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3:09 AM
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5:35 AM
Q: Are you tired of running into deprecated code in the highest voted answers on Stack Overflow? What about unsafe code?

Ian SmithPreface: I know this is going to be quite a controversial opinion and problem, however it is worth continuing the discussion on how to deal with this. I've used Stack Overflow for a while now; even more before I ever made an account, probably like a lot of you. One thing I think that could be don...

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8:17 AM
Q: Banned for a non-question (in my eyes)

IkeI have been banned on this question: https://stackoverflow.com/review/first-questions/30484142 I simply clicked on share feedback ... What I am absolutly sure about: There were no comments and no upvotes when displayed to me for the review. To me it looks like a pure information not a question - ...

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12:23 PM
Q: Should we allow questions to be tagged [advent-of-code]?

Mark RotteveelI noticed today that questions are being edited to add advent-of-code, which to me seems to be a meta-tag that doesn't belong on Stack Overflow as it doesn't help classify the actual question (IMHO). I started rolling back some of those edits, but given the volume of tagged questions, I don't thi...

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4:44 PM
well that's irritating
"Take the survey!" -> "Sorry, you've already taken the survey"
What survey
the satisfaction survey that only gets shown to 1000 "random" people
5:28 PM
@KevinB Hey, tt seems that some folks tried to have a heated chat in the comments section.
Someone was wrong on the internet
Duty called, huh
> no it does not.
Holding the urge to say "does too".
6:24 PM
imagine being on so and participating for 7 years, and never visiting the tour for the free badge
7:05 PM
Q: Why are Stack Exchange Staff listed as Moderators?

MFergusonIf you view all users in Stack Overflow, you can sort by Moderators and can see the lot of them. However, none of those listed are Stack Exchange staff. But, very clearly, we can see that when Staff post on the forum they have the Moderator tag. It is assumed that since Staff are higher on the fi...

7:59 PM
Q: Is it appropriate to edit your code in to an old, abandoned question that you bounty?

EJoshuaS - Reinstate MonicaI recently put a bounty on a 3-year-old question that had no answer. (I have the exact same issue). It was the OP's only question, and their profile indicates that they have not signed in in a long time. A commenter asked for code from the OP; I assumed that the OP would not sign in to see the co...

Q: Views counter in Stack Overflow for Teams

αλεχολυτI'm the only one member of my free Stack Overflow for Teams team. Right after asking the question I can refresh the page and see how views counter rise up to 2, 3, 4 and stops growing. I know that some time later (days?) I can (re)visit the same page and the visited counter will be increased. But...

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9:35 PM
Q: Blue notification that new questions match filter

SamathingamajigPreviously for filters, new questions showed up as a small, unicolored red dot. Now, it appears they are a light blue with some darker border around them (not sure exactly how to describe it) Are other people seeing it like this (or is it a weird bug on my end)? And does anyone know the reason f...


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