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6:05 AM
Q: how to launch AppLockActivity when we back button click or minmize and maximize app in android

MARSHThis is my AppLockActivity : public class AppLockActivity extends Activity { private Button button; private EditText editText; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_app_l...

can any one help me in this issue
2 hours later…
8:17 AM
8:38 AM
how are you doing?
8:59 AM
9:10 AM
sup my friends!
9:22 AM
Nothing. Finally prepping to move next week into my new home
Painters are finishing today, Thu-Fri the bathrooms are made, internal doors are done on Thursday too, Fri the kitchen will be delivered and built on Mo-Wed and than everything is done.
how is it for you?
nice Warren
I just had a call with my teammanager and she went to the subject about working in a different country
I told her based on my contract (with the agency) there is no legal ground to fire me if I work abroad
she said this is a problem between them and my agency. So till then I still plan to just go to budapest by all legal grounds in my contract
the conflict between my agency and the main employer isn't mine, afterall
9:37 AM
the power of love
and the lack of money
9:53 AM
there is this field, computer or software something, where we usually have this kind of flexibility and somewhat helps paying the bills
Ill get to that
right now im working on my app today with all flexibility at my desk
I like how mwb really trusts the process
10:08 AM
the power of love
10:28 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Dec 7 '20 at 16:35, by MwBakker
I'm graduated
I found a cool lost place I might visit
in Dessau
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12:09 PM
Ribbit. Also, good morning
2 hours later…
1:57 PM
@IvanMilisavljevic best way to manage libraries versions in android? I find it a pain in the ass 4real
oh Im curious about that aswell
I'm managing deps like this proandroiddev.com/…
Versions are in different object so you kinda have easy access to it, but AS will no longer prompt you about newer versions
I migrated back to groovy because of that
2:19 PM
> AS will no longer prompt you about newer versions
yeah, that sucks
2:42 PM
I was wondering, if you use custom tabs for SSO but you made use of deep linking so that the token redirects back natively, will the OS prompts the user on which app they want the link to get opened, i.e., through browser or your app?
3:15 PM
@grrigore Embrace the mess, it's ok
3:52 PM
@grrigore When everything is broken, that means it's time to upgrade.
@twiz I said this same statement about my past girlfriends
lol in that scenario, that's actually advice a lot of people REALLY need to hear.
hahaha yeah true
I definitely needed it a few years ago but had to find out the hard way
4:37 PM
how is the new job bb?
good man!
no complaints really
glad to know!
yeah :D how are things with you?
Eeeh normal, really :D
nicee nicee
I'm almost done F is for Family
4:43 PM
How did you find it?
hilarious show
depressing yet hilarious as always bahah
The Kevin part is a classic xD
4:58 PM
hahaha yeah
I unfortunately resonate all-too-well with his story arc in this season
guize hi
lehdiez hi
5:32 PM
@ballBreaker then take Frank's advice :D
Is this the ranting desk for disgruntled devs?
I'd like to deposit some drama with a side of salt
(Heeeey, how are you all?)
Nvm how we are, feed us
Don't choke on it, cause it's gonna be long
5:40 PM
It's fine, my sodium levels are fine
stop asking about my salt intake and spill it
@Mehdi lmfao
@Nyakouai lmfao
Once upon a time, me was working in a nice videogame company. That company has a "buddy" system , where you are paired with another employee so he can show you the rope. Now, when I was hired, I had a few years under my belt - but I was hired as a Junior, cause, you know, I was working on C++, but not Unreal Engine C++, so they had to validate I was up to the job, but it would be quick, don't worry, you'll soon climb the ladder my young and naive friend. Just have to come to Canada to work.
The employee assigned as my buddy was another french dev, who had arrived 4 months before me, fresh out of school. I bristled a bit at being mentored by someone with less experience, but turns out, Theo is a great guy and we became fast friend. Forward 6 months later, it's the end of the year and we get raise and promotions. Theo is promoted from P1 (Junior) to P2 (confirmed), cause really, P1 is just a temporary stage to test you, and the vast majority of people are P2.
I stay P1 because, well, you know, you were only there 6 months, minus ranking up on tech and code base, we can't really tell. Fair enough.
So in early 2021, when we set the objective, I mentionned I'd like to be P2. I was told "Oh great, then this year will be your assessment!". Maukay, still fair. June drops, and another friend is bumped from P2 to P3 in an "exceptionnal" wave of people being promoted mid year (so, more than a dozen from what I heard). But nothing for me, you know, it's a special occasion, wait for the end of the year, young beetle.
Today was the end of the year eval. High marks, exceeding the criterias in multiple fields (easy, cause P1 is basically a glorified intern). Delivered two majors features this year, work cross teams, truly a good record. And my manager agree, and the overall assessment I that I exceed the expectations for my post this year. You know, the year I was paid P1 to do P2 stuff, as an assessment.
So, end result... drumrolls...
I'm staying P1 another year to confirm the results.
so where are you going to apply
I'm staying JUNIOR. ANOTHER YEAR. I HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR CLOSE TO 5 YEARS NOW. DELIVERED TWO OVERARCHING MAJOR FEATURES ON MY OWN GODDAMN ASSED SELF. But you know, you juuuuust need a bit more time to assess I already exceeds P2 to only get it.
Welp, WB was courting me a while ago. I sent a ludicrous salaray expectations, and they took it without batting an eye. Hiring is paused for the end of the year, but if they come back early January, I'm going to another company to work as an intermediate dev for +30k annualy.
5:51 PM
Now i don't wanna make assumptions, but i think the fact your visa depends on that company, if your manager is an abusive little shit, he'll use that to drag that promotion
@Nyakouai good!
and in the meantime you are only capable of doing intern things, only costing money, not delivering anything
if you want to really stick it to em, do work for me for free during company time
@Tim Yep, that's my motivation level right now
Maybe side note for the future, don't wait until the evaluation period to ask for a promotion, take the initiative way beforehand and have a plan + timeline drawn as a checklist: these are the things I need to close to be eligible for a promotion, do you agree Mr manager? Then you go over it multiple times until the due date
5:55 PM
Oh I did
I did that last January
And again in June
And he validated everything and refused it again??
And we all agreed on the plan and that was my assessment year
And I exceeded expectations
They just need more time to confirm
Sometimes someone just doesn't like you, for no reason...
I mean, I am on good terms with my manager
Who we are several to describe as an overall great guy
5:57 PM
Yeah? Then why did he not defend your promotion?
Which is why I'm surprised when he is the one with the final say in it and I get screwed iver
great guys pay you
this is not a time to be naive
twiz would confirm
He would.
5:58 PM
To be fair, he IS going to go talk to the product manager to see if he indeed said that P1 was supposed to be a 6 month, temp position
And he IS going to let me know by the end of the week
So I should be happy with that, right?
no, it's already too late
Not really
The fact that the answer is probably going to be a big fat no is of no consequence
sounds like you have a week to find a competing offer to leverage in case they turn you down
Yeah, I know
6:00 PM
It's insulting, and even if he increases you it's gonna be low and will have you be grateful to him, like he did you a favor: I fought for you Nyak and got you +3% consider that !
Oof that's all brutal, I've been there before Nya and ended up quitting within a month or two
I guess start looking for an apartment with an additional room and new activities to do with the +30k you're having in your next new job :)
I can not get less than a yearly +3% raise
But going from P1 to P2 is like 1/6 of my salary
And going with the company criterias, I'm owed that. Litterally.
3% barely covers inflation
Not even sure it does, this year in Quebec
6:03 PM
a 3% raise is a 3% paycut this year in the US
Fat chance of me ever buying a house at this rate.
So... if there is no P2 coming, there won't be a Nyak for very long in this company
yeah 3% isn't even inflation
Not even gonna threaten, I'll just leave. It's not like dev are lacking job offers.
Perfect time to quit IMO
everyone should quit
even if you do end up getting what you want now, next years will be the same shit
6:04 PM
I tell all my friends to quit
except all my friends are cowards
@Nyakouai And even better, resign starting with HR, then let your manager + team know on a standup
don't be a coward
1. get competing job offer
2. Leverage it for a raise
3. Use your new salary to get an even better competing offer
4. Accept the better offer
6:05 PM
@Tim Yeah, I know. Kinda disappointed it's not turning out right. But I would prefer the stability until I get my permanent residency in Canada
@ballBreaker murat?
yes that makes sense, also it is easy for us to say "just quit" when it doesn't affect us
haha yeah
how much longer till permanent resident?
But I have the benefit of having done it very recently, so I'm allowed to say it
Canada government told him to keep going like this and next year they will consider it, he's just not there yet
6:07 PM
yeah you do quit a lot of things
@Tim lmao
@Tim XD
Given how slow it's going?... Probably a year and a half, possibly two
Starting yesterday
Also cost me a pretty penny, so I'd prefer not lose my job and be sent back to France
just marry bb and you can buy a house together with your new salary
gay marry me bro
6:09 PM
@DaveS It's not like I'm not tempted, but I couldn't marry bb and just take him away from you guys. It just wouldn't be right, we have to share him.
I'm fine being an international concubine
"our bb" I'm in EU so won't take that long before I'll be russian probably so might as well embrace the culture already
russians don't like gay people though
It's not gay, he is a shellfish
bb is a food kink
what do they say again
6:12 PM
Everything is better under the sea?
chicks like men and I like chicks so it's not gay to like men
something along those lines
Reading that felt like having a stroke... Oh no wait, bleeding nose, it's a stroke, nevermind.
@Nyakouai they don't like shellfish either Leviticus 11:9-12
exactly like my cousin, does the same when he can't remember quotes or sayings
your cousin likes men when he can't remember quotes or sayings?
6:14 PM
chicks kiss men, and I kiss chicks, so am I already gay anyways?
I used to live inside my dad's balls, sucking a little dick isn't gay
tf, ama head out bye
as long as it's not big
bye asim
6:16 PM
suck little dick = little gay
suck big dick = really big gay
Bye asim
I understand why he'd run after reading that. Are you okay bb?
Dating life not getting better?
8 mins ago, by ballBreaker
gay marry me bro
tf is going on here
we're talking about immigration
6:26 PM
@Smarticles101 leave while you still can
we talking about bb i see
Look everyone knows you can't know if you like something unless you try it, and we also know that homophobes are secretly gay, so by that logic, it's actually more gay if you've never sucked a dick because you're too afraid to try it.
sleeping with men == more gains in the gym
it's a way to assert dominance and raise your testosterone levels
6:30 PM
good point dave, real men are not scared right
Yeah, and they have beards and wife and kids and can provide for them but also sit in front of the TV with a cigar and read the newspaper while the missus is washing the dishes and fetching the slippers
All those moderns pleasures some of us won't ever be able to enjoy CAUSE WE BROKE AS FUCK
And also cause some of us are gays, but I suppose you could make it work
think of all the money you'll save on kids
Ain't any money to save when your raise doesn't cover inflation
6:37 PM
sounds like something a straight man would say
you need to be more gay
Well, maybe if I (ahem) orally pleased my manager, I'd have got that damn promotion
you will have to live with the fact that you will never know, have fun lying awake in bed tonight thinking about it
wait actually that kind of make sense
indeed jbis. It will forever be a "what if"
6:49 PM
I'm paying 3 smeckles to know what jbis said
he posted a simple code snippet and was like "wtf how does it work"
no i was like "wtf why does it work this way"
hahaha nice okay
so I didn't miss anything
how about those smeckles m8
abstraction is a myth
You can't really understand a layer above without understanding all the layers below it
7:00 PM
@Tim do you accept PayBuds ?
unfortunately PayPal doesn't have smeckle currency
Just send him ballCoin
Media Channels, "story about 1 year old who can hack"
what they show
@JBis hopefully he accepts ballCoin
the currency exchange rate from ballCoin to any other currency is infinite
so 0 ballcoin = infinite other currency so I hope you are okay with 0 ballcoin
I don't know. I think each ballCoin has a different value and therefore a different exchange rate.
7:10 PM
lmao I feel like we crossed a line earlier and I shouldn't push it
I have a fun fact for you guys actually
that song was written to assist mothers in the USA for giving birth because the infant mortality rate during birth was so high that year
feel free to spread that fact
that's what gilead wants you to believe
the Divine Republic never lies
under his eye
7:49 PM
Blessed be the fruit
bb staying silent pretty suspicious
I'm trying to be mysterious
jk, I finished my tickets for this sprint and I'm reading because I don't want to take another ticket since tomorrow is a write-off and thursday and friday are basically half-days
so im reading a book
lmao nerd
lool yeee
you check out Icarus tim?
pretty fun game
8:09 PM
Dec 4 at 0:20, by Tim
@ballBreaker wot
I've been playing osrs the past weeks
I'm sorry for your loss
jk of course
I been playing stardew valley
@Tim it's a survival crafter game, pretty slick so far
@DaveS niceee
who are you going to marry
sounds pretty gay
I'm not even worried about that yet
just trying to get copper tools
8:14 PM
I'll definitely check it out
wow can't believe you are doing farming and mining for dating simulator stardew valley
I'm on like day 26 of the very first season
haha nice, it's a really fun and relaxing game
getting my coop built, just built a silo
yeah I just a weed gummy and go to town
easy to pause and take care of kids crying in bed then go back to ignoring them to plant some potatos
niceee hahaha yeah that's the way
8:17 PM
sounds an awful lot like runescape
never played that trash
you probably don't look at men either
nope because it's more gay not to and I'm trying to maximize that
this is not a time for heterosexuality
Total War: Warhammer 3 is coming to xbox game pass
so now you have no excuse bb
8:22 PM
any idea if they did a real multiplayer this time?
oh yeah we've had this conversation
sign the petition
jesus lol a 5 year old petition
this isn't too promising xD
I'll def download it for free and try it though
I'm gonna end up buying it on steam anyway so I can link #1 and #2
but if mortal empires isn't out at launch might use gamepass to wait for a lower price or something
8:39 PM
yeah makes sense
mortal empires is the linking DLC right?
yeah basically if you own 1 and 2 you can play a combined grand campaign across both game's maps and all races
supposed to be part of 3 too
and I bought all the dlc
so gonna have massive maps with so many factions
niceee haha that sounds pretty great
8:57 PM
my idiot family called verizon and they had them reset the router
and now my servers down and shit
imagine someone called your phone and it brought the whole internet down in your house
those were the days
can't you just like wait 2 minutes for the router to come back and then like you know, reconnect your shit
no cause they reset it completely back to factory settings
oh a factory reset lol, yeah thats kinda annoying
tell them that once they start paying for the internet, THEN and only THEN can they do things without consulting you first
but jokes aside, why did they do that
also how often do you come in here with your problems and try to get sympathy only to immediately get ripped on
I know it's at least 99.9% of the time
9:03 PM
> idiot
xD but what triggered the idiocy
dads computer was having packet loss issues
9:21 PM
1st level support are just high school graduates who found a rung above minimum wage and settled in
verison sounds like the real idiots here
lawl true dave
so I used a sick day yesterday but don't have enough sick days and my manager is like wahteer just use the .33 and call it a day and internally I'm like what the fuck is happening
I feel like I'm in a different world
give him the dick later to say thanks
your real name is wahteer?
lmao I wondered if anyone would comment on that
man I wish that kinda sounds like a cool name
9:23 PM
I just assumed it was wahteer because it sounds canadian
Ooooh ya, wahteer is ere dontcha know
yeah wahteer is what canadians say when they mean to say whatever but speak too canadian
@ballBreaker i dont try to get sympathy, its just ranting
i almost yelled at the technician
factory reset his router to get even
@JBis dont try to reverse psychology me
"dad, did you know he was resetting the router?"
"no, he just did it."
"ok put me on with him"
"sir did you tell the customer that you were going to reset the router"
"No. I told him to click the 'reset to factory' button"
"Ok. Thank you."
In my head: *Dad you fucking idiot*
9:28 PM
this is what you get for coddling your parents
yeah, next time let your parents play outside and scrape their knees
sympathy for jbis' dad
maybe i'll just block the verizon number from our phones so they can't call anymore
need to start a go fund me for JBis' dad so he can afford the counseling he needs after years of abuse from his son
@ballBreaker yeah thats about right
9:31 PM
so some guy in my company is making a christmas song and I was like hey I can play the drums or sing and now he's holding me to it
and I have regrets
lol sarcasm/niceties backfire
one of my favorite things is holding someone to something when I know they don't really wanna do it
9:51 PM
yeah I feel that
I was being a major yes-man because I wanted to meet people at my company
and now I'm like ugh.. fuck I actually gotta sing and everyone is going to hear it
I'm a decent singer but I'm so shy it ends up being bad lmao
I should call in sick tomorrow and be like oof ouch my throat I think I have cancer
I got throat cancer and can't sing oh no
it doesn't matter if you sing well or not because everyone will be busy thinking "fuck he actually went and did it and I'm sitting here not singing like the little bitch that I am, I wish I was as cool as wahteer"
"Sorry my throat is too sore from earning my last raise"
Tim I wish you bought a house with me instead of the person you love romantically
you're just so bromantic
totally s'in that d
its all fun and games though until I hear the comment "wahteers singing is bringing wa tear to my eye because its so bad"
ill just have to be good
call in sick and let them figure it out
9:56 PM
I believe in you
no wait you're out of days where you're allowed to be sick
imagine rationing sick days and not having work from home available with omicron persei 8 running rampant
I cannot imagine actually haha
thats a lie, I can
@Tim I can be sick indefinitely really, it's just days per year I get paid to be sick
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