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4:27 AM
Q: We should burn a [card] from the deck

Daniel WiddisA peek at the recent discussion around visa and mastercard led me to the card tag. card has 192 questions and no usage guidance or tag wiki. Questions reference: Cards in the open source Bootstrap library Cards in React Bootstrap The Card class in Flutter Oracle's Java Card Connected Platform f...

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2:45 PM
Q: Split up [forward]

SuperStormerforward has 666 questions and a very ambiguous tag wiki: There are myriad kinds of forwarding. Use this if you must, but try to find a more specific [tag] first. Most of the questions under this tag are on-topic, but it is too ambigious and should be split into multiple separate tags. A quick s...

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5:57 PM
Q: Disambigue the [aurora] tag

JonasThe aurora tag has a very mixed content. I suggest that we disambigue this tag. I think there are mainly two meanings here: Amazon RDS Aurora database service, with both MySQL and PostgreSQL dialects. Questions related to this service should probably use amazon-aurora instead. Apache Aurora - a M...

6:09 PM
Q: What to do about oft-misused tags?

dfeuerFor some reason, the vast majority of questions tagged haskell-platform and/or haskell-stack are actually beginner questions about Haskell that have absolutely nothing to do with the Haskell Platform or the Haskell Tool Stack. I can remove the tags, but it gets pretty annoying. Anyone who's actua...

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8:45 PM
Q: Save user “SELECT INPUT” using Local Storage in html table

TeamKnightsI have a HTML table and with question and 8 SELECT ROW OR SELECT from user that requires user to select data and as the user selects on the selection it should save so when the the user refresh/reloads or closes the web-page and opens the web-page back up the data must show on what he selected pr...

9:09 PM
Q: This tag needs a re-[mix]

miken32The mix tag is supposed to be about a tool for the Elixir language but it is constantly being misused in questions about Laravel Mix which should have the laravel-mix tag. Given that the correct usage of the tag is so light (292 questions total) I suggest the tag should be renamed elixir-mix to a...

9:27 PM
Q: Why are questions tagged C answered with how to do it in C++?

H ArieffI have recently gotten into C from C++, and I have noticed that often people answer the C++ way to do something in a question tagged C. This is slightly annoying as C++ is a superset of C, but C not of C++.

Q: Is this a malware creation assistance request?

Andrew MortonThe question I'm concerned about is [https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67526165/how-to-encrypt-a-file-in-tcl]. A picture of the question is: It looks dodgy with --no-secmem-warning, and just triggers a "creepy" feeling in me.

9:45 PM
Q: Material UI Tooltip appears in docked panel after opening to a new window

Christian Jayco TurnoCurrent Behavior 😯 I'm currently working on a project that uses material-ui and a layout manager flexlayout-react (https://www.npmjs.com/package/flexlayout-react). The tooltip works fine when the component renders in the main window but when popped out into a new window the tooltip still appears...

Q: Why did my question got closed for “opinion-based” while it is not?

crgMy question is asking something about performance. The expected response has to be based on fact comparing two different ways to do something. Only one way is better than the other way. So only one answer can be. If only one answer is possible how can it be opinion based ? I've seen similar quest...


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