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5:37 AM
@Mehdi It is nice, I use it, and we use it at work
Sharing is a bit clunky, but overall it is quite stable, never had any technical issues with it
@Mehdi :(
2 hours later…
7:10 AM
mwb my man
i need your help
with the thing we should not say
aka databinding
7:41 AM
i'm your man
but remember I'm not much known with Kotlin
I'm having a problem with a custom two way data binding
i guess listener doesn t work in dialog fragment for some reason
7:59 AM
is it a custom dialog fragment? did you see its onChange fired in the debugger?
it extends DialogFragment
looks like the listener it's not working properly
maybe that's why databinding won't work
yep seen that!
maybe because InverseBindingMethod is missing from class/object annotation
8:08 AM
@grrigore if it's not being fired upon the action, then sure
8:25 AM
seen that
lol did you try the same code
and it doesn't work ?
well idk
I also have a MutableLiveData(0F) that looks like it's not updating
because in your gist you don't call onRatingChanged
that example won't work
I assume it's because of this
8:53 AM
Maybe the listeners aren't set right on creation of the dialog since the creaton of a dialog can function different
Like is there a viewmodel bound to this dialog?
idk man
I m using a fragment now and no results
I'm using the same in a different project where it works..
my viewmodel variable is not updated somehow..
fuck databinding
9:09 AM
and android
sup mwb? how are you?
doing pretty ok, not on my best yet
pretty tired sick of work and uni :( I need a holiday
well maybe you can find peace in the fact that there isnt much to do on a holiday during covid anyway..
nope that doesn't help haha
9:28 AM
9:47 AM
timmy g how about some hots tonight?
10:03 AM
my gf is away tonight so I can start gaming at 6
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May 6 '20 at 15:06, by AdamMc331
Android 11 Beta Launch on June 3rd: https://youtu.be/gqJEcy57hA8
well I was thinking about 10 o clock or something gotta do some uni stuff
or nap
Hi everybody, I have read and understood the rules. I posted a question on SO, and I don't have an answer. I've already spent several hours to find a solution on SO, Android website, etc.. Can someone help me? stackoverflow.com/questions/67413794/…
10:37 AM
use live data and observe it, then move to your fragment
just found out the best thing on the internetz
i mean i could listen to this for 10 hours straight
it's genuinely awesome
@grrigore I'm already doing that if you look at my post.
11:20 AM
he means update the viewmodel from the activity
@Tim yes exactly
I don't see you doing that
From the MainActivity class, I call a method that is in the Fragment class and this method modifies the ViewModel
modify the viewmodel in the activity
11:39 AM
But how can I call or modify the ViewModel in the activity if the ViewModel is declared as a private variable in the Fragment?
11:53 AM
Ok I already knew this page, but it doesn't explain how to call the ViewModel from the activity, so I still didn't understand how to call the ViewModel instance since it is private
sharing a viewmodel does not mean that one class should reference the field of the other class
it means they both have a reference
to the same viewmodel
12:13 PM
Ok but I still have to update the UI from the MainActivity. I'm not interested in sharing data between fragments, nor from fragments to the activity, but "sharing data from the activity to the fragments".
Does anyone own or have used Thinkpad E15 Gen 2 (Ryzen) ?
> nor from fragments to the activity, but "sharing data from the activity to the fragments".
dude it's the same thing just the other way
Tim irristatuslevel: 6.5
12:30 PM
haters gonna hate
1:25 PM
@Tim im in my avril Lavigne phase wanna join?
ummmm yeahhhhh
1:43 PM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!!! :D
@grrigore <3
How is it going??
what about you?
Great! :D
1:51 PM
@RaghavSood thank you! I adopted it, also hope everything's good with you :)
maybe it's time I use one too
does it generate passwords too?
@W0MP3R could be better but still ok
1:58 PM
haha thanks grigg
me and my gf worked things out so we are good
all drinks on mwb and his gf
But now I just need to work things out myself and put past things in the definitive past
So I can look in the here and now
I am not succeeding in this yet, it's linked to these obsessive compulsive thoughts
you will
we believe in you
2:06 PM
thanks guys
I really need to get this under control before it ruins things
I'm writting a wordpress theme....
hue hue
it's surprisingly fun
2:21 PM
one of my all time favorite movie scenes
I don't see katheryn winnick in the thumbnail, does she walk in during the scene?
are you a fan?
@Tim 50 euro for 4 hr cleaning is reasonable right?
@Tim hahahaha
@grrigore yes she is our dream woman
2:33 PM
@MwBakker yeah I think so. Little more maybe like 56
depends a bit on what has to be cleaned xD
now I just hope she did her work right, but she is a friend of mine so I dk also glad to help her through these times
@Tim my mancave
is there any poop on the walls or something of that nature
2:34 PM
i'd say maybe 58, Tim, 58 is okay
ok so mwb if you ask tim for 30 euros for 4 hr cleaning you can make some money and meet time!
no no I keep it clean and tidy, but I don't really do the 'rough' cleaning
spots one doesn't notice etc
that kinda stuff
@MwBakker I see I see
and there are posters of cars, a desk with 2 monitos and a steeringwheel + gearbox, giant beer bottles on the shelf, a skull and several car parts + oil as in the term 'mancave'
what happened?
2:37 PM
not because of poop on the wall or puke in the shower
@grrigore ?
what cleaning?
ok this is absolute gold
@grrigore reasons Tim does not want to meet up
btw did any of you guys see the serie "The Serpant" ?
@MwBakker no, but I read the story in wikipedia and it seemed quite interesting, is it good?
is there a wiki alternative?
2:41 PM
@grrigore a grandpa
@Mehdi yes, I finished it last night it's really good
and I have a huge crush on the actress playing it which made it awkward watching it with my gf but I wouldnt choose my gf over her ofc
hahah I'll take a look then
is it jenna coleman?
2:42 PM
check this out you norseman
9/17 here
that was interesting
that was a lot of guessing
same haha
expect 2-3
2:49 PM
@Mehdi Best part is if the bitwarden company collapses, there is an API compliant bitwarden-rs open source project that you can migrate to without losing any features
Works great
this sounds cool
3:06 PM
@RaghavSood good to know!
that's what I call "a good product" :D
@MwBakker you wouldn't choose your gf over her xD lmfao
3:23 PM
I dk her, I mean she sure looks hot which is a fact
but that alone isn't enough to just swap haha
hahah well you worded it poorly then
you worded it as if you'd choose the actress over your gf XD
ah, right. I wouldnt choose the actress over her no
its' okay I understand
I'd choose Blake Lively over my gf
blake sounds like a dude
shes the hottest dude ever
3:26 PM
pls give me a photo otherwise my work-history will add more weird search results
if there is any celebrity that has the power to make me obsessed, it's her
besides "giraffe fight"
ryan reynolds wife
the reason I watched gossip girl
she's my number 1
3:33 PM
@ballBreaker she looks like Jewel
Jewel is a crush of mine too
hehe nice
im scared to look up "jewel"
sounds like a stripper
ohhhhh her
from firefly?
I dk where she is from
I saw her in a Comedy Central Roast once
Jewel Staite?
appearantly she plays guitar or whatever
Nice conversation to stumble in
Hello guys
3:37 PM
haha okay I was going to say, she looks nothing like blake
she's cute though
Jewel Kilcher
bruh they don't look alike at all
@Nyakouai hey man!!
Discussing celebrity crush?
@Tim hahaha yeah they look the same from the top of the forehead upwards
3:40 PM
@ballBreaker I hope today is not a continuation of this one
no we are talking about women not female dogs
sexist nya
Sexist, racist, cynic, lazy, immigrant: I'm the whole package, baby
@grrigore 16/17
To be fair, I had to guess one
@ballBreaker classic bb
there is gonna be a 16 days complete lockdown starting this saturday :'(
3:50 PM
@grrigore xD haha
@asim aw, well that's good though
you guys need it badly
you should have locked down weeks ago
where are you from asim?
moi excusses but I forgot
Pakistani, NOT INDIAN
ohh sorry asim
so sorry D:
Situation is much worse in India
thought you were in india, yeah
3:53 PM
I was just reading the news, there is an area called banglore in india where 50% of population have corona
Racist bb, mixing up India and Pakistan
classic bb
no offence sir
their govt is very incompetent, I also have my own political opinions but even if my fav politicians makes such poor decision I would never support him/her
We already have smart lockdowns imposed everywhere, I am not sure but I think what they did is they just sat there watching cases grow then suddenly imposed severe lockdowns, worse decisions one can make
@Nyakouai T_T
4:01 PM
Hi Graeme
i setup a tethering server on my iphone (very not allowed) so my computer can connect to internet while wifi is out
@asim that's good man. I think politicians should be liked based on their actions, not their popularity
@ballBreaker I think politicians should be punished if they make decisions that lead to disasters because of their incompetence
4:03 PM
public flogging or spanking would be cool
Are any of you guys managers?
think of it this way, what if I have an android project and I don't make a ui for it, will I get paid? no, what if I keep repeating the same thing? I will be fired and possibly fined
yeah I guess the problem with politics is that you usually won't get a consensus that the person did sometihng wrong
50% will want them punished and the other 50% will want them praised
modi can do no wrong because he's nationalist and I'm nationalist, trump can do no wrong because he's conservative and I'm conservative, etc
Thats why I hate it when people blindly follow their leaders
people are too emotional in that regard
I see stuff like that all the time too, "I'd rather be a domestic terrorist than a liberal" lol
actual quotes I've seen
4:08 PM
@Graeme fortunately/unfortunately I'm not
I was supervisor if that counts
@ballBreaker I do the same, I also use different accounts, one for receiving spam and other for actual stuff
4:30 PM
nice! ahah
question for y'all
I did that for a while but you can alter your gmail address to have it send to a different inbox
posted on May 06, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Suzanne Frey, VP, Product, Android Security and Privacy We work closely with developers to keep Google Play a safe, trusted space for billions of people to enjoy the latest Android apps. Today, we’re pre-announcing an upcoming safety section in Google Play that will help people understand the data an app collects or shares, if that data is secured, and additional details

whats easier to tell someone over the phone 6 characters 0-9 a-z (lowercase) OR 8 chars only 0-9?
mmm probably the 8 digits
4:33 PM
tell someone? I don't get it
what if those a-z are only "swlhuyrqx" so there is no confusion which letter someone meant
well 10 possibilities will always be easier than 36
19 possibilities with subset
and 0-9 there are no instances of mixing up characters
where as a-z you'll need to probably do the phonetic stuff
hmm ok
making progress
next issue, how to come up with unique 10 digit numbers
4:36 PM
like 3dctgebv would be a brutal one haha
@JBis int increment by 1?
not sure what this number is for
@ballBreaker nah, i don't want it to be predictable
what does the number represent
account # ?
id for routing/identification for my screensharing app
similar to "Your ID" there
ahh gotcha
how long does it remain unique to that user?
for the session
4:43 PM
mmm probably going to need to base your generating algorithm off of time then
or an event counter
or any kind of moving attribute like that
the problem with doing just a random number and checking if the id has been used, as more of the key space is allocated its going to take longer to generate keys
for example if all but 1 number is used, it will take forever to generate an id
If you have a password already, why not use something like machine uid or android id
because you can't communicate a uuid (easily)
@JBis yeah don't do a random number
that isn't wise
generate a number for them based on an algorithm that you feed time into, or event counter
so that way the number is guaranteed to be unique on generation and you won't need to check it against other values
if you use time, isn't it predictable?
4:52 PM
how about username as prefix with random numbers at the end
should be fully numeric and not require user input
@JBis it's less predictable than event-counter based, and less predictable than something that isn't a moving attribute onelogin.com/learn/otp-totp-hotp
@ballBreaker it is predictable, time is very much bruteforceable
yeah i didn't say it wasn't
but you 'can't really' bruteforce time based OTPs as you expire them within a timeframe
if I know what day or week you signed up I can bruteforce your id but if app/software doesn't share nuclear codes it shouldn't really matter
4:57 PM
and the person needs to know the underlying algorithm, so you can combine a TOTP with something like an HOTP
@asim you don't base it on the account creation time but the time at which they request the ID
you could make it more unique to the user by including account information in the algorithm
@ballBreaker I am already guessing so it doesn't matter
I don't understand your point
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