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12:16 AM
Q: What is a "rare" badge?

andrewJamesI noticed the following on the profile page of a relatively new user: What is the definition of "rare" here? In case it helps, the above notification only seems to be displayed for a user who has asked or answered at least one question - otherwise, the profile page seems to show only a generic "...

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1:34 AM
Q: What can I improve in my stats/profile If I want to nominate myself as moderator

Mauricio Gracia GutierrezI visit stack overflow almost on a daily basis, I really enjoy editing posts, making comments/asking questions and flagging questions, and of course providing answers so I have been thinking of nominating myself for Moderator I know I'm missing the convention badge but what else is needed or reco...

5 hours later…
6:52 AM
Q: Half-duplicate marked as duplicate

OverLordGoldDragonThis asks "why" and "what to do about" questions, but is closed on grounds of only former. The "duplicates" neither ask nor do their answers address the latter. Is this closure warranted, and if so, should I open a new question that asks only latter?

4 hours later…
10:40 AM
Q: Why do reviewing late answer queue require knowledge in specific topics

ArtRecently I was suspended for reviewing the following late answers. link1 link2 while the second answer was reviewed incorrectly, The first answer did look like an attempt to answer the vague question. Here is the question: I have create kylin cube and when it query it does not showing any data. ...

10 hours later…
9:15 PM
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10:10 PM
Q: Why do people demand a minimal code example when it won't add to the question?

ThermatixNot every question/problem/issue requires a minimal code example. For example: How to add derive macros to structs generated by tonic/prost? I'm trying to add serde's #[derive(Serialize,Deserialize)] macros to structs generated by tonic/prost. How would I accomplish this? You might get an answe...


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