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12:12 AM
maybe i'll add a sentient command
3 hours later…
3:11 AM
does any one know of a library that gives splunk formatted logging for winston?
5 hours later…
8:19 AM
@towc If you're still interested in Tribo: I'm organizing the next competition next week. It's still time to register
oh, thanks
I think I'll pass though :/
too bad
hope you're all doing well :)
@towc All is well. I'm spending my nights building FOSS in Rust
And you ?
oh, nice
I've gone to the dark side and started doing python for work
8:21 AM
my condolences.
got a dog, and stuff's good
also hey! It's me! The troll from the Java room :P
I see you've gone to the darker side, geist :P
I've only done python for exploits, leave me alone >.>
Also no clue when I last wrote Java. 3 weeks at least
If @towc can return from the dark side, so can you, Geis
8:24 AM
@towc There's worse than Python. For example there's Java. At least Python is fun
tbf all of tech is the dark side at this point
other than haskell/elm
And go.
screw go
screw haskell
screw you
8:26 AM
no u
You guys didn't heard about our lord and savior Rust ?
sounds rusty
@DenysSéguret I'm assuming you're enjoying it
I've tried to get started a few times, I just always lost interest
8:28 AM
rust strikes me as a a slightly modernized C++
probably because I've never had to do a lot of low-level code
@geisterfurz007 Did you got some tetanus shot?
I'm trying to go all functional. Looking for a job in elm now
Tetanus would make a great name for a programming language
@towc It's my drug. Making programs which run correctly as soon as you manage to compile them it's fantastic (no null pointer or race conditions like in go)
8:28 AM
Way too long ago. It was easier to remember it when you live with your dad who is a doc and can do the shots on your at home :D
8:55 AM
There was something genuinely fun about C++ and dealing with pointers that I don't get from other languages
maybe rust is like that too
9:17 AM
rust has a different take on those pointers
I'm a bit rusty in rust
That would be the understatement of the day, but it sounded great
I'm so done with rusty rust jokes
that's literally the only rust joke you can make
9:32 AM
If you write in any other language, you must have pretty rustless nights.
that joke really rustled my jimmies
10:06 AM
sup bois
@Neil "fun"
you've started a language war without me
how dare you
Will send sms next time
c++ bleh
just C
that language is at least not sero-positive
10:11 AM
I suffered a lot, last month while trying to deploy Angular SSR to firebase. Decided to write a tutorial on it. Later I started writing Angular tutorials ;p
Today bought a new domain for it.
if there don't exist tutorials for something, then you have to ask yourself if you're not swimming upstream
There exist but none of them are good. I followed 10+ tutorials written in 2019 and got error in all of them
eh, I can imagine, a lot of these libraries change on a daily basis
when the tutorial was made, I'm sure it worked though, if that's any consolation
10:23 AM
That's true
That's the problem with copy/pasting tutorial code, in most cases it probably won't work for you
Unless you're following it to a tee from the start
The libraries are changing daily or weekly basis but sometimes, the errors are not related to the version
And finding error in firebase functions is a real nightmare. It simply shows handler is not a function. Nothing more nothing less
Surely if you follow your stacktrace it'll take you to the error
I don't believe that
10:27 AM
eg see this issue opened by me github.com/firebase/firebase-tools/issues/1705
Has anyone here experience with node.js worker threads?
It was actually a file missing error
the favicon is missing in the dist directory
@KarelG assembly or bust
It's kind of bad that all of our tutorials are mostly broken
by the way
have you seen "why isn't FP the norm" talk yet
it's very nice
10:29 AM
A debugger would've found that straight away :P
actually lol this message out of context sums up the entire talk nicely
Nov 7 at 15:39, by Neil
rather than have a function using "this" where this is the element, you simply pass the element as a parameter. Period.
I'm not big on FP, but mostly because I haven't really used it before
Yeah. But firebase isn't really helping.
yay, being referenced out of context!
@BenFortune most of the people haven't, that's a part of the problem
funny enough, must of the FP people have used non-FP languages before moving on to FP
10:33 AM
btw @BartekBanachewicz, I'm trying to move into FP jobs. Ever tried elm? Or suggestions for other stuff that could be fun, but also easy to find work for?
Anyway, I started writing tutorials on How to do things with Angular 8 at escr.in
better yet, hire me
@towc Those two don't mix
@BenFortune doesn't need to be too fun. If it's FP it's probably more fun than what I'm doing anyway
what's a non-fun FP language?
10:37 AM
Oh sorry. I read non-fun non-FP
@geisterfurz007 you can go back from whence you came
I was forced to learn it in uni and it was rubbish, what can I say?
I bet you think java is fun
what's new everyone
Maybe I am just dumb.
10:38 AM
maybe the common issue here is that uni ain't fun
@towc APL
oh towc still talking about haskell 🌚
There certainly were lectures where I had fun!
Haskell was not one of them.
FP is just another approach like OOP. One is trending and the other isn't, that's all
in 20 years, we'll be dropping FP for something else
@BenFortune do you know anyone who uses it?
10:39 AM
Doesn't mean one is superior or worse than the other
They're probably all dead
> OOP is trending - Neil 2019
I don't think that Java is fun. But I know for sure that in Java I can get most jobs done quicker than I ever could in Haskell currently. Even faster in JavaScript (if it's not UI) but Haskell... idk.
@towc when did I say that?
FP is trending*
10:40 AM
@Neil were you saying the opposite?
towc trying to put words in Neil's mouth and getting caught. Ooooh yikes :P
@towc I think it's pretty evident which one I was referring to as being trendy
@towc Easiest to find work for would be prolly Scala and Clojure
OOP was trendy in the days of C++ and Java, but no longer
@Neil I highly doubt that
the thing with FP is that it isn't new at all
it's in fact much, much older than OOP
10:42 AM
is scala considered fp?
or clojure, for that matter
both are, but that's really not the point
I can't stand people that say lisp is FP, without many asterisks
it's the code you write, not the language you write in
It wasn't trendy until recently
we're writing a lot of functional C++ at work rn
I might admit to being at least partially responsible for that
10:44 AM
ok, assuming I want to be in an environment where things aren't pretend-fp, but I'd work on a codebase of a language that is widely considered FP
you can do pretend-FP in Haskell as well (though that's hard)
the fact that a language is considered to be this thing or that thing hardly matters
react can be mostly FP, and it's spread as such, but very often it's just not
what matters is that specific codebase you're gonna be working on
the language isn't really that important, I mean, it's better if it's not shit
but even in shit languages you can still get work done if you're smart so there's that
well, hard to say if the company I'm signing up for actually follows the paradigm
ask for that on the interview then
10:46 AM
it's a possibility, but I'd probably have to go through a lot of interviews
the interview is an opportunity for you to decide if you want to work there or not. If an FP codebase is an important point, voice that
@towc that's hardly a surprise
if I could do a good chunk of the narrowing automatically that would help
that said, do you knows companies whose style you like, and are hiring non-phds/veterans?
I mostly know local stuff
not sure if you're looking to relocate or work remotely or
ideally remotely
I have a dog now, he doesn't like offices. And leaving a husky home is not a great idea
@towc then ask @BadgerCat for a referral
10:49 AM
I might, if the current route doesn't work
which is going into online communities and asking around
got some potential elm jobs lined up for december
but I kind of don't want to be stuck to frontend, and I like having other choices
i have my 2nd round today
oh, you're changing too?
or are you interviewing a second round of candidates?
@towc nah, it's an internal position :)
oh, gl
11:11 AM
Dunno if anyone has started using Angular Elements yet but..I've create a bundle for an Elements project then included that as a custom element in a host Angular app
With source map enabled on the bundle build..
But it seems you can't debug an Elements bundle hosted with an Angular app?
Looking for the bundle file in Dev tools doesn't show up. So I can't et a breakpoint on the Element build file as I normally would when I've included a vanillajs custom element
telerik.com/fiddler allows to see the username and password sent from my website
how do i make sure it's not visible when it is used
Even then you're going to be able to see it, nobody else is though
11:42 AM
Shorter version, should source maps be included in an Ng build of an Angular Elements app's bundle?
11:54 AM
Hello folks
how have ya'll been?
@BartekBanachewicz o/
@BadgerCat ohai
12:06 PM
@BrianJ in dev mode: optional. in production: no
2 hours later…
1:38 PM
@ShrekOverflow hi orc
howdy ?
living the life
I have the air and the food
anytime in London soon?
I might take a remote job there in january
so I might come to the offices every so often
other than that: urgh, london
do you have cancer yet?
@towc why would i/u?
1:41 PM
have you been outside?
I have the air, you have some radioactive gasses of some kind
which area of you london are staying at?
Yo towc has anyone ever told you that your website header is super satisfying?
nope, this is the first time it's come up
actually, I think it's not even the first time you've told me about it :)
so thanks
get your mind a bit more blown by scrolling down a bit
Yeah the pens are great as well!!!
1:45 PM
the header is a pen too
@towc *obama-impressed-face*
damnit guys, this is not the first time you see any of this :P
but thanks
that one in the codepen is sure the first time I see it
and btw why would you worry about the air
yours one is not healthy as well :P
if there is traffic near you, be sure that the air is polluted.
at least I don't feel the need to wear a mask whenever I leave the house
you don't need that in London
1:51 PM
I did
wait when you are in new delhi 😀
Woah! I only see that now in the pen that the rays leave traces!
the level of pollution is so worse that the measuring device hit the maximum
I don't plan to go visit any major cities in the next few decades
bratislava is where it's at
and I'm planning to move to a smaller town in the mountains
where doggo can run freeee
and not get ran over by a tin monster
Huskies are awesome :)
1:55 PM
^^ no chance of that in london
@ShrekOverflow where in london are you staying?
so cuuuuuute, I am going to have that open for the rest of the day while writing my thesis now *-*
there's still a bunch of friends there that you could have fun with
@geisterfurz007 I'll do you one better. Do you have a google account?
2:06 PM
email me with it at the email on the cv on my site
I hope I don't forget it; I am not able to do it from here :D
or you can just tell me the email
ok, I've sent you a link to my collection of doggo pictures
eeeeeeeeeeks thank you!
2:12 PM
be sure to credit him in the thesis, for motivation
Hahaha! I am not sure if I am allowed to that unfortunately but if I find a way, I will sure do!
1 hour later…
4:05 PM
@towc not gonna say too much yet but I think it's looking promising ;) /cc @BadgerCat
4:44 PM
@towc I wouldn't tell you lol
I mean on this chat x_x
5:19 PM
considering transitioning from chropera to firefox. Anything I should be aware of?
firefox has a lot of opinionated default settings surrounding security
@towc anything specific you're concerned/interested about?
I've pretty much only ever worked with the chrome dev tools
I hope the transition to ff's won't be bad
someone's already suggested installing ff developer edition, looking into it
FF has really good dev tools
There's not much difference in developer tools for the dev edition... it is just the Firefox version of Canary
I personally appreciate FF's grid inspector tools for messing around with/debugging css grid layouts (but I spend more time on CSS stuff than JS stuff)
5:52 PM
@towc just use IE 8
it has the only tools you need for dev
console and apathy
@towc I bet in time even firefox will become fireChrome
I need a push in the right direction. Im trying to add a bootstrap div to a container dynamically. The plan is to let the end user add a IFRAME to a card element on a page. How do I do this in a safe manner?
that is google's endgame :P
@towc Thanks for the link and the trust :)
np, hope your first born will be delicious enough to be worth it :)
5:56 PM
@ShrekOverflow join us my dude!
Ikari reached out to you on Twitter please join us I miss you
/me leaves chat again for months
@BartekBanachewicz @towc, yes! Ask me!
Amaan just got into Toptal :)
@ShrekOverflow hi
@BartekBanachewicz did you have your 2nd round yet?
1 hour later…
7:12 PM
looks like I'm fully converted to ff now :)
The superior browser compared to chrome of course!
what's your thesis on btw?
something about how terrible javascript is and the culture of selling your soul to google?
and possibly how they're related
Comparison of cross-platform frameworks as base for a simple concept for app development in a small team.

And that summary is pretty fucking spot on (I chose React Native vs Flutter for an in-depth look)
this is for a masters?
bachelor (:
7:21 PM
it sounds like something someone would write on an a random blog
A 70 page blog written in scientific style but yes.
uh, I'd be interested to see it then
do you want some reviewers?
It's in German unfortunately and I don't know if I have the courage to translate it, tbh
you're on your own :P
Figured :D
A few people at my company are going to read it; hopefully this doesn't end as last time where all of them agreed that it was good and I got 55/100 points and almost failed the assignment :)
7:49 PM
    .then(_ => p1)  // promise1
    .then(_ => p2)
    .then(_ => p3)
    .catch(_ => c1) // catch1
    .then(_ => p4)
    .then(_ => p5)
    .catch(_ => c2);
I need any reject in p1 - p3 to be caught in c1. And any reject in p4 -p5 to be caught in c2. Will that occur in the above code?
try it ;)
7:51 PM
It should
And will it stop after c1?
how do i make sure it stops
Promise.catch returns another promise
split up the chain
@forresthopkinsa Promise.reject*
7:53 PM
Have the promise value wrapped in { value, failed } or split the chain, yeah
No, Promise.prototype.catch returns another promise
Just like then does
    .then(_ => "")  // promise1
    .then(_ => "")
    .then(_ => {throw "something" })
    .catch(_ => console.log("c1")) // catch1
    .then(_ => "")
    .then(_ => {throw "something else"})
    .catch(_ => console.log("c2"));
Shows that it doesn't fail after c1; you can try further with that code to see if you can break this properly.
Or use async await :D
>|| Promise.resolve(null)
.then(_ => "") // promise1
.then(_ => "")
.then(_ => {throw "something" })
.catch(_ => console.log("c1")) // catch1
.then(_ => "")
.then(_ => {throw "something else"})
.catch(_ => console.log("c2"));
7:54 PM
@JBis {} Logged: ``
thanks for nothing james
Yeah async is more suitable for conditionals
c1 and c2 is logged. So i need to split up
How do you suggest I split up?
5 mins ago, by geisterfurz007
Have the promise value wrapped in { value, failed } or split the chain, yeah
^ that's one way
7:59 PM
Yeah but it causes bunch o' boilerplate
but then wouldn't i have to check for failed each then statement?
.then(({value, error}) => error ? {value, error} : c2)
so otherwise just async/await
orr you can throw at the beginning of the second then chain and then it'll jump straight to the second catch
there are a number of ways you can do it but really, the right answer is async/await
@forresthopkinsa how?
with try catches?
ew, i hate try/catch
8:04 PM
lol what
that's like saying you hate if statements
i hate try/catches with promises because rejections should make them unnecessary
well if you await a rejected promise then it throws
that's just the translation between async and sync code
yeah, its annoying :(
hmm unique take
idk should be someway to stop the rest of the chain from running
because then you get into an entire pyramid of doom with try catch
which is the very thing it was created to prevent
8:08 PM
Nevermind this is wrong
you shouldn't get into a pyramid of doom situation with try/catch or async/await
pyramid of doom is typically a symptom of callback hell
@geisterfurz007 that link was the exact thing i am trying to do. Different error messages based on which promise fails. Bit of an XY there, sorry.
Yeah "Nevermind this is wrong" is German for "I am sure you will find exactly what you need in the edit history of this message" so it's no biggy :P
except that is only bluebird promises i think
Aaaaaah, that's a shame :/
8:13 PM
> @clocksmith with ES6 promises you're stuck catching everything and doing instanceof chceks manually yourself.
however, the instanceof isn't awful tbh
A: Handling multiple catches in promise chain

Esailija.catch works like the try-catch statement, which means you only need one catch at the end: repository.Query(getAccountByIdQuery) .then(convertDocumentToModel) .then(verifyOldPassword) .then(changePassword) .then(function(){ res.status(200).send(); ...

thats not terrible
What if you put the rejection handler in each catch as second argument? I am not sure if the promise chain continues executing or not in that case.
Otherwise you could do something like

.then(_ => p1, c1)
.then(_ => p2, c1)
.then(_ => p3, c1)
.then(_ => p4, c2)
.then(_ => p5, c2)
> If it is not a function, it is internally replaced with a "Thrower" function (it throws an error it received as argument).
But yeah it probably doesn't interrupt the chain either :/
Either way, I hope you get something decent figured out; it's bed time for me unfortunately so I gotta go. Good luck and byeee :D
alright thanks for help :)
8:41 PM
hi o/
8:58 PM
Today i got offered a javascript job at £40k with 1.5years experience and im not sure if i should take it
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