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2:15 AM
Q: Dictate: Speech to Text

Shridhar R KulkarniOur community types a lot - question, answers, comments, etc. How about introducing a feature to dictate instead of typing? That will save a lot of hours of typing and improve the productivity for SO users. The hack is to dictate it somewhere else for e.g. I use Outlook desktop client to dictate ...

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7:21 AM
Q: What are the rules (or traditions) to deal with an answer that (maybe) uses a comment?

WoJI asked a question where I laid out my approach to a problem. A comment mentioned that there is a better way, which is true (lack of experience in Go → convoluted solution). I was about to say "thanks, could you please turn that comment into an answer" (or maybe delete the question as the comment...

7:42 AM
@NewPosts "Hi Stack Overflow, nuke the question."
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9:21 AM
Q: Why a simple question was closed?

php.prg I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: What kind of animation is used? I was simple asking for a css rule implemented in a particular site which i got from this link: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/15-web-developer-portfolios-to-inspire-you-137fb1743cae/ And somehow somebody thinks...

10:15 AM
Q: Tag says you can ask design questions

RobThe figma tag says: Ask anything related to designing graphics and interfaces with Figma. Since it's an "interface design tool", it's not programming related.

10:27 AM
Q: What should I do when a user appropriates my answer in his question?

Guerric PI've just answered a question, my answer was close to be working (a detail was missing). Then the question poster has appropriated my answer and copied it in his question. What should we do when this happens? It causes the answer to be somewhat unrelated to the question as it repeats the same thi...

10:57 AM
Q: Figma tag says it's OK to ask graphic design questions here

RobThe figma tag says: Ask anything related to designing graphics and interfaces with Figma. Since it's an "interface design tool", it's not programming related and it should be clarified so as not to indicate that asking graphic design questions here is OK.

11:27 AM
Q: How to get an answer to an old question

NHerwichI have a question that is pretty much exactly the same as this 9 year old question: how to have a static index column in slickgrid The answer provided in this thread is not accepted. I also tried it out and it didn't work for me. What is the best way for me to get this question answered? Should I...

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3:27 PM
Q: Short Surveys on Stack Overflow

Katrina DeneYou may notice short surveys popping up on Stack Overflow. This is part of #StackOverflowKnows, an ongoing initiative showcasing insights on hot topics and industry trends. The first one is a survey on blockchain, which takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Why are we doing this? These short sur...

yay, i am a qbvpur
3:50 PM
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4:57 PM
Q: Not a [weak] candidate for burnination?

Jeanne Darkweak with 118 questions and no tag wiki excerpt 1. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? No, from the tag weak it's not clear what it refers to, just that something might somehow be weak. And regarding ambiguity, these are some of the usages...

5:09 PM
Q: Outdated Answers: flagging exercise begins today

Anita TaylorAs I mentioned last month, the next step in the Outdated Answers initiative is an exercise for flagging outdated answers. Starting today, you may see temporary prompts on Stack Overflow that ask if an answer is outdated. The prompts appear when the accepted answer is at least 60 days old and ther...

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6:15 PM
Q: What should I do if my answer is the same to different questions?

Giorgio TempestaSometimes I have an answer that would fit multiple questions. I don't think that cross-posting the same content is a good idea, so what is supposed to be the best behavior? Sometimes I give similar answer to all similar questions, other times I just paste a link to my answer in a comment, as I be...

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7:27 PM
Q: Should we reconsider the requirements for making new cryptocurrency sites?

user1271772This post by Sara Chipps says that "Area 51 lifecycle" is one of the things that SE plans to work on in the next month (June 2021), but it's not clear what exactly is going to happen. Cryptocurrency / Blockchain proposals have found it unusually easy to get through the A51 process, despite not be...

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9:15 PM
Q: Should I not add the relevant tags to a question if I have written an answer to it?

Arvind Kumar AvinashToday, I added a couple of tags, date and java-time to the question, SimpleDateFormat and TimeZone format to make it easier for someone searching for this type of question using these tags. A couple of minutes later, a veteran contributor commented on my answer on this page: Just because you pos...


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