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12:00 AM
yeah it's still a draft but it's a good idea
its annoying tho you gotta wait a couple years before you can use stuff in browsers cause users have to update
12:18 AM
OMG the web apis have exploded
Payments Request, BTLE Scanning such good stuff!
(I have been programming in SWIFT lately)
Neat, how's that been?
Love it
everything works
or it doesnt and is documented vOv
compile run test forget
but Web Bluetooth has a lot of potential IMO
web bluetooth? I'm a bit wary about that.
over web payments??? REALLY
If exploited could be a really big issue. I see mentions of heart stuff. Most medical stuff has shit security, next thing you know some website gets hacked and now Timmy's grandma had a heart attack.
@ShrekOverflow What do you say to little Timmy?
12:27 AM
@JBis it's not background
you can't use it in background
also you need cosnent from user to connect
still, Timmys grandma clicks "Ok" to anything that pops on her screen
or pretty much do anything
those APis have existed on Androids since forever
Timmy's grandma using Android would have had that by now :P
Well thank god Microsoft switched to chromium. I don't trust them to implement that for a second.
12:29 AM
I'd trust microsoft over google
if they didn't have the onslaught of being behind Google
nah, Google may steal your data but it works
@JBis Google+?
Android's ussd vulnerability?
Them literally putting a todo block in key eviction? (till Android 7)
(need me to go on?)
Hardware access wise I'd be pretty ok with MSFT tech
Look everyone has their problems but Microsoft can't get an update out without breaking half the pc's and then recalling the update and then rereleasing the update
@JBis They fired their QA team FWIW
anyway this new nugget I found is fantastic
Apple is sad. Nobody can break anything of theres, but the root password is blank
But bluetooth if implemented properly could be very cool
but google will steal data from that too
Then again people are in part to blame. People are really dumb.
Especially when the post on Instagram that they quit Facebook and are never going back.
12:37 AM
@SagarV npm i out put is as shown above in my previous comment
Anyone here ever had youtube just stop working sometimes?
Today i came on and it literally just doesnt load anything but the video
I thought it was my javascript loader
but after disabling every extension, clearing my history, reinstalling chrome, restarting the pc
etc, i managed to get it tot a state where all the videos on the right are visible
but refreshing the site after doing anything sortof just adds the problem back
I dont know where else to ask this...
Ok, I read up a bit and it seems youtube is broken right now -_-
welp, so much for downloading the latest updates to my apps lul
1:00 AM
@TaylorSpark Yes
Usually google being a bitch and wanting people to use Chrome
(it always works with chrome)
1:46 AM
Hey, I'm deploying a KUSANAGI instance (Tweaked centOS7).

I need to change my DocumentRoot admin from httpd.www to kusanagi.www
I barely ate today and havent slepts in a hot week.

Walls are moving.

Need halp.
i-is that the GROUP?
chown sorry
2:47 AM
k so, when I changed httpd.conf (nginx) config "allow:" to another IP, refreshing prompted me a credential box. Failure made me 403.

Now even if I reversed the changes, still blocked.
Wassup with that
2:58 AM
Like, I'm on wp dashboard, Refresh good.
I change the config, restart nginx.
Refresh dashboard, boom, credential box
oof, delete ALLLL my posts (mods)

I... I forgot to restart after changing it back. Happens to 'vry one... RIGHT?!
3:48 AM
Hey guys. I'm kind of new to localStorage. I know I can clear it with localStorage.clear(), but will that only clear the users localStorage to my website or their entire localStorage? Just need confirmation because if I check this question, it kind of suggests it clears all of it: stackoverflow.com/questions/7667958/…
Ah never mind. Appearently it will only clear that of the website due to CORS protection. Good ^^
4:04 AM
@OTLT-LCar What exactly do you mean with Document Root for Admin? Also, changing that setting kind of means "block access unless ip is x". The 403 error means "FORBIDDEN". No credentions = No access
its fixed
as I said, I changed something in http.conf
Ah alright
and ssl.conf
restarted nginx
error 403
reversed changes
but forgot to restart nginx again
so I was like oo-Ooh no
but I was just silly and psychotic
Lol.. ye, hence I rather not use modified flavors of OS's. Much harder to change things the way you want and much less likely to find support
4:37 AM
hence is a nice word, but if you use it to say something so irrelevant as linking "funky OS" with forgetting to restart your webserver to apply configs, it's kindda pointless.
gnight, imma effin zone out
I was referring to changing the document root as your initial question was. Not forgetting to restart a service. No need to get hostile..
DocumentRoot is a folder
i was looking for the term "owner" because im very silly
i was like... if chmod is perms... what's for those two group identifier thing
then I remembered chown
(getting hostile made you clarify, which clearly shows the confusion... so... in some way ... it was needed!)
k now im plain defiant
i need sleep
and adderall
in that order
5:00 AM
Document Root normally refers to the root of your website. The owner of those folders should normally be the service so you don't have to chmod stuff insecurily. Anyway, gn8 man. Take care
1 hour later…
6:29 AM
helllo guys
how to fix
Error: InvalidPipeArgument: 'Unable to convert "2019-10-17 09:00:00" into a date' for pipe 'DatePipe'
what's DatePipe?
it could be not accepting strings or it is expecting a datestring in a different format
(what you wrote is not an exact ISO8601 date string)
6:53 AM
@SagarV heh. that's an ancient npm version. Like I have running. It is possible that bower is not functioning very well with the latest npm releases
7:21 AM
Quick question. Can I select some text in one text area and place cursor on another text field and type here while previous selection is visible?
Hey guys
In my editor, I want to select text and then to change font-size, I wanna type font-size in a text-field and hit enter so that selected text's font size get updated
@RahulJain hmm difficult, but yes.
just memorize the selection
@BenBeri Hi Ben Beri
7:46 AM
@KarelG I memorize the selection but the issue is that visually the user can't see the selected text as soon as the focus goes on font-size textfield
you have to trick the user by puttin a div layer on top of that
so have two divs, one editable and one visual
when focus is on another place, wrap the text selection in visual around a span tag that has a css rules for selection
or div on txtarea
just be creative
@KarelG Oh man! Sounds very esoteric to me. Would it be easy to you to give a little clue on jsfiddle? I am using contenteditable btw (if that makes any difference)
but not much time atm :|
maybe I can provide one later this day
8:09 AM
@KarelG no problem. :)
1 hour later…
9:28 AM
@RahulJain There is a contenteditable editor example on MDN that can change font size: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/HTML/Editable_content#Example_A_simple_but_complete_rich_text_editor
and there are hacks to change that font size selection to pixel: https://stackoverflow.com/a/32398621/893578
10:24 AM
Hello Guys
Someone willing to help me with stackoverflow.com/questions/58428952/…
@karlihnos I barely see a pattern in the criteria
The pattern is that the childs can not inherits from the parent
Lets suppose that the parent is
p= "abc.xyz"
A child with c= "abc.xyz.pol" would not be possible because it cotains "abc.xyz", which is in the parent
The problem with my code is that for this case:

c="abc.xyzpol" should be possible
what about
6. parent="abc.xyz"
the child has elements that is in parents
(before "Del")
it sould be also possible. The child has elements from its parents BUT not separate by dots
maybe you cna split -> check through array and do an intern match
10:35 AM
give me a minute or two
@karlihnos try this function
function test(p, c) {
  const pSplit = p.split('.');
  const cSplit = c.split('.');
  const maxLen = pSplit.length; // I guess parent has always min # of parts
  for(let i = 0; i < maxLen; ++i) {
    if (pSplit[i] !== cSplit[i]) return true;
  return false;
Ok, let me try,
p = parent / c = child ect
10:45 AM
wow, your function works with my examples!!
that is awesome
Guys, I need help with understanding where exactly to put a question. It's about a grid of points, and a circle which overlaps them. I'm doing experiments in Javascript to build a system for a game, but the question is one of either computer science or math
It looks something like this
@karlihnos does it work with your data sample?
if so, is it ok that I answer yours question?
@KarelG yes, you can put it in the answers
10:47 AM
Hi.... any one can help me?
Q: get celery progress using AJAX in Django

lord.hI am new in web development.I want to upload a file and proccess it in a Celery task and show progress percent using AJAX. I used some samples like this and here is my code: views.py: def importnewdata(request): if request.method == 'POST': form = RawFileAddressForm(request.POST, r...

@lord.h the answer is in the comment
(well I think that should be sufficient)
so have a <button> element, listen to its click event and on click, do call get_task_info
should I remove input in form?
Finally youtube is up and working again, I seriously thought I ruined it with my javascript injector lol
@AlexMitan you forgot to end with yours question :P
10:54 AM
turns out something was wrong with their servers
@KarelG The question is, what is a reliable way to get the minimum and maximum points inside that moving circle
that is a math question
each dot has its coordinates expressed in X and Y
just figure out how to get the area A of the circle based on its center point
then check if P(X,Y) Ļµ A
you can make it more efficient by figuring out the min/max coordinate as well (it is fairly easy if you know maths)
then for each P -> is in min/max -> is in circle
this seems the approach I would take: stackoverflow.com/questions/13667774/…
@AlexMitan ^
Karel is there a way to set the parent document's location to a url
I tried document.parent.location
but it just did the same thing as document.location
Basically, I wanted to make it so, if you were in a codepen pen and it wasnt in full page mode, it would request for you to get sent to the fullpage version
    if (document.location.href != "console.log(document.location);
if (document.location.href != "https://cdpn.io/SkylerSpark/debug/GRRZzOQ/dGkXWKmvnRqA") {
 var confir = confirm('Would you like to view this pen in Fullscreen? (Better Experience)');
 if (confir == true) {
  window.parent.location = "https://codepen.io/SkylerSpark/full/GRRZzOQ";
 }") {
     var confir = confirm('Would you like to view this pen in Fullscreen? (Better Experience)');
     if (confir == true) {
oops ignore the debug link
that wasnt supposed to be the url I was checking for :P
Hmm I just screwed it up
if (document.location.href != "https://cdpn.io/boomboom/v2/index.html?key=iFrameKey-5cdfa9e2-1ec3-b3b4-36ee-12d2052e88d9") {
 var confir = confirm('Would you like to view this pen in Fullscreen? (Better Experience)');
 if (confir == true) {
  window.parent.location = "https://codepen.io/SkylerSpark/full/GRRZzOQ";
there we go
how can I set the parent documents location
11:09 AM
you can't
Ok, was just curious
security :P
But I always believe theres a way, just like I used to believe getting a public ip without serversided languages was impossible
but with webRTC exploits, it is
Im sure theres SOME kind of hacky method out there, but thats for another day I guess
nvm... Ill just use target _Blank
@KarelG Yes, I've already done that, what I'm asking is a mathematical solution to the edge cases. the toy online is here: editor.p5js.org/AlexKM/sketches/74DRt4BMY
on particularly small circles, they can contain anything from 0 to 2 points, or 4 to 7 points
I have a mathematical approximation using the radius and the pointDistance, but it's in between the empirical max and min points
11:30 AM
@KarelG I did it but didn't work... I used this sample : rakibul.net/django-celery-1
how it works with submit input inside a form? what is the point?
12:06 PM
ever come across issue where Angular custom element is cached in Chrome?
I rebuilt the element's file few times but browser fetches cached version
actually let me come back with a better question
I think that you are talking about .... template caching?
chrome has a dev mode for that
and angularjs has a built in feature to bust caching
but it is recommended to use it in dev mode only
yeah it does but I don't wanna have dev tools open during development
hmm ok you mean --output-hashing all for cache busting?
In short I'm fetching these custom element templates as a JS file from a server then rendering
but I always want the latest file..so I append a new query param to the file request i.e, 192.34.56/my-custom-element.js?req=2192384
but chrome still caches the requests even with this query param ^
maybe running off on a tangent there...
12:31 PM
@BrianJ that's the CLI command yes
12:50 PM
hey does anynoe have experince in building chat app with multiple chat windows ?
or if you guide me in that direction ?
if you manage to write a simple chat window, you can just expand it? no?
@KarelG want to build something like fb messenger an i'm stuck on fetching message when user clicks one of the sender name
that should not be a problem if you use the sender's id (or something else to identify him) in yours request
then it is a matter to select messages between you and the sender
anyone versed with lex/yacc here...? Are those tools mainly for generating code in C language...? Not JavaScript?!
i tried that but the problem is the transfer of data between two components as it is creating some problem can yuo guide me to a proper guide or something @KarelG
1:06 PM
I'm using Typescript and am wondering, if I have import { my_namespace_here } from './filename', is there a way I don't have to always preprend the namespace to the classes within that namespace when I use it? Having my_namespace_here.classname everywhere is kinda verbose. I'm used to just importing namespaces and using classes without explicitly typing the namespace.
const { ClassA, ClassB, ClassC } = my_namespace_here;
In the top of the file maybe?
Looks like that doesn't do the trick unfortunately
I meant after the import*
Other than that I am out of ideas because I didn't face that issue yet, sorry ._.
1:21 PM
That's fine, I'll take any ideas I appreciate it
1:33 PM
just import the classes you need ...
1:44 PM
I have a vue application where I have a computed list of items displaying as a table. Each row has a dropdown that affects the visibility of a textbox. But for some reason the textbox isn't becoming visible when it's supposed to. I think I'm supposed to add a :key somewhere, but I'm not sure where it goes in this setup.
2:06 PM
Stuck on why a function is not doing anything when called. Not even an error
Nothing in Console
Any takers?
gib code
Whats gib?
Working example?
@geisterfurz007 same problem as yesterday
I am old; what was yesterday? :D
2:09 PM
Only thing I did yesterday was the modulus operator
Lines have moved slightly but 101 - 103 here are dead
I learned that renderOverlay() has to put a load on the browser at this time due to streaming video
So I dont think Im barking up the right tree right now by chasing that
and I do appreciate you taking a look
Seems to me that line 103 should work w/o 101 or 102
Ive just been grasping for straws
by adding 101 & 102
I am very confused...
Oh, the script you mean is in the html
I havent a clue where you got that from
No, In the script...
Im novice and may not be refering to the script src that Im editing correctly
Im talking about
I was looking from the debugger in the firefox devtools. It's something with renderOverlay and videoTags.play, right?
In that case I think I found it.
What would I have to do to reproduce your problem?
2:15 PM
Hold up
Here is my problem
By arriving at the page, when you click "Take Photo" everything works up to that point
Next you're presented with 2 options
Accept Photo / Retake Photo
Accept Photo is the problem
var proofImgAcceptBtn = document.getElementById("acceptPhotoLink");
proofImgAcceptBtn.addEventListener('click', function (e) {
bikeOutlines[i] = "<img src=" + nextItem() + ">";

alert("Photo Accepted");
Spossed to be 101 - 103
I got the alert that the photo was accepted
Or how I see it in Notepad++
Me 2
2:19 PM
but renderOverlay
also: There are 1.5k logs of renderOverlay in the console
slow typer
and counting :D
Yea you showed that to me yesterday
I investigated
has to be due to streaming video
I am very sure that that was not me who showed that to you (:
2:20 PM
the Darndest thing is that 101 - 103 are dead
and adding renderOverlay();
videoTags.play(); is grasping for straws since Im perplexed why main() does nothing
No. There is just an endless loop in renderOverlay
THAT's the main problem
the renderOverlay loop is due to
Gotta be
to show the video
or it is because you call renderOverlay which then calls itself again with requestAnimationFrame
and is 1000x better than setTimeout as Ive learned
I Dunno
I just know it alerts but main() is dead
Yet main() runs fine on 1st page load
as evidenced
Unfortunately I won't be able to help out here because I gotta leave to catch my train. Also: disregard my call for the endless loop; I forgot that the alert is properly called.
2:25 PM
No Problem
Safe Travels
BTW, You may take a train for granted
I havent ridden one in atleast 40 years
so No, Not everyone has to ride the "damn train"
@Neil has to be due to video
It's a gif I think
Im talking about the loop on my site
I thought u were fun poking it w gif
yes and no, just posting a funny gif mostly
2:35 PM
Its all good
Any ideas on my situation? (Although I did just realize main() is being called
Infact I think everything may be working just fine except I need to ditch the preview that appears after taking still photo
b/c its covering the next overlay / readiness
Im not quite Ninja level but getting there
hmm, have you tried verifying that everything is run exactly as you'd expect?
I realized that that could come off as condescending, but I didn't intend for it to be I promise :P
I find I have to prove to myself that everything works as expected
NOT Condescending at all
I have tried that for the most part, Infact allow me a sec to uncomment something to share with u
At the bottom you'll see a black BG with bike outlines (Better pics to come ofcourse)
With Next and Previous links
below that
Everything seems to work individually as you'll see, Im just having trouble tying it all together
I'm getting an uncaught DOMException
not saying that's the cause, but it might be worth looking into
happens at the end of main()
could just be a permission error though
2:46 PM
How can I replicate to see this DOM Exception?
On 1st call or Accept Photo?
I'm using latest version of chrome
just block from using camera
Hmm lost
You mean as soon as you view the page?
w/o clicking Accept Photo?
Honestly not sure. I saw there was an error after I had clicked on the accept button
could have been sooner or only upon clicking on accept button
2:48 PM
so after taking pic and clicking accept button (where nothing seems to happen)
yeah, at least in chrome I get a DOMException
Ill be investigating, thanks for the clue
I gotta run, sorry. Good luck. If you're around tomorrow, let me know what the cause was if you find it
Will I be able to see this in Console?
yeah, you should be able to
2:49 PM
NP, Take care
3:38 PM
Yeah, nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition to off him like that
3:54 PM
We recommend leveraging shared caches over client caches.
why would somobody recommend that?
4:06 PM
Who's Dumbledore?
4:29 PM
how can I make conditional requests?
are they automatic when etag header is sent by the server?
4:45 PM
@Stuart Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
2 hours later…
6:46 PM
@icecub Gotcha
2 hours later…
8:54 PM
just curious if anyone knows how I can do this:
I use Dat.GUI for my API
and i exported dat.gui.min.js and my cetgui.min.js together using closure compiler
and they work perfectly if you paste the script into a site
but if i convert it to a bookmarklet, it doesnt work unless I run the bookmarklet before the page finishes loading
so im curious... is there a way to make it run immediately.
9:42 PM
Anyone else have an issue with node thinking somethings running on a port when its not? Keep on getting errors about how something is already running on XXXX port.
No, that sounds like you probably have something running on that port lol
9:54 PM
I lsof it and theres nothing :(
Q: Is it secure to use a hash of a login token as an anti-csrf token?

JBisAlright here is my proposal: Use a hash of a login token as the anti-CSRF token. Why this is a good idea? Prevents having to store anything extra on the client, the server, and less network traffic as we don't need to transfer an additional cookie on every request All the benefits of cookie b...

10:09 PM
Just wanna get some public opinions, do you guys think this profile design works well? is it too much? or too little? codepen.io/SkylerSpark
I tried adding some blur > smooth transitions on links, custom text and colors, etc
I don't love the blur on the links
and animation too slow
also (this is a bit picky) the spacing shifts when a tab is selected due to the bolding
animations should be felt, not seen
hmm, I could speed that to 300 ms?
I guess one second is a bit much
hmm ok, ill mess around with it a little
as for the bold, ill have to remove that, i didnt see that spacing change. UwU
keep the bold just change how the spacing works so its consistent
Im not really sure how to do that
10:14 PM
if the container is larger than the bold difference then it wont be an issue
also, just wondering, is there a way to make a lighter blur than 1px
1px even seems a bit impounding
idk decimals?
I tried 0.5 but it unfortunately doesnt seem to render
just ignores blur altogether
I guess I could try 0.5%
Nope, nothin
eh, Ill just remove it :P
Ok, now how is it, i changed a few things around. Do ya think the blue is a bit much?
I personally don't care but you could make the nav ul and li
Sadly i only have access to CSS
its a nice little feature codepen added to customize our profiles
funnily enough, they even allow us to use background: url(); even though you need "Pro" to customize the background
10:55 PM
Has anyone here ever used typescript and rxjs together?
No. What's your question
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