. I did not understand the library properly and assumed some things based on appearances. One line answer to that question is "What I say cannot be done in fact CAN be". Should this be closed off as "not reproducible or caused by a typo" (my close vote) o...


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