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3:12 AM
Q: Why is it so hard to get reputation on stack overflow?

Liam FieldingI've been struggling with this problem for a while and ChatGPT failed to give me any advice so I thought I would ask directly. I tried to comment and post answers but I was not allowed. "Creating the new tag 'depression' requires at least 1500 reputation. Try something from the existing tags list...

4:12 AM
Q: Why this kind of code formatting is not acceptable in Suggested Edit review?

holydragonI was recently suspended from review queue. There are several "incorrectly handled" reviews that I understood that it should be acceptable but it turns out that it isn't. One of which is this https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/33747960. I thought (and still think) that formatting th...

2 hours later…
6:02 AM
@NewPosts How are tags chosen upon migration? Just the most similar one? The question on Main was only tagged and seems like when it was migrated, it was transferred as which... well, both of them are wrong, but the meta tag seems more wrong.
@VLAZ Exact match. It's a synonym: meta.stackoverflow.com/tags/a-b-testing/synonyms
@VLAZ only existing tags survive, then synonimized
I see. That at least makes some sense.
otherwise if no tags, then it's tagged with untagged
Synonymise [untagged] with [feature-request]. Let chaos reign.
2 hours later…
8:12 AM
Q: Collectives icons are duplicated while inline tag editing

ArulkumarThere is a duplicate icon displayed with the inline tag editing privilege in the Collectives questions. While editing the tags of the post using the "Edit tags" option, the Collectives icon is duplicated. GIF for reference:

Q: Collective's icon will be lost if the request is canceled during inline tag editing

ArulkumarWhile editing the tags using the inline tag editing option, if you "Cancel" the request, we will lose the collectives icon in the display.

8:28 AM
@NewPosts Much loss, such woe
8:39 AM
Introducing Collectives on Meta SO: Collectives bugs
The proverbial can collective of worms bugs.
Q: Are questions about Excel formulae on topic here?

Máté JuhászI had the understanding that questions about using functions / writing formulae in Excel are off topic here and should be asked at superuser.com. (as I don't consider a formula to be code) However recently I seed increasing number of questions here (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/exce...

@VLAZ You're not even wrong
Every single feature SE introduces that's sort of self-contained, but also not at the same time generally has a shitton of bugs
@ZoestandswithUkraine I was only half-joking, yes.
Q: Merge multiple vague tags into [storage]

MrUpsidownI would suggest we merge a couple of tags that I think are quite broad and not very clear (or at least clarify them). save To store (data) in a computer or on a storage device. save-as This tag refers to a common UI prompt type that asks a user under what name they wish to save a file as. after-...

8:53 AM
huh. the system just undid "serial" voting against me - one vote's worth
Is it perhaps that a series of votes from a user are reverted? Not to a user?
Although I don't think that's how it works, either.
Ah wait - it wasn't "serial" voting. The event says "Voting corrected". That's when account is caught with fraudulent voting and all their votes are reversed. The correct one should be "Serial voting corrected", I believe, if it was just against you.
@NickstandswithUkraine PHP also got very close to programming. Let's declare that off topic as well. — rene 4 mins ago
@KevinB indeed. if collectives were what I understand them to be from the marketing, I could start one for Python FAQ material.
@VLAZ ah, so instead of targeting someone, someone downvoted a lot of people?
@KevinB I'm anti-being-shown-ads
9:12 AM
@VLAZ Nope, that text is always the same, I believe.
@KarlKnechtel Fraudulent voting. Probably part of a voting ring or a sock (if there is a difference). They most likely tried to "boost" another account with upvotes. A common pattern is to also disperse other votes to simulate legitimacy. You're actually "lucky" that your post got downvoted. AFAIK, most such reversals end up with the affected users losing reputation.
That's not quite what happened.
as long as I don't get wrongly implicated in something I don't particularly care
@KarlKnechtel I hope you don't have a sock account which you used to cast a single downvote to this account with.
@RyanM OK, I tracked down one script reversal of votes. You're right it just looks like this:
9:32 AM
> (This is part of my ongoing campoaign to eradicate timewasters from SO.)
They say, in an answer preamble, which also wastes time.
It's a honey pot. They intend to collect all timewasters in the same place.
@VLAZ I am not that determined to prove that I don't care about reputation.
"Knowing that one day they will be determined enough to prove they don't care about reputation fills you with determination."
@KarlKnechtel One hell of a power move, though. You need to get at least 125 rep and only to cast a single downvote.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine "OP called for help on their question." "But nobody came."
9:47 AM
xD Frankly, sometimes I do want to do a genocide run on SO
a what now?
@RyanM Undertale reference
do not commit war crimes on Stack Overflow; we don't have a mod message template for that
(super out-of-context quote)
well, the above exchange will definitely look great out of context :)
10:20 AM
@RyanM brb, need to commit some war crimes
Q: What makes a question on Stackoverflow opinion based?

Tadeo HepperleI asked this question on Stackoverflow and it was closed for being "opinion-based": gRPC endpoint that sends initial data and afterwards stream of data I formulated the question like this: State a clear goal of what I want to achieve. Present two workarounds that do not really do what I want. As...

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11:37 AM
@RyanM "Do not make mods write entirely new messages. That's against the Geneva convention."
2 hours later…
1:58 PM
War is peace, love is hate, Stack Overflow is a forum
Ignorance is strength.
Q: Collectives: Members table is truncated on small viewports

Dean WardI browsed to the members tab of the Microsoft Azure collective on my iPhone 11 using Safari on iOS 16.3 and see that the members table is truncated in both portrait and landscape orientations: This only happens on first render. If I switch browser tab to another and back again, the table is re-r...

2:39 PM
Hold on. So I can't flag a wrong answer NAA even if the OP said ten years ago that it is wrong, and was indeed embarrassed about it, but didn't delete it for some reason (perhaps, not knowing about the option at the time) and is currently inactive and won't delete it?
I even used a custom flag to point that out
Downvote and ask for deletion?
@KarlKnechtel It is not great, I know. But you can probably modflag. NAA lacks context and if an answer really shouldn't be around, then it's a bit of an exceptional case.
Although, if it's del-voteable that might be a better option.
2:56 PM
I did also del vote
fortunately, answers that bad rarely have a positive score
3:54 PM
so, i joined the AWS "collective" so i can see what changes it actually makes to the ui, and well.. i see no evidence i'm part of a collective at all, outside of my profile pages. What's the point?
4:07 PM
@KevinB Maybe the effects of collectives are more noticeable if you have pointy hair.
effectively, how is it some collaborative effort, or developer engagement tool, if it doesn't seem to exist outside of the collective page
4:55 PM
@KarlKnechtel yeah, I'm...just going to delete that particular answer. Regardless of the general case (which is more debatable), I think that particular answer doesn't need to stick around, at least.
though I didn't know you could see the flag after it was already declined?
we see everything
we know what you had for breakfast
Mods can see someone's flag history, and also all flags on each post
we see all, and we know all
We have the exact same view of your flags as you do, via the profile page
4:59 PM
we are one
We are illumina-... wait, wrong chat
great, now I gotta break out the tinfoil
5:17 PM
you mean the brainwave amplifiers?
5:28 PM
mods can see your chat ignore list
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/253305/… only took... almost 8 years, to go from status-review to status-declined
5:54 PM
at least the request can now rest in peace
1 hour later…
7:06 PM
Q: Tag Disambiguation - [cdk], [ncurses-cdk], [aws-cdk]

StephanThe current [cdk] tag is aliased to [ncurses-cdk]. [aws-cdk] does not exist. The acronym of CDK has been used by multiple projects, but AWS Cloud Development Kit is a major toolkit on the AWS ecosystem that is gaining adoption. Assuming CDK means Curse's Development Kit is no longer appropriate, ...

3 hours later…
who is "I" there
nether user or the author of that answer are present in the linked to post
10:10 PM
Yeah, I have no idea what happened there. Obviously, the editor did not read very carefully.
It seems to have been primarily motivated by an attempt to raise flags on some comments...
> This is not a subjective question nor at all meant to turn into an IDE holy war. Please downvote any flamebait answers.
> Being a huge Eclipse fan but having not had the time to try out IntelliJ, I am interested in hearing from IntelliJ users who are "ex-Eclipsians" some specific things that you can do with IntelliJ that you can not do with Eclipse.
not quite sure what historic significance this post has
> For those who are giving a downvote please leave a solution before the downvote, would really like to know what I missed out.
10:28 PM
I'm guessing it wasn't that phrase that lended it historical significance.
i mean
the two quotes is the entire question
The only historical significance it has is it received 380 upvotes
Perhaps the answers?
Generally, it's never the question that has historical significance.
44 answers, all listing features of intellij that they... mostly incorrectly, think eclipse doesn't ahve
even the most upvoted answer, nearly everything it lists is wrong

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