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4:15 AM
@HenryEcker I mean, I think the best indication is that it was obvious to me after a lot less than 4 minutes, someone who neither programs in Python nor has ever used Selenium.
What I cannot figure out is if the person genuinely thinks that they lack an answer to their question and needs it re-opened on that basis, or if they are just mad that their question got closed as a duplicate and seek to have that "wrong righted".
This doesn't even appear to be one of those cases where they need the answer spoon-fed to them and/or more dots connected (e.g., because they're a help vampire or whatever). So I think it must be more of the latter, where they are just angry about the fact that such an egregious wrong was committed against them of declaring their question a duplicate.
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5:29 AM
Q: Don't use a jump select on the settings menu in profiles

Someone_who_likes_SECurrently, at small screen sizes, the collection of profile links becomes a dropdown: However, for users using keyboards to navigate, this means a new page is visited every time a new option is selected. This is bad for accessibility, per WCAG: Changing the setting of any user interface componen...

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7:35 AM
Don't like waking up to downvote shaming, oh no no.
Methinks it's gone now. But Hydrant has it on record, should that be important.
7:54 AM
Oh, I assumed it was on Meta.
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9:53 AM
Q: Turn the VLQ flag for answers into two new, more intuitive flags to improve flagging experience

Jeanne DarkTL;DR Remove VLQ flag and instead add flags for link-only and non-English answers that have the same effect as NAA flags but provide better guidance for flaggers. The Very low quality flag for answers has been a source of confusion for years and lead to feature requests in the past, like Merge ...

@NewPosts Two flags for the price of one!
@NewPosts I see we finally got a martyr that dared to propose it!
It's smart. I'd have expected nothing less.
My only concern is that having a dedicated flag named "link-only answer" is going to promote misuse and perpetuate the ongoing misunderstanding of "link-only answer".
So I'd kind of like to have a different name.
Honestly, the "not an answer" flag is probably the best possible name, because it's the only time when you should be flagging it: when it does not contain an answer in the text of the answer.
10:13 AM
@CodyGray eh, do we have an ongoing misunderstanding of link-only?
We certainly have an ongoing misapplication of it.
People flag every answer that is short and contains a link as "link-only". They miss the "only" part, I guess.
10:40 AM
I am not sure any flag name will help with this :)
"Wait, are you sure? Probably not this one."
There we go
See, this is why we workshop stuff
and I am pretty sure that ya'll will still get incorrect flags
11:32 AM
I feel the guidance can clear it up: "Use this flag if removing the link from the answer leaves nothing at all". Or something in the same vein but better written.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Same as now, right? But hopefully there'd be fewer incorrect flags.
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2:07 PM
Q: Different markdown rendering between preview and saved result

anastaciuI make this markdown to render an asterisk in italic: In the preview it looks good and the result is as expected, but when I save the changes I get: Why is there that difference between preview and the saved changes?

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6:39 PM
Q: Does QueryPerformanceCounter goes forward or backward on windows 10?

KumarTo make a delay in my program, i want to use QPC. For example, delay is exact 5000.100306 seconds , So, my question is: Does QueryPerformanceCounter goes forward or backward on windows 10 ?

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10:03 PM
@VLAZ heh, I suppose so - one can never reach 100% no matter how airtight and easy to follow rules are - there is bound to be a person that cannot or does not follow the rules
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11:28 PM
Q: I don't even know how to refer to this website

bobsmith76Some websites and companies have very unfortunate names. This website is one of them. I was trying to tell my mother what a great website this is but then I realized that I don't know even know what it's called. I've been using it for years and the fact that I still don't know how to tell my fr...


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