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12:11 AM
@NewPosts oh, gosh
12:22 AM
@NewPosts ?????????
Is that a... rebrand request?
> One of the websites that I often visit is latin.stackexchange.com -- This is a serious error. You can't name a website latin.stackexchange.com and expect people to understand what you're talking about when you say: "it's a website where you can questions about Latin".
@HenryEcker no freaking idea. The post is bizarre. I suppose it can be inferred that they are unhappy with "*.stackexchange.com", but... why?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe. Idk if only the name of the site was somewhere visible.
Q: Should I flag one of the 2 answers of this question as plagiarism?

rayI came across this question and 2 answers to the question in one of my review queues. https://stackoverflow.com/a/72757765/14732669 https://stackoverflow.com/a/72757800/14732669 Notice that they share a substantial portion of the same content, which I cannot locate as the given context in the q...

@HenryEcker indeed, if only sites had actual names instead of those pesky domain names...
12:42 AM
@NewPosts that... starts to look like an attempt to edit going horribly wrong
Idk what happened there. The "original" answer timeline has a bunch of deletes and undeletes so it's hard to say if it was an intention to preserve a good answer? Odd indeed.
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3:58 AM
Q: How to use Multiple local urls in javascript / jQuery

AlexI wonder if there is a better way to write this code, because I have more than 50 samples.. thanks! drums = [{ id: 1, drumsSamples: [{ url: "samples/kick.wav" }, { url: "samples/snare.wav" }, { url: "samples/hihat.wav" }] }];

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5:28 AM
Q: Why Multiprocessing Method Printing Global Variables Many Times in Python, And it takes Much time processing one file apart from Normal Code

Krishna GuptaThis is my Global Code. now = datetime.now() current_time = now.strftime("%H:%M:%S") print("Current Time =", current_time) and here i'm using Multiprossing I want to run my code on 6 core so that's why I wrote it 6 times - p1 = Process(target=Threading, args=[thread_list[0]]) p2 = Process(target...

6:16 AM
Q: How to remove question from bounty? on stack overflow

Soham JadavIs it possible to remove bounty that I have started on my own question? I think I am no more interested in getting answer to that question. Removing question won't help as I want to keep reputation that I have got on it.

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7:42 AM
> Downvoted for no reason... Ok. (this comment has been deleted twice: let's see if mystery moderator strikes again).
Some people can't take the hint.
7:58 AM
Q: Can we have a downvote explanation?

NolvSo the idea is that in order to downvote you need to provide brief explanation why are you downvoting question\comment. Because sometimes you get downvotes for poorly asked question, question without code or asked on the wrong forum, it might be visible. But quite often you receive downvote for n...

Q: CaptchamMVC with .net framework (MVC 5) is not working properly

Pratap Singh RanawatFirst time load of captcha works sometime. Refresh captcha never works. captcha and my project details are below Captcha MVC5 1.5 (CaptchaMVC.MVC5) by Vyacheslav Volkov Dot Net framework 4.7.1 Link (https://staging.readibots.com/account/register) where anyone can see the behavior of my captcha ...

@NewPosts It is unclear or not useful
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9:04 AM
Q: Multiline editing posts

dumazyIs there a way to edit multiple lines in posts? Often I find myself fixing indentations and would love to just have a multiline cursor to remove unnecessary spaces on multiple lines. This could also be used for prefixing multiple variable names or adding modifiers in certain languages (adding pri...

9:18 AM
@NewPosts There are online editors that are decent. Sure, probably not as good as a dedicated installed one but still allows for now common things like multi-indent or multi-edit lines. See the TS playground for example. It's actually using a slimmed down version of the VSCode core to give you hints, highlights, autocompletion, etc.
So, in theory something similar can be done for SO posts. Even as a userscript. In practice...I don't think SE would go for it. And I personally wouldn't bother because of the UX implications. To get proper code handling, you'd probably need a dedicated code area. Rather than edit it as part of the same markdown as the rest of the post. That's doable similar to snippets if you slice up the post and extract each portion in a seprate editable space.
But it's a bit too much work since essentially means that the code will be extracted and put in a different editor. Which you can do anyway.
9:46 AM
Q: Suggestion: New close reason, or change the typo close reason

kluttOr maybe just change the text for the existing close as typo. The current description is: Not reproducible or was caused by a typo While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a way less likely to help future readers. There are A LOT of questions where the solution is ...

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11:16 AM
Q: Voting corrected for a single vote?

QwertiyToday I got -10 with label "voting corrected". Its page says: When a single user continually votes (up or down) on many of your posts within a short period of time, the system considers these votes to be invalid and removes them. But -10 can be reverting of a single upvote only, isn't it? Why d...

11:40 AM
Q: How to prefill the mini-buffer in evil-search-forward

randouserI'd like to write a function that will run evil-search-forward, but pre-populate a string into the buffer first. Following this link I came up with the following: (defun my/insert-headline-string () (insert "^*+.+")) (minibuffer-with-setup-hook (:append 'my/insert-headline-string) ...

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12:58 PM
Q: Use StackOverflow for survey-like questions

J-CakeGood evening, I'm currently embarking on an assignment for an analysis of user-centred software, which I have to collect several different datapoints for. The software I have chosen is the IntelliJ Range, for various reasons. Part of the assignment is to perform a survey on the users of this soft...

1:52 PM
Q: Is something wrong with this question stuck "offline for maintenance"?

Dominick PastoreSomething fishy is going on with one particular question: No virtual method findViewHolderForPosition(I) when trying to click on RecyclerView item with Espresso When I try to visit this question from my work laptop (which is on the corporate VPN in another state), it takes its time loading, only ...

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2:58 PM
Q: Make [azure-sqldw] a synonym of [azure-sql-data-warehouse]

LarnuIt looks like something similar was asked about 6 years ago in the question Merge the two tags used for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, however, this is with a different set of tags for the same technology. azure-sqldw current has 410 questions, and has both usage guidance and a excerpt. In a...

3:34 PM
Q: Any one not giving me answer from stackoverflow

Younus I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Android Studio:Java:Cannot convert the provided notation to an object of type Dependency: build_drpvaqptgx43528pkeixxbsck$_run_closure2$_closure7@e0 Anyone is not answering my Quesion. I am trying from upto one week Please Help me.

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5:28 PM
Q: Will the Staging Ground apply only to a user's very first question?

none noneI'm really glad SO is introducing this feature, I think it will help with its perception as a hostile place for newcomers. My only doubt is: will it apply only to the very first question of a user, will it trigger for users below a certain score or will it be available on demand if someone is not...

> I'm really glad SO is introducing this feature
please tell me I didn't miss them saying "this is happening now"
6:16 PM
Q: Editing stackoverflow profile

user18765083How can I edit my profile to have a username and a profile picture?! How can I have some reputation here? When I have a question I search here and almost every time I find my answers so I don't need to ask them again.

6:58 PM
Q: Where are comment flags reviewed?

SamathingamajigThey don't seem to meet the description of any of the review queue names/descriptions: Close votes: "Vote whether or not to close questions with close votes." Reopen votes: "Vote whether or not to reopen closed questions." Low quality answers: "Identify, then improve or delete low quality answers."

7:40 PM
> We've identified an issue with our CDN causing intermittent 503 errors for people in the Chicago area.
is that, as a response to someone's question, revealing the user's location?
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10:58 PM
Q: What is the etiquette for people who need help with general logic or program architecture?

Chris YatesI recently asked a general question that was almost immediately destroyed by 3 moderators: Please critique my general logic for how to approach applying conditional styles to a table, based on which buttons and table cells you select I understand that since I am not asking for help troubleshootin...

@NewPosts "no moderators were harmed during the asking of this question". Except for maybe Dharman, but we'll see

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