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12:01 AM
Q: What are all the languages available for syntax highlighting?

ada7keIs there a list somewhere that show what languages are supported for syntax highlighting and what the keyword for it is? For example, for c#, do you use c#, or csharp, etc.

@cigien I agree, but I'm disappointed. I wish we could actually teach with canonicals, even if we don't discuss.
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/419739/… I would have hoped for more discussion here. Too many people think the simplicity of the question is a reason to close the question in itself, and don't look for duplicates
more concerningly, sometimes the question is frequently asked but no clear canonical emerges
(perhaps, every attempt to make a canonical gets people thinking the canonical must exist somewhere else?)
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/388663 a related problem here is what to do when OP has misdiagnosed the problem (this is different from having an XY problem, because it relates to debugging questions rather than "how to solve it" questions)
hmm, I guess there was adequate discussion, just you know, in comments
it makes sense that the question wasn't well received overall.
12:21 AM
@KarlKnechtel That was part of my reason to write that answer. Put the bit that everyone agrees with in, then follow it up with "but also people are too happy to crap on basic questions even when they're valid"
Q: Tag tips are not obvious in the ask page

BraiamWe got tag tips, they are little guidance flavor that is supposed to try to nudge you into asking better questions when you use some tags on the site. Well, I doubt askers are reading it because it's muted: Given that it's in the right side of the screen where users are used to have stuff they c...

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1:59 AM
Q: Custom comment flags should not auto-delete comments

Ryan MCurrently, if a user flags a comment with the "Something else" flag option, and that comment matches the regex to be deleted by a single flag, the comment is immediately deleted and the flag marked helpful, with no moderator ever seeing it. I believe, but can't immediately verify, that it also c...

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7:26 AM
Q: Is there a minimum length to consider a question as 'a good one'?

S. DreI stumbled upon this question Ok that was a horrendous pun. Now, in all seriousness, I stumbled upon the question above and I was left thinking, is there a minimum length to consider a question 'a good one'? This question seems... fairly self explanatory as it is, but my first reaction was to th...

7:44 AM
Q: Maybe "community specific" close reasons should be collapsible/expandible

DexygenBy the time I got to the following question this morning it had two close votes on the grounds of "needs clarity or detail". Создатель карточки Trello More specifically though I opened the "Community Specific" reason dialog, anc under other appended "because it's not in English". Now though the...

@NewPosts probably my shortest Meta answer.
8:44 AM
Q: Suggested edits take way too long to be reviewed due to a change to the top bar five years ago. Let's revert it

gparyaniPrior to 2017, the top bar used to show a count of pending suggested edits to 2k+ users. Then, the top bar was completely redesigned to remove any numbers related to reviewing, and instead only show an occasional alert dot. According to data analysis performed at the time, the removal of this cou...

Q: Should [export-to*] tags be merged to [export]?

TheMasterThere are many [export-to-*] tags: export-to-csv 4884 questions 16 asked this week, 62 this month export-to-excel 3460 questions 5 asked this week, 37 this month export-to-pdf 624 questions 7 asked this month, 52 this year export-to-word 100 questions 9 asked this year export-to-text 76 ...

9:10 AM
select * from Comments
where UserId=##UserId:int##
  and Text like '%##SearchText:string##%'
What's wrong with my SEDE syntax?
9:30 AM
@KarlKnechtel No MCVE: no error message ;-) kidding, it's like '%##SearchText##%' - :string adds quotes.
So it ends up as like '%'searchterm'%', which is invalid syntax.
Fantastic. I was able to use data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/1626665/… to find a post that I would have struggled with otherwise
10:14 AM
> Ok that was a horrendous pun.
I don't get it
@VLAZ I didn't, either!
I assumed it was a pun related to the use of the word "stumbled", but when I read the linked question, the dots didn't connect. There was no pun around "stumbled".
Q: Congratulations Darin Dimitrov for reaching a million reputation

KUMARToday - Thrusday, 11 August 2022, I just noticed that Darin Dimitrov reached 1 million points of reputation on Stack Overflow. Darin Dimitrov have love writing code and really passionate about it. and he is MVP since 2011. He have been using Microsoft technologies since the early 1990s. His prima...

Same thought process. I thought "stumble" was somehow related to the question. Perhaps if the question title used the word "trip". But I don't really see anything.
Right, or the question was about a "barrier", "block", or something like that.
@VLAZ the joke is that it's a short question.
10:22 AM
That doesn't help.
The other part of the joke is that it's not a pun.
Stumbled across a short question does not a pun make.
In that case, it is a horrendous pun. In that it hardly makes sense.
So yeah, it's a self-aware, self-referential pun. I should like that sort of thing... Too clever for me, I suppose.
@VLAZ technically correct: the best kind of correct.
10:31 AM
> so why this post is getting down votes shall i delete this?
Why do people on Meta need a spell-out for the reason after receiving so many comments?
Why do people from a certain geographical location consistently and repeatedly abuse inline code formatting for "emphasis"?
Is that also something that is incorrectly taught in schools or something?
I reckon we're still going to see more of these posts even if this one gets downvoted and deleted...
Exactly why I'm not deleting it. ;-)
Ha, "Do you want this to happen to you?"
Do you want down votes?
10:34 AM
Maybe we could just have a canonical "A user has reached 1 million reputation points! Why is this event not so special?"
Are you going to undelete it if it gets self deleted? :p
@E_net4thecommentflagger Better than an inbox notification: "Another user has reached 1 million reputation points!"
@NickstandswithUkraine Sigh.
Dupe targets for everythin
Q: Why did I gain/lose reputation? Can I audit my reputation history?

Cody GrayI know that I gain and lose reputation when people vote on my posts. For example, when one of my answers receives an upvote, I earn 10 points and receive a green notification in the top bar. However, sometimes I see my reputation score increase or decrease without any reason given in my profile....

10:36 AM
Users just wanting their free famous and great question meta badges
Maybe I was a bit too tongue-in-cheek, but eh
Maybe we need to modify the title so it applies to stalking other users, too.
@NickstandswithUkraine They should try complaining about the review queues.
@Nick stands with Ukraine this type of question will featured by moderator on home page for 7 days. — KUMAR 10 mins ago
Where do people get these specific numbers?
> Yes, there will be a Pandas millionaire soon.
Haw haw
@CodyGray Yeah, cause that ever resulted in anything.
10:38 AM
@RyanM One week is kind of our precedent for featuring this type of thing, to be fair.
@NickstandswithUkraine Badges. You were talking about badges. It can result in badges. No, it doesn't result in actual change or improvement. (Although, apparently, it can result in the introduction of more review queues!)
Okay, you win
Review queues where, I see, someone can approve a question pending a minor edit, so all the author has to do is edit in something superfluous.
@CodyGray Huh, you're right. We've been remarkably consistent. Apparently the rest of you lot are more attentive to taking those down in a timely manner than I am.
10:39 AM
The kind of "improvement" that was made here.
@RyanM You don't have to be all that "attentive" to notice, considering they're in the sidebar...
@CodyGray Big Improve, Much Wow
Sure, but exactly 7 days? I'm not that attentive :-p
Some would call me obsessive...
@CodyGray I wonder if they think these edits are reviewed by bots, or just happen to know of the existence of roboreviewers.
That one didn't have to be reviewed
10:41 AM
That was a self-edit
O I see.
The Q wasn't closed either.
I don't want to divulge any mod-only information, but I think we can all figure out what happened there with a bit of effort.
But I guarantee if it was, it would've gone straight into the reopen queue cause of that blasted checkbox
They... posted an off-topic programming question on Meta, which I deleted, around the same time.
@NickstandswithUkraine You would be surprised how many people do not check that checkbox, and then wonder why their question stays closed.
10:42 AM
And people say users don't read the Help Center pages or the advice we link them to...
@RyanM You would be surprised at how hard it is to surprise Nick with human stupidity.
"I'd act surprised, but....."
The system is rigged and so unfair. You're telling me I have to click a checkbox in order to get something I want?
Just flag it for a mod to click the checkbox for you.
Why am I not even surprised that people would do that, even though I have never seen it before?
And it can't even backfire, because there's no way that a mod can vote to keep it closed.
reopens recloses
10:52 AM
But that accomplishes nothing
I believe I did click the checkbox for someone. And declined the flag.
But why not just reopen?
because I dunno if it fixed the problem
mods aren't SMEs in all subjects, etc.
if it were an Android question I'd just adjudicate it myself, but it wasn't (I don't remember what it was)
Great, so you just made it someone else's problem :-)
I mean, they could have done so too just by finding the checkbox.
I didn't do anything they couldn't...well, at least, anything that the system prevents them from doing.
3 hours later…
1:56 PM
Q: Congratulations Darin Dimitrov for reaching a million reputation!

Ann ZenLet's welcome Darin Dimitrov... ...to the list of the top 5 highest-rep users of Stack Overflow: Jon Skeet Gordon Linoff VonC BalusC Darin Dimitrov With over 21,000 valuable answers provided, it's no wonder they reached this point. What's unique about this is that if you check, you will see th...

Congratulations Darin Dimitrov for reaching a million congratulations posts!
I'm confused. The 4th person to reach 1M was BalusC (I think), and the reception to that announcement was very positive meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/409154 +305/-16 votes for example. Is there some magic threshold where 4 is the last time we congratulate, or has there been some major shift in the community's attitude towards rep recently?
personally I'd have called it after five
the score on the posts have had a decreasing trend the entire time
At some point, the streak had to end
It being here is likely purely coincidental. How many rep millionaire posts can you read before it stops being an achievement?
The only reason Skeet's post doesn't outscore Balus' post is that Skeet's post is locked
Someone pull me out of Meta.
2:08 PM
oh boy, @E_net4thecommentflagger, now you've done it...now it can't be self-deleted ^^;
Ouch, I've only deleted 60k comments in the last quarter
I'll just be over here with a bowl of popcorn and a fire extinguisher.
@RyanM Meh, tbf it's already 4 CVs in.
...CVs for what?
Good question.
2:09 PM
Not seeking input
...oh, fair. Not seeking input or discussion.
"Does not appear to seek input or discussion".
That's accurate enough.
I wouldn't object if all the other congrats posts were closed for that reason as well. Unless/until that happens, I'm going to vote to reopen this one.
I mean at some point it's got to stop. 4 seems ...fairly arbitrary, but...I guess that's what meta has decided? I'm not opposed to slapping historical locks on all the others.
2:12 PM
Yeah, go ahead and do that. It would help underline the excellent point made in E_net4's answer.
Personally, I think this one's interesting because of the fact that they earned it by having contributed good content that's continued to be useful.
So I'll be the one upvoter.
...and then go lock all the other ones.
Not sure if a lock is needed unless they raise excessive chatter. But it's y'all mods call.
Alright, I'll hold off on that until some sort of consensus is found.
My nomination: leave this one, no more after it.
Aaand it's closed.
Aand it's 1 del-vote in.
I'm not sticking my head any further than the comments section and this chatroom.
(although I would note, in case it becomes relevant, that deleted posts can be reopened)
2:26 PM
Q: Add code to my answer

Connor StoopI just answered a question and i keep on asking myself should I have added example code. The user askes why his code was not doing what he expected. I added an answer explaning why his concept was not working.This answer I could correct the code to give a working example, i did not because in my ...

it's always been a sad achievement. A large portion of the rep these people earn are on posts that should be closed.
I think it's important to be consistent. Closing and deleting a specific congrats post when the others are alive and well is just weird. Either 1) let the up/down votes signify to other users that these announcements are not appreciated, and eventually people will stop posting them, or 2) a mod steps in and closes/locks all the congrat posts. I can see option 2 being considered a bit heavy handed (at least without a clear community consensus, which there isn't currently), so I'd go with 1.
Well, Meta is as consistent as humans are.
And humans are not consistent.
Mod perks: sneaking in a comment right after deletion
2:29 PM
If they're still earning rep rapidly without posting, that's pretty good evidence they've contributed at least a good chunk of lasting value.
even a broken clock is right twice a day
@ZoestandswithUkraine And that was a really good point. Many users will just get to this point with enough time.
@KevinB I liked the original version of this better. I was imagining that your world is filled with horribly inaccurate clocks.
multiply that by 30k clocks
held by one user
At my average growth of 1 rep per day, I'll hit it just in time for... I don't even know
2:31 PM
Maybe for the zombie apocalypse.
i don't think i'll reach 100k unless i stop participating
As the only user with <20k rep who can edit tag wikis without approval...I'll be long dead before I hit 1m rep.
the year 4691
@E_net4thecommentflagger That's not entirely true. Many of the rules, policies, discussions, etc on meta are precisely so we can all be consistent, at least more so than humans would normally be. It's not perfect, of course, but it's a good goal to strive for.
it must feel great to be congratulated on meta for reaching 1mil, and then for that post to be downvoted/closed/deleted
2:35 PM
Oh, what fun
2 undelete votes and 4 reopen votes
Let the close war begin
Anyway, maybe we can have like, a hall of fame community wiki post or something? Including curation milestones maybe?
maybe a leaderboard
you know, a leaderboard, that isn't full of hundreds of people with 0 or negative score
@RyanM I don't think we'll ever really get public recognition for anything curation-related beyond badges
Didn't the two 100k CV reviewers get meta posts?
at least one did
Bhargav got one for a million posts deleted or something
2:37 PM
150 Steward badges seems to be the approximate equivalent of 1m rep in terms of rarity. Currently 3 people have it.
or 100k, I forgot
500k flags, wasn't it?
as determined by that screen that errors out every time you try to load it.
Q: Search with tags misses tagged results

Rainald62The search for the tags png transparency irfanview yields a single result missing two further results that are found without the [ ]. No further filters applied.

2:38 PM
@KevinB No one likes being called a rep farmer or a carebear either. Which is why I suggested we stop posting these.
I'm more of a rep miner.
Digging for undiscovered gems.
@cigien It is nearly evident from observing the history of questions and answers on Meta Stack Overflow that the sentiment towards certain ideas have indeed changed over time. This is reflected not only in plain u/d votes but also in CVs and del-votes.
oh ffs
we do not need a post discussing the deletion of the other posts.
But this is Meta. We need to discuss about the discussion about the deletion of posts.
It's also posted by someone who could cast the last undelete vote.
2:43 PM
I bet if we did some research we could find that the majority of this users answers occured first or nearly first, disproving the importance of the "What's unique about this is that if you check..." bit
aaand it's back! One reopen vote to go.
@E_net4thecommentflagger To clarify: by consistent I don't mean that we need to stick to what we've been doing. If the attitudes towards things have changed, that's fine, we should change the guideline, etc, but then the old stuff should also follow them.
@cigien The community decided we've had enough under half an hour ago. Remembering the old ones should be closed takes a bit, and isn't an excuse not to draw a line in the sand
@cigien That is sometimes done. But it has to be done manually through dupe-targeting, locking, etc. And some previous questions may be overlooked. Not to mention what Zoe said. This event happened just about now, we have no reason to push a retroactive change immediately.
It's also worth noting that the current score is the product of only 14 people's opinions.
2:47 PM
Wait, the community decided? I must have missed that; the question is currently going through del/undelete close/reopeon cycles as usual.
If you hold it open long enough, it'll become positive because there's more people who want this to be a help desk than not
@KevinB This is exactly why so many answers in favor of explanations to downvotes have a positive score. It's ad populum.
So far, it seems like most of them have also cast close/reopen/delete/undelete votes (assuming that everyone who cast such votes also cast an up/down vote).
I mean, who doesn't want a place you can safely dump any question on and receive free answers from experts
(bsides the unpaid experts, ofc, who are in the minority)
Who doesn't want a place to live you can safely place your bum on the ground and a house emerges in your surroundings.
2:54 PM
And we've got another delete vote.
3:26 PM
4 reopen votes, 2 delete votes...the tension is real.
It will be a fun post history to read later.
Wouldn't it be better to have one of these with an answer saying we don't want any more of such posts? Sure, we shouldn't be encouraging earning lots of rep, but closing/deleting such questions is how we make that point? This seems like a very childish way to "draw the line in the sand" if that's the intent.
It would serve as a dupe target for anyone else posting these kinds of questions.
3:41 PM
Make it a "Congratulations to all our millionaires" CW post, include the dates that each of them got there, dupe all future (and past?) ones to it.
That or we just reform this last question once the smoke clears.
I think it's a lost cause to turn that one into a canonical
At least not yet. History showed that it could work after enough heads roll.
Yeah, all those are better options. The canonical "Why is this event not so special?" does run the risk of it being negatively received, which means we wouldn't really be able to justify closing them as dupes. In fact, I'm not even sure there's a problem to solve here: the pessimistic projection is what, 2-3 of these posts a year? Surely meta can handle that influx.
@cigien I'd leave out the "why is this not so special?" and just make it a happy congratulations post with a CW lock, with a note explaining "My congratulations post was closed as a duplicate, what gives?" or something like that.
3:48 PM
I dont think anything needs to be done
if more of these posts pop up, and more of them are handled negatively, they'll simply stop popping up
if this is an outlier and the ones in the future are positively received, there's no problem to solve,
@RyanM That would be reasonable. It would have to be explicit that it's about rep-related congrats, as we don't (presumably) want to disallow all congrats posts.
yeah of course
@KevinB It depends on what you mean by "handled negatively". If you mean downvotes, that's fine, but closure/deletion as "super-downvotes" isn't IMO. Again, if the previous posts are also closed/locked that would be fine as well.
meh, the close votes are valid
@KevinB But that doesn't really work, as evidenced by the "require comments with downvotes" questions constantly popping up.
3:59 PM
not everything that should be closed is always closed, it's not uncommon for popular things to skirt the rules
This meta post, and ones like it, aren't about meta. they're "meta" in that they're not trying to solve a problem that would be relevant on SO main, but they're about SO, they're not about meta, they're not solving a problem or discussing a feature, it's literal noise by design, similar to the pile of trash we get every winter
The sole purpose of these posts is to worship someone for reaching a rep threshold
It's a pretty poor reason to worship someone indeed.
4:24 PM
also somewhat unfortunate that posting these things can result in the subject of the post being attacked
1 hour later…
5:28 PM
And the results are in: it's reopened!
@KevinB Yeah, this is what I'm most uncomfortable with about this...
I removed the one comment most critical of the user (a complaint about their duplicate closure rate)
5:44 PM
I'm increasingly convinced UndetectedSelenium just clicks whatever buttons are available. This time they voted both to reopen, and to delete :p
That is...not the first time I've seen that vote pattern...
I don't think it's the first time it's even been discussed in here.
They are among the users who make very liberal use of delete votes.
Excessive use of delete votes on MSO is one of the things that we will be able to look into once we have delete-vote history.
Right now all we can do is say "huh that name keeps popping up a lot on these unhelpful deletions" and hope someone bothers to make a list.
5:59 PM
Excessive use of delete votes is one issue, but casting opposing votes frequently is even more problematic IMO. Of course, it'll happen now and then, especially when the post is edited substantially, but it could even happen because the user changed their mind. But, a regular pattern of casting opposing votes suggests that the votes are not really being cast in good faith.
@cigien review badges...
Possibly. I assume mods can tell whether a vote was cast from a review queue, or not. I don't think I can, at least from the timeline.
@cigien I think you can tell the same way we can: checking the review results.
That works equally well if the review is complete; if not, we can take a shortcut because we can grab the review directly from the post and complete it ourselves.
Ah, from the review history. Thanks. So meta.stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/30756 it looks like they voted to leave it closed in the reopen queue, and then voted to reopen.
6:54 PM
@VLAZ Well, there's no review badge for deleting content
Okay, I decided to historical lock all the congrats posts I'm aware of.
(including the ones for non-rep stuff)
Logic: they are useful for a moment in time, and then we "archive" them. In particular, I don't wish to see close/reopen/delete/undelete fights on the rest of them as well.
7:14 PM
Q: Incomplete flagging options for question belonging on a different site

Dennis KozevnikoffI just run into an issue when I was flagging a question. Solidity Transaction Issue This question was asked on StackOverflow, but belongs on the Ethereum. In the Community Specific flag section, all i saw was these 5 options, none of which were relevant. Is there an issue with the flagging syste...

7:26 PM
Q: White message in dark mode

Alon AdlerWhen saving profile changes in dark mode, the confirmation message is white. It actually made me blind and I'm considering a millions lawsuit... but if you'll fix it or give me lifetime free coffee it will also do.

7:52 PM
@RyanM At some point we'd need to determine how long we'll allow the "celebration" before locking if that's going to be the new pattern.
2 hours later…
10:00 PM
Thanks for addressing this! However, it is slightly concering that this slipped past testing. Revealing vote data is a non-insignificant breach of privacy, given that we've always emphasized that votes are private. While accidentally granting this access to moderators is better than leaking it to the general userbase, I wonder what went wrong in the testing process that this went live in this state. I'd hoped that any changes touching access to private data (even aside from PII) would be thoroughly tested before releasing to production. — Mithical 9 hours ago
10:14 PM
@cigien I'm increasingly convinced you're reading our minds.
@HenryEcker ...yeah.
I'm planning a post-mortem "how did this happen?" Q&A on MSE, hopefully tomorrow, if I get time to write it.
10:32 PM
Q: Bountied (featured) questions do not appear as a filter option in search results

gautThe Bounty tab seems to have gone back to the void. Is my account suspended in any way? EDIT: it's not actually just the bounty tab. below is what I used to have (perhaps 1 week ago)

11:01 PM
@CodyGray I mean... if this is what it takes for them to start testing things before pushing to prod then I'm glad it wasn't worse.
Your confidence is higher than mine :-)
Overly optimistic perhaps.

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