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12:11 AM
Q: A way to identify future popular question

Temani AfifAfter around 3 years contributing on SO I have noticed the following for many of the old questions I have answered: They are popular with a big number of views and votes. They didn't even cross 100 views in total and the only votes are the ones made few hours after the question was asked. Wel...

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3:59 AM
Q: Should we edit stack snipets to regular code blocks for unsupported languages?

Michael DelgadoWhile reviewing new questions, should we convert code snippets to code blocks for unsupported languages (e.g. python)? I've seen a number of posts suggesting that snippets shouldn't be used for server-side code, but does its use warrant an edit on its own?

4:41 AM
Q: Can contributers review my questions if i have edited?

SkshivangiIf i edit my questions then how can i know that someone are reviewing it or how can i know that i am able to place questions. Most questions have downvotes and zerovote and only one question is closed due to uncomplete. There need to change that question those have downvote. May i change some cod...

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10:03 AM
Does anyone find IBM Watson's pronunciation of YouTube weird?
11:05 AM
Q: Do Questions on Stack Overflow Have to be related to code?

ZaxooshBasically, can I ask questions about History and maths or just general enquiries or is that not allowed?

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12:47 PM
Q: Tag merge request: [urlfetch] and [urlfetchapp]

Oleg ValterWhile doing a cleanup of my older posts, I noticed that there is a tag that duplicates the already established one that we use to tag questions about both UrlFetchApp service in Google Apps Script and the App Engine infrastructure. The established urlfetch tag has a wiki and a lot of questions ...

posted on June 03, 2020 by barshan

I need to convert an amount into words rupees in the PostgreSQL side, please help, urgent. Eg:- 120345.50:- (One Lakh Twenty thousand three hundred forty-five Rupees and fifty paise) 1000:- (One Thousand Rupees) .50:- (Fifty paisa)

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2:35 PM
Q: Make [image-morphology] a synonym of [mathematical-morphology]

Cris LuengoBoth mathematical-morphology and image-morphology refer to the field of Mathematical Morphology (a sub-field of Image Processing). image-morphology doesn't refer to "Mathematical Morphology" in its tiny description, but it offers a link to a web page that explains Mathematical Morphology. I guess...

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3:47 PM
Q: Why is not all the code formatted as code in my comment?

DominiqueI've added a comment to this question, but as you can see there's something wrong in the formatting: I've used backticks on two places, and it works on the first, but not on the second place, as you can see in the following screenshot: What's wrong?

4:41 PM
Q: Where can I find statistics about deleted questions related to Stack Overflow?

László TóthI have found similar questions in this meta site so I hope it is the appropriate place to ask it. For my research, I need statistics on deletions between July 1, 2013 and March 4 2019 related to Stack Overflow questions. Since the repositories do not contain deleted questions, and this data is no...

Q: Toggle off answer check mark

elderlymanI marked one of my questions as answered by toggling the checkmark next to the response from greyed out to filled in. Now I wish to toggle the checkmark off because I do not think the question was completely answered, and I'd like to learn more. This and this indicate that I should simply be abl...

Q: Why do I keep losing 2 rep, even though I don't get downvoted?

TheMakerNowadays, I notice that I lose 2 rep when I check SO in the morning. I look through my feed, and it doesn't say I got downvoted. It doesn't show up in my feed, but I remember I had 1,116 yesterday, and now I have 1,114. Some might say it isn't a big deal, and I agree, but I was just wondering. It...

5:47 PM
Q: Why did Jean-François Fabre closed my question? It was completely valid question

Govind PanditI put one question on stack overflow for android spinner topic. I searched complete stack overflow but did not find any practical coding answer for my question. So, i put valid question from my another gmail account. But it is closed by Mr. Jean-François Fabre. I don't know who is this guy. I wan...

Q: Discussion/Feature request on commenting vs editing with a reputation value under 50

ShaggieMy questions are this: If I am unable to post a comment until I have achieved a reputation value of 50, how do I ask a question regarding an answer to a topic that I feel would be useful to others? Why can I edit a response, but not comment on one when my reputation is below 50? I would suggest...

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6:53 PM
Q: Some templates on talking to new users

Neko MusumeI am going to write some templates for talking to new users under certain circumstances in the answers below. Feel free to add on if you like some of the the templates or have some of your own, feel free to add on below! :)

7:47 PM
Q: How to reward 2 answers, both right and very different, just years apart? necromancer etiquette

DefyGravityWhat is proper zombie etiquette? in 2014, I asked this question. The original answer came a hot-minute after that. in 2017, the question received a new, better answer. what is proper etiquette so the new, better answer gets rewarded, and the original answer is still respected? Do we / Should we ...

8:11 PM
Q: Add an option to mark as "outdated"

Ani MenonI find quite a few questions/answers on SO which are outdated. We need to have an option to mark as Outdated, as its not appropriate to "close" such questions. The question/answer might have been relevant for a particular version of the tool/framework but is wrong for the currents available today...

8:22 PM
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9:23 PM
Q: What should we do with XY answers?

β.εηοιτ.βεA little bit like the infamous XY problem, what should we do with answers being well explained and well formatted, but totally not to the point since the solution is in python when the question was about bash? For now, I did just comment it, and I really feel like the downvote would be too harsh....

10:11 PM
Q: What should I do if I find a duplicate of a question that already has 2 non-duplicate close votes?

Joseph Sible-Reinstate MonicaToday, I came across the question What are the differences between malloc(3posix) and malloc(3)?. I knew this was a duplicate of Linux newbie: Linux vs POSIX manual, but the question already had two close votes as "unclear what you're asking". As a result, when I cast my close vote, the question ...


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