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3:30 AM
Q: how to enter values into dates(format is eg. July 2021) in forms using selenium webdriver

mohammed ashiquehtml element code is <div class="mb-md-3 col-lg-3"> <label for="" class="form-label d-none d-md-block">&nbsp;</label> <input type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="To" id="id_To_Duration2" name="To_Duration2" value="{{cp.data.form.To_Duration2}}" maxlength="7" onfocus="(this.typ...

4:12 AM
Q: Should questions that appear to reflect a genuine misunderstanding be closed as typos?

EJoshuaS - Reinstate MonicaI recently answered a question where the OP appears to have been genuinely confused about how to write a MySQL connection string (they were mixing connection strings for file-based databases and for server-based databases). However, the question was recently closed for being a typo. My question, ...

4:24 AM
Q: Why do Matlab questions on Stack Overflow not tend to appear in the top of Google search results?

EJoshuaS - Reinstate MonicaSo, I recently started learning Matlab for a course I'm taking and had the odd experience of having other Q&A sites (including Matlab's discussion forum) routinely outrank Stack Overflow results (if there even was a Stack Overflow result at all). Irritatingly enough, these tend to be plagued by t...

5:00 AM
Q: Right course of action for answers with deleted content

Asad-ullah KhanI encountered an answer on SO that just something along the lines of: This answer is no longer relevant due to edits in the original question and nothing else. I thought this was weird, so I looked at the edit history and saw that original answer was not only still relevant (in my opinion), but...

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10:48 AM
Q: Doubts on my review suspension

user67275I was suspended from reviewing for two months. In the old reviews of mine, I was sometimes not very careful. But today I'm quite curious it is fair. I thought the answer correctly solves the problem, so I decided not to take any action. https://stackoverflow.com/review/late-answers/28719261 The a...

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4:12 PM
Q: Not sure how to ask this.. Direction-Answers?

William MartensCan we add/or is there a way of providing instead of a comment/answer - an "right-direction" post/feature instead? to give a concrete example: Example: User 1 asks a question: "how to implement this algorithm in this specific language?" (can be whatever, let' say it's A*(star) Algorithm in e.g C)...

@NewPosts woah, wut? self-deleted... due to misinterpretation of a comment?
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5:54 PM
Q: How to print nodes from Linked List using genaric class as students class - C#

MohammedI am new in Data Structure and Genaric subject. I have linked list class Node class and Student class. I want to insert into each node type of student class "Name" "Major" and "GPA". However, I got empty result when printing information from the linked list using System; namespace ConsoleApp30 { ...

6:36 PM
Q: To which extent can we add opinionated commentary to an answer?

Félix Gagnon-GrenierI want to edit an answer I wrote a while ago and am finding myself also wanting to add commentary based on my experience with the technology in the years since writing the answer. To which extent can I do that? I think I know the domain with acceptable authority for the things I want to say, and ...

7:00 PM
Q: Does a tag need to be used exactly 60K times before the auto-bracketing kicks in?

Ann ZenYou know how the site will auto-bracket certain keywords when we enter them in the search box. Does a tag need to be used exactly 60K times before the auto-bracketing kicks in? I can tell the number is between 58,650 and 60,127 because of the asp.net-core and web-services tags.

7:48 PM
Q: Should the [.net-core-5] tag be merged/burninated in favor of [.net-5] or vice versa?

dbcThere are currently 34 questions tagged .net-core-5 The .net-core-5 tag has no usage guidance, can you help us create it? There are 1,129 questions tagged .net-5: .NET 5 is the next version of .NET Core, and represents the future of .NET in general. It is targeting a release date of November, ...

8:00 PM
So, an entrance exam before being able to ask a question. Hasn't this been proposed before?
9:00 PM
Q: Rename tag [xdp]

QeolePlease consider renaming the tag xdp. One possibility would be xdp-pdf. This tag has been used for a long time to designate a format related to PDF and XML. From the tag info: XML Data Package (XDP), is an XML 1.0 compliant format for packaging PDF content within an XML structure. But the activ...

9:30 PM
Q: How is 'Please help me' acceptable in a question and 'I need help' refused

Yassin HajajThe question has the following title which is considered acceptable I have to map a collection Map<String,List<String>> type .Please help me with the annotations When I tried to rename it to I have to map a collection Map<String,List<String>> type and I need help with the annotations But it got r...


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