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2:07 AM
Hello, Android!
anyone around at this time of day?
@Tim relatively common in the U.S. depending on the industry and job title
@ballBreaker end in sight?
3:03 AM
I am always around
3:30 AM
@RaghavSood How's your corner of the world?
3:50 AM
Not too bad
Just busy with work and stuff
How are things for you?
3 hours later…
7:13 AM
@Tim I read this different and wondered why it wasn't deleted
7:30 AM
8:00 AM
morning grigg
8:15 AM
doin alright, still struggling with myself though
morning everyone
working TGIF
9:22 AM
nice comment about JCenter xD
this is not true, jcenter will be kept as read only
man I got a string You are saving
and it displays You are saving CO2
there is no You are saving CO2 string in my app
how is this possible?
this is a trick question, it doesn't display CO2?
9:28 AM
@Tim readOnly hhhhh shame shame
sup gents
it displays an extra CO2
Fridays gralde goodies (i probably mentioned this already)
now you can have centralized place to specify your remote repositories instead of sprinkling them all around your config
ugh oh I think I know
it's the string from the server
always the server
9:31 AM
classic server
classic server
you mentioned it before ivan, but I don't even know what it means lol
fake senior android dev here
so you know how we used to specify remote repositories (maven, jcenter etc)
and you had to specify them in buildconfig or settings.gradle for plugins and you had to specify the similar block in sub/allprojects for actuall dependencies and stuff
now you can specify all of them in pluginManagement block in settings.gradle
I only have google() and jcenter() repeated
not any of the maven ones
in a single repository block. The problem with the previous solution was that it was counterintuitive where should you add those remote repositories
9:36 AM
@Tim haha same
there was a problem?
yeah like everything in gradle it's counterintuitive and need to google every thing no matter how simple
yeah but sometimes you have gradle plugins, or custom mavens for some libraires
and also there is a basically an security and performance issue if you specify repositories you don't use
you re too smart for us
for example, if you have custom maven configs, and there are (for example) real android dependencies (for example android.activity)
that dep could be pulled from the wrong remote repository, which might be missued
and when it comes to performance gradle will check multiple remote repos until dep is found
@grrigore tbh im not :D i just migrated my groovy to kts and after that everything just fell into place with gradle
having autocompletion, and reading gradle docs showed a lot of awesome things
Ivan took Kendrick's advice for granted
9:43 AM
i live inside gradle for last couple of months tbh :D
I migrated groovy to kts and everything wasn't working (in android studio) and migrated back to groovy
i barely do any android stuff anymore, usually build speed optimisations, tooling, deployments and stuff
@Tim migration was really hard for me tbh
but after i made it work everything was so much better
and now you re too smart for us
migration was also hard for me, but mostly because they said it would be easier with kts and it turned out to be a fucking monstrosity
9:48 AM
you can use github.com/milis92/Krang/tree/dev for reference
i have bit more cleaning to do but should be enough for a start
yeah when I see things like this tasks.withType<org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.tasks.KotlinCompile>
please kill me
I have no idea what you re talking about
i would prefer that to be auto imported but yeah
grr you know about that stuff that I told you about including kotlin stdlib manually
this KotlinCompile task basically lets you configure a lot of stuff related to Kotlin compilation
yes i remember that
9:53 AM
for example you can use this KotlinCompile configuration to disable that feature (adding stdlib automatically)
so yesterday I wanted to have a beer and I took one and didn't have it but I cannot find it anymore
it's gone
blame the server
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
May 7 '20 at 18:40, by W0MP3R
@RaghavSood, @DaveS, @ColdFusion, @Mauker, @Pochmurnik, @CptEric, @RaymondArteaga This is your weekly reminder of New Free Games on Epic Store!!!!!!! :D
10:10 AM
found it
work from home baby
@Tim I wouldn't say racist but it's very strange they specifically mention skincolor while we all want less vision on race these days
I mean where is the same presentation for asian professionals, or the rest of the world
It shouldn't matter if a professional is black or whatever, it's all about performance and behaviour: not somebody's skincolor
@MwBakker this is well put
@MwBakker I think they are focusing on skin color as a mean to give equal opportunities to underprivileged
I want to state the fact that I will not comment on this
10:23 AM
@IvanMilisavljevic maybe but black people are not the only ones who are underprivileged. Why ignore the others? I think it's a bit politically motivated, because of the BLM movement past year, this could be their way to show extra support or something
@Tim yeah this is true
tbh its a struggle to grasp and understand these things when you live outside US
what do you mean?
Because i know very little about American culture and their day to day life
They are very special when it comes to a lot of things (politics, economy, social-interactions etc)
I feel like there isn't such a big deal because I'm not as exposed as these countries with a lot of cultures
but racism is everywhere
Yeah same for me, thats probably the reason why i dont really understand a lot of things when it comes to situation in USA
There is a surge of right-wing ideology all around the europe as well
And dont forget that ww2 was just ~70 years ago
10:33 AM
The entire generation born in that period is very much in power right now
I don't know what's true anymore, I can't pretend that I understand something I'm not even remotely connected with
i know stuff thats served by the media which is 100% biased - which i dont trust to be clear
i know that we only live in a crazy wicked world
and that android is not nice
@IvanMilisavljevic I get that but ironoically we stop that unequality by simply not mentioning
2 true things
@MwBakker I believe its a bit harder than that, non verbal communication transfers a lot more data that verbal communication
the entire world was silent on racism for many years, and i think that's what led us to this point
@grrigore android was nice, but it outlived its purpose, it was never designed for this scale
10:48 AM
well location is not nice!
@grrigore thats for sure ;D
@IvanMilisavljevic sure but it creates a ngeative counter effect to suddenly shove down race related matters down people's throats
@MwBakker oh maybe i got this wrong
and camera
Like people who never cared about the skincolor of a professional
@IvanMilisavljevic I mean stop mentioning race on subjects that never deserve attention to race
ofc that doesn't mean we should forget the damage we have done or what has been done by previous generations
10:50 AM
@MwBakker yeah I agree with this
i just think this is such a complex problem and as you mentioned it we are spiraling down the rabbit hole
and making the situation worse
It feels like that
as humans are autodestructive by nature
I would love to see we start focussing on people's behaviour and let the world realize nothing is race related
that would be really hard actually
Instead of our Dutch slogan "don't discriminate" we should be honest and say "discriminate on behaviour"
10:54 AM
your behavior and interpretation of behaviour comes from your social constructs
which are defined by race
because we simply all discriminate, but we should do it on the right subjects
@IvanMilisavljevic that is what someone's mind lets it to
and we should undo that: remove the race issue
or actually remove any bizar subject some 'learned' to discriminate on
it takes time
yes, time and removal of that subject
wether it's meant positive or negative
10:57 AM
i hope we can all unite one day
otherwise we will not survive as a species
this corona stuff showed us how weak we are against nature
I hope we'll be alive in 60 years
@IvanMilisavljevic ironically I believe because we distant ourselves more from the rules of nature in order to become stronger, we became weaker to it, especially when it slaps in our face like with war or a pandemic
I hate how customers come and want uber or bolt like apps and have 0 skills to handle this
we can't permanently override nature's rules
we can control it, shift it to a certain point
and then it bursts out: with the extreme factor like war
11:01 AM
And honestly I think it will always remain inevidable
but I hope I'm wrong
lol yeah
"Behavioral sink" is a term invented by ethologist John B. Calhoun to describe a collapse in behavior which can result from overcrowding. The term and concept derive from a series of over-population experiments Calhoun conducted on Norway rats between 1958 and 1962. In the experiments, Calhoun and his researchers created a series of "rat utopias" – enclosed spaces in which rats were given unlimited access to food and water, enabling unfettered population growth. Calhoun coined the term "behavioral sink" in his February 1, 1962 report in an article titled "Population Density and Social Pathology...
this is a good read related to the subject. But it's very harsh
i always had a feeling that society runs in cycles
me too
oh i know this one
i was reading about this rat utopia experiment
basically they had unlimited food and water but they were confined in a limited space
and after some time there was some weird shit like cannibalism etc
11:04 AM
it shows factors to our western behaviour imo
shit, this is crazy
Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0x29 in tid 27358
this looks bad
@grrigore it is, its a native crash
what does that mean?
I mean my code lead to it right?
not sure
you can use ndk and a tombsote generated by a crash to see what function caused the excpetion
11:10 AM
ummm what? xD
I know about ndk
which part of your code causes this?
what are you trying to do?
in very very simple terms you have something that similar to NPE in your native code
native code -> function in a native code called by your app
i don't really know
I get some warnings
and it only happens sometimes
probably caused by a concurency problems than
yes it might be
this might help
Q: Android Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x636f7d89 (code=1). How can it be tracked down?

dubmojoI've been reading the other posts on tracking down the reasons for getting a SIGSEGV in an Android app. I plan to scour my app for possible NullPointers related to Canvas use, but my SIGSEGV barfs up a different memory address each time. Plus I've seen code=1 and code=2. If the memory address was...

11:16 AM
might be the database inspector
im off gents
have to go fix basically everyting on my old bmw
see you o/
have fun
@IvanMilisavljevic society is a theater to cover up a lot of our natural instincts. When the curtain falls, our true intentions show. Of which some are good (ethically enlightend, empathized) and some are bad (predators, unethical killers)
sounds like handmaid's tale
I still have to see that show, heared it's good
11:36 AM
it's absolutely amazing
Is the ending good though?
it's ongoing
new pic
Hopefully the ending will be good, GoT ending was such a disappointment
@grrigore "R&R is R&R back" - let's see if Tim gets this one
11:44 AM
@grrigore "new year new me xo"
Handsmaid's tale... great show but honestly the first two episodes where rough. I had to get used to that setting... I literally had to stop after the second episode and continue the next day to digest what is going on there...
@grrigore @Tim elight him
rest and recreation? xD
@WarrenFaith sounds interesting, I keep hearing good things about it so I'll have to check it out. Watching Them atm, it's wild.
11:49 AM
@MwBakker R&R?
tim wasn't popular
nerds are not popular
I had the max level in runescape though
Yeah but no Hyves appearantly
say what
11:53 AM
Hyves, where Gerda's shared glitter pics
R+R = Reactie + Respect
something like this right?
how did you know?
i was a dutch national security hacker at 10
if it's one thing she clearly is a woman of her word
for choosing to die instead of growing old
you believe in the conspiracy?
which one?
that she's dead and replaced with a clone
12:14 PM
No I was asking mwb
mac get s really hot
but i guess it s ok to help with heating up the house for that amount of money
@Tim no
I have 0 productivity
> All I want is to mess around
story of my life
this video is so cool
1 hour later…
1:42 PM
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!! :D
> ō
me mac pops up weird letters when i keep a letter pressed
also if you know some cool tools for mac let me know
iterm is the coolest
1:57 PM
@grrigore ye
nice iTimmy thanks
Do you have any recomendation for a laptop to do some web dev??? I usually do it on my desktop but sometimes I want to change scenery and I can't xD
I suggest quitting web dev
but... i like it?
1:59 PM
what s the DEL button on mac??
i can also do some c#?
doesn't exist
@grrigore fn+del
@W0MP3R Acceptable, carry on
Something with big screen I think
For web dev
and something that doesn't run windows
2:00 PM
but i only know how to use windows
I'm sure @Mehdi can teach you how to use NixOS by now
Windows is just fine
He told me literally months ago that he would play around with it and learn
He wouldn't lie, now would he?
2:01 PM
i tried linux once and I broke something and then the ls command didn't work D:
You can SSH to Linux server when you need
That's why you need NixOS
If it breaks, just roll back the entire system
It's like git, but for an entire computing environment
all hail the nerd king
that sounds cool
But write code on windows
2:02 PM
don't know how to git tho...
but can you revert if you break the revert system?
Yes, just reboot, the boot menu will let you boot into an older system state directly
In case you manage to bork it to the point that you can't rollback while inside a live system
What is the most in-demand skill on market if not web dev?
Cleaning up web dev projects
2:04 PM
You mean some kind of devops?
I was thinking more along the lines of the guys who sit and crush harddrives to make sure no data is recoverable, but sure, I guess a skilled devops team could probably remove all trace of NPM too
Did you know that SSDs cannot be securely wiped?
A little thermite and anything can be securely wiped
2:09 PM
Technically data is recoverable no matter what because of wear-leveling
@W0MP3R hp elitebook
Not after you level it with some thermite
And no sane person actually expects any storage medium to be safe
Encrypt your data before writing it to disk
To wipe, throw away the key
like @AdamMc331 did?
Where do you store the AES key then?
You usually store an encrypted copy of the copy in the filesystem header, and decrypt it into memory on boot
Bonus points if decryption is done via a yubikey or HSM device
@grrigore Different goal, same solution
2:12 PM
It's shame that in 2021 we can't derive encryption keys from biometric data such as fingerprints
@MwBakker ty, i'll look at them
Well... biometrics are usernames, not passwords as far as security goes
Lets talk about backend: is it Node, Laravel or .NET for you?
Go, Rust, looking into Elixir and Clojure recently
Okay, is it just me or does ASP.NET make everything extremely difficult?
I have looking into .NET and it seems harder than NodeJS
2:17 PM
@MwBakker how's the app going?
More framework heavy languages tend to be harder to use as a single dev in the long run
@grrigore It's on hold cause I got distracted by new influences and the drama that comes along with that
@RaghavSood 🙈 I can't confirm nor deny that
2:22 PM
@Mehdi :(
iTerm installed!
2:56 PM
can I set it as default?
default what\
iterm as default term
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