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1:54 AM
Q: What is the best file type to use when exporting data from an html form?

SimonI am exporting just some simple text data like username/email etc from a form in my html page, and I was wondering what would be the best file type to export that into? TXT, XML, CSV, JSON, or some other format?

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3:59 AM
Q: Would it be worth while having a help page dedicated to teachers and educators?

TheGeneralWith the influx of kids with grubby fingers asking their homework questions with no attempt, no cares in the world, and just after a free lunch. Maybe (just maybe) there is a use case to write a help page on how teachers and educators can better educate their kid'lings on how to use the site. A p...

4:26 AM
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7:17 AM
Q: How to pay by gpay (Pixel 4XL, Android 12)

Aleksey TimoshchenkoI try to use GPay on my Pixel 4XL device that is running on android 12. I downloaded the GPay app from the play market, set up the card for GPay, but I couldn't find a way how to pay with my phone? For example, iPhone users in order to pay with Apple Pay should make double click on the right-side...

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8:30 AM
I am sad, that since today SE doesn't support my Firefox browser anymore. The site isn't usable for me anymore
@undefined while there are some reports already related to Firefox (Seamonkey, Firefox for Android, Waterfox Classic), if you're using the latest version of Firefox browser (which should be supported by SE), you should post it on the Meta Stack Overflow. Highly possibly it's due to the recent JavaScript migration.
@AndrewT. I think my Browser is a bit older but I can't update it because its the latest version for the Windows I use. Its my computer at my place of work. I dont understand why they broke the site?
@undefined it's explained in length on the JavaScript migration post: to pay the 13-year of technical debt.
@AndrewT. I'm going to read it, thank you. I still think its mean to block out older browsers
8:47 AM
Q: The AKS tags need some attention

LiamJust came across the aks tag(s) and they look a bit all over the place. The most popular tag is azure-aks which doesn't make much sense since AKS stands for Azure Kubernates Service, so that's Azure Azure Kubernates Service. The second most popular one is aks which should probably be made a syno...

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10:11 AM
Q: Is this answer is good review audit?

Elikill58I experienced few days ago this audit for this answer. The answer is pretty short. No explaination of what is the issue, and why the answer can fix it. Just a "try set this". No documentation linked. For me, it was an answer that require more details. So, I use "Share feedback". I failed this aud...

Q: Overzealous closing of "New contributor" first posts

nnicholsThere seems to be an increase in unnecessary closing of "New contributor" first posts. On a number of occasions over the last week, I have been in the process of writing a detailed answer when the question has been closed so my answer cannot be submitted. One particular example - How do I make th...

10:29 AM
Q: Suspended from reviewing for a accidental upvote (but not clicking "Looks OK")

skyBlueWell, I was reviewing in "Late Answers" section. I came across an answer which was author of question posted and it was like I tried something else and I got this error too. Like it was the second part of the question. I moved the cursor to give it a downvote but I accidentally clicked upvote (wh...

10:53 AM
Q: Should I recomend to delete a partial answer from a reputable external source?

user438383I was reviewing low quality answers and came across this answer. I chose to skip, as I don't know much (see anything) about iOS development. It contains a direct copy and paste query and reply from Apple about a particular error. It doesn't seem to truly answer the question, since it contains sta...

11:05 AM
Q: Does review suspension durations decrease in any condition?

skyBlueI started reviewing a while ago. I was new to the topic so I made some mistakes which led me to suspensions. My last suspension duration was 2 weeks. My question is that if someone don't get suspended for a while and it happens later does it increases the suspension time anyway or it will cooldow...

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1:41 PM
Q: No temporary badges for the holiday season?

user1984A few years ago when I first signed up here and becme active around December, I noticed some funny temporary badges for the last month of the year. I remember having acquired the Ninja badge myself for being new and successfully active back then. I'm wondering if those badges (or the idea in gene...

@NewPosts OK, since when are questions of the form "how do I make X faster and better?" generally well received?
2:01 PM
@E_net4thecurator I was wondering the same
2:23 PM
Q: Why people have down-voted my question even the same type of question were use to be well-received earlier?

Adarsh WaseToday, someone asked a question here on Stack Overflow, and it received 3 down-votes. In 2015, someone had asked the same-type-of-question here, and it received 41 up-votes. In the comments section, he/she asked this: why people have down-voted my question even the same type of question were nev...

2:33 PM
Hah, misleading title.
The answer: Flag it as NLN
@Nick heh, just commented that. Not sure before or after you posted here.
Always the right answer.
3:00 PM
@NewPosts broken window
3:23 PM
Q: How to ask a question on stack overflow when you have no idea how to get the problem done or how to get it?

Cosmos DevHow to ask a question on stack overflow when you have no idea how to get the problem done or how to get it ?

@E_net4thecurator When it's posted in a tag full of people who just want to have fun and have no interest in maintaining a useful collection of QA pairs
3:42 PM
@NewPosts very simple: 1. Find out what you need in order to ask the question 2. Ask the question.
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5:53 PM
Q: Find a matching column in 2 tables - Optimized way

user2769790I have 2 SQL tables that have a matching column - ID. ID is the primary key in both tables. Table1: ID, field1, field2, ... field n Table 2: ID, fieldx, fieldy..... filed z Both tables have around 400k-600k rows. I want to get the list of ID's from Table2 that matches with Table1 in the most opt...

6:23 PM
Q: A/B testing on the Ask page

BrendanSince we announced the start of product discovery for the new user onboarding project we have been focused on gathering user feedback and analyzing data. Now we are planning some small experiments around first-time askers to help us gain more insights into the underlying challenges we face. While...

6:59 PM
Q: Would a question with multiple q/a for common beginner errors be appropriate?

BarmarThere are a number of simple errors that beginners frequently make in many different languages. Examples include: Using a loop to calculate a result, and putting the print statement to show the result inside the loop instead of after it's done. Initializing an accumulator variable in the loop in...

7:19 PM
sounds like the most efficient way to boost the question quality metric would be to remove question closure, not focus on the ask a question page
Q: Automatic generation of tables

Fatemeh SanginI have seen a post(link) on how to use table formatting inside stackoverflow question posts. However, it seems to be really overwhelming to insert all the formattings of tables by your own by hand, once the input data entries happen to be long, or table columns or rows increase. I am wondering if...

7:41 PM
Q: Writing a python game

Sinathis game takes two words per each round at the end of my code i wanna write some new code that print the words with the odd length (if the middle letter of the word is in this list [a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n] how can i add this feature to my program . rounds_results = [] for i in...

8:25 PM
@KevinB Increase the required votes to 5 again and suddenly the quality shoots up.

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