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12:15 AM
@HenryEcker Weird. It wasn't showing me results before, but it does now. And there certainly are some; I managed to find stackoverflow.com/questions/61370693/… pseudo-accidentally from a web search
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3:43 AM
Q: Review queue test

DialFrostI just passed 500 rep, and gained access to some review queues. After entering a First questions review queue, I saw a "bad" question and flagged it. Turns out it was a test, but there was a catch. I saw that the answer tab was unclickable, hinting it was a test! Maybe we can show a sample answer...

@NewPosts Is this a feature-request to make review audits better?
Do we have a canonical "audits aren't supposed to be hard just check if you're paying attention"?
4:42 AM
@HenryEcker Yeah, there's a FAQ meta.stackoverflow.com/q/288046
5:05 AM
@KarlKnechtel Do you mean something like this Java question? I'm not aware of a language-agnostic one. People are also not fond of language-agnostic canonicals, so I'm not sure how useful that would be. For this question, even a language-specific one is unlikely to last long, i.e. if you start using it as a dupe target, it's likely to get closed itself as Needs focus/details/clarity, or even a typo.
5:55 AM
Q: Nested JSON into Html table format Using Python

AnshI am trying to create an HTML report which contains the file and its value over tabular Html format using python. data.json [ { "count": 0, "company": "abc", "state": { "city": {} }, "name": "Techno", "age": 17, "file": "cubix.so" }, {...

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9:25 AM
Q: Why has the community's response to simple questions changed?

The ThonnuAlmost 14 years ago, the question What does the "yield" keyword do? was asked in the python tag. It has since become the most upvoted question in the tag, with over 12000 upvotes. However, if that question was to be asked today, it would get a flood of comments saying "Read the documentation". A ...

9:49 AM
Q: Does Meta Stack Overflow have a chatroom specifically for it?

user4539917 I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Does Stack Overflow have a Meta site?

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11:26 AM
waffles, added tags
12:05 PM
Is the list of room owners here up to date?
@E_net4thecommentflagger nope
Let's make it so.
I'm tempted to reword the post to be more neutral, but..
@E_net4thecommentflagger frankly speaking, I hate manual lists that need to be updated by hand - a sec
just link it to chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/info/197438/… and remove the list
Q: Getting more attention for questions

DialFrostI just saw this post about a low-rep user not getting any helpful answers, but after posting on meta, got a few thousand views and many votes. This user did manage to get good answers (not sure if correct), but I see one problem in this. Some users suggested setting bounties or asking in the chat...

12:32 PM
@cigien Sometimes I feel like the search feature is a Magic 8 Ball and sometimes it just doesn't feel like returning results. I feel my initial search should have found that thread.
I appreciate your digging that up though :)
12:43 PM
Q: The edit queue is full. What to do with it?

GeorgeWhat to do when edit queue is full? As example(you can use more than 1 example): Add an additional reward for "edit" task when the queue is full: Changing reward. Not changing reward. You need to add rule in your answer/comment. Get additional reputation for "edit" task depending on request...

1:13 PM
Q: The search tooltip does not hide when focus moves out of the search bar/search tooltip

galdinTo reproduce, Open the stackoverflow home page Tab into the search bar, a tooltip will open like it should Press tab thrice to move to the profile icon on the navbar. The tooltip should close, but it doesnt. Since the tooltip does not close, even if the focus moves to one the elements under it ...

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2:37 PM
> And why FLAG is here?
3:15 PM
I like flags
3:46 PM
I like trains
I like aye
4:43 PM
Q: Pictures Bug: What Is It:

George This is my screenshot of this bug.

@NewPosts use your words
@NewPosts methinks it was reported before
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Them being periodically wrong until a refresh isn't new, but this isn't going away on even a hard refresh.
Catija's theory seems solid:
Mechanics site theme was just launched a bit ago, so it may be related to that - checking. :) I see it in the site selector and in the HNQ list on the right rail. — Catija ♦ 23 mins ago
yeah, it was fine a while ago, even with the new Mechanics.SE favicon on HNQ
@RyanM great. Now I can't unsee the misalignment now...
4:52 PM
oh well, it didn't last long
and so we get network-wide Hot Meta Posts :)
frankly, while I understand the reasoning for spritesheets, I don't like them - small individual SVG icons don't get as easily misaligned should any change happen
5:15 PM
If I zoom in to 150%+ it fixes itself. — Warcupine 2 mins ago
does that make it switch to 2x icons or something?
I can repro this, it does in fact fix it
the way it's meant to be used
blame Retina...
@AndrewT. yep...
@Warcupine It also works correctly on a Retina display. — Ryan M 9 secs ago
Probably someone checked this on their MacBook, saw it was fine, and shipped it.
well, it was fine for 30 minutes, I had seen the proper Mechanics.SE favicon on HNQ, on Windows
I guess they had a mix-up for CSS media query later on...
5:41 PM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I don't think spritesheets are supposed to be updated. Or you shouldn't use them if you expect updates. They are decent at conserving resources if you do have a set amount of icons, I guess. But also if your number of icons is small, maybe you don't need it.
I guess SE are using spritesheets because of Stacks mostly.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine It's likely generated by a script:
The icons are all stored in one long thin image which is re-positioned in multiples of 16 pixels to bring each icon into a 16x16 space. However, the current version of that image is 7038 pixels high - which is not a multiple of 16! It is, however, a multiple of 17. I suspect a new icon was added that is 17x17 instead of 16x16, and the script generating the combined "spritemap" has padded all the others to match, throwing off all the offsets. — IMSoP 58 mins ago
@VLAZ I mean, in the surrounding CSS - any tweak, and everything goes to hell. Although, as I mentioned, I understand the reasoning behind using them, but... individual images are cached too, so you only need to serve them once
Sure, but when you're loading a zillion tiny images, that latency can add up for the initial load.
Though I think HTTP/2 fixes this, I'm not sure how widely deployed that is.
my build process still uses sprites as well.. fortunately the process does all the heavy lifting. Sure, http2 "fixes" it, but as long as your process works (which, it's fair to say SE's didn't) it's not a problem
@RyanM all those pesky designers ruining automation :) I wonder why the script doesn't check that the images are of the required size if that's important, though
@KevinB queue the heating spacebar joke
5:51 PM
reminds me of oxygen not included
every heat source is a future source of energy
batteries produce heat? Great! we need both batteries and heat
@RyanM It does, and it isn't deployed much
... okay, it's more than I thought:
> As of December 2019, HTTP/2 is used by 42.5% of the top 10 million websites1
6:25 PM
Q: Staging Ground Workflow: Question Lifecycle

BrendanEarlier this year, we wrote several posts about various user workflows in the Staging Ground. This post will pull a number of those elements together to focus on the overall question lifecycle, plus we will identify any changes that have been made since the previous posts. The previous posts can ...

@NewPosts not the greatest idea to link diagrams from Teams instance
Double ugh
Let's see how bad this is
> which will happen if no reviews are performed on the post after a certain number of hours
I'm sorry, what
48 hours is technically a certain number of hours, but "a certain number of hours" usually implies "a lot less than a day"
> This status indicates that the post looks good overall, but should receive minor edits before being published. Reviewers can move a post into this status any time they perform a review. Authors can publish from this status (directly or after making any change). If the Author doesn’t publish within a certain number of hours, the post will be published automatically.
i hope there's guidance on what "minor edits" means in this casae
> Also add an upvote when published checkbox: When this is checked (it’s optional) and a review Action is performed, it will note a provisional upvote by the Reviewer on the post. This means that if the post is eventually published, it will receive an upvote right away from the Reviewer. If the Reviewer found the question here to be worthy of an upvote, we want to make it easy for that upvote to be applied once the post is published.
I wonder if it's gonna be checked by default or not
Knowing SE, I suspect it's checked
With no way to disable the default check
> However, we are avoiding use of the label “Closed” for posts in the Staging Ground
But why
6:40 PM
much better, thanks, @V2Blast :)
@OlegValteriswithUkraine No problem :)
"Also add an upvote when published" is an interesting feature.
I'm already picturing a massive bug that causes everyone with the upvoting privilege to upvote every post that clears the staging ground
Oh also didn't notice the new markdown/richtext icons instead of the toggle on the stacks editor. I'm not sure how I feel.
@HenryEcker at least that makes more sense as it is a switch between 2 modes and not a on-off toggle
6:46 PM
> Also add an upvote when published checkbox: When this is checked (it’s optional) and a review Action is performed, it will note a provisional upvote by the Reviewer on the post. This means that if the post is eventually published, it will receive an upvote right away from the Reviewer. If the Reviewer found the question here to be worthy of an upvote, we want to make it easy for that upvote to be applied once the post is published.
that doesn't sit right with me
effectively, that means at any point in the process you can note that you want to upvote it... but your upvote won't applied till it's published, which means it'd potentially be a different question at that point. Not to mention... that leaves teh possibility of both being able to say "Upvote this!" and "This has major problems...." in the same action... which is contradictory given that any one review can come along and push it to published without an edit occuring.
@ZoestandswithUkraine if the screenshot is to be believed, seems to be unchecked by default, hope it is indeed
tldr the option to upvote it should only be available when pushing it to published.
Why does a similar option for downvoting not exist?
i mean, if you can pre-determine that it's a useful high quality question, can you not also pre-determine the opposite?
because of the happy path, duh
joking aside, can a post be on-topic and not needing changes while being unuseful (serious question)?
99% of debugging question
6:55 PM
@KevinB hmm, fair point
(though... i don't go around downvoting every debugging question i see, tbf)
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Yes. I agree buttons is a better control source than a toggle. I'm just not sure about the design. Though that's certainly a personal preference more than anything
i like how the majority of images in collective articles have no alt text
@HenryEcker yeah, I get where you are coming from - I consider the switch to icons an improvement, although the icons themselves look off. I have a suspicion that's because they are uncharacteristically landscape oriented and wide
> Here's how to do X! <image> <image> <image> and that's it!
6:59 PM
@KevinB hold your horses, they haven't figured out the original content part yet - baby steps
nah they figured that out
it was decided it doesn't need to be original.
(that's why they're just straight up republishing all of their documentation)
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Yeah. It's definitely the shape compared to the rest of the buttons. I do think they need distinct style because they're not markdown buttons they're editor preference buttons... maybe I'm just not used to them yet
@HenryEcker yeah, dunno, maybe they need a little bit less color weight to them or have their orientation changed, but it's not anything major - I am just glad the visual metaphor better represents what's happening now
7:25 PM
Q: User deleting the question after getting the answer

Harsh Manvari come across a single user twice and faced the issue, user deleted the question after releasing the answer shared by Me and others. it's really creepy and same time demotivating when someone put 10-15 Min writing an answer and the User simply deletes it without upvoting or accepting it as the an...

8:13 PM
Q: Suspended from reviewing but no indication anything wrong with a review

AlexKThis is an appeal of my review suspension, or at least a request for explanation of the suspension. I got this message today: These are the full links to the reviews: https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/32312425 https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/32440704 While in th...

Hmm, can't even blame onebox here:
maybe that's the meme
Though it did onebox in several channels

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