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4:02 AM
@JBis You can call me Félix
4 hours later…
8:25 AM
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier OK, let me revise the JBis's statement: "oh lord, Félix"
@ParkingMaster btw, what happened with your keycap?
2 hours later…
10:45 AM
Uh, trying something with the room. If something explodes, I apologise in advance.
(hopefully, nothing happens, though)
OK, test concluded. Nothing changed. I clicked on some buttons and they show up confirmation modals. That's what I was expecting. But also...you know - chat. Could have not had a confirmation.
2 hours later…
12:23 PM
1:02 PM
@VLAZ still not here, 4 weeks and counting
Yeah exactly, was very disappointing because this stack overflow we’re talking about
Somewhat related: I need a facepalm kaomoji. The emoji is just too small. I need something really distinct. Also, "kaomoji" is those things made of multiple characters. My favourite one is: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@VLAZ makes sense, I see you use that a lot lol
I even emailed them back last week saying how it’s still not here, and they never responded
They took my info and ran
I should’ve known sending my information through email.
I even checked too, it was from an official person at stack overflow. It just doesn’t make sense why stack overflow would scam me like this.
Found one! (-‸ლ)
It's not great but decent, at least.
1:08 PM
@VLAZ it looks like a rubbing eye emoji
It's the best one from the ones I found. And I don't want to pay for the others.
OK, I'm only slightly joking.
This website requires you to buy "premium" to get access tot he bottom row. It only shows you images. The top row you can copy and paste.
I can’t even tell what those are 😂
Also, only maybe the second to last on the second row looks a bit like facepalming. The rest don't.
First one on the second row seems like somebody doing duck face. With the lips pointing to the left (your left as you're looking, their right)
Ok, I see it now lol
Second and third on second row are just undecipherable for me.
As is the last one.
1:12 PM
Second is a winking eye with a square hand covering thing middle of the face
That’s all for me today. Don’t know about you but it’s “time to get out of bed” time. See VLAZ and Lord Felix later on.
See ya
(•_•) ( •_•)>✋ ( •_🤚)
Hmm, I don't think it conveys "facepalm" clearly enough.
2:13 PM
Hey guys,

Can anyone tell me why I'm getting the error "nodemon: command not found" after I've installed the nodemon dependency ("yarn add nodemon") in GitHub Actions?
2:30 PM
it's not in your current path
does anyone know how I should configure the MUI pro license key without exposing it in production?
probably through environment variables, though judging from how much they charge, I sure hope they offer support for that kind of questions
@KevinB Sorry Kevin, are you talking to me or somone else?
to call executables in the console directly, they need to be in your path. If you install something globally with yarn, the place yarn installs those globally need to be in your path
if they're installed locally, then you need a relative path to the executable
IIRC, by default yarn installs locally.
2:43 PM
@KevinB Thanks Kevin, I'm very new to both JavaScript and GitHub Actions. How would I install it was it was in my path or point it to where it automatically installed?
i don't remember, tbh, been a while since i've messed with yarn/npm
well... looking at how I am apparently supposed to do it is by adding a line of code into our project like LicenseInfo.setLicenseKey('YOUR_LICENSE_KEY');
Yep, it does. So a yarn install foo won't even install the foo package globally. You can still access it using npx run foo as it would use the local installation. I forget what the yarn equivalent is but there should be one. Also possible: make it a script in package.json and just call that. Then it will resolve foo from the local installation.
however, that would leak the license key
@Wietlol Ugh, ewww. You can probably read that file from the disk, though. For example LicenseInfo.setLicenseKey(readFile("supersecretlicense.txt"));
You can also probably use a .env file. I've not set those up but in general, it's just a settings file. When the project starts, it will read the .env and use those values. You're supposed to keep the file off your repository, though.
2:46 PM
but... I am using it in a single page application
it will have to be shipped to the browser
> The license key is checked without making any network requests—it's designed to be public. It's expected that the license key will be exposed in a JavaScript bundle; we simply ask licensed users not to actively publicize their license key.
- https://mui.com/x/introduction/licensing/#security
In either case, whether it's .env or any other file, you need to supply it at prod. Probably add a build and/or deployment step so that when it produces the artefact for prod, it adds a file with your configuration. Then that license key would only live in the config of your deployment pipeline.
they say it is fine, but I kind of want to know if there is an alternative
@Wietlol (-‸ლ)
If it's going to be client-side, then you can't really "hide" it.
Well, you can make it harder to find. But ultimately, it's there.
At any rate, if you just minify your code, that is probably enough of a deterrent. Not that it would stop somebody dedicated from stealing the key but it would just stop the most casual people. You can throw in actual obfuscator but that will not weed out much more people.
You can maybe do something with WebAssembly. However, to be quite honest, I'm not sure exactly what that would be. It'd probably be a much stronger deterrent than an obfuscator.
Just seems hacky, but in a few months I plan to build a desk AI robot (like a physical robot for my desk, but AI). I was thinking of using Node.js to scrape messages from ChatGPT or something like that to perform an action. There has to be some kind of Node.js library for AI texting, right? Correct me if I am wrong. This isn't urgent just though I'd prepare myself when I make my first AI robot.
TL;DR is there a Node.js library for input/output AI messages?
none of those things would hide it from it's most visible location, the network tab
3:05 PM
Basically what I want to do is, give it a message like "hey, what is the weather in Florida today?" and it should give me a response like ChatGPT, but in a Node.js library.
sounds awful
let response = ask("What is the weather in Florida today") > console.log(response) and it should log a response. Don't think anything this easy exists but it's just an example.
that should be fairly easy
though you'd need to wait for response to resolve
@KevinB do you know a Node.js library that can do that?
that's just an http request
3:08 PM
So my idea will work where I just scrape the data from the website?
no, you use a proper api
web scraping is for people who don't know how to code
Oh, ok. I forgot ChatGPT had an API lol
Ok, I'll just use that then. Thanks Kevin, you saved me from doing a newbie mistake.
web scraping is kinda like regex
it can solve a lot of problems poorly
there are a few problems where it is the best choice, but if you don't know what those are then the problem you're solving is probably best solved some other way, 😉
@KevinB to be honest, I would do web scraping a lot back in the day because I didn't know what I was doing and was too lazy to figure anything out. I'll try the API and scraping and see which works better. It's just a personal robot so I don't think web scraping will do any harm.
@KevinB Well, I take it that the library needs the license to start. And probably checks it without directly exposing it (either offline/client-side or encrypts it in some fashion before sending it home). So, if you manage to bury it in your bundled code, you've mitigated a large portion of the risk. And you can hide it from being complete plain text by using some trivial code to derive the string. Even if it's simple concatenation. It just won't show up in one place.
3:16 PM
the primary problem with web scraping (and regex for that matter) is it's fragile
With that said, it's still not invisible. One could just step through with a debugger and grab the value. But few would be inclined.
secondary for the former is it's often unethical
@KevinB but not that fragile.
I will see myself out
posted on June 01, 2023 by Ben Mason

Hi everyone! We've just released Chrome Dev 116 (116.0.5803.0) for Android. It's now available on Google Play. You can see a partial list of the changes in the Git log. For details on new features, check out the Chromium blog, and for details on web platform updates, check here. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. Erhu Akpobaro Google Chrome

@VLAZ speaking of... does yarn even have a global install option out of the box? I don't remember one, but I don't use it much, so maybe that's my lack of experience with it speaking
3:32 PM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Hmm, dunno. I'd expect it does. Mostly because I know it as "basically npm but slightly different syntax". And npm can do it.
Found it: yarn global add foo
Can't say I've ever used it, though.
@VLAZ oh, it's yarn global... thanks!
wait, I don't see it in the current docs
oh, it's yarn dlx now
cc @JamesMcIntyre
@OlegValteriswithUkraine so I've got it to run by figuring out and giving it the path to nodemon... it's now runnning but I"m now trying to figure out if GitHub Actions is in an infiinite loop with it...
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Yeah, we only use the old yarn at work. At home I don't even bother. It's enough to need two different tools to do a basic task like adding a package. I don't really need a third one. Because for whatever reason Yarn decided that it'd basically be a new thing in the new version.
@JamesMcIntyre well... technically :) GitHub Actions are supposed to be one-off things, and nodemon's sole purpose it keep the managed process running, so...
@OlegValteriswithUkraine but I need the API to be running locally before I can run my cucumber tests on the local API :/
3:54 PM
@VLAZ we use NPM, so I get reminded yarn exists only when I try to make something for James :) So... not very often.
@JamesMcIntyre send a termination signal to nodemon once the tests finish, maybe?
Yeah, I'm really not sure what Yarn brings nowadays that NPM doesn't do. Used to have lock files and few other things. But AFAIK, all of the features that made it stand out are in NPM now.
all yarn brings is it isn't npm so if you are anti npm you can use it and claim the moral high ground
despite it being no higher than using npm
At work somebody added it for some reason and claimed it solved a problem that was in NPM but...I'm not actually convinced. I mean maybe it had merit but the whole project setup was backwards at the time. Now we have a completely different project setup but still use yarn, probably just because we had it before.
Ok, so it does seem to be stuck in an infinite loop but also not started the API... I think that might be...
currently trying to figure out how to send a termination signal to nodemon and also how to solve the error "[Jun 1st, 2023 15:55:52] FATAL: Missing required config from environment" - one mo, I'll be back after looking into this
@JamesMcIntyre nodemon --signal <signal> <entry>
4:08 PM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Thanks for this, where did you get this from? Maybe from the same source I can find out what to put in those brackets, so e.g. maybe "nodemon --signal <kill> <this>"
@JamesMcIntyre from nodemon's README, of course :) And from experience of using it. Signal is any standard *nix signal, entry is the same as what you specify when starting to watch the process.
4:23 PM
ok so I've added "node_modules/.bin/nodemon stop src/index.js" as a commmand but becuase the command to start it is an infinite loop, it never seems to get past it to run the test, never mind shut off the API... I think I'm gonna have to sleep on this one.

Thank you all for your help, esspeically you Oleg!
@JamesMcIntyre you might want to switch to PM2 for that, btw, nodemon is not that well-suited for such a setup, IMO. P.S. YW!
1 hour later…
5:38 PM
Hey Guys wanted to ask a quick quesiton
                var $container = $('#gridrow-field-container');
                var template = $('#gridrow-template-input-group').get(0);

                const INPUT_SEL = 'input[type="text"][name="name[]"]';
                const ROW_SEL = '.row';
                const DELETE_SEL = '.btn.delete';
                $(item.MeetingPollingPartsValues).each((indexPartsValues, PartsValues) => {
                    console.log('Sub Questions');
In this example is there anyway to get the input value
                  <template id="gridrow-template-input-group">
                       <div class='row mb-3' id='newrowItem_1'>
                           <div class="input-group">
                                <input type='text' id='fieldrowItem_1' name='name[]' class='form-control fieldrowItem mb-3' placeholder="Row 1" data-value="0" >
                                <span  id='spanrowItem_1' class="input-group-addon" style="cursor:pointer;"  onclick="RemoveRow(this)"  >
                                    <i class="fa fa-remove" style="color:#CDCDCD"></i>
I tried this $('input_group').val(PartsValues.QuestionValue); but its not setting the value
1 hour later…
6:56 PM
posted on June 01, 2023 by Srinivas Sista

 The dev channel has been updated to 116.0.5803.2 for Windows, Mac and Linux. A partial list of changes is available in the log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. The community help forum is also a great place to reach out for help or learn about common issues. Srinivas S

2 hours later…
9:01 PM
!!choose barb or druid
posted on June 01, 2023 by Daniel Gagnon

The Dev channel is being updated to OS version: 15474.9.0 Browser version: 115.0.5790.13 for most ChromeOS devices. If you find new issues, please let us know one of the following ways File a bugVisit our ChromeOS communitiesGeneral: Chromebook Help CommunityBeta Specific: ChromeOS Beta Help CommunityReport an issue or send feedback on ChromeInterested in switching channels? Find

3 hours later…
11:56 PM
posted on June 01, 2023 by Ben Mason

Hi everyone! We've just released Chrome Stable 114 (114.0.5735.99) for iOS; it'll become available on App Store in the next few hours. This release includes stability and performance improvements. You can see a full list of the changes in the Git log. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. Krishna Govind Google Chrome


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