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12:29 AM
Q: Bug: On stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/company URLs, the sidebar shifts down

GalaxyCat105On a stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/company URL (for example https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/google), the sidebar shifts down a little. Normal page:

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5:23 AM
Q: Is it considered bad form to thank contributors for their advice on StackOverflow?

Yossi GeretzRecently someone edited one of my questions to remove the phrase 'Thank you for your advice'. Is it considered bad form to thank our peers (either in advance or after the fact) for their advice and assistance which they render to us on this forum? (I'm not sure if I should thank anyone for their ...

Q: BUG null error message on comments while beeing asked to chat

FlorianI was commenting on this question and the message appeared to move it to chat. I clicked on it and received null I've searched SO but couldn't find anything helpful. And after reloading the page I was not able to reproduce the error. I'm on MacOS 10.15.4 using Firefox 76.0.1 (64-bit).

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6:53 AM
Q: Audit fail on positive question

armagedescuThere was an audit fail for the first asked question https://stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/26315976 The question is OK. I've not flagged it, not down/up voted. But posted a comment with response. In the audit posts I don't see any comments and answers from other users. So I don't know if ...

7:05 AM
Q: My StackOverflow account was deleted

nopWhy was my StackOverflow account wiped out? This is one of my questions but it says it was published by a not existing user. Most of my questions were deleted as well. I recently joined the reverse engineering community, may it have affected my account somehow? I had around 950 reputation.

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8:35 AM
Q: Sort by unanswered questions not working

svenWhen I filter questions with the unanswered questions filter (on Samsung Internet, on the tags page, and on Stack Overflow's mobile version) it filters it by votes. Not by unanswered questions. The page reload then the "sort by unanswered questions" message pops up for half a second, but then it ...

8:53 AM
Q: Would it be okay to post a working code to get other peoples input on the formatting?

umm0000whatI'm just starting to learn how to code in python3 and I just finished making a game of snake. My concern is that there are 'best practices' that I might not be following (or just bad code writing) and I wanted to know if it was against any rules to post the code to see what people with more/bette...

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10:08 AM
Hmm, my Meta heat sense is tingling.
10:35 AM
Q: Should the "reputation" system be scrapped?

sciencepiHear me out - this argument has actual evidence behind it. When I have been browsing through this site, I often see people harass people with little reputation points (newbies) however, when I look at the question itself, I see no problem with it. Sure, they may have used the wrong word or the wr...

11:00 AM
Yup, Meta is particularly spicy today.
11:53 AM
Q: two different reputations in graph and history

riccardo nizzoloI see two different reputations in reputation graph and history: The difference is exactly 100 and is probably due to a +100 from "trust on other sites in the network"

Q: New member, first post, i can not add appropriate tags

taggelos I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Resource Quota applied before LimitRanger in Kubernetes for Pod without specified limits Could someone provide better tags so it becomes more visible? Thank you!

Q: Understanding why my questions are receiving downvotes

c_n_blueI've recently discovered SO and am enjoying seeing questions and helping answer other peoples, however when it comes to my own questions, I receive a lot of down votes and I don't understand why. Question 1 (-2) : 'println needs a message' when trying to use a variable to log, but not when typing...

12:26 PM
@Scratte I am ninja
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2:29 PM
Q: "Red dot" the review button when there's a reopen vote on a question you closed, and put it at start of queue

Tenfour04I easily lose track of questions I voted to close. Today I came back across a question I voted to close, and it has been fixed, but I can't answer it now until enough other people come along to vote on it. It's not on a high-traffic tag, so it might take days. If a question has been edited to ma...

1 hour later…
3:41 PM
Q: Why am I banned from every single chat because I spoke in one that didn't want me to be in there?

Tobiq This was my last encounter before I received this global ban from the chat From my understanding, javascript chat did not want me in there, so they banned me across the whole website. I would understand them kicking/banning me from that particular chat (even though that's alienating me and coul...

Q: Why Does The "Question Has Been Closed" Banner No Longer Display until Page Reload?

David C. RankinOn SO when helping with a Question, if you were working on an answer when the question was closed by others, an Orange Banner would appear at the top of the browser window telling you the question was closed and is no longer accepting answers. This prevented the continued waste of time working on...

4:11 PM
Q: Why am I being cnesored?

TobiqI posted 2 posts on here and Rene keeps deleting them. He is clearly censoring me. He marked my post as a duplicate despite it not being. My posted had maybe over 500 words yet it was closed 30 seconds after I posted it - clearly showing he didn't even read the post to decide that it's a duplicat...

Q: My reputation increased by 100 which should be by 10

BlasankaI had my reputation count as 8,895 and with the recent upvote I got, it should be 8,905 but It appears to me as 9,005. It's actually happy for me but if that is a bug may be I am doing a help.

I need a larger popcorn bucket.
4:35 PM
Q: "Not logged in", but after a refresh, I am

SygmoralA few weeks ago, I cleared all my cookies and offline data in Firefox. Ever since, I have a logged-in issue on Stack Overflow. I found this Question, which is very similar, but its answer does not seem to help in my case (on the contrary, it seems to have introduced the issue). So it usually goes...

4:47 PM
Q: I have a homework

MiroI have a Flat,Room,Floor classes, I want to fullfill this condition for a possible task Building manager Child of Human class Methods Pay rent functionality - the building manager will collect all the rents payRent(for flat: Flat) public class BuildingManager: Human { private(set) var buildingMan...

3 hours later…
7:35 PM
Q: Why am I review banned?

Björn ZurmaarI just got banned from reviewing and I have no idea why. I'm aware that there is no way stackoverflow tells you that you're banned. You manually have to enter https://stackoverflow.com/review into your addressbar to find out. So far, so bad, but the information there does not give me any hint on ...

2 hours later…
9:53 PM
Q: /tools/post-feedback times out

DharmanI can't access anonymous and low rep post feedback page because every time I try I get time out.

Q: Reviewer/Steward badges showing twice on queue stats pages

JoundillIn the right-hand bar, the Reviewer and Steward badges are listed twice. This doesn't happen for Custodian badges. Once showing I've achieved them, and once showing a negative value of the number of reviews required to meet the threshold. In Triage, where I haven't achieved a Steward badge, the ...

10:17 PM
Q: Stage low-rep comments so that high-rep users can either approve or nuke them

Robert HarveyIn a similar fashion to suggested edits, this proposal allows users with less than 50 reputation to post comments that aren't visible to anyone except high-rep1 users and the person who posted them. High-rep users are provided with two options: "Approve" or "Delete." 2 "Approve" would surface th...

2 hours later…
11:53 PM
Q: Drastic Reduction in views for my questions

AliI recently started seeing a trend that all my questions are getting less and less attention and fewer views. A question posted more than 12 hours ago Could not find a valid configuration for WebHook receiver Only has 4 views so far (mostly it is me checking back the question) Previously (when I ...


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