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5:35 AM
Q: Why am I not allowed to write the comment "-1 singed is the same as 255 unsigned."

cevingThe collateral damage of stupid hacks to prevent stupid comments is so stupid.

3 hours later…
8:17 AM
Q: Google Translation and the Watched Tags

jizhihaoSAMAI don't know whether it is a BUG. I always met the problem that some tags of my "Watched Tags" always disappeared for no reason. Today I finally found why it occurs(I always browse Stack Overflow with Google Translation.Due to I am not native speaker, it will be faster to understand the mean of q...

2 hours later…
10:47 AM
Q: What was wrong with my comment?

oguz ismailRecently I noticed a user with 100K+ reputation points and a bash golden tag badge who keeps answering blatant duplicates. About a week ago I left a comment to one of his answers saying that as a high-rep user with a golden badge he should have closed the question instead of posting an answer tha...

1 hour later…
11:59 AM
Q: Reputation to Accept Answer

thelrIn this question, the asker (a new user) said in a comment that my answer is correct, but he doesn't have enough rep to vote it up or accept it. He had 11 rep at the time. I checked the reputation table, and confirmed he couldn't vote it up (needs 15). However, I don't see anything in the table r...

12:25 PM
Poor gnat.
12:48 PM
Because he poked an owl and got attacked by it? Happened to me once too, nasty business...
@ErikA Yep, most of us have learned by now.
1:04 PM
oh no xd
He's back?
1:27 PM
@Zoe Never been away, right?
@E_net4isdownhausted He disappeared off meta for a while, that's all I know
or at least didn't post
Q: Shouldn't questions be answered by native speakers?

FlashBangKevShouldn't all members have to state their native languge when joining? Questions should be answered by people who speak the same native language. My experience so far is that English is not the first language for most of the people trying to answer my questions. Most of my questions are being an...

1:46 PM
@NewPosts this pisses me oof
This is about to get bad.
*It starts*
plz bring teh popcorn
@double-beep 🍿🍿
@E_net4isdownhausted thanks!
1:57 PM
This is also a subtle case of language racism. I indirectly said that in my answer because it's a complete dick thing to do.
Cerbrus makes it a lot clearer though, fortunately
Q: Votes aren't updated when voting is corrected

Temani AfifThis issue happen in two situations: When there is a serial voting reversed When a user is removed due to voting fraud For example, you have an answer A at +3 and someone did a serial downvote against many of your answers (including A) so it went to +2. After the votes are correct the total sti...

Purrtty much. I'm an ESL myself. If I could only answer questions asked by someone who shares my native language, I'd hardly be any better than in SO.pt.
Hah, I just boom'd an offensive comment over there.
It's sad that the question has to go now.
Aaand another one boom'd.
If only there was a better strategy to keep Meta questions from unreasonable OPs in that doesn't involve destroying the answers.
Imagine restricting what Jon Skeet can and can't answer based on something as stupid as a first language
2:13 PM
someone else would answer
Imagine the Meta question: "I'm from Zimbabwe and no one is answering my questions, I'm feeling discriminated"
Or pick your country, there are better examples I admit.
Hey folks, just wanted to let everyone know that we're talking about this on our side too, and we're going to meet next week to discuss it. We may need to meet a few times before we iron out what we think is the best way to go, but I'll provide an answer that I'll keep updated as we meet / decide / come up with an idea to share on how we can bring this functionality back. — Tim Post ♦ 2 mins ago
1 hour later…
3:30 PM
@E_net4isdownhausted Funny how that got 3 upvotes even though comment voting is locked, guess 3 moderators approved :)
3:42 PM
abuse of power
Yes comrade, we, the workers, should control the means of moderation!
Q: Is the code is buggy or there is some way to fix this?

Saroj Kumar Sahoo I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Form Submitting on input change, but does not log onsubmit event. How to check if input submitted or not?

4:23 PM
Q: Can't view my own profile

CodeCasterWhen I visit my own profile, when logged in, I get an error: I can view it when logged out, and I can view other profiles.

Q: Have problem when accessing my profile

armagedescuI can't access my profile. When I click the profile it shows following error

Q: HTTP 500 - can not render own profile page after setting a bounty

wimI have additional info which may be useful for stack exchange devs. Immediately after setting a +300 bounty for this question I can not navigate to my profile page. There is the 500 error and the generic "Oops! Something Bad Happened!" template is rendered instead. If I log out of my account and ...

5:29 PM
Q: How to correct the code formatting of a problem if it leads to the question being just code?

fireball.1I was editing the code in this particular question: https://stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/26331682 The content of this post is just code but hasn't been code formatted and formatting it correctly means that the validation check won't allow me to edit since it is just code. What would be th...

Q: Ethical issue about attaching source code with my question

user5858I started bounty for Logic to limit sending of sms to remote server does not work max one time in 1 second question and I gave Android source code(developed by a freelancer) but did not give full project code( which would make Stackoverflow look like a freelancer site). So those answered could no...

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7:10 PM
8:05 PM
Q: Mchanism to delete old duplicates? Flags?

ono2012 Is there an aim to remove identical old questions? (aka delete) Is there any appropriate action? Flagging? I keep finding old identical questions which are already be linked, end up looking at both, and get annoyed it hasn't been cleared up. Perhaps I have incorrect expectations about duplicate...

1 hour later…
9:17 PM
Q: Why am I not notified if a question I follow gets edited?

DharmanI have been annoyed on a few occasions today because I started following a question and whenever and edit was made I was never notified of it. I could understand if the edit was made by OP or in short succession, but the edits were made by 3rd-party and long after the question was asked or a prev...

2 hours later…
11:05 PM
Q: Is robo-reviewing a problem on Meta?

John MontgomeryThis thought was prompted by the reviews on this question, which somehow managed to get closed as a duplicate and then unanimously left closed in the reopen review despite not only the duplicate being blatantly inapplicable but also multiple comments pointing this out. I don't see how you could r...


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