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12:03 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum you want to see a real awesome question ?
A: what makes it different writing an open jquery statements

dystroyIn the first case, the code isn't executed until the DOM is ready. See documentation : The handler passed to .ready() is guaranteed to be executed after the DOM is ready, so this is usually the best place to attach all other event handlers and run other jQuery code. If you execute the ...

@dystroy lol
@dystroy Mention that putting the script at the bottom of the page mitigates the problem?
@Zirak it's CW, that's a good idea, do it ! (note that it's kindof implicitly said, though)
Isn't the second method works if we keep it in <script> tag?
between HTML code lines
@Mr_Green You might want to make your question clearer
12:07 PM
I mean <div>something here</div> <script> code here </script>
not in head tag
well, that's what both me and zirak say
@dystroy Edited
Seen (and fixed "it" -> "is"). Good and clear.
no, i'm a boy
^ these are words
Did you see ? There was really a bug with CW accept :
Q: Accepted CW answer isn't always displayed in Reputation tab

dystroySometimes, when CW answers are accepted, they're displayed like this in the reputation tab : This seems perfectly normal. But sometimes, the acceptation isn't visible at all, only the upvotes are : And then the only way to know if it was accepted is to go look at the question, which I don...

It's confirmed
12:12 PM
You know what's awesome about github? When they bug out, they explain the bug. github.com/blog/1440-today-s-email-incident
yes, that's now the trend, and a good one, in tech companies
We all know Linux is great...it does infinite loops in 5 seconds. ~ Linus Torvalds
What about js ?
!!> for (var i=0; i>=0; i++);
12:22 PM
@dystroy "SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input"
@dystroy "ReferenceError: i is not defined"
@dystroy "undefined"
@dystroy It'll fail in the first iteration. Either set i to 1 in the beginning, or do >= 0
i wonder what ziraks cpu would say if the bot would run an infinite loop
@dystroy Maximum execution time exceeded
That ^
12:24 PM
@Zirak Yes, I saw, and I crashed my chromium again
I wanted to compare the time with the 5 seconds it takes on linux (according to Linus but it took about the same in my accidental test in java yesterday) :(
what will be the output on linux? as you are saying it happens in 5 seconds
I never worked on linux though
12:26 PM
Poor guy... snif
any reason canvas does not use subpixel antialiasing in any browser?
@Mr_Green I tested by accident yesterday (no, not really, maybe a day or two before) when I wanted to make an infinite loop and forgot to remove a i-- in my code. It took about 5 seconds in java on a windows VM running on my linux box.
@Jan-StefanJanetzky it doesn't ?
@dystroy for me it does not. only usual pixel antialiasing
i talk about chrome btw
In fact... it's probably working as a pixel bitmap, I don't see how it could work : there is no way to avoid that. It doesn't pass the "intent" (font drawing, lines, etc.) to the subsystem.
You can't make sub-pixel drawing independently from your hadware and the canvas must be able to give the pixels it does for each point of the matrix in a cross-system way.
@dystroy you mean that there was no output. It just ended in 5 seconds. right?
@Mr_Green It was a crash test (for my crash log subsystem). I didn't want the loop to end, but it ended after 5 seconds.
ohh k
@dystroy well i do know that it depends on what kind of screen you use. crt has a different subpixel order than a smartphone or a laptop screen. the thing is.. i'd like to have it for personal usage
@Zirak RebolBot detects new room users and sends them a link to the room FAQ, "Welcome to the Rebol and Red room. See our FAQ" do you think it's a good feature?
one of the ways i think about is rendering lines etc. with offset 0, 0.3 and 0.6 px and putting them into rgb info of one pixel
12:33 PM
@Jan-StefanJanetzky It can't possibly work for canvas, or you would get different imageData for the same operation on two different browsers.
@dystroy firefox has subpixel antialiasing for fonts in canvas. chrome however has not.
@BenjaminGruenbaum That's a nice idea. Can you submit an issue on github? I'm not on the dev partition
This seems wrong. This means canvas operations aren't reproducible :(
@BenjaminGruenbaum No, because it copies my bot.
12:35 PM
@Zirak @BenjaminGruenbaum a good think might be the automatic detection of the first question and an answer as "Don't ask to as, just ask". I never saw a first user not failing into that...
@dystroy AI to detect "can I ask a question" or "anyone here" or things like that would be nice
Collating the different ways people say that will be the challenge...
My own test on this post as I am beginner in javascript. :)
Q: How to get my div on top, even though it is below another div

3bu1How do I get my #CCC div on top, even though it is below to the #F00 div. Can any one suggest me an answer using CSS? Please let me know the answer without using CSS positions. <div> <div style="width:200px;background:#F00;height:20px;"></div> <div style="width:200px...

huh, it could be an AI. If someone responds to a message with "don't ask to ask", it'd mark that message
@Zirak building a relevant test case would be too long. You'll get 95% accuracy on newcomers by just answering that on the first "?"...
but...AI... :(
12:40 PM
- How are you ?
- Don't ask to ask, just ask.
- WTF ?
- If nobody is interested in your question, please don't insist.
Or we could just redirect them to the FAQ which states that :P
I vote for the FAQ link until you can build a decent AI
@Zirak well... I love to make AI too... that's true... but time... (BTW, I should work, now...)
I'm not sure how I feel about accept-rates being dropped :/ I'd like to know when someone is asking a question that they'd at least bother to read my answer
12:45 PM
Accept rates were the cause of much negative feedback, criticizing people rather than questions.
I'm glad they're gone.
@dystroy second one has been always a problem with me :D
any JSP developers around?
@DineshVenkata if you find one, tell us, we'll lynch him.
fuck ...
< mutes speakers before yall can ping me >
12:49 PM
@dystroy I'm sick of finding the correct way to convert JSP variable into javascript variable
@DineshVenkata <script>var a = <%=a%>;</script> ?
@dystroy all hail king dystroy
the ultimate
What's your variable type ? Disclaimer : I have absolutely no JSP knowledge, I don't even know what's the J stands for
@dystroy trying to modularize code so put js in a separate js file it doesn't seem to be working that wasy
its an array
12:51 PM
@dystroy Java Server Pages i guess
@DineshVenkata do you know existance of JSON ?
JSON and XHR requests
You're sorted
Well, you may serve your js files using JSP, just change the header, then it's the same minus the <script>
@Darkyen yes pretty much do
12:52 PM
@AmaanCheval you are douche for saying that :P
why would he even need an XHR ?
@Darkyen Because XHR requests are awesome.
@DineshVenkata then just stringify it and put it there
But @AmaanCheval is right, I always use JSON and ajax when communicating between my war and my page
@AmaanCheval they will fire after page [ atleats the js part ] gets completed
git log --since v3.9-rc4 --oneline
12:53 PM
( I mean I would do if I knew what JSP is)
Are you fucking kidding me!? How is that window always loosing focus!
@Darkyen Well, I think serving it right in the file could get pretty messy when he's keeping the JSP and JS separate. I don't really know shit, though
Also, callbacks, man.
@AmaanCheval but you're 100% right, that's really the way to go
@AmaanCheval I'm a newbie to JSP can you please give me a link to an example?
12:55 PM
can anyone help me with integrating this photo album with asp.net website? youhack.me/demo/g%20plus%20photo
@DineshVenkata I've never used JSP
Basically, what I'd do was find out how to serve the variables you want in JSON (using JSP), and then request that data from your JavaScript and parse the JSON
does anyone know to generate html and css elements dynamically?
I'm back to rep whoring
Q: Java Beginner - What is wrong with my method?

Jay KniffenI am a java beginner and i am trying to create a really simple method in Netbeans, and i am frustrated that this doesn't work. Can someone point out my errors? Thanks!! public static void main(String[] args) { /** * * @param name * @return */ public String critMeth(String name){ ...

12:57 PM
!!/tell Arbaaz mdn document.createElement
@Arbaaz I don't know what you mean by CSS elements
You want to add stylesheets dynamically?
is it ok if your page have elements with same id but they re in separate containers, I know it's crap
@AmaanCheval no actually i want to generate those fancy albums (see the link i gave) dynamically since a user can have more than 2-3 albums and each of those albums have css
@crl No.
12:59 PM
ok ok peace
@crl NO (Where did I put that fork ? And the torch ?)
Please take a look at youhack.me/demo/g%20plus%20photo you can also see the html code there. I just want to know how can i generate those albums equal to the number of albums a user has (in db).
You probably can
@AmaanCheval I cannot find the use of using JSON in my webservice as the array can be directly passed
1:02 PM
@DineshVenkata Oh, that's easier then
I'm not sure how you'd do that
@SOChatBot are you still here?
@AmaanCheval what server side language do you use?
posted on March 29, 2013

var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3727700-1"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {} One more time, in case you missed it, you can get my new gamebook ad

I have a feeling that 3.9.rc5 will have quite a lot of commits compared to rc4.
@DineshVenkata node.js
or php :P [ doubtful ]
// answered for him
1:10 PM
@DineshVenkata NodeJS, but I don't do much server-side work
I really hate it when people don't
managed to find a bug in chrome i.imgur.com/K1Ce3xu.png (can't click tools tabs)
That feel when you downvote a question and it causes a landslide.
1:27 PM
@SOChatBot you just accidentaly the whole sentence!
@KendallFrey link to landslide ?
chrome's network tab sucks
IMHO it is one of the worst implemented features in that whole thing
@tereško They're working on it. Personally I really like fiddler
@tereško Also, if you don't like something particular about it, feel free to contribute developers.google.com/chrome-developer-tools/docs/contributing
1:47 PM
anyway the fact is I couldn't change tab
I was force to close it, and reboot the pc ;)
gosh.. after months i try to use appjs again.. and one of the most required features for a custom chrome is not implemented in linux
window drag
@BenjaminGruenbaum I didn't knew Fiddler. Isn't it a thing for Windows computer ?
@dystroy It uses .NET framework, I wonder if it works on mono but I'm not sure
@BenjaminGruenbaum I rarely saw a worse website than theirs...
1:49 PM
@dystroy linux probably has much better tools for capturing and proxying http network traffic :P
@dystroy I found "Charles" which is supposed to be better, doesn't look free though
Q: How to intercept HTTP requests on Linux desktops?

Tong WangI really appreciate if someone could give me an idea how to implement this. Also, is it possible to have a common implementation for most of the popular Linux desktop distros, if not all of them. Thanks. What I need to implement is something like a Windows service, which runs automatically every...

node-kamehameha , i announce this module ...... does nothing but prints "Its over 9000" on the screen
jk jk
module.exports = (function(){
  for( var i = 0; i < 9002; i++ )
     console.log( i );
  console.log(" its .....","itss overr nine thousannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd");
  return "what 9000! its impossible";
I think you've overdone the DBZ jokes
damn, how do you capture id's containing pipes `|` with jquery, seems it fails,
Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #hc6|_70572732o
1:57 PM
@AmaanCheval i know (x
taht was the last one (XD)
@crl escape them
k thx, I thought of that
but i have only posted over 9000 jokes on dbz @AmaanCheval ...
@BenjaminGruenbaum why is double escaping necessary? always wondered \\|
2:01 PM
So you print a literal \|. \| results in |; \\| results in \|
!!> "hmm|tth".split(/\|/)
@crl "h,m,m,|,t,t,h"
@crl "hmm,tth"
!!> "hmm|tth".split(new RegExp("\\|"))
@crl "ReferenceError: Regex is not defined"
2:04 PM
@crl "hmm,tth"
There are people here experienced in WebRTC, isn't it ?
If so, you might be able to provide a better answer than me to this question
Q: What Protocol to use for chat? webRTC or Websockets

C1DI'm creating a Chat site that will be able to do, Video, Audio and Text Chatting. I'm currently using Websockets for Text Chatting. I need to know what is best at Video, Audio and Text Chatting. Which one is more effiecint. Should I use Websockets for all of them or webRTC for Video and Audio and...

it would be webrtc soon, but for the moment ws I think
because they have mainly done the audioi/video stuff, not much yet the dataChannel
"How are you doing? Because I'm a potato."
2:15 PM
ny jobless owner in this chat ? ping me
@Jan-StefanJanetzky If that was porn and not naruto that would have been much better :P
@BenjaminGruenbaum well. i hate that ctrl + c sometimes just.. fails
Best room owner feature is seeing removed messages
can you at least see that i removed it?
2:18 PM
yeah, you have to click it and check history
Yep. We can see the history of removed messages.
It brings great possibilities of extortion
That's the only 'good' room owner benefit, everything else isn't nearly important or interesting. I considered building a small userscript that would allow private messages in chat based on that (and stanford's JS cryptography library) once, I think that wouldn't be that fitting though
@Jan-StefanJanetzky We can't delete old messages though, for example type !!/slidepoop or !!/gayclubs
2:19 PM
We need our own bash.org or qdb.us
...we're a bunch of web-devs, that should be more than doable
I thought that was the purpose of stars, stars are less flexible though
Stars are annoying; the chat search feature is also very inaccurate
Stars are also single-message. Most awesome things spread over several.
2:21 PM
so you mean.. you want to post an encrypted message?
so everyone sees it encrypted except the one who shall see it?
@BenjaminGruenbaum What will the key be?
i think pushing a private message through a second server would make more sense
i could offer hosting for that
@Zirak it'd probably be private, and the public key would be broadcast upon request by the userscript
The problem is this probably goes against SO's policy, it seems like abuse of their system to me
Can anyone help me with a Java question?
@SOChatBot lolololol
2:28 PM
!!/stab so-chatbot
@dystroy Yo! I just stabbed so in the face!
@BenjaminGruenbaum my cat is weird
she does not love to walk over keyboards
Since everyone seems to be annoyed over it, and noone wants to fix it...
!!/help stab
@Zirak stab: User-taught command: Yo! I just stabbed $0 in the face!
2:34 PM
@Jan-StefanJanetzky That sucks :( Did you try replacing the keyboard or the cat? Also, use more jQuery
!!/stab myself
@JanDvorak Yo! I just stabbed myself in the face!
!!/forget stab
!!/learn stab "Yo! I just stabbed $0 in the face!"
!!/stab so-chatbot
@Zirak Command stab forgotten.
@Zirak Command stab learned
@Zirak Yo! I just stabbed so-chatbot in the face!
2:35 PM
wanted to say.. why shall it be against SO's policy if we do not send handmade packages to SO's servers
a private chat could easily be implemented using a different server
Java 8 Lambdas do not support closures :( teh sucks
java is an uggly island. not more.
@BenjaminGruenbaum thanks for the link
np, got it from a mailing list (status code, same guys as JS weekly)
2:39 PM
!!/karma Java
@BenjaminGruenbaum Java has -7 karma
there's never enough negative karma for Java--
Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java-- Java--
I don't like that. Java8 looks like a mess. Additions over additions of partial features. This is so incoherent...
2:40 PM
just like PHP
Java 1.02 wasn't powerful enough but at least it was simple and coherent.
i have two reasons to learn java
1. android
2. the company i work for uses it in most projects
still.. i struggle each time i think about trying to learn it
I'm right there with you, man. I work for a Java shop, and I go to a Java-oriented school.
2:42 PM
Until arrays become real things in Java and not 2nd-class citizens, I'll continue spitting in its face.
Well, I'd do it afterwards for different reasons, but of all the things to copy from C...
Why couldn't they have copied function pointers...
Because function pointers violate the "hardcore OOP" that Java aimed to achieve.
because java is designed to handle pointers internally
Also, they seem to want to add lambdas now, so...
2:43 PM
even though you can get null exceptions
sure makes sense
Null is an OOP concept.
In actuality, it's just a value of 0.
Not copied them verbatim, but the thing made by using them.
Null pointers are horrible
@ShotgunNinja cpt obvious!
Yes, it is obvious, but the implications of the concept of Null versus the concept of 0 are the part I was trying to point out.
Seeing lambdas in Java seems like fresh air, but java's tight system around functions (classes are better than functions in java-land) will probably fuck them. I'll finish reading first.
2:46 PM
I mean, hell, even the incorporation of the concept of a zero-value in mathematics is far newer in Western philosophy than you'd expect.
@ShotgunNinja It's more, in reality, that the zero wasn't really needed before mathematics started to use written equations and symbolic arithmetic (middle age). There was no real need for it before.
Fair enough.
Most of these "improvements" are so bizarre when applied to java. It's like they're trying to teach a donkey to eat a t-rex.
@Zirak true. And now you'll have 5 different ways of expressing anything and you'll spend days learning the syntax... A language should be simple...
And the concept of a Null pointer wasn't necessary until you had dynamic segments of memory that could potentially not exist, which establishes the beginnings of lifetime dependencies which later evolved into the earliest forms of object-oriented programming.
But I digress.
2:50 PM
@ShotgunNinja yes, it looks like the same problem... But didn't the potentially null pointer come before the never null one ?
Anybody remember when the for (T a : b) arrived? Java people were ecstatic to be given this small syntactic sugar. And of course, there were a myriad of problems with it because of Java core.
So for anything non-trivial, I put my money on the system failing.
@Zirak I think that Java 5
Yes, it did. But before dynamic memory allocation, there was no real need to worry about whether a value existed in a segment of memory, other than stack manipulation.
@Zirak I use this syntax before it's here, but I find it useless.
@ShotgunNinja Oh, I see your point. Right (if you don't count pointer arithmetic which could make you go outside of the stack)
@dystroy It's useful, like JS's forEach only less good (since it doesn't accept a function but runs on a block
2:54 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum I mean it's useless because it just hides the counter and the access to the value. It's good to be able to use it, it makes some code cleaner, but it's not really needed.
@dystroy Yes, but then you wouldn't rely on a memory pointer being tagged as NULL; you'd simply do a range-check on the address and the stack size. Generally speaking, in non-dynamic-memory environments such as embedded systems, stacks start from a fixed point, and grow into subsequent memory; the stack size is usually also stored into a counter space, adjacent to the stack.
@dystroy Iterating over a collections is a very common task :)
Just the fact in Java it has to be a language feature, and in JavaScript it's a 10 line shim, shows how un-expressive Java is as a language
@BenjaminGruenbaum right. But it's still sad they didn't think enough to make it powerfull enough to , for example, let you get the counter/key when you need it
Exactly. So much boilerplate garbage.
As in Go :
for i, val := range array {
2:56 PM
@dystroy I like how in JS it's an optional param. In python it's also very simple with enumerate()
or if you don't need the counter
for _, val := range array {
Yeah, that's very similar in python
@BenjaminGruenbaum Go took many ideas from python. Java should have too.
I like the way JS does it better though, I think .forEach is an awesome solution
@dystroy Didn't Python get written after Java, though?
2:58 PM
@ShotgunNinja X was written after Y is a poor argument for Y not having a feature 10 years later :P
@ShotgunNinja of course, but it evolved... we still see it today :)
JS isn't as 'costly' anymore, and I feat it'll get to the point it'll be almost as fast as Java. Especially since the guy who made Java fast (remember how slow it used to be? ) and the guy who made JavaScript fast are the same guy
@BenjaminGruenbaum Fair enough.

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