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4:59 AM
Q: Review audits need to be picked better

MrMythicalI just failed an audit because I voted to close a very short-looking question. This question is c++ but I filtered it with discord.js. As usual, it showed the discord.js tag along with the other tags, but I think audits should be picked more carefully. Discord.js is a node.js package. It usually ...

5:59 AM
Q: Bot auto replies to new user

FreeSoftwareServersI was quiteput off by this bots comment to this answer from a new user. IMO the Bot should if anything, post on the OP about MCVE, yet it posts on the answer (I'm guessing due to no code in answer). How can user do much better without an MCVE? There's no details in the OP like WebServer... How ca...

6:25 AM
IMO, the design for collectives should be this: It creates the leader boards as it has, lets users earn Gold/Silver/Bronze among that leaderboard which would be a separate prestige from gold badges but provide similar moderation functions. The Paying Client can designate members as employees but it can't designate members as "preferred"; the users have to earn that through the leaderboard. Remove preferred answers.
Articles are purely for the Paying Client, don't show up in general site search, and are for announcements, advertorials, events, general blogging, etc. It can't be a direct copy-paste of something that was published elsewhere, but it can be a recreation of something created elsewhere tailored to this community with a reference back to the source. Users who earn gold designation within the collective can submit articles for approval.
Future features to potentially be made part of collectives: Chat integration, Teams integration, a Job board, and various other things that lie outside the realm of Q&A but that would be interesting or benefitial to users who are interested in participating in the collective, and beneficial to the Paying Client
and, of course, market it as a collaboration paid for by the Paying Client
6:39 AM
and... nothing within the collective provides rep. it all comes from Q&A
7:06 AM
I'm still iffy on the "recognised members". I get the idea - somebody who has shown they know their stuff can be designated by Paying Client to say "yes, they know their stuff". However, to me this leads to a bunch of problems. The current implementation is that Paying Customer chooses. And it's actually presented as "participate in the leader boards and if you appease Paying Customer enough, they'll give you the star badge" (yeah, cynical view).
The proposed change to just get it from leader boards still doesn't sit right with me. Because utlimately, it seems that the only way to be recognised is to answer all the questions that come in. And I am not a fan of this behaviour.
A "recognised member" serves for nothing. Usually you can tell which answer comes from a more knowledgeable source or not. We have gold badges for tags, too - those could be displayed if a user answers a Q where they have a badge in. Would it do anything? I'd argue not much, really. Gold badges do require some effort to get but at the same time, don't really show a user knows that much.
Just because I have a gold badge in JS, doesn't mean I can answer any and all JS question that come in. And if I've answered, I wouldn't necessarily consider my post to be "better" than somebody who doesn't have a gold badge.
Ultimately, both the badges and the leader boards have one thing in common: emphasising quantity and almost being unconcerned with quality. Yes, posting 100 answers and getting -1 on all is not going to be good in either case but you don't need a good post. Just an average post. That tends to earn at least an upvote or two. So, larger quantity of average answers are better than good answers.
7:23 AM
Yes, however, there is value in dealing with the hoard of easy questions quickly to get them out of the way so the experts can get to the good ones.
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12:29 PM
Q: An answer disappeared, how can I get it back at least for me (private)?

StoneI've postet a question recently and became two answers, one of which was long and detailed. Additionally, I extensively wrote comments on it with the author to clarify some things. Suddenly from one day to the other the whole question and all comments disappeared as if they had never existed. I r...

12:41 PM
Q: Improve Option On Closed Question

user3783243The edit option on a closed question stated there were 3 options: Approve Reject Improve but the buttons seem to only be: Approve Approve Reject Does my account not have the improve option or is the panel incorrect with the options?

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2:53 PM
Q: Is it appropriate to add a Minimal, Reproducible example as an edit?

Chris MaggiulliStack Overflow recommends adding a Minimum, Reproducible example to certain question. As an editor is it appropriate for an edit to include a minimum reproducible example when one does not exist? I recently made this edit where I added an example demonstrating how to order XML by attribute valu...

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8:17 PM
Q: Should we lock questions/responses from downvotes after a period of time

Paul StonerIs it possible, or even wise, to sop accepting downvotes on questions and/or responses after a set period of time? Case in point, here is one example which recently happened to me. This seemingly off-topic question, asked nearly five years ago, recently downvoted my response. Though the question ...

9:11 PM
Q: Ambiguous tag [moveit]

James SkempIt looks like moveit is being used for at least two different things, so I'm bringing it up to Meta per How should ambiguous tags be dealt with?. This tag was initially used for ipswitch's (now Progress') MOVEit, but within a week was also used for a question about the robotics-related MoveIt Mot...

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10:35 PM
Q: NAA flag declined: flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer

Alex RudenkoA question tagged java arrays string: Find frequency of consecutive digits N times Given a string of digits and a number n String = 500055 n = 2 then output -> 510352 explanation: here I'm counting the frequency of consecutive digits and storing them. The following "answer" contains a couple of...


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