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3:46 AM
Q: Is it OK to ask employment experience questions (soft talk) on SO?

sequenceI have an employment offer in scientific computing (that is at the crossroads of computer science and programming and mathematics, high-performance computing). I would like to ask a question about how such employment experience will be viewed by software developing (not necessarily scientific) co...

4:08 AM
@NewPosts Is that something that Workplace.SE would accept? It seems like "how a future unknown employer will respond to hypothetical work experience" would be a hard question to answer anywhere
I guess it doesn't matter now...
2 hours later…
6:30 AM
@This_is_NOT_a_forum the biggest challenge is that a lot of our JS is old and fairly fragile; heck, we have JS files prefixed with numbers so that they are concatenated in the correct order otherwise things will break. In this case, the code for Stack Snippets injects itself into our editor instead of our editor code loading up that plugin. So when we're touching the editor e.g., we don't know off the top of our heads that something else in our hundreds of files will hook itself into it. This is what I mean by "magic." — allejo ♦ 2 hours ago
> JS files prefixed with numbers so that they are concatenated in the correct order otherwise things will break
7:14 AM
Ah, yes... the good old times.
8:04 AM
Q: Tag synonym [google-gsuite] to [google-workspace]

DaImToI apparently suggested the tag synonym so long ago that I cant remember doing it. We still need the synonym approved. google-workspace/synonyms

3 hours later…
11:32 AM
@NewPosts oh, it's still pending? The day when GSuite renamed to GWorkspace was so long ago
11:50 AM
Apparently moderators can upvote synonyms even when they don't have the required tag score.
Not sure if it's binding, since I was the fourth.
12:00 PM
It isn't
Mods can use stackoverflow.com/tags/synonyms?tab=newest&filter=all to unilaterally make or approve synonyms
Yeah, that's what I've usually done. But there was a convenient link with an upvote button here...
yeah, the UI is pretty misleading
12:21 PM
@RyanM thank you for ending the suffering of the workspace :)
@NewPosts hmmm, not sure we should delete completed requests...
@RyanM huh, has DalmTo deleted their post?
yeah, reloaded the page. Methinks we shouldn't have such posts deleted
1:10 PM
Undeleted it
1:21 PM
Note to self: answer the meta requests I complete so that I earn tag badges faster they can't be deleted.
I'm way too lazy to do that :p
Q: Material UI Datepicker testing-library Date miss match issue

EnisI am currently having an issue where the jest matcher expects -1hour oppose to set date. [![enter image description here][1]][1] jest.requireActual('moment'); jest.mock('react-redux', () => ({ useSelector: jest.fn(), useDispatch: jest.fn() })); jest.useFakeTimers('modern').setSystemTime(new Date(...

2 hours later…
3:27 PM
That question that came up earlier this week asking for the first person to reach 10k, 50k, 100k, etc, that's all available via the SE reputation leagues
4:05 PM
I am remembering why I don't go to politics.se very often
they have a huge shill problem
@KevinB this chat message would be a good answer to that question :-P
it's deleted, so
would be, would have been
3 hours later…
6:40 PM
Q: Keeping track of changes in a noSQL database while keeping storage needs as low as possible

antares667367Hello fellow developers. For a future project in my company, I'm looking for a way to keep track of changes in a noSQL (ARANGODB) database while keeping the extra storage needs as slim as possible. The things I know so far is that the number of documents will be huge and that it will be exploite...

3 hours later…
9:16 PM
2 hours later…
11:16 PM
Q: Many posts deleted during roomba operation show up in search results

Henry EckerThis is an extension/supplement of the issue reported in Some deleted posts show up in search results I happened across a search earlier today which happened to contain several of these posts. When the posts were re-deleted, Ryan mentioned that it was interesting that two of the posts were remove...


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