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1:41 AM
@CodyGray Apparently I am too, but I only noticed now cause I spend more time on meta than main... I hate them, they're too "shouty" and distracting
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3:17 AM
@NickstandswithUkraine That's why they were perfect for Teams
All the annoying stuff in one place
Try using Adblock and checking all of the filters. — Ender 4 hours ago
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5:35 AM
Q: Feature test answer in stackoverflow

Indra HermantoSometimes users encounter the following message when posting a question: "This post does not meet our quality standards." If you see this message, then your question was automatically blocked by the server. All new questions are subjected to a "minimum quality" filter that checks for some basic i...

6:07 AM
(The used tag "Accessibility" says: "Questions related to the usability of Stack Overflow by people with disabilities. Accessibility of websites means that people with all kinds of disabilities can use those websites. An accessible Internet provides equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities. Accessibility covers a broad range of components, including content, browsers, assistive technology, ... . It affects users, web developers and software developers. An overview of accessibility standards is available at W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative.") — Peter Mortensen 13 hours ago
Why's he quoting tag wikis now?
The purpose of my post was to convey why I no longer intend to contribute to S/O, with a small inkling that my feedback may be valuable to someone. I found it better to convey this message, than to just delete 5 of my posts per day until they're all gone, subsequently then requesting account deletion. — zanderwar 1 min ago
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7:35 AM
Q: Is there an intended way to workshop questions before publishing?

none noneI have found myself violating unwritten rules a few times with a question, and bad question reception has negative consequences for your account. This is not an attack on the site, I know that no amount of specificity in the rules of a place will prevent informal conventions from generating, I'm ...

8:12 AM
@CodyGray A site for those who demand satisfaction.
Q: Upcoming cleanup of duplicate votes

Yaakov EllisIt was reported on MSO that it is possible for a user to voteup or downvote more than once on a single post (resulting in reputation changes for the author for each vote). After some data examination, we were able to confirm that this vulnerability exists (it is happening due to race conditions s...

> Stack Overflow: ~13K
Yay, Stack Overflow wins again! \o/
Quick question: in a Q&A deleted answers always show last, regardless of the sorting criteria, right? If you sort by Created date you don't get 1 visible, 1 deleted, 1 visible answers.
I'm trying to verify this but it's hard to test because I can't search for questions with deleted answers. Which means, I can't then just check a bunch of these at once.
@VLAZ yes, deleted answers are always grouped after non-deleted answers
8:23 AM
Thanks :)
That's what I thought, I just had a thought "but what if that's only for Highest voted? How do I check?"
On the duplicate votes - I think 13k is actually really low for SO. Considering this has been there for over a decade.
the sorting criteria also apply to all deleted answers, curious about what deleted trending answers look like...
The 3k duplicates in Mathematics is probably more concerning.
Everything on Mathematics is concerning
8:53 AM
Q: make heading not editable in laravel-excel export

ShoI'm using Maatwebsite\Excel to download excel file. When the file downloaded I want to make header row which specify the column heading, read only. After downloading no one can make any change in headers. Is it Possible to do make column name un-editable ? I looked for lock function , or protect ...

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9:59 AM
Q: What to do if I have exactly the same question as an existing one, but I'm not satisfied with the answer

DeltaIVI would like to ask basically the same question as How to identify the activation function at a specific layer of a loaded keras model? The question has an answer, but I really don't like its reliance on try-catch. I think it's an overused pattern in Python, that leads to bad coding practices. Fo...

10:29 AM
@CodyGray They were bad enough that the first post I looked at I instinctively reached for the downvote button, without even reading the post. I don't think that's the result they had in mind.
@NickstandswithUkraine That was Jeanne's reaction, too
in SO Close Vote Reviewers, 3 hours ago, by Jeanne Dark
Currently seeing the new vote buttons. They're so prominent that it almost feels like they really want me to click that downvote button
I thought that was Jeanne's reaction to every post :p
Oh, perhaps
But in this case, it wasn't the quality of the post leading her to the downvote button, but rather the button itself.
@NickstandswithUkraine Previously it didn't seem SE wanted it but it was possible. Now they do want it.
Also, I agree the buttons are annoying.
They dominate the space which, granted, does invite clicking on them more. But it does also take focus away from the rest of the content.
That's what I said about them
> they're so out there and eye catching that I stop paying attention to the content.
10:34 AM
I was agreeing. And wasn't even original - users have already reported the same thing much better than I did.
I'm not against changing the buttons. But maybe not have them as big. Make them stand out more in different ways, though. Add a bit of shadow or border to make them "pop".
You know like buttons look like.
I like buttons.
For some reason, the web has been moving away from making buttons look like buttons. And now collectively trying to figure out how to make them still stand out. Which I feel is like putting the head of the nail to the wall, figuring it won't work, and trying to figure out how to move the wall.
Make them square, like buttons, not round.
And make the arrows inside the buttons the same color gray as everything else in the UI, not a black that doesn't fit in at all.
Well, that's a start
But it needs the triangle
Remove one of the circles, and move its neighbor to the center.
10:48 AM
Ah, you mean this button
make the voting buttons, actual buttons. See example above.
Is there a Stack Exchange site for sewing and such?
For the real answer, turns out it's on-topic at Arts & Crafts.
They could be using actual buttons for the upvote and the downvote.
That's the site that brought us Catija (or, one of them)
@NickstandswithUkraine Yes, that's better. The orange one can be used when it's been pressed.
10:59 AM
@E_net4-MrDownvoter They don't even use actual buttons for badges. I am disappointed.
Although, you'd think that a depressed button would be blue...
Aye, much disappoint
Q: Is "because it is about elementary material that should be learned by reading a C primer" a valid close vote reason?

user438383I just noticed someone voting to close a post with: I’m voting to close this question because it is about elementary material that should be learned by reading a C primer or textbook and working on course assignments rather than by asking on Stack Overflow. Whilst it is certainly true that this...

So... the new motto is "Focus on the content, not the button"?
11:12 AM
@CodyGray isn't Catija primarily from Movies & TV?
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I thought Catija was primarily from carbon. Like, it represented 45-50% of her biomass. But maybe she's composed of movies. I don't know her that well.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine "primarily"?
Hard to say
I don't think she was ever an elected moderator on Movies & TV
@VLAZ let's find out! @Catija, are you composed of movies?
OK, not "elected"... appointed, since my basis for comparison is Arts & Crafts, and she was a pro tem mod there.
And also a mod on IPS
So I don't see how Movies could be the "primary"
@VLAZ What a coincidence! I, too, am primarily composed of carbon!
Well, I guess that makes sense. I am also from Austin, so it stands to reason that we'd have a lot in common.
oh, I think it was Arqade first
Q: Welcome Stack Overflow Valued Associate #599, Catherine Kuck AKA Catija!

Tim PostWe're extremely pleased to announce that Catherine Kuck (most of you know her as Catija) started yesterday on our Community Growth team as a Community Manager. As soon as she's completed a small mountain of paperwork, she's going to be spending the bulk of her time doing ... pretty much exactly w...

11:24 AM
Wait, Catija is not actually named Catija?
What is this betrayal!
Man, I had either completely forgotten or not even realized she started with Arqade
Which is a site whose name I, coincidentally, always forget how to spell
(Why is there a Q in there??!)
@CodyGray neither can I (the history of the message above is a live testament to that)
Q: Spelling error: 'Arcade' instead of 'Arqade'

fredleyI spotted an instance where it mistakenly says Arcade instead of Arqade. Given it's the name of the site, this is a pretty serious error.

Ah, nice! You spelled it correctly the first time.
Google Maps? Wat?
@ShadowWizard I have a feeling sometimes that the whole SE network is just an elaborate mechanism for mass trolling... — fredley Jan 27, 2014 at 12:48
seems like it sometimes
@VLAZ useless piece of trivia #599: Catherine would be Katerina in Russian, and Katya in short (which is the same as how Catija is actually pronounced)
11:35 AM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I had a Katya in my class. Her friends called her Katyusha which...was amusing
I don't think they were referencing that one, though.
@VLAZ yes, there is also a well-known war-time (WWII) song "Katyusha" which intentionally plays on the ambiguity of meaning
The Wikipedia pronunciation sounds like "Kakyusha"
I hear what you mean, though. The "t" is a bit hard.
I hear a "k" there every time
12:22 PM
@CodyGray because it is a Q&A site. arQAde
That's horrible.
My first site was Arqade but I spent most of my time on M&TV and English Language Learners ... and on MSE eventually.
I'm glad you eventually learned English
I'm still working on it.
@CodyGray does this mean they also learned all the movies and TV series?
12:30 PM
No, Movies & TV is obviously for enthusiasts. "Learners" is not in the name.
@Catija Touche
@CodyGray ah, knowing all of them is a prerequisite, I see
Just like everyone here on SO knows all programming languages
Or at least all of the ones that cause their stack to overflow.
@Catija Aren't we all...
I think I can cause an overflow in every language - am I qualified for SO?
@VLAZ the fun thing is deciding what to follow and what to ignore. 🤣
12:38 PM
pff, just follow everything, that surely won't backfire
Q: Looks like someone is abusing the votes, should I care?

ShmielI'm looking at the newest question and I see quite a few questions in a row all upvoted but some have just 3 views which is very rare to get upvoted within a minute. And when I look at the actual questions, some I would downvote or ask for more details. Is there anything I should do? Or would yo...

Q: How to tag general .NET questions?

Daniel A. WhiteIt appears the tag wiki for .net has changed to be exclusively about .NET Framework and points to use .net-core. I know Microsoft did not do us any favors by renaming .NET Core 5 as just .NET 5. How should we tag questions about .NET in general? I would have preferred keeping .net-framework and ....

Q: country code input field validation message is not working

V.KHTML Code : <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/jquery@3.6.0/dist/jquery.slim.min.js"></script> <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/popper.js@1.16.1/dist/umd/popper.min.js"></script> ...

1:01 PM
General .NET, leading the charge in the war against Java.
You used to serve with my father in the VBA war. Help me, general .NET, you are my only hope!
new OB1Kenobi();

DllLoaderException: There is a class name I have not heard in a long time.
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3:48 PM
Q: Track in real time all new published questions regardless of which tag is used (I want to help edit new questions with formatting errors)

Digital FarmerI searched the existing questions but didn't find one that specifically answers the case all tags. Currently I follow tags that I may be able to answer, but in my spare time I wanted to open a page open to follow in real time all the questions posted like this: With this filters and sort: I acc...

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5:00 PM
Q: What is the purpose of modifying the example domain in data example?

sealocalThe revision changes instances of domain.com to domain.example in the sample data provided by the Question's author. Does this change follow some guideline or objective for StackOverflow quality maintainers? There appears to be no reason cited. https://stackoverflow.com/revisions/39139107/3

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8:06 PM
Q: user's email on StackOverFlow

Hiba YoussefI have a Google account and I linked the account to a mobile number, but my mobile was stolen And the number was cancelled And after canceling the number, I had forgotten the Google password and I could not modify it because I canceled the number And I can't get into my Google account After this,...

8:16 PM
that user's name sounds awfully familiar, particular for the problem they're presenting
they had a post from the 18th, but i was thinking more like a post from months ago
9:18 PM
Q: Bug preventing me from asking a question?

einpoklumI'm trying to ask (an answer) a CLion question about where you can hide and unhide files in its user interface. The title is: "How ​do​ I unhide my file in CLion?" But - the question asking page doesn't let me submit that, saying that I'm forbidden from having that expression in the title. What g...

@NewPosts heh, tripped on the word "my"
1 hour later…
10:36 PM
Q: Is someone asking to hire someone on the site now qualified as spam?

MakotoSo as I understand it, if someone makes a post asking to hire a developer, that should be closed as off-topic and deleted in relatively short order. However, I was quite surprised to see a comment on a recent instance of this suggest that this needs to be flagged for spam instead. Is this the ca...

11:24 PM
Q: Why was this question closed? The "duplicate post" does not have any relation to my post

EnderSo I asked this question on Stack Overflow. Within 5 minutes, somebody posted a comment, deleted it, and closed my post. This other post that was the "duplicate" of my post is not even using the same module as I was, and it was about not using the latest version of Google Chrome, and my code neve...


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