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1:02 AM
Interesting, new CoC is out, de-feature the apology.
featured posts aren't meant to stay featured forever
1:46 AM
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3:00 AM
Good morning
3:22 AM
Q: Why can't I see net-negative scores?

OverLordGoldDragonToday I noticed all SO (non-meta) questions' and answers' scores displayed as >=0, even if expanded score shows a net-negative (img below). From incognito, however, I see a "-3" just fine. What's the deal?

3:34 AM
Q: Feature request: New users get notified to visit questions frequently after asking first question

AlexHMy idea is targeted towards new users. Many of these users join SO to ask a question. They ask it, and after not getting a reply in the first few minutes, vanish. This is an issue, especially for those who devoted their time an effort into answering the question. When a new user, say less than a...

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5:17 AM
@SamuelLiew Good morning :-)
@Cerbrus I've lost the plot... Example of what :-)?
@Cerbrus Never mind... My brain is slow waking up today... Thanks :-)!
5:46 AM
Q: Ban to ask. How to exit

user2201789I can't ask question and I tried to edit post, all are formatted correctly now.still I can't ask. What can I do?

6:10 AM
Q: how to check sent item is in spam or inbox with php

rickey'I am sending bulk email with php .how can i check my sent email item is in spam or inbox with php.how to get sent message SPF and other details with php script'

6:51 AM
@Feeds Why ?
7:04 AM
Anyone fancy explaining to me why this isn't an answer?
are you serious?
Are you seriously asking if I'm serious?
@Druckles Yep . Remove once , horse back and why again ? If I miss content to read please refer .
Asking "are you serious" can be perceived as quite a patronising response to a question about a fairly opaque system with many complex rules.
@Shree What?
@Druckles @typo from mob and auto suggestion give some ref to read :P
7:17 AM
I'm more confused now than before?
it's an awful answer. it's not "not" an answer, but it's certainly not no action needed.
@Feeds Question is why Yvette drop her RO ? She already kicked out by RO , when she reassign and why dropped again. // CC @Druckles
The answer suggests using the first thing the op mentions as not a solution
@Shree Oh, now I understand. I also wondered why but I wasn't going to ask. It looks like it was a decision on her part ;-)
@KevinB If you're not familiar with react/JS, it looks like a different library to the one the OP mentioned.
@Druckles I don't raise any question from her part but but ..... But kicked , reassign , self remove ? What's going on. I want to read transcript ?
As a RO
7:34 AM
Unless she wants to expand on it, i'd rather it be left as is
It's all about back channel as it is :(
@KevinB As a RO don't silent as SE. I am not question regarding CoC ? Just want to know, why kick- reassign - self remove . She is our respective mod before (When hold diamond). So please ?
7:56 AM
I aware new CoC allow her to call her @Yvette
@Shree Meh, there are some things worth digging. This is not.
No one is comfortable sharing the details, even if they all were public.
I hope you appreciate that and don't take it as silencing you. Like, it's ROship. It's not that big a deal.
8:11 AM
@M.A.R. Don't say mehhh for entire SE who are silent reader . Nop at ll but deserve to know whats going on . + you say mehh for time zone . It's not fair.
@Shree Wait, are the entire SE really wondering about this very situation? It's marginally related to the current events but it doesn't have to do with CoC directly or anything like that. It's about RO-ship of a chatroom for God's sake
Or are you referring to Monica?
For the record, Yvette resigned from moderating SO before this whole mess, because she worked hard to duct tape meta but it was really tiring work and she had real life issues to take care of.
So, please enlighten me why this is so important @Shree
Genuine question
@M.A.R. I am not support or against Monica in this room. Kick this topic off. I follow SE +8 years . I know what's going on..I follow this room when start, I just want to know why kick- reassign - self remove @Yvette
As a RO
Why do you need to know? It's not some drama to be exposed.
If Yvette wishes to share their perspective, maybe. But I'm trying to avoid unnecessary drama here.
We don't have much of an enforceable power, you see. Comparing us to SE doesn't make much sense.
I'm just at a loss why we need to make a fuss about this, and I'm not saying this as an RO, just a participant.
8:27 AM
@M.A.R. what did you mean, Why do you need to know ? . I Care SE I deserve to know. I also don't want drama and silent watcher . You don't see any of my drama before.
@Shree Well that's exactly what I can't connect. What does this have to do with SE or caring about it? If I make a room about writing code for clown costumes in CSS and I remove an RO, why does it become an SE-wide problem?
It's a chatroom, not governed by anyone from SE (technically they can but they're not the RO team) that discusses issues on meta.SO. Just that! Nothing more
@M.A.R. Ok It's Room problem . Straight question why watcher not allow to see room and question. Question 'why kick- reassign - self remove Yvette' ? . May I read any transcript. If not pleSE kicked me.
@Shree This other room is a mod-only room created for trash messages that we didn't want people to see. It's also turned into an RO hangout, and most of this discussion just happened to be there. Two separate issues.
Honestly, I haven't even read about why Yvette resigned, and I came online today to see it.
I don't even know if the discussion (or rather, this last part I missed) is really there
I'm now only catching up with the 1487932 posts about the CoC since I slept last night.
8:43 AM
If it discussion of it did happen, it wasn’t in a location I was watching
@M.A.R. Thanks that's a honest answer and I appreciate. But question still alive why Yvette remove as a R/o - Reassign -> self remove.
@Shree I honestly dunno
Asking people myself
I better sleep
@M.A.R. Thanks.
@KevinB what time is it where you're at?
8:54 AM
@KevinB zzz
Q: is it fine not to include code in your stackoverflow question if it has hidden sights of coding problems or configurations?

Moh Vahedias a matter of fact , I know that stackoverflow is just for code question's or related things. I just wanted to know that can I ask a configuration question about django including which package to use for creating my virtual environments for django projects or any other question that has no code...

9:40 AM
Q: Ethical considerations of the ongoing experiment re not displaying negative scores

desertnaut(This post is about the ongoing experiment regarding the display of a post's total score, discussed in New popup message when voting on a question/answer?, and not a duplicate of that thread) May I kindly ask if you considered the ethics of deliberately lying to (some of) our users, when decidin...

Q: JavaScript developer using types

DanStarnsWith the ever growing popularity of JavaScript supersets such as; Typescript and Flow. If you were to hire a JavaScript developer are they expected to write Typescript too? Should Typescript stacks advertise for Typescript developers instead of JavaScript?

@Shree It boils down to disagreements on how this room is run.
That's all we can / should say on that.
@Cerbrus ??
@Shree CV: unclear what you're asking
@Cerbrus Translation: "I don't understand. What do you mean?"
vote to keep closed
9:50 AM
There really isn't anything more we should say on the matter.
@Cerbrus Room run as it is, we don't allow question for RO action? Just like SE.
@Shree: you know that there's this Teacher's Lounge where moderators discuss things with the promise of confidentiality? Like that, we have a room owners room. I'm not going to discuss what was discussed there. That's the end of it.
Yvette left. If she wanted to explain why in detail, she would. Maybe she doesn't want to discuss it
I still alive
You'd still be alive after a kick, though :P
At least, I'd assume so
oof, missed the ping :]
:P my intention is not hurt room but its................... Any way topic change
still i am not kicked :P
If you really want to get kicked, I can accommodate... But kicks aren't toys :P
10:12 AM
and not needed as we're moving onto another topic aren't we...? :)
Oh no, that wasn't a threat <-- and that isn't sarcasm <-- neither is that
@JonClements Oh, yes! It's nearly feeding time too :P
@Zoethetransgirl huh... I'm a little uncertain whether that means I'm getting some food... or being fed to something else :p
@Cerbrus :P
10:18 AM
@JonClements We'll be fine as long as it's not a raptor
Yeah... not a fan of raptors either... always end up with bits stuck in my teeth :)
10:58 AM
Q: Preferred pronouns according to the new CoC

chris p baconAccording to the new CoC people can put their preferred pronouns into a question. What if I like to refer to myself as a shiny unicorn? Do people have to use this? If you believe this is a joke - who at SE decides which genders are allowed/which are jokes and which are not. Please be aware tha...

11:39 AM
@Feeds Ugh.
I wish it got nuked as rude
These days, people need to unwind. I do agree it isn't funny though.
I'm sure that's not going to be the last of such things either... but hey, keep calm and carry on folks?
An incident just like this popped up on MSE a few minutes ago
There's well over 30 deleted answers on the CoC announcement from what I've heard, and those types of "jokes" are too common. This is why we can't have nice things :]
12:03 PM
just ran a deleted:1 is:q search on MSO and had a quick scroll through the results... doesn't appear like it's too crazy... so... while no doubt it's going to pop up now and again, it's not something to panic over
You're missing out on a lot in chat though
I suppose as some hyperbolic way of asking where the line is, that's not too surprising.
Anyway, if it's a problem somewhere, flag as usual.
@Zoethetransgirl Of course. Not saying it's fine, just that I don't find it surprising.
Q: Questions that don't require explaining what was done to try to solve it

Tiago Martins PeresWhen developing it's normal to find an obstacle. To go through it, we generally start with a question, "How can I solve this?" (being solved defined as X) Most of the time we manage to go through it, answer the question and go on with the development. Problem is, that answer we found might not b...

12:12 PM
12:33 PM
I extended my filter to catch as many relevant posts as possible. Looks like I'll be browsing all the metas today :]
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1:46 PM
Q: Language name in title of the question. How to protect myself from intrusive editor?

Dmitry DmitrievIt's very convenient to have programming language in the title of question at the stack overflow, because it's one of the main purposes to find fast how to use exact language for exact problem. I have an organisation problem in face of the flimzy user who just for fun editing my messages. And a...

2:10 PM
Q: Could I phrase my question better?

Lechi Bui I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Is there a better example on MapReduce for unstructured data then wordcounts? Could I have phrased my question better? I want to make sure my question gets answered, but it did not fit the template because it did not have any code. So far all...

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4:52 PM
Q: Getting prompt to take survey, but clicking to take it results in error

Cindy MeisterWhen I refresh the Stack Overflow interace, I see an invitation to participate in a survey: When I click on "Take our short survey, I get a message that I've either completed the survey already, or that my session has expired: I tried five times, always the same result.

5:22 PM
Q: A bug in ordered list in question markup?

AdamI came across a question that, I think unintentionally, uses an ordered list. The OP wanted to list some of code lines but with gaps in numbering, like this: ... 9. Objective-C 10. Lisp 13. Golang 15. C++ 17. Visual Basic ... Note that lines 11, 12, 14 and 16 are missing and there are emp...

2 hours later…
7:09 PM
Q: How to format the data (questions/answers) on stackoverflow mobile site?

Himanshu AhujaIts very difficult to format the data while working on stackoverflow mobile site. Somehow I used to manage it via adding spaces for code etc. But when theres a large complex data to be posted it becomes difficult. Then I had to open it via browsers desktop site mode to enable that format editor o...

Q: "About me" removed after stating my preferred pronoun

vaxquisMy "about me" was removed (blanked) after I stated my preferred pronoun in it. What should I do now? I can't do the usual "downvote, flag, ignore, move on" here, since obviously: I can't downvote that action, I can't flag it, it's hard to ignore when someone edits your 'about me' section in you...

7:27 PM
@Feeds ...
Q: Limited/inconvenient functionality of “Custom Filters”

RomanPerekhrestCurrently saved custom filters (in the right panel) composed with a set of tags are getting applied on strict AND rule (all or nothing). A more expected and preferred behavior of such filter is extracting questions on ANY rule and ordered by "post date" ("Newest"). With "all or nothing" rule it'...

@Zoethetransgirl I'd suggest not engaging with a troll.
There, deleted.
7:41 PM
His/her/its about me is still a little bit borderline tbh... :-/
"their" is the pronoun you're looking for
But yeah
And suspended
8:06 PM
not really. well-deserved
8:53 PM
9:27 PM
Q: Do we no longer have negative answer scores?

BergiI just downvoted an answer that suggested a horrible practice. I was greeted with a notification: Thanks for your vote! Your vote has been recorded and it affects this post’s ranking. Since this post’s score is below 0, your vote will not be displayed. What is up with this? I've never seen ...

2 hours later…
11:03 PM
Q: Why does it not show me downvotes?

Julian TiemannI have a question about this question: How to fwrite from heap memory array INSIDE STRUCT? I remember mysteriously losing two reputation, which were not shown on the reputation page. My questions did not get any new downvotes. The way I see it is the linked qestion has 0 score, but (sorry for so...

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