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12:38 AM
Q: What is the main reason of huge vote correction, reversing reputation, canceling bounties?

AmerllicAWith respect, this kind of vote correction, true bountied reversing, deleting real users' accounts and suspending by fault reasons make me disappointed to keep going on Stack Overflow. I decide to make another user and answer questions anonymously and after a month I came back to the current user...

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3:01 AM
Q: Redundant closing options

Abhijit Sarkar Choices from "A community-specific reason": All of these three choices basically boil down to one thing, "vague", and ironically, they are vagues themselves. This is evident when looking at the closed questions, people choose one of three options based on whether it's Tuesday and raining. Can t...

Q: Add new closing option "Shows little or no effort"

Abhijit SarkarEveryday, more and more questions are posted that are simply variances of "do my job for me while I go have a beer". These questions show little or no effort on the OPs' part, not even to the extent of a simple Google search. Some of them get closed or downvoted, others are answered by responders...

3:37 AM
Q: I was banned from asking questions even after my recent questions were detailed and positive. What was wrong?

Suprateem BanerjeeMy profile: https://stackoverflow.com/users/7383338/suprateem-banerjee I was recently banned from asking questions in the site, even though my recent questions have been well researched and objective. One of my recent questions was unfairly closed for being 'opinion based' even after a valid answ...

4:07 AM
Q: What to flag if question was deleted by OP, and undeleted with edit that changes the question completely?

Alvi15The question was deleted by the original author, and the author decided to undelete it and comes up with a completely different question by editing it. from this link. It was advised to roll back the question, however the original question is not a good one and has no answer and has negative vote...

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9:37 AM
Q: Should my code translation question be closed?

Passer ByThis is responding to "Why was my code translation question closed?". I am seriously asking whoever supports leaving this question open your arguments for and against closing my question Consider this Python addition: x = 1 + 1 I want x to be the sum of two other numbers. What is the equivalent...

10:03 AM
Someone's about to have a nice late Christmas present.
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11:15 AM
Meta archive is useful... somehow...
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1:27 PM
> Due to the Code of Conduct violence of moderators and SE staff, this account won't have any activity.
People like that piss me off, ngl
If only such people knew when to remove their problematic selves from the platform.
or saw that they're the problem
1:55 PM
after revisiting their old still-live meta questions, I can only say "good riddance"...
2:12 PM
I am honestly not sure whether to post a question, because this is one where I'm so out of my depth it's hard to even know what to ask... Someone has built a bit of custom windows software to input and store data for a small medical charity. He's included no documentation, and there is apparently no way to export from this software. It already contains many hundreds of records. Would it be too open-ended a question to ask where I can begin to pull everything that's been entered?
@jserv I'm afraid so, yes.
@E_net4isbeingimpersonated I thought as much. The most I have right now are screenshots of the software (with personal records cut out). Is there anywhere I can take such a question, assuming the person who created the software isn't available?
That is a research problem. You will need to investigate ways to potentially recover those records and maintain them in a separate software. This isn't something that fits the Q&A paradigm.
2:29 PM
Sure, I understand. In that case, is there a non-Stack website that could advise on this? Even being able to bounce ideas off people would help in this case, I think
Q: Old questions/answers loosing meaning to the changing world

D. SikilaiSO has being there for long. And the resulting consequences are some questions/answers get too old for the current time. The answers could be:- buggy with the current time. not usable with the current version of software or the referent asset. not acceptable currently. On the same old question...

@NewPosts almost replied with "put a bounty with 'current answers are outdated'" but backed out myself since I'm not sure the effectiveness of bounty on SO...
@jserv most of us will generally point to Quora, or particularly Reddit for back-and-forth reply, though I don't know the specific of it...
2:48 PM
Q: Duplicate tag: [matterjs] - [matter.js]

0stone0matterjs Questions: 103 Created: 5 years, 5 months Viewed: 28 times Editors: 2 About: Matter.js is a 2D rigid body physics engine for the web written in JavaScript. matter.js Questions: 89 4 years, 8 months ago Viewed: 28 times Editors: 1 About: Matter.js is a JavaScript 2D rigid body phys...

3:12 PM
Q: Why has this plagiarism flag been declined?

bela53I have flagged this answer to contain plagiarism content from my own answer. Now I am curious to know, why the flag has been declined by a moderator ("found no evidence to support it"). Post history Note: For brevity, my answer is named A, the other one B: I posted A before creation of B (2020-0...

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4:48 PM
Q: How to treat generic answers?

Abhishek RaiA user posts a question about webscraping from a particular URL. Someone answers with a generic. select div. This has nothing to do with the question. Just that the person who answered sort of knows what the OP is asking about. Are these answers definitely to be down voted or is there some rati...

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5:54 PM
Q: Drag and drop of icons or images in html

Centinel8Is it possible to drag and drop icons or images in html in the android style, when we drag and drop our icons they are grouped with the possibility of giving that group a name?

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9:48 PM
Q: Create tag for "BIMserver"

hlgCan someone please create a tag "bimserver" for the Opensource BIMserver? The project has grown a community of users for about a decade, is built for software developers and there are already 36 questions on Stackoverflow pertaining to it. Most questions are also tagged ifc and bim, which is corr...

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11:30 PM
Q: Synonymise [icloudkit] with [cloudkit]

pawello2222I've recently seen a question with an incorrect tag: icloudkit (already properly retagged). The correct name of the library is CloudKit. Also the cloudkit tag has (obviously) more questions - 1,972 as of now. There are only 2 questions tagged icloudkit. Can icloudkit be synonymised with cloudkit?


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