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7:04 AM
@IvanMilisavljevic Which format should it be? I can't seem to find any .jks files.
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9:08 AM
Synced starred message data. Took 106464 ms.
9:31 AM
@IvanMilisavljevic I tried .pepk files, still getting 'Invalid keystore format' error.
Not sure whether it's because android update.
10:07 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Hmm. Actually, nothing interesting was said on this day last year.
10:18 AM
@TelKitty android studio will generate jks files
yeah thats incorrect key format
try this
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12:39 PM
LE SANG requested access. Rep: 10358 - Questions: 56 - Answers: 94 (ratio 4:6.7)
12:49 PM
@LESANG welcome. Please start by reading the rules and confirm you have read them before saying anything else.
1:02 PM
I have read and understood the rules
1:17 PM
who else uses notepad++
1:32 PM
people stuck in 2005
and what do up to date people use?
not for coding lol why would one code in notepad
then what do you use notepad++ for?
I prefer notepad#
1:37 PM
i use it to bulk replace, doing quick regex and for notes, it keeps em safe if you forget to save and can find replace anything from all files and subdir files in single go
0/10 joke tim
like if you wanna change a project name or something, you do bulk replace and bingo
@asim depends on usecase but i'd prob use jetbrains
i'm kinda a jetbrains junkie
I use sublimetext for arbitrary notes and code snippets
maybe i never learned how to use it but i found sublime lacked a lot of simple features
2:07 PM
sup G-fork
not much
Still fighting with the same issue I've been stuck on for a week
Give up
I won't be beaten!
Plus, there has got to be a solution I'm just not seeing here - it's literally "Can't build with this google library" at this stage :P
I even did one of these things like a big boy
Just find a new career
I hear virology is a hot topic this year
Nature is never going to tell you that you can't assemble some proteins because of a Google library
2:16 PM
I mean... doubt
2:33 PM
What Mauks said
You act like nature doesn't have a google dependency
@RaghavSood ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
2:48 PM
@Graeme It actually does if you think about it
3:25 PM
Heeeeey ya
@Mehdi you like this one? youtube.com/watch?v=soRjcajliHE
3:40 PM
raghav Xd
@Tim thanks! I didn't know it, but I'm 5min in and liking it so far
same just found it recently
to be fair I like all of her music, just turn on auto play and never have to skip anything
ayoo :D
How you guys doin
I just found out today that my work from home has been extended until July 1st, 2021 lmao
Imagine not wanting to spend time with bB to the extent that you cancel office for an entire company
3:57 PM
all of his colleagues have "home office" backgrounds on google meet, while actually they are all in the office having fun
you're phrasing this like it's a bad thing, but I would love that
Yeah, someone in middle management probably realized its just easier to cancel bB
hahahaha yeah
I have definitely lived long enough to see myself become squidward
4:00 PM
git off ma lawn
You guys are getting lawns?
I am getting actually, I'm moving (in 2022)
@Tim hahaha
I can't even plan far enough for tomorow's breakfast
they are gonna build some new houses, it just takes that long
4:06 PM
@Tim that is a long wait
@RaghavSood install more CPUs
@RaghavSood if you eat the same thing everyday you never have to plan breakfast again
he probably already does that
sup roasted crabs
4:21 PM
I solved that by never having breakfast
but.. but.. breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Same, I just have coffee for breakfast
4:40 PM
with 3 soup spoons of white sugar?
That's bad for your health
how did apple make 1 trillion dollars through the pandemic
what the fuck is happening
4:56 PM
they worked hard, ok?
@ballBreaker 6 people preordered the iphone 12, that about adds up to a trillion dollars
sometimes i wonder what super rich people gonna do with all that money
@asim horde it and pass it down to their kids for generations to come
their kids will be the biggest drug addicts of all time, and their kids' kids' will be even bigger drug addicts, etc etc
then a couple of generations down the line decides there's money to be made in addiction and a new Purdue Pharma is born
5:00 PM
haha, what is happening nowadays, i don't think there gonna be a next generation
the babies today are probably there to witness the upcoming horrors
@asim why not? Are you hiding something?
@Tim probably yes, you can say i know stuff i shouldn't
in short words, winter is coming
it is dark and full of horrors
do you think the earth is round or flat? Just a quick sanity check
5:04 PM
looking for that bookmarked transcript where we proved it to be flat
I did not expect that XD
looks pretty flat to me xD jk
only sheep will say it's round

Australia: a mystery unraveled

Aug 1 '18 at 20:25, 59 minutes total – 125 messages, 7 users, 19 stars

Bookmarked Aug 1 '18 at 21:37 by Tim

5:04 PM
fuckk was that 2 years ago
818 days
raghav was still 16 at the time
hey don't listen to tim mehdi
stranger things is decent
read the whole transcript bb
our lives as we knew them were over after that day
5:09 PM
oh ive definitely read this before at least twice

MwBakker climbs a mountain

Jun 6 '19 at 11:50, 35 minutes total – 61 messages, 8 users, 15 stars

Bookmarked Jul 9 at 20:08 by Dave S

Remember when MwB was stabbed and replaced by a homeless guy?
Jun 6 '19 at 12:16, by Murat Karagöz
So you just walked off when he licked you?
yeah raghav, good times
did he graduate yet?
5:15 PM
MwB is the new Ahmad, perpetually stuck in some kind of intern/trainee program
I was talking to him on the weekend, he still has 1 exam left
said he's loving being a garbage man too much to study lmfao
so what raghav said checks out XD
@ballBreaker is there more to that job than meets the eye?
posted on October 26, 2020 by Android Developers

Posted by Lily Sheringham, Global Marketing, Platforms & Ecosystems We are launching the second series of the Apps, Games, & Insights podcast. Over the summer, we teamed up with a new group of leading industry insiders and experts to bring you 8 new podcast episodes over the next couple of months. We are bringing you their exceptional business stories, experiences and disc

5:18 PM
honestly man, I have no idea lmao I'm not sure why he's in love with it
brb lunchhh
6:18 PM
@ballBreaker how long is your lunch break supposed to be?
@Mehdi lack of responsibility and stress seem to me like great job aspects
Just be a PHP developer then
6:24 PM
true + constant physical exercise
@DaveS hahaha
1. stand on pedestal 2. throw bag in truck 3. hang on with both hands when truck make turn
gotta respect the simplicity
then I guess the drawback of that job is winter, so I assume we'll see mwb starting from Dec
Trash probably stinks less in the winter though
@Mehdi 45 mins haha
I went and got groceries
I rarely even take a lunch break anymore
good point, Dave - so I guess the ideal period for that job is spring and autumn
6:30 PM
or never in AZ
actually they all drive inside the truck with a big mechanical arm here
so probably not that bad unless you work in the processing center
idk man I just assumed all of the US smelled like trash
feel like they'd be used to it
takes a big whiff of great canyon trash
no it only smells like trash in the canadian tourist areas
@DaveS just give the rest of the world a bit of time before it compares to AZ, we need a bit more pollution
We gotta keep up appearances
gotta match the inside to the outside
6:35 PM
@Mehdi just get an electric hummer powered by clean coal and you'll have plenty of pollution
finally having summer all year doesn't seem so unachievable
6:47 PM
I remember my first hummer
it wasn't electric tho
The conversion rate of Watts to Freedom is affected by the percentage of carbon emissions from the generation of watts
if it's entirely renewable, you get 0% freedom conversion
you forgot the freedom tax dave
25% freedom tax
@ballBreaker did you read the news about 50 cent?
6:56 PM
you only pay the freedom tax if you're below the poverty line CF
I feel like you mean the rapper, but you said "cents" so I have to assume you mean half of a dollar
we make you pay more for having no money because your deadbeat ass is a drain on our system
is this the thing jbis put in here last week that I thought was a joke
but might not be a joke
the "I don't want to be 20 cents" or whatever lol
xD yes
@DaveS yikes
6:59 PM
haha nice
all I know from US politics in the past 3 weeks is that picture
and I feel like it sums it up good enough that I'm good not knowing anything else
which picture?
is this real? XD
dude, I have no idea lmao
7:11 PM
it is... I just checked nypost.com/2020/10/20/…
I feel like the quote is real, but I have no idea if its a real cover page
> Rapper 50 Cent on Tuesday confirmed that heโ€™s backing President Trump for re-election, saying he could become โ€œ20 Centโ€ under Democrat Joe Bidenโ€™s plan for higher taxes.
Imagine caring what celebrities thought about politics loooool
do people really care?
7:12 PM
people are threatening cancelling celebrities over it and shit
we elected a celebrity as our president
yeah hahahahaha
I feel like many celebrities feel that their garbage opinions are worth sharing with the rest of the peasants
never understood that arrogance
it's not even arrogance
7:14 PM
imagine Kim kardashian telling you what and how to think XD
I mean, some of it is, and definitely a healthy dose of entitlement, but the sad reality is that there are thousands of retards out there begging these people for their opinions
you're good at singing, surely you're good at everything else
and you, you're good at medicine, but don't ask us to wear masks for our own protection XDDD
hahaha exactly
bunch of god damn smooth-brain mouth-breathing idiots
7:22 PM
nm dude, u?
life kinda sucks rn :(
but soon it'll get better
lots of stress due to school and applications (and the election)
sorry to hear man
dw the election craziness will be done in a year
and then it'll start again 6 months after that
In other news COD zombies is exclusive to PS4
which is really dumb, and im on ps4
7:32 PM
maybe you should make your own zombies
if they want to do that, it should be exclusive for like a month max
@DaveS @ballBreaker you're learning game dev, can you do it?
@JBis damn kids taking stress due to election wow
what dave is doing game development now?
haha nah
zombie games are overdone
I've also never played cod zombies so I couldn't care any less
cod zombies is fun tho imo
i used to play for hoooours with friends
but yeah, it's dumb theyre doing part of a game as a ps4 exclusive
but sounds like normal activision nonsense to me
don't buy COD and maybe they'll learn
7:36 PM
what games do you play?
prob some anime shit
currently playing Dying Light, Among Us, Fall Guys, and this skyrim mod called Enderal
that's an entire "standalone" game built in the skyrim engine, which is fucking amazing
I play Warzone here and there as well
@ballBreaker ok, you've regained my respect
Savage XD
Activision doesn't deserve my money though so I'll never spend money on COD haha
i made a game when i was 10. Using one of those scratch-like block programming things.
it was a zombie game
tbh Plants vs Zombies is such an underrated game
7:42 PM
you think it's underrated?
theres a bunch of 2006-09' era games that were really good
there's been like 5 sequels
Chicken invaders was fucking great
@JBis were you even born yet?
such a predictable joke
7:45 PM
you were zero out of ten years old?
did you make yourself laugh?
I internally chuckled a bit
i cant remeber the name of a game now
damn this is gonna annoy me until i figure it out
anyone remember Earthworm Jim?
Yep. Another great one!
Ah Fate! thats the name
that was a really good but difficult game
1 hour later…
8:58 PM
never played that one

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