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1:22 AM
Q: What happens if the question is removed by Author and Bounty was awarded?

AlwaysHelpingJust wondering what happens to the bounty question if the answer is accepted and bounty was awarded to the person with best answer but for some reason user removed their profile or removes the actual question what happens to the awarded bounty ? I am aware that if an actual question is removed th...

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7:40 AM
Q: Is SO in need of more moderation when it comes to new members?

Shiv_90I do not want to come across as unwelcoming towards new members that SO takes in on a daily basis. But from the recent moderation of questions I've done, I believe there should be some more regulation when it comes to question formulation from new contributors. It really is frustrating to see a w...

Q: I want to fix the percentage and show the results correctly

Antonis Yiannaki I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: jQuery-Libraries collecting and sends data Hello Guys, I am creating a doughnut chart but I have issues. I need to show the data on the chart in percentage. In addition, i want the data to be shown outside the chart. Can anyone help me ASAP? Here...

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9:27 AM
Did someone click the flag button instead of the star message?
hmm? @E_net4isnotaporcupine
@weegee Never mind, a weird chat flag popped up.
Now, this I do not forgive. Flagged.
removed by author
also lemme throw. the off-topic ones into the bin
It's incredible how ironic some comments turn into.
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Q: Closing a question soon after it's asked

Arghya SadhuI have been recently dropping in SOCVR chat room. I have noticed sometimes question gets cv-pls and gets closed immediately within minutes of it getting asked by the user.I feel that this might be a bit disappointing for a new stackoverflow user who asked the question. What does stackoverflow com...

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1:16 PM
Q: What is Bizable JS and what function does it serve on the blog?

Benjamin PopperI'm seeing a tracking pixel called "bizable" on the blog. What is it doing?

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3:34 PM
Q: Rename [custom-notificaiton] due to typo

Jeanne DarkI suggest to change the tag custom-notificaiton to custom-notification (...aiton to ...ation). Currently 38 questions are tagged custom-notificaiton. It has no usage guidance or tag wiki. That's the only notification-tag with this misspelling and my google search didn't reveal anything programmin...

3:52 PM
Q: Add support for Flutter/Dart code snippets

ChristianAlmost a year ago, someone made a feature request to add support for Flutter/Dart code snippets, but as far as I can tell, nothing came of it. I'd like to make the argument that the ability to reproduce and debug Flutter layouts here on StackOverflow would be incredibly beneficial for many users,...

Q: Can we cleanup [conform]?

Dharmanconform tag has 39 questions and has no tag guidance. I tried to create one assuming it was for elixir conform tool, but as it turns out it was created for Hibernate ConfORM instead. The question is also used with Swift tag for some reason. Could we clean it up so that the tag is not ambiguous?

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6:04 PM
posted on July 10, 2020 by Clash Cosmos

This code gives 2D arrays but I need multiple 1-dimensional arrays with random numbers. Kindly help here. (Unrelated:- Asked me to add the "discussion" tag, which wasn't intended. And wouldn't let me tag "arrays","python") a,b,c,d,e=[],[],[],[],[] for i in (a,b,c,d,e): j=np.random.randint(0,15,size=7) i.append(j) print(a,b,c,d,e)

6:28 PM
Q: Clicking "Compensation" causes other navigation links to grow in size

JonHIn the company about page there are several links at the top. When I click every link except for "Compensation" the size / font style appears to be the same (consistency): However, when I click "Compensation" font size / style seems to change: The actual page can be found here: https://stackov...

Q: What did I do wrong in this question?

userI asked this question about Java streams, and it got 2 downvotes, which isn't terrible, but still confusing. There are no close votes or comments about what I did wrong, and in my (probably biased) opinion, it's a great question, since I've put in the output I expected, the output I got, and the ...

7:28 PM
Q: Is there a search tool to filter posts that have been edited?

0-1I recently discovered how to filter for posts with a range of scores in the search bar: score:1...5 and score:-100..-1. I noticed that this feature is not displayed in the Advanced Search Tips cheat sheet in the search bar. Is there a way to filter posts that have been edited? I think it may be u...

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8:58 PM
Q: Cannot tell a question belongs on askubuntu when reviewing "Close Votes" queue

vinzeeI would like to tell that the particular question I am reviewing belongs on askubuntu.com. But it does never appear in my choices. How can I choose this StackExchange in particular? Also, I have more reputation points on askubuntu than I do have on superuser or tex and I was wondering why these p...

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10:08 PM

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