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5:00 PM
@RaymondArteaga me
I'm actually a crab disguised as a lobster
Time to go~~
Cya later/tomorrow people!!!!! :D
cya Womp
I thought you were a shrimp
@RaymondArteaga This is why we already had 2 world wars
5:01 PM
I'm a gangsta lobsta
I am off too, bye everyoone
Shadow - I'm not sure what to feel about that picture
@Graeme Hey, I'm just showing how reality is without make up
you have to be careful with what you dib on
Ain't that the truth
@TaseerAhmad is there any 'light mode' to life? :(
5:14 PM
That'd be nice wouldn't it
I just spontaneously bought 6 tins of snuff from the UK
@ballBreaker snuff?
Is that streettalk for cocaine?
@ballBreaker We have the exact same taste in books
Well, actually, Mistborn is the worst of his books IMO, but that's just me
Robin Hobb is the best writer
Snuff is a smokeless tobacco made from ground or pulverised tobacco leaves. It is inhaled or "snuffed" into the nasal cavity, delivering a swift hit of nicotine and a lasting flavoured scent (especially if flavouring has been blended with the tobacco). Traditionally, it is sniffed or inhaled lightly after a pinch of snuff is either placed onto the back surface of the hand, held pinched between thumb and index finger, or held by a specially made "snuffing" device. It originated in the Americas and was in common use in Europe by the 17th century. Traditional snuff production consists of a lengthy...
@MwBakker it's sniffing tobacco
5:19 PM
Buying it from the UK doesn't make a whole lot of sense
@Graeme Yeah it's pretty good, I like his newer series a lot more
but I still enjoyed the mistborn
Yuh huh
@Graeme Everything I read seems to indicate not to buy it from stores in Canada
Best bit about mistborn was the reveal at the end
Apparently it's really rare that stores carry it, and when they do it's usually been sitting around for ages so the quality is shite
5:20 PM
Well it isn't grown or manufactured in the UK, it'll be imported there so...
So everyone just gets it shipped
anybody have worked with gpx files?
Also Hi Carl
5:21 PM
Also glad to meet a fellow fantasy fanatic!
I am constantly struggling to find new series' to read
Me too
I'm not reading now for that very reason
I picked up a few random Guy Gavriel Kay stand-alone books to hold me off
all of his books are generally good
Have you checked out Sebastien De Castell?
Yeah, does he do the thorn ones?
or the soulbinder
or w/e
I feel like I've read him really recently
5:23 PM
Okay yeah, I just recently caught up on that series
A few weeks ago actualyl
Have you tried more modern fantasy - Like Charles Stross or Jim Butcher?
I wish Abercrombie would continue the first law trilogy...it was just SO GOOD
I have not! Not that I know of, anything worth reading?
I was so-so on the first law - that's the one where the first book has a big torture arc?
Yes, try the first book of the Laundry files
5:24 PM
I loved the characters in that series
And the first book of the Dresden files
Huge series - very easy reading. Didn't think I'd be into modern fantasy given I'm a high fantasy nut - but damn they're good books.
added to my list!
any tips to improve it will be very helpfull
5:25 PM
hi Bear
Yeah I'm not very much into modern fantasy but sometimes it can be real good, right now I'm just about to start "Kraken" by China Meveille
Which will be the first modern fantasy I've read in a LONG time
And depending how trashy you are
Mercedes Lackey
and Maria V Snyder
Not exxactly sure what you mean by trashy
I absolutely love dark fantasy though
hence why I liked the first law trilogy so much
Which are my guilty pleasures since they're a little more teenage girl
I like fluffy shiny hero fantasy
There's something about a main character that was brutally tortured, that now tortures people... just love that stuff
5:27 PM
Oh - Check out Brent Weeks - you'll like those
ohhh okay
They're a little shiny and a little dark
Yeah, I dont jive well with torture, gives me PTSD :D
which Brent Weeks series? I see two he's done
night angel and lightbringer
Light bringer is very good
Night angel is okay
Light bringer it is!
5:29 PM
I have returned
With coffee
Like, both worth it, but Light Bringer is special - It's a little like Warbreaker by Sanderson - deals with Magic Via colour
Which I think is an awesome mechanic
Okay - meeting.
Oh yeah, I loved that book
Ciao amigo
Is he mad because of racism
or because the person is right
This is the real question
5:40 PM
@RaymondArteaga downloaded (y)
Any tips will be appreciated :)
is it okay that you shared it here though?
I think so
Is a mod here somewhere?
cool! I'm gonna ask a colleague tomorrow morning how do we refer people, and will do it as soon as I get an answer
5:52 PM
@RaymondArteaga I don't think so.
@MehdiB. It's already unshared :P If you want it again just tell me
@ballBreaker based on the other comments he's made after it went viral, I don't think he's viewing it as racist. Also, journalists do not tend to be African American so the original author is unlikely trying to make this a racist comment.
6:10 PM
is there a way to setup an interface in activity and implement it in a fragment?
hello guys
do you know some books about start-ups small business?
@TaseerAhmad of course. It's a common pattern.
I want to find out more about what these things are, how to deal with them, what you need, etc
I am trying to setup an interface from activity but it says it cant cast. any quick solution to it?
@grrigore there are these lessons by the Y-Combinator startupschool.org/library, they're very interesting and easy to follow
6:20 PM
Thank you
Is there a pdf or something for kindle of that?
Wait there should be more, i'll get home and see if i can find the whole serie
That looks great :)
@MehdiB. Thank you
The thing is I want to make an idea about what starting a business is about...
Thank you seems like a good series
@CarlAnderson That's what I thought
Good, good.
I like when people aren't insane
6:33 PM
are "for dummies" books worth reading?
As I said I just want to get the big picture
some of them can be good and useful. There are over 2,500 "for dummies" books and I have only glanced through a few of them. Also depending on how much you know about a subject, it could be good, or useless. It's impossible to say because your question is too broad.
I think I'll give them a try as I know as much things as Jon Snow
6:57 PM
Reading is for noobs
Strongly recommended
Helps you become better
What do you mean?
You will realize when you are wise
At least, that's what they tell me
Gotta read some more before I get there myself
I mean you do recommend reading or not?
I do
I wish I had more time to read
Something confused me
Yep, me too
7:07 PM
I used to read a lot, before The Upgrade
Someone said: if you know how to read but you don't read it's the same as a person who doesn't know how to read
something like that
I'm hoping I can find more time to read this year
Too much to do, not enough time for noe
Stop doing stuff and read
It's pretty easy
You'd think so, but prioritizing work/uni stuff has tangible benefits
I wouldn't know
My work stays at work, and you couldn't pay me to go back to uni
7:15 PM
I work multiple projects, and I pay to go to uni, so can't let that crash and burn
Gotta keep up with everything
Fair enough d00d
Maybe you could read short stories
I like Jose Luis Borges
He's got short stories but good ones
I'd like to learn more, fiction doesn't always accomplish that
I still do read - It just tends to be related to what I need to know
Currently working through a couple of math books
Yep, me too
But it is slow going
7:17 PM
That's what she said?
Might shift to some economics this week, just for a change of pace
Best comeback xD
Also because I need to figure that stuff out before all my money vanishes
I do like fiction books
I like them to, but I'd like them more if I could justify the time
7:18 PM
That's true
But if you enjoy that I think this reason could be enough sometimes
you sound like one of those people that are going to be successful and shit
Have you ever believed in me @ballBreaker ??
I believe in you
You will do great things
7:21 PM
Dunno, growing up, I always figured I'd move to the Bay Area, work at a FAANG-level company, make a few $$$, and have fun
Thank you xD
Then I actually moved to the US, spent a bunch of time in the Bay Area, tried out the big and small companies, and didn't really work for me
I don't really enjoy working as a programmer :(
Sometimes it's ok, but I don't really like it
no idea what faang is
Ah, nevermind
Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix(?) Google
7:22 PM
Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc
Yeah, screw that
I'd rather have my eyes gouged out
I mean, I'm not against working for them
But there's a very specific subset of the teams I'd be willing to join
I like building stuff
Well, the life it's worth living so we should do what we enjoy doing
I feel like I would hate 99% of people who work at those companies
Working on something like GMail or Search doesn't really motivate me. Working on building new things, that's where I'd be happy
7:23 PM
Especially after that whole controversial thing where the Google guy got fired for expressing his opinions on women in the coding industry
@RaghavSood I feel that
I feel like there would be too many steps to development in a place like that
This new whiteboard feature for Microsoft Teams is REALLY clever. It works by letting remote workers see the whiteboard in a meeting room, even if someone steps in front of it. It will even create a digital version of the physical whiteboard too https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/19/18272357/microsoft-teams-video-background-customization-whiteboard-live-events-features https://t.co/ghkm4COncn
this is wild
Just let me slap some security flawed application together without doing any unit testing please
you mean all of our apps
I'm not against taking time to develop something properly and securely (sort of a requirement with my current workset), but I'd rather that whatever I build is actually useful
@AdamMc331 exactly
7:36 PM
@AdamMc331 coool
7:56 PM
@RaghavSood same... my ideal job would be building stuff for a company I own
so I get to have triple the motivation, something I believe in, the stack I get to choose or at least participate in choosing, and the $$$$$
but even that is not easy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ being an adult sucks
8:12 PM
yeah if you own the company I guarantee you won't be building stuff
I mean, unless it's a start up
in which case $$$$$$ is also not something you would have
working at a mid-sized startup is ideal IMO
with 50 employees all disciplines included :D
@ballBreaker until you get funding (IF you get it)
8:32 PM
@iamdevloper And yet, I am thinking about business of making terminal ads. Imagine, when you're installing npm packages, ads will show up insteading of useless *NPM WARN*s. LoL.
😂😂😂 this guy wins XD
@iamdevloper 2017: -what're you doing with that 10GB of RAM? -running Chrome
@iamdevloper Thank god we have been helping people download RAM for over 10 years.
8:52 PM
@MehdiB. I will probably transition to running my own at some point, but for now I'm pretty happy working under people I trust to handle the startup stuff, and let me focus on learning and building stuff
9:08 PM
I'm starting to feel impatient :D
maybe I'm just getting old :D
laughs in not-even-22
The current arrangement works well for me, at least for this year
Super flexible hours, more or less full authority on my projects, reasonable pay, equity
Allows me to balance uni easily
One uni is over, perhaps I'll be more open to starting my own thing
protip, start your own thing before graduating, easier to have classmates join your venture early on than hiring externals
and easier to work without pressure of paying the rent :D
I know exactly 0 of my classmates, so I'm not sure if that will help :D
People in NZ don't seem to be big on attending class
Last year, I figured there were maybe 100 people in my Internet course, since about 20-30 would show up to lectures
During the exam, I found out there were 350
Quite impressive really
Somewhat curious about how many passed
you could meet the cool kids interested in programming in hackatons and IT clubs activities, no?
In the US? Sure
In NZ, not so much
We don't have enough people here to really go the event and hackathon route
9:18 PM
if these stuff are very frequent in Morocco, I can't imagine not finding them in NZ :D
I've tried the local tech focused meet ups, but they're mostly ancient people
NZ only has two unis with a proper CS course
Almost everyone goes abroad after finishing in this field
Local market isn't huge
aaah, where do they go? australia?
Plus, like half the country is in Auckland
Australia is the most common, since it's a free border if you have an NZ passport - you can work there without requiring a visa or PR
But people move to anywhere they can, it's not hard on an NZ passport
believe me, you'll manage to find 3 students interested in doing what you do
you won't probably find them in your apartment hallway, but you'll find them outside :D
I already know plenty of people if I need employees in this space
For now, more focused on learning enough to be in a position to have something to build
9:22 PM
that's also a good approach
But in general, I'd be pretty happy buying a reasonable house somewhere in NZ a short drive out from one of the larger cities and just working remotely
Don't need much money, really, once you have the house settled
And how much could a house possibly cost, like 250k?
That'd get me a reasonably sized farm area
Seems good enough
100k or so for the land, 150k to dig out the underground lair
15 mins ago, by Raghav Sood
laughs in not-even-22
pretty sure you're a 45y old dude in a 22y old body :D
Well, to be fair, if I discover at 30 that I hate it and I'd much rather be living in NYC, I'm probably out <1m for the next 8 years, house and all included
Which, all things considered, isn't all that bad
I'm willing to work with that
I already make more than I can spend, so my current plan is to just set aside a chunk for my parents, and get the basics like a house and cat and secret rooms in the house out of the way
Once that's done, I have a safety net that's strong enough to ensure I'm not homeless or broke
"secret rooms" 😂😂😂
What's the point of owning a house if you don't have a secret room or two?
9:30 PM
I don't know... owning a normal house? XD
well, they're no longer secret if 5 construction workers know about it, wait... Ramesses II had no values, so he buried them after finishing the construction of his pyramides
Is a secret room really good enough without a few skeletons?
Looks like I can get 11 acres for about 250k NZD
That's only 171k USD
Could have a whole secret underground compound in that much space
you use "acres" instead of hectares?
Yeah, for some reason, India uses the metric system, but a lot of property stuff uses acres
No idea why
NZ seems to use hectares
and the rest of the world, besides our fahrenheit friends :D
Ah well
My point is, I need a evil base of operations
It's either NZ or an old castle somewhere in europe
9:39 PM
why not both? :D
I'm not made of money here
We will revisit plans for evil base of operations failover after the first one is up
I claim the big room on the corner with 5 windows on each front
No promises on doors, tho
Or windows without bars
9:46 PM
10:26 PM
Alright, a Java question for you guys
I want my custom seekbar to redefine (override) the setProgressDrawable method so as to add a "by default" .setStroke() in it before calling the superclass's method (the setProgressDrawable of AppCompatSeekBar)
alright, screw that, I just create setPGwhich calls setProgressDrawable
not even sure what I wanted to do was possible
10:42 PM
Make all your views from scratch
well, actually I could simply call super.setProgressDrawable :D
oh hi she-male froggy !
10:57 PM
11:10 PM
because someone said you were a female, and then you denied
By the way, I ended up creating a question. I haven't been able to work out the layer-list thing. :(
11:34 PM
omg, I found a solution!!!
11:48 PM
A: CustomSeekBar with fading alpha color gradient, black thin border, and tiled background

payneI've found a solution, but it's not optimal and I'd rather see something else: InsetDrawable bgImg = new InsetDrawable(context.getDrawable(R.drawable.checker), 42); aSeekBar.setBackground(bgImg); I dislike the fact that I had to insert a constant that seems somewhat arbitrary and conte...

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