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Q: Why did I get a notification on this comment? As per other Q&A on meta, I shouldn't have got a notification here

user93353I ask a question & "A" replies to it. I comment on "A"'s answer. And then when "A" replies to my comment on "A"'s answer to my question, I shouldn't automatically get a notification unless "A" has explicitly tagged me (with @myname) as per these links How do comment @replies work? When exactly do...

4:12 AM
Q: Alarm icon on status bar set by an app "Macrodroid" won't go away

perlyI have Galaxy S7 and I recently installed Macrodroid. I was checking some macros online and activated some of those in Macrodroid. I don't know which macro setup alarm icon is on my status bar but as soon as I saw that icon I uninstalled Macrodroid but the icon is still there and it won't go away...

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5:17 AM
@NewPosts kind of rare to see a question on MSO that should go to Android Enthusiasts instead...
And they're not even q-banned either.
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stackoverflow.com/questions/75343469 Could the asker and answerer here be the same person, or did we just happen to have two different "saurabh sharma"s sign up within a couple of weeks?
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I feel like we shouldn't allow first questions to contain images nor offsite links at all :/
That would make it awfully difficult to ask a question about an IDE.
Or "according to <link to documentation> I should get X but I get Y"
Granted a lot of times these are asked, it's some completely unrelated problem. Or they aren't even asking about the behaviour linked.
Ah, yeah; I saw the word "images" and fixated on that, totally missing the suggestion to ban all off-site links. Yeah, that'd be horrible.
10:06 AM
I'm mainly concerned about the issue where the question isn't self-contained. (of course, my proposal would trigger on documentation links anyway.. hmm)
Q: I don't think we should close questions as duplicates as fast as we are

MarcoI have the impression that questions on stackoverflow get closed as duplicates way too fast. I understand that it's a waste of time to answer a question that's already answered (probably with already much better answers) but I don't think we can expect new-comers to do the research required becau...

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@KarlKnechtel The concern is understandable. There is just no good way to address it without hurting legitimate usages of images and links.
At least for images they aren't embeddable. IMO, this is a decent compromise.
Not much you can do for links, though.
My, how fast the tone changes when Jon Skeet gets involved:
@JonSkeet "but MisterMiyagi is certainly not alone in disliking it." that's fine, I just wanted to avoid making an exception for a single person. I can adapt, that's NOT a problem. So I'm sorry — Marco 14 mins ago
11:22 AM
> It will lead to less incentive for people to stay and earn reputation on this site though
thank god, that would actually be nice
You think they're finally getting it? :-)
Doubt it.
11:42 AM
@CodyGray maybe subconsciously :)
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1:21 PM
@NewPosts comments thread still... grab popcorn
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Q: What are [firebase-storage] and [google-cloud-storage] tags good for?

DharmarajFirebase essentially is part of Google Cloud Platform and it's SDKs are a wrapper around some Google services. However, some features are exclusive to Google side at the time if writing this such as e.g. more runtimes like Java and Python while Firebase only supports NodeJS. My understanding so f...

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When you want to show you really don't care
make sure you write two comments. Also bold is essential.
"I really don't care, but here's 17 comments and 7124 reasons I really don't care in excessive bold and AGGRESSIVE SHOUTING just to emphasise how little I care"
@AndrewT. OP posts in the main Python room a fair bit. This is ... not like him.
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What can/should I do about a question that blatantly needs focus and/or debugging details, but has a bounty on it?
5:15 PM
If the bounty expires "soon" (maybe in a day or two) nothing. But if the bounty is recent - it's acceptable to modflag.
unrelated to that: I am about to raise a custom mod flag with the following message
> Because the standard flag was declined: the reason this is not an answer is because the question is explicitly asking how to handle a specific type of input (which has been clearly shown, and in fact can be handled in a straightforward way shown in other answers), and this answer effectively says "check to see if there is something wrong with the input".
Is there something wrong with my reasoning?
(aside from the part where I don't have better terminology than "answer" for the post I want to flag as NAA, except perhaps "post")
@VLAZ I did so. (I can "find" the issue well enough to where I could refactor the code and present a proper MRE, but I feel extremely confident that OP would complain about such an edit)
@KarlKnechtel NAA aren't for answers which are wrong. It's likely to be declined.
They can be wrong a lot but still answers.
But this isn't just wrong; it ignores the premise of the question
in my view, anyway
That makes it wrong.
And I do know the pain. I've had several NAA declined for the same situation.
5:30 PM
That ^
You don't have grounds to mod flag
so what am I supposed to do about these things that are 10+ years old and got upvoted because everyone treated the site like a discussion forum back then
Essentially, NAA are for things that shouldn't have been posted: "Any update?" or "I have the same problem" or "I have a separate question" etc.
And yet we often remove link only answers.
5:31 PM
oh wow, this one isn't even that old now that I look more closely
stackoverflow.com/a/54506072/523612 is the specific answer at the moment
@KarlKnechtel Like, I don't really have an answer. More than once have I complained that it's exceptionally hard to remove upvoted content.
@VLAZ in that regard, I feel "not an answer" is a partly misguided name
OP didn't say anything about an API in the first place
A lot of people interpret it as correct to use for stuff that doesn't answer the question, or for stuff that doesn't work (either for them or at all)
day by day I feel like rebuilding from scratch would be easier.
Including the site software, I mean.
5:33 PM
@KarlKnechtel It's unfortunately an answer. "I solved this error by X" is what it can be rephrased as. It's vague but it's a lead to a solution.
That was OP's last apparent activity on the site (3+ years ago), but I left a comment anyway. :/
I fail to understand how "check if the data is malformed" could "lead to a solution" for "how do I parse data in the described format", given that the data is not malformed.
I thought that questions were supposed to be about a problem, not about a general form of an error message.
1. Googled the error. 2. Found question about error. 3. Posted what worked for them. Didn't read between 2. and 3.
or at least, a question about an error message can only be "how do I debug code that produces this error message?", given that there are multiple causes for it.
that explains the mindset of the poster, but not how it would theoretically help others.
Again, it's just what worked for them. Actually, the timeline above is probably simplified. They googled the error they had, didn't find a solition, found one by themselves, posted what the solution is. Presumably if anybody else googles the error and doesn't read the question, the new googler would be helped.
@KarlKnechtel Do it then
5:40 PM
Like, it's not great but I can follow the mindset. "I checked here for this error, maybe others will as well"
5:53 PM
@ZoestandswithUkraine I appreciate the encouragement. As it happens, I have fairly detailed designs worked out for some of the lower-level components of the system I'm envisioning. Planning to use it to teach myself FastAPI and Reach, and see where it goes from there
... what exactly are the criteria that make the "protect/unprotect" option available on questions?
6:29 PM
> Any question at least a day old can be protected and unprotected by users that have the privilege, provided the question has received at least one answer from a user with less than 10 reputation. Diamond Moderators can protect and unprotect a question at any time.
6:48 PM
Q: Isn't the "tailwind" tag is the same as `tailwind-css`?

Kevin M. MansourToday I noticed that the tailwind tag is the same as the tailwind-css tag, so shouldn't we merge both tags? the tailwind tag doesn't improve anything, currently, it has 103 questions and no wiki. And the tailwind tag should be a synonym of the tailwind-css tag.

7:34 PM
first time trying out the reopen queue, and I soon got a question that seemed very familiar (because I was one of the people closing it!)
7:49 PM
for those seeking to train their chatGPT-recognition chops, I have a feeling that variations on this phrase (which should be a very obvious red flag) will be common enough:
> It's worth noting that the exact performance benefit of using list.clear() can vary depending on the specific programming language and implementation
Of course, ChatGPT does not understand that the overwhelming majority of questions on SO are language-specific; plus it cannot recognize the nonsense inherent in trying to describe a specific named method in a language-agnostic manner.
8:07 PM
@VLAZ Nice. So there's an explicit carve-out for FGITWs, and an explicit need for the question to have already been answered in the way that the feature seeks to prevent.
I will definitely need to include that in part 3 of my blog rant.
Yes, if 10 different 11-rep accounts answer, then that's fine. According to the criteria, that is.
well, that's hardly surprising, considering that's still "fine" after protection
(rather than, say, new answers requiring explicit approval from someone)
8:36 PM
Q: Why can we no longer post code on stackoverflow?

Greg HanowskiI can no longer post code on stackoverflow after they changed the interface. I keep getting the error about the code formatting has a problem. I have tried the <> code block, ctrl-k, with and without 4 spaces. Nothing gets rid of the message. Anybody find a way around this stupid new interface?

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10:11 PM
@KarlKnechtel For the record "protection" is primarily a feature that is designed to protect the question from system-level abuse i.e. being flooded with NAA/spam etc. It is not designed to be a mechanism to prevent new answers to the question.
11:00 PM
Q: Another short spate of downvotes at almost the same time

einpoklumThree answers of mine on the CUDA tag were downvoted within an hour (or even minutes, can't exactly tell), with no comments: Can I set the high watermark for reserved CUDA graph memory to something other than 0? When creating a CUDA graph memory allocation node, what's the default access on the ...

11:42 PM
Q: Show OP vote and acceptance statistics

shsMotivation It is a frequent occurrence on SO that OPs do not engage with the responses they get. They do not vote, do not accept and do not comment on any of the sometimes multiple answers they receive. This is frustrating to respondents, because, after having invested time and effort into writin...


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