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7:23 AM
@IvanMilisavljevic will have a look, thanks
hello there
sup grig
7:49 AM
the usual man
1 hour later…
9:02 AM
daily standup schedule changed to 09:45, I wanna cry 🥲
too early?
yes, I like to have quiet mornings, until I fully accept there will be no more sleep and that I'm ready to face the day :D
but I respect that, preparing to fully embrace the sad reality of a workday
9:25 AM
exactly, i usually get there at 11:30
9:36 AM
I want me meetings early
so I m done with them
that's also a valid angle
like when say you want to go work on a café or something you don't want to have calls
in that context, this app is a must krisp.ai
9:52 AM
i tested it in a very busy coffeeshop, it was really impressive, none of my coworkers heard any of that noise
oh cool
10:10 AM
i thought it was the one that makes noise
10:28 AM
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Dec 8 '20 at 8:43, by eli
@IvanMilisavljevic you are genius
10:50 AM
@grrigore hahaha I want to see the seller of such a product: hey our product is a software that makes noise during a zoom call :D
well you could always fake problem with your mic or whatever, so you don't have to take part in that meeting lmao
> Zoom Escaper is a tool to help you escape Zoom meetings and other videoconferencing scenarios. It allows you to self-sabotage your audio stream, making your presence unbearable to others.
@Mehdi there you go
I like the name
100% reason to remember the name
11:07 AM
11:53 AM
so how is youse doinger?
@grrigore so I just tested it now on a zoom call, zoom already filters some of that noise as long as it's not too loud, but Krisp filtered it out completely
12:26 PM
1:09 PM
do you guys use trello?
but what? jira?
jira for the client, notepad for myself
I wanted some extension that will allow me to add time
just add some values
I'm sick of writing stuff in 100 different places
but there are only complex ones
microsoft's todo
but I guess you're using mac
1:22 PM
@Tim how exacly do you use notepad for that kind of stuff? some extensions or what?
Grig, trello is simple enough, you don't have to make it complex
I think
a notepad, the physical version
pen and paper
this does it
I'll just use the spent one
@Tim haha
@Tim XD
wasn't expecting that
2 hours later…
3:04 PM
@grrigore What do you mean by "add time". If you mean to schedule/plan things, I'm a fan of TickTick.
For coding stuff that's on Github, I prefer to just use GitHub "projects". It's basically just trello, but tied into github issues.
@twiz I mean "add 1 hour to task x"
just a variable that I can update
but that one worked
from past few days I am so sick of everything that I feel like putting halt to my life and just stare at the wall
That thing does look pretty nice. Trello is a little too simple to be very useful.
@asim That's called nicotine withdrawal.
its not that
and trello is by joel spolsky and I don't like him
3:17 PM
"It was that" - Morgan Freeman
you guys are lucky your relatives can't intervene in your life that much
and you can say things to them I can't
culture difference
might be true
@asim I allow you
Culture is all made up anyway, invent your own.
(disclaimer: please don't take anything I say seriously)
I am always being told that sitting in front of my pc is useless and I keep wasting my time, what I do is pointless and I should get some unskilled job somewhere
Are you making decent money with your dev work? Just buy them an insultingly expensive gift every time they say that. Preferably something their neighbors will see.
3:25 PM
Also preferably something they wont enjoy.
I feel bad for you man
If I am not disturbed, yes I make more money than anyone else
but only if they allow me by not mentally torturing me
Just keep a wad of bills on your desk and literally pay them to leave when they annoy you.
7 mins ago, by twiz
(disclaimer: please don't take anything I say seriously)
3:28 PM
yes, yes. thank you for the reminder.
like I bought oxisec.com 2 days ago, thought I will make a tech website, put some ads on it, similarly put some apps on playstore so I can take some rest
still waiting for this breakdown wave to go way so I can work on it
here he is
breakdown wave?
3:32 PM
something like an emotional breakdown that stays for days, idk how to say it
it will go away
yo yo
it's ok to be sad
Spending too much time working?
im in the office today lol
took me an hour to subway and walk here
3:34 PM
not depression nor sadness, its like when you are annoyed to the extend that you are willing shoot urself in the foot just to prove a point
and only you get hurt, no one else cares, they only care about what they think I should be doing
bro just cheer up
Just keep responding to them with things like "What's the problem? If you're worried about making more money I can help teach you to code."
as murat would have said, cheer up dont be a coward
You have to out-annoy the annoyers
@twiz culture barrier
3:38 PM
im also jk that sucks asim
18 mins ago, by twiz
(disclaimer: please don't take anything I say seriously)
3:50 PM
when I was working for the traffic police everyone was like get a permanent job with them, work for whole month for something I make within few days? why should I?
You shouldn't.
better pay and stability?
depends I guess
I'm not sure stability means much when the pay difference is that great.
there will be benefits at the end of service those I can already earn, I can walk in any district police office and don't have to say yes sir, whats better
On second thought, I think I'm not following the question.
4:05 PM
yeah i unnno haha
its simple, should I continue to work that way or if should get a security guard job in some rich country coz thats what everyone thinks is the highest paying job I can get
some basic calculations, I used to make 3x to 4x more than a security guard job in my prime
Or just move to some rich country, tell everyone you're a security guard, and just do the work that makes 3-4x more instead.
I cannot, thanks to the image of my country
@asim why is it the highest paying job you can get?
@Mehdi I am a Pakistani, thats why
4:18 PM
this makes no sense, I have pakistani colleagues
lucky them
If it makes you feel any better, I guarantee right now there is a hillbilly in West Virginia (US state) yelling at their children for arrogantly going to college instead of working in the local coal mine that is planned to close in 3 years.
people are weird everywhere.
People have some seriously delusional definitions of "Success".
my parents don't really force me, they only care about my sleep cycles and that I eat well, its about uncles and aunts
may sound weird but thats how it works here, anyone who is related and a generation older can think for your best on your behalf
tell them to fuck off
family is overrated lol
Then ask someone in the generation above them if they can kindly tell your aunts and uncles to stfu.
4:31 PM
@twiz only thing that works but cant do it all the time
@twiz haha
I would hate to live in a country that has family like that
I feel bad for Indians and Pakistani and Tamel people
they spend 90% of their time with family it seems, pukes
lmao yeah
but they do back you up in bad times
Yeah, I think if I was you, I'd work on moving elsewhere. Even if it's just somewhere else in Pakistan that you don't have to see them constantly.
@asim thats true
I remember some Tamel girl at my last job complaining about how much time she had to spend with her family compared to people from Canada natively, and I was like "Why don't you just... not?" and the look of fear and confusion on her face said it all lmao
@twiz I might be moving to a diff city in a week, someone wants me to take care of his business in my country so he don't have to come here every month, I will see if I fit there
@ballBreaker hahaha
4:35 PM
otherwise I am flying somewhere else
to my cousin in qatar or friend dubai
my cousin puts crazy ideas in ma head like to marry old european women for visa
haha well, people do that.
few days ago a guy asked me for help with sad puppy eyes and I gave him all money I had in my pocket, later I found that he was a cocaine addict
Well, you probably prevented him from robbing someone.
@asim lmao
4:41 PM
we don't have robbers here, theifs yeah but we only hear about one or two thefts a year
I'm so bored
hi, this is ahamed, new to this discussion room
Also, I'm not sure how easy it is to get visas as a citizen of Pakistan, but a lot of countries have recently created new long-term visas for "digital nomads". The basic idea being if you make enough money, they're cool with you living there for a year.
@twiz hahahaha
Might be something you could get somewhere.
4:43 PM
I'm from india, visas are pretty easy here
Well no offence, indian families are very closenit than US people
I will definitely apply once I am out of here
Where you from, by the away asim
@asim if you want to immigrate, trust your knowledge and skills, much cleaner and easier than referring to techniques like that
you're a software engineer, you should be able to move to most of the world
Well that's true.
Altleast, that's only the privilege we get in kind of tiring field we are in
Sometimes i just want to get out of the world of developing and write some goods books. But it just does not happen. The world of developing keeps pulling you back
@Mehdi I am lacking energy and have doubts about myself
4:48 PM
@twiz a non toxic twitter space, by NASA twitter.com/i/spaces/1jMJgeWLQLwKL :)
@asim you would definitely make it in the western world as a programmer, I have faith in that
I've met many indians/pakistani/foreigners in general in my industry, like actually more than native canadians at this point
I'm the only native canadian other than my manager on my dev team lol
thanks guys, love ya all
a month at best, I am out here
5:23 PM
posted on December 08, 2021 by Amy Gu

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oh man today was a boring day to come into the office
work-wise at least lol came in for the department lunch and happy hour after, total write-off day
basically come in ... pre-lunch prep (aka do nothing), lunch, then post lunch drinks
6:04 PM
posted on December 08, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Maru Ahues Bouza, Director, Android Developer Relations At Android Dev Summit in October we highlighted the growth we’re seeing in large screen devices like tablets, foldables, and Chromebooks. We talked about how we’re making it easier to build great app experiences for these devices through new Jetpack APIs, tools, and guidance. We also introduced a developer previe

6:31 PM
@Ahamed hi, I am the boss, Mehdi is my assistant. Welcome
@ballBreaker drinks?
7:21 PM
@Mehdi @asim nontoxictwitter.com is calling your name
@twiz working on oxisec.com
just finished with logo and header
I have no idea what that one means.
do you really earn money from websites like that?
or apps
no, first time trying it
good luck with it
was just curious
7:23 PM
because I am not taking anymore projects now, deadlines are horrible
oh yeah, I was just joking. haha
my first website was 11 years ago
But it's not the worst idea. Just let people display their tweets on it, except if you say anything even slightly offensive/confrontational it's an instant ban.
Honestly, you could probably just not show replies and it would be 99% better than Twitter.
7:27 PM
do people really use it?
not that is bad or something but you know whatsapp telegram etc..
had 8k users on it when I took it down last year
UI looks horrible because it was a mix of modern + an old java app called mig33
i m working on a side project too
well ui it's ok
thats where got my users from
7:29 PM
could be worse
haha, I am working on upgrading its backend to support firebase auth
I would never use anything other than firebase auth again. haha
currently it was only using firebase to send sync signals on new msgs
FCM you mean
It's crazy how its basically free.
7:32 PM
@twiz backend is erlang, it never occurred to me that erlang is not widely supported
i m doing kotlin as backend now
coming from android it's kinda nice
now I am linking erlang to python for auth, with sockets for now, when I have it up and running I will try low latency approaches
@grrigore not doing android is really nice
I'm still doing android
I like it when I don't hate it
7:33 PM
but flutter looks good too
also ios looks nice? I guess
erlang is super awesome as you can't really write bad code in it
too little time
@asim challenge me haha
either it completely fails or is super stable
this looks nice
I've been using react native for a while now, but I hadn't used Expo (if you know what that is) in a long time. It's crazy how easy it is to use now.
7:35 PM
yes got into react a little
When I first used react native, I couldn't make it more than like 5 minutes into building an app before I had to "eject" it.
flutter seems a little more mobile like
react native is more web like
You mean the UI aspect?
i wonder why haha
brb guys
@twiz idk it somehow feels more like native mobile than react
@grrigore Well, is it REALLY app development if you don't have Google making things a pain in the ass for you? lol
React is by far the best thing Facebook does.
Possibly the only good thing.
8:00 PM
@twiz nice a good idea for exitinternational.net/sarco
w t f
@twiz haha
1 hour later…
9:12 PM
anyone knows a free github tool code review for private repositories?
9:25 PM
@grrigore alcohols
lmao so I gave my number to the waitress serving at the company/department lunch and everyone was like O.O
on that note I'm gonna go have drinks with them lolol cya

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