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12:14 AM
@DaveS lol
if flutter takes off il lose like 10 years of my life :D
now, tbh I'm seeing a lot of new openings for flutter, feels like its gaining in popularity
which is something that flutter desperately needs - ecosystem
12:42 AM
Thank you master Tim!
2 hours later…
2:20 AM
@asim yes
@asim sure
don't be a pessimist like Tim
1 hour later…
3:47 AM
anyone here
i am drunk
lol goodbye
3 hours later…
6:54 AM
7:09 AM
Good morning everyone
Meaning of \0?
@WhoSaveMeSaveEntireWorld lol you love typing semicolons
@WhoSaveMeSaveEntireWorld, which resource are you using
7:25 AM
@Mab To what topic are you refer?
You said you've reached dependency injection or sth
Lol @Tim no longer charge for validation of info
@Mab I haven't reached the topic of DI in Android yet. But I know DI in asp.net core.
OK understood, thought you're using a book or an online course
Udemy videos and some books.
OK that's good
Anyone help with the Google Console account stuff, all I have is a student ID card, will that do?
7:35 AM
I don't know. I have no experience of using Google Console.
@Mab Have you published your Android apps to PlayStore?
Good Afternoon All
Can anyone please help me with this issue
No @WhoSaveMeSaveEntireWorld. It seems I need to pay for play console first, and that requires $25 payment
But it's nonrefundable and requires a valid means of identification, I only have a student id card
International Passport?? lol. Not at all. Nothing even close to such
@Mab I don't think your student id will work
7:45 AM
credit card should work.
Do you have your driving license?
No driven licence, no passport. The national id card is temporary. The permanent version has not been released
Use your parent ID.
I've not been able to make international payments with my credit card, seems all banks here blocked it by default
Yea that should work @WhoSaveMeSaveEntireWorld
I wasn't thinking in that direction
In your country, the credit card cannot be used for international transaction?
MasterCard, VISA should work.
@MashukKhan: Have you eaten Pani Puri today?
7:51 AM
Lol why?;)
It looks delicious I have not eaten it yet.
I have three credit cards ( Two are master cards the other is Verve) none work for my PayPal account, same also when I was setting up my coffee page
@Mab Have you consulted the bank staffs about the problem?
Seems it's general here, but I'll have to visit the banks in Person now anyway
@WhoSaveMeSaveEntireWorld Then try it out.. It is delicious
7:58 AM
I got discouraged when I saw this I can't link my Nigerian debit card
Are you sure you can link your DEBIT card to paypal? Should it be CREDIT card?
We only have Debit cards here AFAIK, but all international payment option I've tried (including Google Play Store) rejected the cards, saying the banks declined it or something
There must be a activation step to be performed before using your credit card.
I'll reach out to the customer care support but I feel it isn't really a valid means of identity
For international transaction, I sometimes need to contact the bank staff by phone right before I do the transaction. It is a security feature enabled by default (in my case).
Or you should have a token generator (a small device with a keypad) provided by the bank that issues your credit card. Whenever you do transaction, you need to generate a token and enter the token for authentication.
8:10 AM
When doing local transactions, there are tokens or OTP (sent via SMS). But for online transactions, they just Decline the Transaction
Call the authorization staff by phone, your international transactions seem to be blocked by default.
OK sure, I'll do just that. Thanks alot!
2 hours later…
10:04 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Jul 29 '20 at 18:14, by Dave S
and had time to give people shit
10:40 AM
what's up ivan?
I need to improve my mobile app architecture skills
I got kind of a complex app
where reusable components are becoming a pain in the ass
I mean there are some common parts but there are also distinct parts
life's hard
10:56 AM
not much, 2 more days until vacation
@grrigore abstraction and implementation
we follow a simple rule, we always rely on abstraction and use a concrete implementation
3rd party stuff is always wrapped in our own abstraction as well
for a simple example check this out
@IvanMilisavljevic where would you go?
also one really important thing, use design patterns where appropriate
providing factories/facades adapters etc really helps
gotta read that again
but I think the problem lays in the bigger picture atm
yeah thats usually a problem
check this out
as an example I have 2 types of users
11:01 AM
this is by far the best resoruce for deisng and arch patterns
one can do basic stuff other can do that and/or more
how should I approach this?
@grrigore see Strategy or State design patterns
imagine a login screen that for type 1 I have to run X and for type 2 I have to run X and Y or just Y
@IvanMilisavljevic got that book
imma start reading it
I'll check em out
I feel that there are not enough resources with examples on mobile architecture
@grrigore there lies your problem ;) mobile arch should be no different from the other platforms
well yes
11:04 AM
and in general there should be no different patterns for different platforms
but I only have 3 yrs of experience
and only on mobile side
I agree
also, there is a huge problem with android engs. We usually learn things from google samples
I'll read that guru book
which usually have very very bad approaches when it comes to arch
do you know any github repo regarding this
5 mins ago, by grrigore
imagine a login screen that for type 1 I have to run X and for type 2 I have to run X and Y or just Y
or an app with open source code
11:10 AM
ah not really
life's hard when you're the team
btw I've got this book you recommended bookdepository.com/…
11:28 AM
anyway thanks ivan :)
im reading growing object oriented software guided by tests like 3rd time
but gonna start with refactoring guru
and like every time before I'm struggling to finish it
life's hard
it's like TDD?
that fact that you can write wrong tests make me think I should write no tests :D
but in the long term it's better
but only if the tests are good
and as you've probably said before you gotta understand how to write code that's testable
yeah, having bad tests is worse than having no tests at all
11:39 AM
hope compose will make testing easier
UI is only 1 part of it, and arguably the least important
yeah and by using that square workflow we are able to write functional test in unit-test style
don't hurt my feelings tim :(
we are testing ui state not whats actually visible on screen
oh I see
makes sense
11:41 AM
i guess same could be applied to compose as well
but compose probably provides native api for testing
testing ui state seems like a better approach
I do test what is on the screen
you basically test if a method is being called? like loading() instead of actually testing if the loader is shown?
you do tests tim? :O
the T in my name stands for test
igore in my name stands for ignore
11:46 AM
@grrigore not really, this is a common mistake actually ;)
We have a certain flow, each flow has a certain action that is supposed to change the state
you verify if the state is what you expect
there is also a common rule we follow

Every function should be an action or a query

Action is executing something
Query is returning data

No function should be both

You use mocks to test actions
You use stubs to test queries
you check if the state is hello or goodbye?
@grrigore this sample is really simple
it depends of the use-case
well yes
but you're testing if the state is the one that's supposed to be?
2 hours later…
2:12 PM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!! :D
1 hour later…
3:12 PM
sup dude
passing time
just woke up and started my day
no work to do today
3:32 PM
same here
gonna play some games or watch movies
3:45 PM
What a life
4:03 PM
@DaveS, @Mauker, @Pochmurnik, @Graeme, @ballBreaker, @Jordy, @WarrenFaith, @grrigore, @Reno, @Code-Apprentice This is your weekly reminder of New Free Games on Epic Store!!!!!! :D
@bluetoothfx, @FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier This is your weekly reminder of New Free Games on Epic Store!!!!!! :D
Afternoon Ladies
Thank you lovely Womp3r
Hey W0mp3r, you're a girl coder right? How's that going for you ?
@Graeme before the edit lol xD
a 13 y/o COD player has possessed Graeme
4:12 PM
uh.... not bad I guess?
I'm wondering about any struggles or benefits she's found being in the industry :P
I mean, coding right now is more a hobby than a job x'D
Oh... what are you doing now?
A girl.... AND a coder? Whoa mama! Hummina hummina hummina bazooooooooing! eyes pop out AROOOOOOOOGA! jaw drops tongue rolls out WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF tongue bursts out of the outh uncontrollably leaking face and everything in reach WURBLWUBRLBWURblrwurblwurlbrwubrlwburlwbruwrlblwublr tiny cupid shoots an arrow through heart Ahhhhhhhhhhh me lady...
4:13 PM
tips his fedora
I mean, I don't know many straight women coders so probably lesbians would have more luck going for generic lady coders? :)
thats my favorite copy pasta
@Graeme Helpdesk of a bunch of applications I never knew existed two months ago x'D
and user management of those
Oh... Is that good?
Some days is boring as hell
4:15 PM
Didn't you and Eric go to school together ?
and some days (when shit hits the fan) we are very very enternained
yes we did! :D
@ballBreaker lol i thought you wrote all that stuff for womp3r
How is he a coder and you're in support ? Preference?
4:17 PM
@Graeme she can act cute eric cannot ig
(Can one of you copy paste this code in your Kotlin somewhere and see if it works as you would expect? fun Navigation.findNavController(activity: Activity): NavController { return Navigation.findNavController(activity, android.R.id.content) }
@Graeme really? most of the women programmers I've met have been straight
Did they used to be men ?
lmao wtf
4:19 PM
I know a lot of transgender women coders!
thats kind of a messed up thing to say tbh but not to my knowledge
They're straight
... Why is that messed up?
I'm being genuine
I guess since you're equating straight women in a male dominated field to have been men to be in that field
although I know you mean well
@Graeme Hmmm... he is way better coder than I am, also preference i guess... He went to mobile dev and i like more web/desktop dev (although I really liked doing the 3D stuff we also studied together)
Thinking back, I know exactly 1 straight cis women coder. I know 3 transgender women, 1 of who is Straight, and I know many bisexual or lesbian women coders.
4:21 PM
From work or outside circles?
I'm not equating, I'm asking a genuine question. You know it's not wrong to talk about gender and sexuality right? :D
1 from work, the rest from social circles
And then he went to germany and I started doing AX, got tired of it and found this super awesome support thing and well... i'm enjoying it :D
Transgender anyway
Almost all of the bi/lesbians I know through work
I unno man, if I said "I know women in construction" and someone said "did they used to be men" it kind of comes across a certain way imo even if your intentions were right
but maybe I'm wrong
Hahaha, in the middle of a conversation about gender in construction and the over representation of LGBT+ people, I think it would be okay XD
... But also, yeah I would imagine there is an abundance of LGBT+ female construction workers too
4:24 PM
I think it's because you assume transgender where the average person would assume you mean that they had to have been men previously to be in a male dominated profession
With coding there is an over representation of LGBT+ people of all genders :D Hurray for us!
if you catch my drift
I know what you're driving at, I just don't agree
I didn't assume anything, I asked a question because it's possible and relevant
basically you have gay immunity
I mean, that's true, but I think other people are allowed to discuss the subject frankly too
I think if w0mp3r said "That question offends me" I would apologise for offending her, but think she was overly sensitive and a little bit transphobic XD
waves around a flag and a "being trans isn't a dirty subject" placard :D
4:27 PM
lol but it's pretty offensive imo, if I was a straight woman in programming and someone was like "well surely you're gay then, and I said no, and then they were like, well did you used to be a man?" I'd be like uhh who is this asshole
hahaha not that that's how you said it
I didn't ask a straight women, I asked you if the straight women you know are trans :P
this is fair
I dont need to die on this hill, I don't really care that much
Saying "All straight women in coding are trans" is homophobic
is that homophobic? I don't even know what that is
4:29 PM
transphonic / sexist ?
It's not cool anyhow XD
My brain is failing to process who means what about whom
hahah yeah
this conversation is like watching someone tripping on acid try to get out of a muddy pit
Which of us do you think is in the pit XD
i think both
4:31 PM
Do you think there are a higher number of LGBTQ women in male dominated professions and vice versa for men?
I think that would make sense, haven't really thought about it much
I'm pretty happy to stand by my question - I don't think it's cool to shoot down conversations like this, they're important.
I'm not sure but I can't stop watching and i definitely don't want to go in there and help
i just know that from the time i read graeme's question and I wrote the answer everything had changed xD
4:32 PM
let me go grab some popcorn
I haven't seen it too much in my own life, but that's not really enough data
I don't think there are more LGBTQ women in male dominated fields than none LGBTQ women in male dominated fields. But I think the ratio is way higher.
Ok any final thoughts on this topic? (hands over mic)
does stack overflow include this in their polling
I wonder if they have the data
4:33 PM
5-10% in general population, maybe... dunno? 40%+ (which I imagine is reducing as stereotypes are bopped and barriers are removed)
Oooh, good question! I think they do
Go find it
Question, my left eye appears smaller in photos but not in mirror? why, did any of you experienced it?
your left eye is the gay eye and therefore underrepresented in your photos as you are ashamed, but in real life you have accepted that your left eye is gay and therefore is accurately portrayed?
@Graeme I tried but I couldn't see anythin concrete and laziness set in
Help me with coding instead
But he's not trans
4:37 PM
Why is this not valid:
fun Navigation.findNullableNavController(view : View): NavController? {
    return try {
    } catch (e : java.lang.IllegalStateException) {
        // Guard from this by returning null
what is the error?
is there no semi colons in kotlin
It compiles, but AS suggests "Remove redundant receive parameter" - but no code can actually compile which uses it
ignore it
4:40 PM
Think it's because Navigation is final ?
also remove nag below the return line
No right?
.... :/ Hummm
yesterday, by asim
@grrigore not always, you can one line code using them specially with x.let{first; second;}, x.also{first; second;}
return try {} catch() {} is kinda weird I usually write it as try{ return} catch () {return}
its kotlin way
4:49 PM
kotlin is the devil's language
I do too - AS auto corrects it
@Graeme remove Navigation. from 3rd line
However that's not the issue :X
@DaveS flutter
or dart anyway is devil incarnate
Combined with A 2017 Gallup poll concluded that 4.5% of adult Americans identified as LGBT
4:50 PM
yeah that lines up with my expectations
So if you imagine respondants where just American (I would imagine respondants were very likely from countries where LGBT is not as accepted and people wouldn't answer anything but straight) then it's doubly over represented at least
@JAAD flutter is the one and only truth, the alpha and the omega
I need Tim or Adam to tell me why maybe
devil indeed
... not about the gayness, about the extension function
4:53 PM
i already answered
also lol useless warning xD
@Graeme are you implying both of them are gay?
that function is obviously queer as it returns both NavController and null making it ambiguous
Q: Android 11 Runtime Permissions

Ashvin solankiBefore a few days, the code is working fine not having issues with permissions. I am not able to grant permission at run-time also having issues while granting permissions from the setting. (App permission detail page). var permissions = if (android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= android.os.Build.VE...

5:05 PM
It returns NavController? only :P
Straight down the line
5:25 PM
Thanks @W0MP3R
@Ashvinsolanki Let us know the details story.
@Tim did you know any permission issue on android 11?
@Ashvinsolanki please follow from here: developer.android.com/training/permissions/requesting
@Graeme there's a difference between "I'm Straight" and "I'm Straight?"
5:50 PM
damn.. so i bought my friend a $5 birthday present this year, a pill calendar because he always forgets his meds or forgets he took them and then doubles down on them.. I was talking about how much I wanted a teenage engineering pocket operator
the MF just ups and buys me one
this guy would probably not even get up off of his couch to piss on his own grandmother if she was on fire
was a very nice gesture, I'm shocked
maybe he's just on the spectrum/add and you made him notice his senpai
I like to think I'm a nice person and empathetic but I'm like mentally incapable of being intentionally thoughtful, I just like don't notice people and their shit most of the time
yeah same here to be honest
but sometimes I do notice and act on it, and then when it's returned, it feels really nice.. it's like one of those
"be the change you want to see in the world" things
yeah for sure
5:54 PM
he seemed just as happy and grateful for the small present as I do for this larger one hes getting me, I think men forget how to do these nice gestures for their friends sometimes
at least that's my experience, women seem to be a lot better with that aspect of friendships/relationships
but yeah you basically described my friend as well in that sentence, I wonder how common that is for men in general, he's also a bit adhd
yeah I think men in general at least in the US have trouble empathizing and being nice to each other, usually takes something serious like breakup/death or getting drunk/high together to break down the barriers
yeah I agree
I do feel a bit of a shift on this at least as time goes on
I prefer female doctors for the specific reason that I have had better experiences with them listening to my concerns and symptoms instead of just going with the stats
oh yeah it's definitely better
@DaveS hmmm yeah that makes sense, I've usually preferred the female doctors in my life
but strangely, I prefer male dentists
I find on average in my experience that they are calmer and more methodical, where women dentists have been a little hectic
not the biggest sample size though
@DaveS yeah, I think it just takes people admitting that they have feelings and are human.. the more that the genders gain equal footing I think the better that wil be
Time to go~~
Cya on Monday everyone!!!! :D
6:09 PM
bye womper
cya womps!
6:28 PM
Im glad convo continued after i left :)
@DaveS Obvs, one might be null
Noob question
sorry bro, you're asexual aka null
Nice :) That's actually pretty cool
Straight? is a subtype of Sexuality?
Got a primary key in common with Gender?
... When did I become such a lame nerd?
6:44 PM
I feel bad for asexuals, although I realize for them it's an ignorance is bliss thing
but they must have it rubbed in their faces constantly
eww more tits on my carls jr ad
I just want the burger man
lol exactly
but asexuality is "Not straight" so falls under LGBTQ+ right?
can we discuss global warming?
"warming?" implies it can be null so it's not strictly warming which falls under LGBTQ+ right?
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