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12:16 AM
posted on June 22, 2022 by Android Developers

Hello, As Apps Partnerships lead for Google Play, I have the amazing opportunity of meeting with many companies who share great ideas and feedback on how we can support you creating and growing successful businesses. In this latest edition of Notes from Google Play, I want to share some of your work that has inspired us, alongside what is top of mind for me and our team. What sums it up

15 hours later…
3:15 PM
@JBis thank you, thank you
3:26 PM
how long you going to be in hospital for?
4:16 PM
until he dies
4:32 PM
o/ morning
How's Twitch?
4:58 PM
Pretty good!
Had to navigate through the like three remaining java files so far, classic, but otherwise I'm enjoying it
are you fully remote?
posted on June 23, 2022 by Android Developers

Posted by Sachiyo Sugimoto, Android Partner Engineering A strength of Android is its diverse ecosystem of devices, brought to market by more than 24K distinct devices, and used by billions of people around the world. Since the early releases of Android, we’ve invested in our Android Compatibility Program as a way to ensure that devices continue to provide a stable, consistent env

1 hour later…
6:30 PM
@CarlAnderson Yes, but I'm actually thinking about going into NYC office like once a month or something to change up the scenery haha
So I don't understand this, but when I set up an Intent with ACTION_PICK and type "image/*" it doesn't find an activity to launch on my OnePlus 8
I basically have to do ACTION_GET_CONTENT for it to work
7:12 PM
Are you sure your oneplus isn't samsung in disguise
8:02 PM
@ballBreaker wish you a speedy recovery

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